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1444 Linden St, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, 18018

Vegan bakery offering different types of French pastries daily as well as other treats like sticky buns, cinnamon buns, doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes, and other vegan baked goods. Open Mon-Thu 10:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

60 Reviews

First Review by nivek41

Wonderful!!! - Edit

Oh my god, I LOVE their vegan Triple Berry Cheesecake! It's so good I get it every time it's available. They also have the BEST vegan soft serve ❤

Cons: A little expensive, but so worth it

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Amazing! - Edit

Amazing! They best vegan soft serve ice cream!

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Wish it was closer - Edit

I’ve lived about two hours from this place and one day we finally made the venture. I am glad we did. I like their ice cream a lot, and I am a big fan of many of the pastries I tried but not all. Of special note: their carrot cake, cinnamon buns, and coconut cake are all delicious. My biggest complaint is that I wish I could try more of their menu at any one time (which is more about my ability to spend $ than their ability to serve options!). Parking can be hard to find at times. I found the sweetness level on point for almost everything- able to taste it, in sweets enough to elevate- but not too much. If you have particular preferences try asking in case they can guide you.

This place offers a variety of sweetness but I didn’t have an issue with anything being too sweet. I did find one item that didn’t seem to have any sweetness- a lemon custard danish of some kind. I wouldn’t get that again.

My only tiny critisism is that sometimes their use of cinnamon can be a bit underwhelming, though I understand many feel this is a powerful spice to other people.
Sometimes I wish they’d make a “cinnamon lovers” cinnamon roll.

Overall I do sincerely wish they were closer because their stuff is so good. I would order a whole carrot cake and a whole coconut cake and freeze them if I could. We plan to come back some time!

This is not really a place you can dine in. There are a few places to wait for orders but that’s it mostly. Not a complaint, just a warning for those traveling over an hour like us.

Pros: Fully vegan now, Really nice baked goods, Can custom order in advance for events

Cons: Parking can be tough some times

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A Vegan Bakery Oasis! - Edit

I have encountered so few all vegan bakeries that this one stands out. The shop is small but the selection is not. And the quality? The best I have ever tasted...truth!

Pros: Great bakesmanship on all five products that I tri

Cons: None!

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amazing! - Edit

First visit here (finally!) and ordered several things to bring home with me, all which were worth the little detour I took to stop here. :)

soft serve - delicious (chocolate and cake batter) Tasted the most "real" of any vegan ice cream I've had thus much flavor

mint cookies and cream cake - so good!

Cinnamon roll- huge! Had it the next day (warmed) and it was good. I can imagine it's even better fresh in the am!

cannoli - was ok, very sweet filling. Would like to see them try and have a more "authentic" tasting filling

Hopefully my next visit will be in the AM right when they open to get some fresh donuts!

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I've been to Vegan Treats several times and have never been disappointed. Everything they make is absolutely divine and will have you genuinely wondering if it truly is vegan!!! Even my non-vegan friends say it's the best bakery they've ever been to. It's so good that i live two hours away and find excuses to take a trip just to go their. Honestly- amazing.

Pros: Wide variety of options, Tastes identical and better than animal product-la, Very reasonably priced

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A must for vegans and non-vegans alike - Edit

Even if you don't happen to be vegan, this place is amazing. I've had friends who ate desserts from here unknowingly and were impressed with the quality. They win awards among non-vegan competitors as well. Their soft serve is amazing. Pretty much everything here is great. And its all vegan, so everyone can enjoy it.

Pros: A vast assortment of desserts and treats, Amazing taste, Kitchen is windowed so you can see from outside

Cons: Slightly expensive, but worth it

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Pretty but too sweet - Edit

Like many others I made the trip because I was hearing great things. I wanted to say I loved it but as a vegan pastry maker myself, it was just overly sweet. The selection was great and everything looked beautiful but the price was a bit steep and my boyfriend who loves sweets and is not very picky didn't even finish his cake because it was way too sweet.

Pros: nice selection, all vegan, beautiful presentation

Cons: pricy, way too sweet

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Vegan Delights! - Edit

homemade, small batch vegan chocolate ice cream to die for. there's so many options, you're guaranteed to be satisfied.

Cons: no seating

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vegan but not wholesome - Edit

It's a cute place with lots of choice also if you are gluten free. But it's definitely not wholesome. The cheesecake I had was super sweet - half the sugar would have been plenty.
They use soy milk instead of regular milk. More variation would have been nice such as coconut milk and more raw ingredients such as fresh fruit.

Pros: vegan, cute hang out

Cons: too much sugar, little variation , not a healthy alternative to a regular bakery

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Amazing cakes and other desserts - Edit

Never disappointed. Tons of cake options (even gluten free) and the ever-changing soft serve is to die for. Always offers special treats like donuts, cannoli, or "butterfingers"! I typically purchase 5 or 6 cakes and freeze them...they freeze well!

Pros: everything. , delicious, beautifully decorated cakes, soft serve!

Cons: none!

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Treat yourself to Delicious Vegan Treats - Edit

Best baked goods I have ever eaten, and vegan, too! Cookies, cakes, pies, tarts - if it's a baked treat, Vegan Treats has it covered in mouth watering style. Had heard about how good they are, & got to try them at 2015 New England VegFest in Worcester, Mass. Samples were awesome & I eventually bought a bit of everything just because. The mini-cakes freeze & thaw well, too.
This year, planning to visit their actual bake shop in Penn.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday February 02, 2016

Pros: 100% vegan bake shop, Variety, Some gluten free

Cons: Distance, Pricey

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You cannot imagine - Edit

the yum factor!! Seriously, everything is to die for! We went after the Bethlehem Veg Fest and the line was around the block. Not too pricey either, which was surprising given how awesome the treats were. We each walked out with boxes of goods. Totally worth it!!

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don't miss it! - Edit

While I was visiting my dad on the east coast, I absolutely HAD to drive 1 1/2 hours from where he lives to Vegan Treats! Best bakery I've ever been to in my life. Everything looks delish and a few cakes were decorated for Halloween, so cute. We chose the German chocolate cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate tandy cake, a red velvet cupcake, and a triple chocolate cake with cheesecake filling! Even tho it was very chilly today I got the the chocolate and salted caramel ice cream twist. My dad, step mom, husband and I all agreed, it was the best ice cream we've ever had. I only wish they had a few more choices for clothing, all options looked like they were for the fellas, I wanted something a little more girly!

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It's OK - Edit

For the longest time I dreamed about visiting this bakery since I follow them online and where I live there is nothing like it. I got the opportunity to visit the bakery this year and I was really disappointed with the flavors. There is a huge selection of cupcakes, doughnuts and cannolis, however the flavors are not consistent. I tried the vanilla, chocolate/peanut butter, and carrot cakes. The decor is beautiful. The cakes look almost too beautiful to eat. However, the flavor is just blah. The carrot was probably my favorite because it tasted like something.

I tried the Boston Cream and coconut cream doughnuts. The pastry cream in the Boston Cream doughnut tasted like whipped tofu with vanilla extract and lots of sugar and the actual doughnut was tough and chewy instead of soft and pillowy. The coconut cream tasted artificial and just nasty.

The cream in the cannoli was TOO sweet, like an overly-sweetened frosting. I literally scooped the cream out and ate the shell by itself.

Finally, I tried the soft serve for the day (I believe it was raspberry) and that was delicious. I would return for that.

Pros: Lots of options, vegan soft serve

Cons: Expensive, Not very good

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Wonderful - Edit

The cakes are drop-dead gorgeous at vegan treats. The soft serve ice cream is amazing as well! I don't eat her often (because it's not very healthy) but when I do I savor every bite. There is a "regular" ice cream place right next door that is always packed! People don't realize what they are eating and need to know that Bethlehem's jewel bakery is right next door! This is a must to visit!

Pros: Good food, always switching things up, cute

Cons: expensive

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Mind = Blown - Edit

I have been going here for years. Every time I pass through Bethlehem, I stop here. I cannot express how magical this bakery is. They create beautiful and artistic creations. It is impossible not to see the time and effort put into every baked good. They have a creative taste palate as well and strive to create as many types of baked goods as possible. They also have an extensive gluten free section.

I visit here with my sister regularly and we always grab a couple things to share. We have never been disappointed, be it a donut, cake, pie, soft serve, cookie, or chocolate. This is hands down, the best bakery I have ever had the pleasure to visit.


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Horrible customer service - Edit

I have been a long time customer of this place. I enjoy most of the products and of course I love supporting a vegan business. I recently bought lots of Easter candy. I bought 2 bags of 'cadbury eggs'. At least that what their employee assured me it was. When I tried them it turned out to be plain dark chocolate. This wasn't the first time I got something that turned out not to be what they claimed it was. I got cake before that was supposed to have some elaborate filling, only to be just plain cake. I thought it was a mistake and since I was home already, just ate it. But I did try to return the 'cadbury eggs'. They refunded me for one bag, but refused a refund for the other, because the bag was opened. How else would I have known that I didn't get what I ordered? I tried 1 egg. It was their employee who either lied or wasn't trained well. The least they could do is own up to their mistake. Why should I have to pay for something I didn't order? And they could see that only one egg was missing. No apology or anything. This place is expensive enough. If I want plain dark chocolate, I can get it for less somewhere else. I've been spending 100s of dollars at Vegan Treats every few months, but I will never be back. Just because you are the only vegan bakery in the area, doesn't mean you can treat your customers like crap.

Pros: vegan, cute cake design

Cons: horrible customer service, price

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WOW best baked goods ever - Edit

Amazing bakery. The chocolate doughnuts are huge and delicious. Also got a coconut "cheese"cake and carrot cake. They are individually-sized and definitely professional pastry chef central.
Will definitely go back! 100% vegan - amazing!!

Pros: doughnuts, atmosphere (fun, pink, reviews on the wall), variety!

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After years of stalking and drooling over their Instagram page, I finally returned to the east coast, and no blizzard was going to keep me from my Vegan Treats mission.

Once inside, I found myself wide-eyed, speechless, and grinning like a Cheshire cat as I gawked at the vast array of candied delights before me. There was something for everyone. The employee was super nice and patient. She gave me the rundown on every item they had; I decided on 4 cakes.

Rich chocolate with a yummy hazelnut flavored creamy filling, and just a tiny addition of real hazelnuts in the center, which was perfect for me because I like the flavor but not the actual nuts.

Moist, spice cake with real carrots and I think I tasted raisins...maybe? Either way, both the cake and the icing were yummy.

The triple berry (I can only guess at what the berry flavors were since I didn't ask. Maybe blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry?) filling was encompassed by cheesecake and sat upon a soft, light gram-crackery bottom. It was superbly decadent.

The one thing I don't like about vegan bakers is that many of them can't make a moist vanilla cake. It always comes out beige and not as moist as its non-vegan counterparts. Glory, hallelujah for Vegan Treats! They have mastered the vegan vanilla cake! A true vanilla (yellow) cake, moist and sweet, with a hint of lemon flavor, and raspberry-shot icing and filling.

And, thanks to the advise I got from the employee, these cakes freeze well. I bought these cakes last Thursday, froze 3 of the cakes for 1 day. Hit the road to drive back to St. Louis, MO, and on the following Monday, the final cake was STILL moist and fresh.

I also snagged some cookies. TRIPLE CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE CHIP, & TOFFEE. Huge cookies. Soft and yummy.

If you follow them on IG then you know that they rotate their soft serve flavors frequently. You can do one of the 2 available flavors or you can swirl. I am a swirler. Amazing vegan cheesecake flavor. Unbelievably delicious.

To top it off, I got a free Vegan Treat pen, some Vegan Treat pins, and a post card. I'm sold in every which way on this place. If you are anywhere near Bethlehem, make it a priority to visit Vegan Treats. It is worth any amount of time that it may take to get there, AND you'll thank Mary, Joseph, and Baby J that you did!

Pros: amazing cakes and desserts, amazing soft serve flavors, friendly staff; free pens and pins!

Cons: street parking; no dedicated lot

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Decadent - Edit

I LOOOOVE VEGAN TREATS. Even if I weren't vegan, this bakery knows how to make the most decadent and indulgent baked goods. I love the pecan rolls quite possibly the most. But close behind is their carrot cake and anything with chocolate. Last visit, I had several particularities to deal with as I was bringing stuff home to friends (I'm an hour up north). They were so sweet, understood my needs, and expressed great concern about things NOT getting squished on my drive. I'm actually grateful this place isn't closer. It is truly sinful. :)

Pros: Always fresh, Never disappoints, Fantastic hours

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They have it all! - Edit

I am from about an hour away but I couldn't resist a visit to see this bakery. They had TONS of sweets! Donuts, whoopie pies, cookies of all kinds, buns, cannolis, cakes and all kinds of specialty sweets that looked so pretty!

I spent $20 and got several things to take home. They were ALL amazing! My son has a milk and egg allergy, I will probably drive the hour JUST to visit this bakery again for him. I was THAT impressed!

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fab selection - Edit

We were visiting Bethlehem and had to go to this place. Beautiful selection of treats, all very tasty. Went back a few times over the course of our visit to the area and tried the donuts, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes... yes, they are very sweet so I can't see having them too often but as vegan treats go, they are tasty and creative.

Pros: great flavours, beautiful presentation, 100% vegan

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Stellar phenom - Edit

Though I regularly consume items from Vegan Treats, it is rare that I can drive to Bethlehem- from where a star of vegan baking joy has emerged to grace our palates.

There aren't enough good comments and accolades I can make and attribute to this bakery. If not for Vegan Treats, I would have doubted the possibilities of vegan baking. They surpass all other vegan bakeries in their selection and skill, coupling variety, beauty and flavors that are all st the top of the vegan baking totem pole. The brownies are as beautiful as they are delicious, from peanut butter bomb to white chocolate covered pretzel to anything else they wish to top on their amazing brownies that beat all other vegan brownies the world over.

The cakes are beautiful with filling and frosting lighter than any other vegan frosting I have ever had. It's breathtakingly inspiring for the non-vegan and vegan alike. From the carrot cake to the chocolate covered strawberry shortcake to the infamous peanut butter bomb to death by chocolate to coconut to tiramisu- I have never eaten a cake here that I didn't like or love! Pumpkin cake around the holidays!

You can special order any combination. For gluten free, go crazy/ the choices outcompete any other vegan bakery!

The French pastries are beautiful mini cakes that taste as good as they look. In the store, you can have soft serve in a cone that is gluten free or regular! They also make doughnuts, cookies, the biggest pecan sticky buns you have ever seen, cinnamon buns and cheesecakes to make a non vegan believe in the vegan goodness that only Vegan Treats can create at this level. I bow down to Danielle K and the VT crew! Thank you! I am beholden to your treats!

Pros: 100% vegan, Super staff, Amazing selection gluten free and regula

Cons: Too far from most places, Too many choices

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A gem in Bethlehem! - Edit

I was a fan of Vegan Treats on Facebook long before I ever got around to actually visiting. I loved the idea that a vegan bakery exists in a smaller city. As fate would have it, I had to go to Bethlehem for business. When I typed the address into my GPS, it took me to a different building, but luckily the bakery was right around the corner and I found it without too much searching. Needless to say I was so excited. Well, my excitement was not for nothing! Never before had I beheld such amazing looking vegan baked goods.- and there were a lot to choose from. I was in my glory! The soft-serve ice cream flavor of the day (strawberry "cheesecake") was delicious and I got 3 different cookies for the road. Loved 2 and really enjoyed the 3rd. The employees seemed genuinely amused by my excitement and were very helpful and upbeat. I really hope I have the opportunity to be in Bethlehem again, because I will most certainly be stopping here!

Pros: Friendly staff, Reasonable prices, Tasty treats

Cons: Random location

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I Wanted to Like This Place - Edit

I think it's wonderful that this vegan bakery exists, and it is loaded with beautiful desserts. I passed through on my way across the county and got a few things to sample. Unfortunately, I didn't really like any of it.

I found their stuff to be cloyingly sweet and sugary. That said, I fully acknowledge that many people love their stuff, and they're just not to my liking. But I was hoping for more flavor and less overwhelming sugar-flavor.

If you have a sweeter tooth than I do, you may very well love them. Just be wary if you don't - they're not cheap.

Pros: HUGE selection, Plenty of Gluten-free choices, Fully vegan

Cons: Overly Sweet, Pricy

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Absolutely Amazing!!! - Edit

In the words of my 11 yr. old son, "Give them a million stars Mom!" Drove to Bethlehem 2.5 hours for an overnighter just so we could bring our kids here. The soft serve was incredible along with the sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, danishes and mini cakes. Brought some home for dessert and will stop again tomorrow on the way home! Absolutely the best bakery!!! If anyone even questions whether vegan desserts can taste good, bring them here and they will instantly become a believer! I'll be dreaming about what I want tomorrow!

Pros: huge variety, giant pastries

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