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Yellow Sunshine

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Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, 10999

Basic place offering vegan fast food with vegetarian options, German and western. Has vegan currywurst. Menu available in English and German. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-12:00am, Tue-Fri 12:00am-12:00am, Sat-Sun 12:00am-1:00am.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Organic, Western, Fast food, Take-out, German

Reviews (116)

First Review by bullcityveg

Delicious burgers and fries - Edit

This place had been recommended to me by a couple of vegan friends and both my husband and I are glad they told us about it!

There is a nice diversity of vegan burgers which can be served with a side of regular fries, sweet potatoe fries or salad. The regular fries are really delicious and so were the two burgers we had.

It's great to have a fast food place which is also organic!

Pros: Organic food, Several burger options, Indoor and outdoor sitting

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Delicious burgers - Edit

A wonderful little place, especially in Summer with their outdoor seating! Bright and with a very wide range of burgers and sides, their Hawaiian Schick'n burger is one of my favourite burgers ever. Such a positive, happy place and very tasty food.

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indulgence over health - Edit

I've been coming to Yellow Sunshine since 2008 - this was my first decadent vegan fast food experience with meat-like burgers and it left quite an impression.

So much that I have to go back every time I'm in Berlin, even if in the meanwhile several other places caught up with preparing delicious burgers and other addicting fast food.

Wonderful memories, unfortunately not the healthiest so I'm very happy I don't live close by and have a considerable buffer distance!

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Best vegan organic fast food - Edit

Amazing variety of Vegan burgers, curry wurst.
The food was delicious but the presentation of the food was very chabby for the price you pay.
The sweet potato chips were great.
Vegan black forest cake was the best I had in a long time.
Waiter/cook was not vegan and had not much info on his vegan food he prepared.

Pros: Great vegan fast food, Great music

Cons: Not nice presentation , Staff not Vegan

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Best burger ever - Edit

I went here with my family in summer holidays. The burger I ordered (the hawaiian) was the best veggie burgers I ever had! Super tasty!

The service on the other hand was not so good because they confuse orders and it took a while before everything was ready.
And I am not a fan of the green interior (why do veg restaurants always have that??) since I do not associate the color green with nice food in a comfy place.

But due to the taste of the food, I would definitely come back if I visit Berlin again!

Pros: OMG so tasty, Place to sit outside

Cons: Somewhat chaotic service, Green interior

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Tasty tasty burgers - Edit

fast food american style. mostly vegan burgers. had a delicious chicken burger hawaii.Were there again. Very tasty Lappland burger. Fast food style interior could be much nicer. But the burgers were great at all - will come here again.

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Delicious burgers! - Edit

Yellow Sunshine Burger isn’t a completely vegan place, but they have lots of vegan options! We tried the Cheese Burger at the Vegan Summer Festival and it was awesome! I especially loved that the patty wasn’t as “beefy” tasting as many other burgers. I really liked that!

Pros: delicious, inexpensive

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Perfect place for excellent burgers! - Edit

I arrived in Berlin 4 days ago and ate at this lovely please three consecutive days.
Service is great and quick, staff is friendly, smiling and helpful and their burgers are gorgeous.
I had a seitan burger and an Aktion Italian burger with pesto and rucola, OMG that was something.
Enjoy the place and the food.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff

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Returning customer - Edit

I have been to Berlin 3 times and always make at least one trip to Yellow Sunshine.

I was underwhelmed the first time, I can't remember what I ordered, but now I always yet the seitan mexican burger. Good quality fast food, menu available in English, nice staff, self service, outside and indoor seating, beer and vegan desserts available.

Pros: Good burgers, Vegan desserts

Cons: Choose carefully

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Vegan and Vegetarian Fast Food - Edit

The burgers are always tasty, and the fries are excellent! Not a spot for healthy lunch, though ;) I love their tiramisu!

Pros: Cheap and tasty, Very informal and friendly, Long hours

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very tasty burgers - Edit

At Yellow Sunshine, I had the (I think) second burger in my whole life, and I'm glad I decided to go there because it was just so good.
I chose the saitan burger, the other ones must be splendid as well!
The staff was really nice

Pros: excellent burgers, friendly staff, various burgers

Cons: none, it was perfect

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Best vegan burgers in Berlin! - Edit

I love all of Yellow Sunshine's burgers. They have a big menue with a variety of different burgers. The french fries are delicious and crispy and they have good vegan mayo as well. Its not the cheapest place for burgers and its not a particularly charming place either, but I think that Yellow Sunshine has some of the most delicious vegan burgers in town!

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Waaaaaa!!! I love it - Edit

It's a special place - ok, so it's kinda junky, but it's all vegan so how back can that be. A great range of burger, all kinds of patties. It's a must visit when a vegan is in Berlin.

Pros: Great range of burgers, Tiramisu! , Inexpensive

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Nice vegan fast food - Edit

I remember lot of things not being vegan in the past, but now almost everything is vegan here. Nice burgers and some small plates with veganized German classics. Nice for a fast bite, slightly on the pricy side for Berlin fast food though.

Pros: Fast service

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The BEST! - Edit

I am usually once a year in Berlin and every time I end up at this place. They have the best burgers I've ever had and the Currywurst is amazing too. A must if you like solid fast food. Try their tiramisu too!

Pros: Great food for great price, Nice personnel

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My no. 1 fast food retreat - Edit

I don't visit Berlin without visiting this place!
The Lappland cheese burger + tzatziki is all I ask for in a burger. I couldn't care less about the crappy interior or if staff sometimes is unfriendly cuz food is served and the burgers RULE! I guess some level of cosiness could be applied, atm you just shovel that food in yr mouth and then leave.



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Burgers! - Edit

Don´t expect too much, when you go to have veggie burgers in Berlin - then this will be definitely a nice surprise if you don´t know the place yet! The burgers are very tasty, especially as they don´t use the standard burger buns. They also have delicious house-made fries and cakes. The side salads are average. Big variety of soft drinks. The seitan curry-sausage is definitely good value for money and a nice little snack if you´re not too hungry. Avoid the gyros plate, it was not very good that one time I had it.
If you go there and it´s crowded, you might have to wait for a little while (in case you´re close to starving I recommend to hop over to the falafel place at the Görlitzer subway station and get your falafel as a starter while waiting for your burger menu).
As another user already wrote, the staff sometimes seems a bit unfriendly - well okay, I can live with that, I work in a restaurant myself and when you´re day is becoming more and more exhausting and you have to deal with dozens of people who all come in and frequently ask the same questions ("what is vegan cheese, what is seitan, don´t you have anything else except for soy milk, can I have my burger without the bun" etc.etc.), your mood will not stay happy-happy-joy-joy the whole evening, know what I mean?

Pros: Big variety of burgers, House-made fries, Many seats, also outside

Cons: U might have to wait when crowded

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Awesome Burgers - Edit

I already went there several times and I love it. The Burgers are very tasty, especially the "cheese", and so are the french fries. Never had problems with unfriendly staff. They were always nice to me. The interior is, for a fast food place, good. Nothing to rest there for a long time, but I like it for a short stay.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, good prices, you can sit ou

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Won't come back here. - Edit

I won't deny it: the burgers are good. BUT: the staff is surprisingly rude (if you don't speak german). I left the place feeling full, but sad and disappointed.

Pros: good burgers

Cons: Rude staff, Not very clean

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Ok if you're around the corner anyway - Edit

Okay, okay, the title might sound a bit harsh but although it might be THE former vegan burger shop number one it's nothing special any longer. The two last times I've been there I thought "Okay, let's give the YS a second (and a third) chance, last time it was a bit disappointing" but I got even more disappointed. The burger patties were blend and partly burnt, there were barely any salad or veggies on the burgers, way too few sauce and the buns were relatively dry and fell apart. I won't go there any more unless I'm really hungry (the fake meat's so-so still).

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I miss this place!! - Edit

I've been here back in 2013 and let me tell you something… I still dream of their burgers!! This was possibly THE BEST vegan burger I've ever had and I had more than a few. It's not a fancy place but the size of the dished is very generous and it is a fun place to take a break at. Would defiantly return! Would defiantly move in there and stay forever!

Pros: huge portions, very very tasty, great service

Cons: a bit off center , a little scary neighborhood at night

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mouthwatering - best burgers ever! - Edit

Those are the best vegan burgers I have ever had. Full Stop. The first time I tried them I couldn't believe those were vegan. I had a cheeseburger with fries and I couldn't move after I ate all this :) but I had to as I biked to the place and had no choice ;) The second time I stopped by was when I had to make an emergency stop in Berlin and the best part of the disaster that took place was the fact that I could have a laplant burger :) Now I am looking at cheap flights between Warsaw and Berlin to eat a burger – and if I find a flight below 50 Euro I’m definitely coming over :) I think I’m addicted. Unfortunately for all other vegan burger places I compare them to this joint… No match so far :) absolutely love it – comfort food of all times.

Pros: awesome burgers, inexpensive, great home fries

Cons: bathroom was a disaster, cash only :(, crowded

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Good food, medicore service - Edit

I've eaten here a number of times over a few trips to Berlin over the past couple of years. The burger, frites and currywurst are really excellent. Some. if the best burgers I've eaten anywhere. My only complaint is the staff range between disinterested to almost hostile. Perhaps they didn't like my poor German? Would give 5 stars otherwise.

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Best burgersbar - Edit

this is an absolute top quality burger-place.

Yellow sunshine sells some of the best fast-food burgers in Berlin at a fair price. Their fries and vegan-mayo is further very recommendable which can be purchase extra for a price that would be stupid not to do it.

staff is further cool and the place is located well.

Pros: taste

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Best burger bar in the world - Edit

I live in London and really miss our equivalent- Red Veg which closed a few years back, its near impossible to get a decent burger now, this place needs to open a branch in London. Brilliant wide selection of burgers, even my friend who is a meat eater loved it and said he would be back. I found the staff to be really helpful in explaining the menu to us in English. Will be back on my next trip to Berlin- they rock. atmosphere

Pros: Tasty burgers, Atmosphere, Staff

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Top notch junk food - Edit

Yellow Sunshine is like an independent, meat-free McDonalds, so if you're looking for some junk food it will definitely hit the spot. I had the chicken-style vegan burger and it was really satisfying. There are generous portions of fries too! My only complaint is that I'd been hoping to try the vegan tiramisu but they'd already sold out. I'd definitely go again though!

Pros: Generous portions

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Good organic junk food - Edit

I go there from time to time and Is till enjoyed it. Every vegan or vegetarian option is clearly indicated, the portions are huge, and it's inexpensive. The place is quite clean the food is really greasy though, it's always hard for me to finish my plate.
It's all about soy, Vsteaks, soy, gluten, soy... You see what I mean!
Not so many gluten free options, and everything is full of soy so careful if you're allergic!

Pros: good vegan options, inexpensive and huge portions, good location

Cons: too much soy and gluten, not "natural" enough (not vegs...)

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Good junk food - Edit

If junk food is what you're looking for, this is the place for it. I had the vegan Mäc-Wheaty-Mexico Burger and I really enjoyed it, I especially liked the sauce. My uncle had the Gyros, which was good but didn't convince him (he's a meat-eater).
What I didn't like was that you had to wait for your number being announced on a loudspeaker, it felt like being in an office of some sort. Also it's not very nice to sit inside.
But again, if you like burger, you'll like this place!

Pros: delicious burger, a lot of vegan options

Cons: not very nice to sit inside, self-service with annoying loudspeaker

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Good food but utterly shocking service! - Edit

Upon arriving my partner asked for the English version of the menu - not an unusual request considering that the Happy Cow description clearly states that such is available. My partner was abruptly told that there were only German menus. With that we sat down and tried to decipher the German text. My partner and I typically order separately when travelling: while one orders at the counter, the other sits at the table and looks after our personal belongings. My partner ordered first and requested two glasses of tap water which I collected when I ordered second. Half way through our meal my partner went to the counter to request some more water, but was (oddly) motioned over toward the toilet area. Needless to say, he did not collect his own tap water from the toilet sink so went without water. The food was pretty good (healthy, vegan version of McDonalds with amazing chips) and the restaurant caters well for both veggies and vegans. The lighting is poor inside, but the space outside seems nice enough for being on a main road. Still hungry my partner ordered a burger to go, but was not given a numbered ticket which is standard here. Twenty minutes later and still no burger, my partner asked when the take away might be ready. Despite having taken his order (and his money), the waitress said that the order was not in the system. My partner, angry at this point, asked for his money back and this was slapped down onto the counter without any apology. I did not experience issues with this waitress myself, but my partners experience (which I witnessed) was utterly shocking. We can't help but wonder whether this stemmed from prejudice surrounding his initial request of an English menu. The service and attitude at Yellow Sunshine needs improving. Food = 4 cows. Service = -1.

Pros: Tasty vegan fast food

Cons: Rude service , possible prejudice , poor attitude

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Best burger in town - Edit

Big menu with a lot of choices for everyone. Definitly best burgers in town. I love the fries and the seldmade mayonnaise and peanutbutter sauce. It's not the nicest place to sit inside, but in summertime outside is great. Prices are great and you are realy filled up afterwards.

Pros: Great burgers, Great prices, Yummy fries & seldmade sauces

Cons: Not so nice to sit inside

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tasty burger - Edit

Total junk food but super tasty!!! Very good chips which come with multiple choices of toppings like vegan mayo or ketchup. I got the spicy double chicken burger and it was fantabulous.

Pros: tasty , fun, outdoor seating available

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vegan fast food - Edit

Fast food veganized. I had Mäc Wheaty Burger, €4.20, a big hunk of seitan (I think) in a sesame bun with sliced dill pickle, tomato, onion, shredded lettuce, mustard, ketchup. They also have vegan cheese burgers, fries, salad and desserts, including a vegan tiramisu for €3.50. Several vegan burgers, “fish” burger, etc.

Pros: fast food that's vegan

Cons: mostly fried food

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Friendly fast food - Edit

Yellow Sunshine was the first veggie vegan place I found in Berlin years ago and I'll always remember being so grateful back then to find a place that did vegan grub! Now its surrounded by all vegan alternatives it seems less important but it's still good for burgers and chips and such stuff. Its not all vegan and sometimes they inexplicably can't do smoothies or don't have cake available but its relaxed and friendly and in good weather there are benches outside to watch the Kreuzberg life go by from whilst one munches away!

Pros: legendary !, cheap and quick, Easy to find

Cons: limited desert options, Not all vegan

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Excellent fast food - Edit

Really excellent vegan fast food. The vegan menu is clearly marked and available in German and English. Lots of organic food and drinks. Has an alternative vibe, with a variety of music playing, and no usual fast food uniforms or appearance restrictions.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan menu, open late, organic options

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Tasty food, friendly & efficient staff, good beer! - Edit

Very tasty veggie burger and lovely salad to go with it. Definitely pay this place a visit if you're a hungry veggie in Berlin. I walked a few kilometres to get there, and I can say it was definitely worthwhile. Really nice organic beer too - highly recommended. Will be going back next time I'm here.

It's a busy place (a school party was there when I arrived), but despite this I was served within 20 minutes (as promised before I sat down).

Pros: Good food, No Smoking, Great Beer

Cons: None

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So simple - Edit

I visited Yellow Sunshine the last time I was in Berlin, so while I was back in Berlin with my brother last week, I went twice. It's such a simple but effective idea, junk food for Veggies! I get fed up with over complicated, overpriced vegetarian restaurants that think we all want to eat raw food. This place just gives you substantial food, fast & not expensive. Well done on creating a place based on such a simple idea. When in Berlin I will always go back. They have a sister restaurant based on Italian food but I didn't visit.

Pros: Tasty, Fast, Inexpensive

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Decent food, quick - Edit

This place is nothing special, but the food is decent and quick. If you're on the go, they'll have you out the door pretty quickly.

The menu is clearly labeled, with all items on the left being vegetarian and all items on the right being vegan.

This is your typical bugers, fries, mock-chicken sandwiches type place. It's not the best I've ever had, but it was cheap, filling and enjoyable.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Clearly labeled

Cons: Nothing special

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There are much better fast food places in Berlin - Edit

I've regularly been to Yellow Sunshine about 2-3 times a year over the last years, which has much to do with the convenient location. The food quality is hit and miss. They frequently undercook/underfry their faux meats. My last two dinner and lunch experiences there were really bad. Last time, even though (being warned by previous visits) we specifically asked for our gyros and "chicken" burger to be well done, both were not well done, but rather soft and clearly underfried. The "chicken" patty also had a strange taste/smell, almost like artifical almond flavoring. I guess we should have returned the food or have asked for it to be redone, but then you don't want to complain all the time, and we were hungry. Big mistake. The food was not only unpleasant to eat, but also gave us upset stomachs for the rest of the day and on the next day. I honestly have a very robust stomach.

The side salads are rather bland, do not expect anything more than some lettuce/romana salad, some carrots which were grated a few hours ago, onion rings and some sprouts on top. Then again, this is a fast food placed after all, so one shouldn't be unfair and expect a gourmet salad.

If you want vegetarian/vegan fast food in Berlin, I would definitely recommend going to Vego Food World, which is much better quality. If you're looking for an alternative in the Wiener Straße vicinity, try "Rootz" - who have nice burgers, but often close around 7:30 pm though.

Updated from previous review on Thursday July 11, 2013

Pros: Good location, Nice outdoor seating

Cons: Food often underfried, A little too expensive (re quality), Place can get busy

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Overpriced and full of poseurs - Edit

I was left standing 45 minutes for my "fast" food while the two dizzy girls behind the counter moved in slow motion and talked constantly. They couldn't have been any less interested in work. The fries were absolutely PICKLED in salt, and the burger was mediocre. There are better veggie options within 200 yards of this poseur-trap.

Pros: Um, they claim to sell food.

Cons: They do it. Very very verrrrrrrrrrry slowly.

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yammy food in the heart of Kreuzberg - Edit

I would probably come to this place very often if I lived in Berlin. Unfortunately, I was there only once, but my vegan fast-food needs were satisfied fully!

Pros: tasty food, location

Cons: not baby carriage friendly

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Great Burger - Edit

I really like the fast food style of Yellow Sunshine. Fastfood+vegan+organic love it! ok..its vegetarian with vegan options. but also great. I wished to have one in Hamburg or now in Istanbul.

They also have great fries! I like it.

Pros: Fast food, organic

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Yeah, there's a side salad on the menu, but everyone comes here for the fast food. Salty fries, vegan bratwurst slathered in curry-spiked ketchup, veggie burgers and an awesome selection of organic fizzy drinks. Not the healthiest of lunches, and Berlin is really not lacking veggie burgers at all, but the currywurst was awesome.

Pros: vegan currywurst!, cheap, friendly staff

Cons: fatty but in a good way

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Vegan Fastfood - Edit

This place is awesome!

We have been here many times, and when in Berlin, will definitely visit it again. Many choice,vegetarian and vegan. They also have vegan desserts and a good choice in drinks. Service is not always fast (because it's always crowded) but this place is still one of my favourites.

You should really give it a try.

Pros: Lots of vegan choice, Friendly staff/good english, Greatlocation

Cons: Service is not always fast, Only fastfood, No soups anymore

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good vegetarian fast food not only for vegetarians - Edit

the place exist for years and is very popular. the food is very tasty here. i have been here many times in a company of few people, not all of them are vegetarians but still they really enjoyed the veg. burgers. only minus sometimes the food is heavy and a bit to fat for my taste. very recommanded.

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It's not really hard to get vegetarian fast food - Edit

It's not really hard to get (at least) vegetarian fast food in Berlin, so a place like this doesn't feel as special and great as it would in most other cities. But sure, it's a decent place.

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Good, honest veg*n fast food - Edit

Located in the trendy district of Kreuzberg, this is a great place to go for fast food. You can eat inside, take your food to one of the tables outside or even have it to take away and go sit in the nearby Görlitzer park (across the road) if the weather's nice.

They have fast food including veg*n versions of regional classics (e.g. Currywurst), burgers, and chips/fries. The food board is clearly split into vegetarian and vegan options and they do a meal deal including burger and chips or burger, chips, and salad. They usually also have one or two cakes if you fancy something sweet and the fridges are full of soft drinks and various beers.

The orders work on a ticket system where you order and pay and then wait to be called once your food is ready, so don't expect the same kind of service as in a restaurant.

The prices are higher than many other fast food places in the city but I personally think it's worth the extra, especially as everything is organic.

Pros: Organic, Vegan options clearly marked, Good location

Cons: A little pricey (but worth it)

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Best Burgers Ever! - Edit

I'm not a foodie... Food is functional for me, however, I have to say that this is some of the best vegan food I've ever eaten.

The customer service was alright, some of the staff were friendly and one even helped me find a place on the map... Though all I can think of when recalling this place is just how utterly amazing the food was.

Crap... Now I want a lapland burger *sad face*

Anyway, if you're in Berlin, I'd say this is a great place to go.

P.S. The cakes are good too.

Pros: Amazing food, Nice staff, Amazing food

Cons: There isn't one in London

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best burgers! - Edit

those burgers from Yellowsunshine - they just melt in your mouth! They have a huge choise of vegan petties, sources.
the stuff is not always friendly, but u forget about it when u bite your burgers!
it is may be not the healthiest food but totally to try!

Pros: taste, drinks

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NOT vegan-friendly at all - Edit

the worst customer service I have seen in any country - though I would never thought it would be at a vegetarian restaurant.
I came with my sister who was there for the first time. We both are vegans. Since I've been at this place before I ordered double chicken cheeseburger right away and showed my sister the right part of the menu where the vegan burgers were listed. She gave it a thought and then ordered 'chicken cheeseburger' pointing at the vegan burgers list (Since she ordered in English, she also pointed at the item she wanted on the menu). Of course she didn't know that 'double chicken cheesburger' is vegan and just 'chicken cheeseburger' is not vegan - the customers don't have to learn their menu by heart. She also asked if their cupcakes were vegan.
Anyway, we got 2 different burgers and saw that one of them is vegetarian, that's when I asked her what exactly she ordered - and we realise there must have been a misunderstanding.
She didn't touch the burger and took it back to the counter saying that she's sorry, but she meant the vegan chicken burger. They took the burger back and said "But you didn't say double - it's not our fault". She asked them to make her a vegan burger instead since she paid anyway but they refused repeating "you should have said "double"! She didn't want to argue and came back outside to me telling me what just happened and I decided to stick up for her - but there was no witnesses inside the cafe (everyone was eating outside) and there were 2 girls at the counter who kept telling me it's her fault and that they won't return the money or make her another burger. When I said why do we have to pay for a burger we didn't eat - one of them said a legendary phrase "I saw you wanted to pay with your credit card, so I know you have money for another burger!"

Pros: tasty

Cons: not vegan-friendly, staff is rude

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wildfang 31 Aug 2012 - Absolutely incredible, I'm glad I've stopped going there a long time ago. Unfortunately, too many tourists still do.

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Vegan black forest gateaux... - Edit

I ate here twice on my visit to Berlin, and loved both meals. I had the 'Lapland' cheese burger with salad and a delicious creamy salad dressing one time, and the fish fillet burger the second, followed by black forest gateaux! Lovely. Vegan grafitti and stickers in the bathroom. Great atmosphere, from families with small kids to older couples, always seems busy but always great service.

Pros: Vegan burgers, Vegan cake, Atmosphere

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Yumm, Yumm, Yumm - Edit

My Husband and I very much enjoyed the vegan fast food feast we had at Yellow Sunshine and will go back next time we are in the neighborhood!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 17, 2010

Pros: Yummy, Variety, Greasy Fast Food!

Cons: Not 100% Vegan

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My guess is there's better - Edit

Very scrum-didlium-ptious fast food joint. Satisfies all the bad cravings I have for vegan junk food. I had a breaded soya steak burger. It was pretty tasty, but I wish the patty were a little firmer and less spongy. I also had a slice of black forest cake that wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be. It looked really good, but tasted too much like palm oil and sugar...hmm. Try some of the organic sodas. They have lychee and rhubarb flavours.

Pros: cheap, fast, fried

Cons: fried, semi-tasteless

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Good fast food option - Edit

Fast food will never be my favorite food but it's good to have a vegan fast food option from time to time and I love the fact that I can eat vegan Currywurst there. I also like the burgers.

Pros: vegan Currywurst, vegan burgers

Cons: fast food

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.. - Edit

I liked this place in a lot of ways. The staff was friendly, the clientele was extremely diverse, plenty of seating, large menu. The menu is in German and English, and vegan items are pretty clearly marked. I got the vegan currywurst and it gigantic and surrounded by tons of french fries, which all turned out to be tasty. I'm not super into fried fast food, but I'd eat here again.

Pros: affordable, friendly staff, large portions

Cons: greasy

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Great Veg eats - Edit

Ate here many times during my stay in Berlin, and it never disappointed. Some of the best Vegan burgers I've had anywhere. Always big a juicy, good buns and nice salad and sauces. Staff are friendly and helpful, and I never waited long for an order. Salad and fries made great sides to fill out the meal. Nothing too fancy, but for this sort of food doesn't need to be. Burgers definitely taste clean and healthy. Really good prices too, would certainly go back next time I'm in Berlin to taste some more of that sunshine!

Pros: Great Food, Good Service, Good Location

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Nice idea, but... - Edit

... not dissimilar to my criticism of Yo-Yo's in Berlin:

Tables are DIRRRRRRRRRTY... you'd be very worried touching it, for having to take your clothes to the dry-cleaners afterwards or having to put them in the washing machine upon returning home.

The menu is interesting, though little emphasis on 'health'. The staff varies too frequent. One get's the impression working there is often a means to an end for a very transient bunch of part-time Berliners.

However, when I started to visit this eatery, I was genuinely blown away by the excellent french fries... although the quality has gone down two years on.

Another difference to last year is, the fact that they now do some sort of unidentifiable salad. Last year, when I asked for a nice big juicy slad, I got a little bowl of just plain chopped iceberg lettuce. It was the saddest salad I had ever seen. No fantasy and totally lovelessly prepared.

A wipe with a clean soapy cloth every time someone has eaten is NOT a great luxury, but somethign every customer has a right to... though in Berlin, clean tables are a rarity.

Two cows are just right for this place.

Pros: Location, Meatless

Cons: Dirty, inconsistent quality, no salads

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Usually food takes too long - Edit

The burgers are very tasty, but you need to be patient because they usually take too long (I would not go there if I was in a hurry). The vegetarian nuggets are extremely oily and taste like pure fat. The french fries are just bad, pure oil. I recommend the burgers though, very tasty.

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Naughty food! - Edit

A previous reviewer made reference to the fact that sometimes you just want a big, greasy burger. With this in mind, we headed to Yellow Sunshine as soon as we arrived for our holiday in Berlin, hoping for some decent food to settle our travel tummies. We were not disappointed. Very much a fast-food restaurant, with prices to match, you place your oder and then wait for your number to be called. I had the veggie schnitzel meal with (tons of) fries and my partner had a 'bacon' cheeseburger, also with a massive portion of fries. Soooooo good! Great comfort food and a nice welcome to Berlin. We went back a few days later for the currywurst & fries, so tasy and naughty. Very relaxed vibe, cheap, and total non-diet food. Just what you want on holiday!

Pros: Tasty food, Great value, Nice vibe

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One of the better fast food places. - Edit

Berlin has a lot of vegan friendly fast food (mostly burger) places and out of all the ones I tried I liked this one the most. As suggested by the server I ordered the Lappland Cheeseburger. It was REALLY good but would have been better without the cheese. Overall the food was really good, cheap, received quickly, good location, and the location itself was nicer than the other vegan fast food places. I would certainly go to Yellow Sunshine again.

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really yummy burgers! - Edit

I was a bit nervous to try Yellow Sunshine since I had read it's mostly a burger place. I wasn't a burger fan before I went veg and I'm not into veggie burgers at all. However, I decided to give this place a chance. I got the chicken cheese burger and it was sooo good!!! Not like the kind of burgers I'm used to at all, it was just really good and tasty! Also, got a side of french fries which were nice & crispy, and got a chai latte which was very yummy!! Came back a few days later to try the black forest cake and that was really good too. Really liked this place!

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Veggie Fast Food - Edit

As a veggie you sometimes miss pigging out and having a huge greasy burger and chips. Yellow Sunshine fills that gap brilliantly (the gap in your tummy).

Located in the hipster saturated neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. Cheap. Good service. Benches with umbrellas outside.

Pros: vegan burgers, yummy, located conveniently

Cons: trendy wendys all about

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"fast" food? - Edit

5 stars for Yellow Sunshine because the food is yummy, it's cheap as hell, and the staff is friendly. My one and only complaint (-1 star) is that I wish it didn't take forever to get my food. The first time I went was on a Tuesday at 9:15PM. The second time was Sunday around 10PM. The concept of "fast food" here seems a bit of a misnomer. Both times I waited over 20 minutes for my food (first time I ordered the gyro plate, second time just a plain burger thinking it would be faster!); they seem to short staff even when busy... They should consider changing their tagline of "bio fast food" to "bio food" or "bio veg burgers."

Pros: extensive vegan options, cheap, open late

Cons: sloooow, not enough seating

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Happy food! - Edit

I visit this place every time Im in Berlin. I choose a menu that includes a burger and salad. The hawaiian burger is good, the salad with salad dressing is amazing and on top with that a vegan mango lassi! The service was helpful in explaining the terms to non-German speakers. My non-vegetarian friend also liked the food very much. One con though, is that they did use plastic packaging, even though there was an alternative choice for that.

Pros: service , food!, organic

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Nice Vegetarian Fast Food - Edit

Extensive burger menu and a few other items (nuggets, wurst, etc.). Nice to eat a place that is all vegetarian. Normally, I don't even like to get fries/chips anywhere because I'm afraid they fry them in the same oil as the meat. Not a problem here. In any case, the burger I had was above average. The nuggets were just okay. The wurst was good, but the sauce was essentially ketchup with some curry powder. Prices are downright cheap, especially given the overall food quality. We'll certainly return if back in Berlin.

Pros: Fast food, exclusive vegetarian, tastes good

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vegan fast food - Edit

they are pretty honest about it being vegan/veggie fast food. I tried the 'chiken' vegan burger and it was pretty good. the price was reasonable and the service friendly and quick. I would eat here again.

Pros: tasty, friendly service , clean

Cons: not healthy-but ok every once in a while

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third out of 3 - Edit

as berlin now has pretty much 3 identical "fast food" restaurants, this was the last one we tried. the yoyo and the vego are vegan so they were first. the nuggets were ages away from the ones at vego. they were heavily fried so they were too crispy and the sweet chili sauce with it was horribly. the lappland burger (a marinated soy schnitzel) was ok but the schnitzel could have had bit more spices/taste.the fries didnt taste like fresh out of the fat. the staff was friendly but most of the empty tables were not clean.

Cons: dirty tables, something wrong with the fries

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good vegan fast food - Edit

not the healthiest vegan food that's for sure but it was sure tasty! i came here a couple times while in berlin. i had one of their burgers the first time and a chicken sandwich the second time both with fries. i also got a side order of something but forgot what it was but i did like it. they have a decent size menu for a fast food joint.

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A happy vegan in Kreuzberg - Edit

Berlin - 19 December 2009. Early evening and around 15 degrees below zero. Imagine my joy as I step from the snowy street into a comfortable cafe where I have not only a choice of food but lots of choices! Including desserts!!

A few minutes' walk from Schlesisches Tor U-Bahn station, Yellow Sunshine is a counter-service cafe serving traditional German and other 'fast' food with a twist - the twist being that it's all vegetarian and far from unhealthy. Vegan items abound and are clearly marked - there's a seitan version of the classic Berliner currywurst and even tiramisu! There's a choice of burgers for both vegans and vegetarians, as well as fresh salads and drinks. The pommes/chips/fries are cooked in-house from real potatoes and there are plenty of organic ingredients.

The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant, warm, clean and relaxed with tables arranged for a decent number of diners from couples to larger groups.

You make your choice and pay at the counter, and when your food's ready they'll call your number - easy :>

Pros: Large vegan choice, Substantial portions, Good value

Cons: Steps up to door

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A veggie / vegan Burger King... - Edit

Ok, first off, it's great that any veggies / vegans have a place like this to satisfy their urges for nasty fast food. But having said that, I was disappointed with the overall quality of the food: it's regular junk food, much like what you'd get at a McD's or BK (which to me can be very satisfying if you're drunk or starving but otherwise nothing special).

I've eaten veggie burgers at other places in Berlin (there's one near Boxhagener platz in Friedrichshain - can't remember the name - that does great quality) and had a better experience but there is nowhere that has such a variety of options on offer.

If you want real fast food then Yellow Sunshine is your man. If you want high quality veggie food then look elsewhere.

Pros: Large and varied menu, Real fast food on demand, Does exactly what it says on the tin

Cons: Not good quality, Somewhat expensive for what it is, vampires living in the rafters

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Not very eco friendly, unfavourable price changes. - Edit

When I came to Berlin three years ago I just loved Yellow Sunshine and have probably tried all the vegan burgers and dishes there are and was always pleased. Unfortunately, there have been a few changes in the menu (they took off some vegan dishes, raised the prices by a lot..) and the presentation of the food. It is now a "real" fast food place with absolutely everything packed in convenience packaging - even the -nowadays quite small- salads come in a plastic box! Say what you want about how this is normal for fast food - I think if you have a big sign outside the shop advertising that you have Greenpeace energy (i.e. caring about the environment) and at the same time not using plates anymore but plastic and paper packaging, that just doesn't go together well.

For a whole menu with a burger, chips and salad you will pay around 10-11€ nowadays - too much if you ask me. It used to be 7-8€. The bionade used to cost 1€ if you had ordered a menu - it's 1,5€ now...

YS is still a good place to eat if you feel like having fast food but it has certainly not developed to the positive.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Excessive use of convenience packaging, Expensive

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loved it! - Edit

mmm, this place is tasty! i tried the fakin' fish burger, which was deelish, and my boyfriend got the currywurst so that i would know what currywurst tasted like, and i shattered his heart by not liking it haha poor thing. but then again i don't like ketchup, and currywurst is bathing in ketchup. the fries were quite amazing. for those wishing that there were "healthier" options, this is a burger place people. the healthiest thing would be to stop obsessing about calories and fat 24/7. obviously eating greasy food EVERDAY is not healthy, but c'mon, it's one meal and there's no trickery about what's on the menu.

Pros: great choice, cheap, yumm!

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Filling, the addition of salad adds healthiness. - Edit

Only a short stroll from Gorlitzer Bhf on the U1, they do a really great range of veggie and vegan burgers, fries, and salad. The vegan options are clearly stated. Quick fast food, the menu chalked up on the board on the wall (behind the counter). They'll give you a coupon/receipt with your order number, calling this out when it's ready - usually in German, but also if need be in English.
They also do take-outs as well. Plus great value, you shouldn't be spending more than six or seven euro for any one of several burgers and fries. While in Berlin recently I tried the fakin "fish" burger, and the double Hawaii "chicken" burger - both wrapped up in a bap. The double was especially good value.
The kitchen itself appears quite small, and if you're going in large groups you might find your various orders come through consecutively, ie. in stages, but the portions are so generous you won't be finishing your meal any time before the rest of your group.
The decor is warm and earthy, and in my view resembles a pizzeria, with seating at pavement level complementing the indoors tables a few steps up from the walkway. If you drink they also sell beer - including some German ones.

Pros: Quick., Extended opening hours., Great range.

Cons: If you loathe fried food.

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Faux Meat Lovers - Edit

Don't knock this place, Yes, if you want fast 100% vegetarian food, a bit of grease, some fries and something verging on unhealthy but amazingly tasty then this is the place for you. This is the ultimate veggie fast food paradise where you can get burgers, sausages, steaks, hot dogs and schnitzels all completely animal free. Not the place to go if you're not a fan of emulation or faux meats. Enjoy, enjoy & enjoy the fast food experience of a vegetarian lifetime. Have a beer if it takes you and watch the Kreuzbergers go by their business on the street below. Go there, eat there and buy the T-shirt (Seriously, I did - Vegetarian Diner with rear logo for 12 EUR). I have been here so many times since 2004 and will always visit when in Berlin.

Pros: fast food, tasty, cool

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Worth the trip - Edit

Yellow Sunshine might be out of the way for most visitors to Berlin, but IMHO it's worth the trip. Set in a strip of local eateries and bars popular with the younger crowd, it has a very casual atmosphere with both indoor & outdoor seating. English spoken. Tasty vegetarian comfort food with several vegan options and fresh organic juices.

To reach by public transport: From the Görlitzer Bahnhof station, walk southeast on Wienerstrasse for almost a block. It's on the right.

Note: it's in the same neighborhood as Veni Vidi Vegi vegan shop (see the shop's entry on the main Berlin page).

Pros: Tasty vegan grub, Reasonable prices, Lively setting

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just what i needed - Edit

i can get really sick of eating the same old stuff... tofu scramble, stirfry, pasta. my soul tinges with jealousy every time i see my brother bite into a juicy burger. well here i have it, biggest selection of vegan burgers ive ever seen. two types of chai tea was also quite exciting. soooo cheap too. i would come back a thousand times (i went twice in five days).

Pros: nice staff, great selection, inexpensive

Cons: can get crowded

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Great spot! Healthy Food even possible! - Edit

We really lucked out on our visit, the wonderful people there suggested the lowest fat option, the double vegan chicken, which they grilled for us instead of deep frying, with no oil! The salad is amazing as well! I could eat there daily! Don't miss out!

Pros: salad, chili sauces, muffin

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great veg fast food! - Edit

Great place for fast vegetarian food. Many vegan items available (and english menu available, too!) I tried the vegan curry wurst, which was OK. Also tried the pepper vegan burger, which was fantastic. Seems the place is best for its burgers, for a great value!

Pros: great veggie burgers

Cons: fast food atmosphere

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Yellow Sunshine Fast Food - Edit

Location: This is a very, very popular joint in Kreuzberg, and is located right next to the famous "Wild at Heart" Rock club.

The Menu: As a vegan you're pretty much looking at a fast food joint, which is not necessarily bad, one just wishes for less fatty options. Personally I found the Seitan Burger way to dry and tasteless. But hey, the good side is I loved the "Pepperman-Cheeze" burger, and that's why I went back! Also: the "Fakin' Fish" is a huge hit with me as well as any carnivores I have lunched with while there.

Tip: Get away from the burgers and try the "Giros Plate" Which has a very convincing Greek tatziki sauce. Also: Soy Chai and Soy Coffee drinks, Blended Fruit drinks, and Bio Beer are also offered.
Sweets: The Muffins are nothing special, but on a recent visit on April 4th, 2008 they had Vegan Tiramisu.

Staff: Very friendly, Students, Alternatives, Punkers.

Atmosphere: Hippie type music (lol!), nice bright, hence "Sunshine"

Pros: Convienient, Bio-Trendy, Fast Food

Cons: Fast Food, Calories, Fatty

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Good, greasy fast-food - Edit

I visited in Nov. '07 and May '08. Good, greasy fast-food. If you're craving a veggieburger and fries, this is the spot! I never order anything deep-fried from non-veg restaurants because you can never know what else is going in deep fryer or what kind of oil they use, so this place was a real treat for me. Try the yummy remoulade sauce. The plain wurst was a little bland with a side of potato salad; next time I'd try the currywurst with an interesting sauce. No problems ordering in English, but you need to listen for them to call out your food when it's ready for pick-up.

Pros: Solid veg fast-food, Lots of sauces and toppings

Cons: Huge menu to ponder ;P

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Urgh and more urgh - Edit

I totally don't get it. It's like a pile of blobby fried fat on a plate. Havn't they heard of steaming anything. Great for your first vegan heart attack.

Cons: Fried, Fried, Fried

2 Responses

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o0Carolyn0o 03 Oct 2009 - one fast food meal does not equal a heart attack, but continued obsessing about fat and calories just might, and in fact it actually has. who steams a veggie burger?

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Visit 22 Feb 2013 - Fast Food is fat... when you don't like it, why do you go there??

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IF you're into fast food It's your place... - Edit

This is a good choice, if you're on the way to a show or party or just want to get something fast which is not Döner. It's overrated in my eyes, but everybody just seems to love this place. Anyways it's good to have it right around the corner ;-)
Go check it out yourself!

Pros: fast, good location, great french fries

Cons: overrated

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ich fands nicht wirklich gut!! - Edit

ich hatte einen double chicken cheese burger und pommes dazu.leider gab es keinen veganen käse auch nicht 2 tage später als ich wieder da war und die pommes lagen wohl schon einige stunden.das personal hat sich aber nicht wirklich daran gestört und sowas darf meiner meinung nach nicht passieren.zumindest nicht 2 tage in folge.ansonsten kann ich der karte nichts abgewinnen als dessert gibt es alpro pudding in der plaste verpackung also alles andere als innovativ es sollte zwar ein tiramisu laut karte geben aber das war wohl erst 4-5 stunden später fertig trotz der tatsache das ich abends um 8 da essen war.trotz der vielen guten reviews die man liesst und was man imemrwieder hört finde ich es im yellow sunshine nichtmal mittelmass..leider..

1 Response

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Visit 22 Feb 2013 - Endlich mal eine negative Meinung, die erklärt warum man es nicht mochte.

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Simply great - Edit

Everthing was great in this place!
Very friendly staff, (We got some free veggie meatballs because they were leftover!)
great food..
I wish there were as much happy sunshine's as there are maccie D's and B king's.. that would be the good life!

Pros: lovely food, friendly staff, good value

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Reviewer Avatar

Fast food can be healthy - Edit

This is fast food heaven in Kreuzberg that serves excellent vegetarian and even vegan burgers. In addition the beer they sell is from a very good ecological brewery in Bavaria - what more can you ask for ;-)

Pros: Excellent food, Very good beer

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Oh the fake meat - Edit

This place was quite nice, cheap for what it is. I enjoyed having some fun vegan food again. Lots of interesting people seem to go here. MEal is aroun 6 euro or a little more with chips and salad. Well worth it

Pros: good price, Tasty food

Cons: nto verz healthy...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Food, Lots of Variety - Edit

We are from NYC, and we think this restaurant has a hip, casual, East Village feel. There are endless varieties of veggie burgers (soy, seitan, tofu, etc.), served with a generous amount of fries and/or a large, fresh salad. An English menu available, just ask. Some of the friendly staff members speak a little English. There are lots of vegan options, indicated on the clearly marked menu. The bathroom is clean and the restaurant was a little crowded when we were there, but not that bad. (Note: there are a few steps to maneuver, in case you have a baby stroller, as we did.) We had the Vegan Fish Burger (recommended by the staff) and it was amazing, particularly the sauce. We also had the Vegan Shrimp and Vegetarian Bacon Cheeseburger (vegan except for the cheese), which were also great. They also serve beer and wine. We highly recommend this establishment.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Nice staff

Cons: Smoking allowed

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Makes life worth living - Edit

I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I were to estimate that I've eaten at this place over one hundred times. Was a regular during a one-semester study abroad in Berlin awhile back and got to know the one of the owners a bit. Later he asked me to translate the menu into English (if you visit, feedback would be much appreciated!) and let me eat there free for a month as payment. Well needless to say by the end of that time period I was a walking seitan burger. Every single time I pass through Berlin, even if it's just transferring from aeroplane to train, I make sure to make a stop here. Makes life worth living.

Pros: Variety of vegan burgers, Expertly prepared fries, Organic beer

Cons: Allows smoking after 6pm

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Was good! - Edit

It is definitely fast food-- the seitan burger is amazing but everything is fried. Menu is available in English and German. That said, I totally made the trek to Kreuzberg biweekly for some vegan food.

There are more types of burgers than you can possibly imagine, and the opportunity to try a Berlin fav...currywurst!

Pros: variety

Cons: fried food

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