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Serves meat, vegan options available. Margaritas in a plastic cup. Funky laid-back atmosphere. Outside deck seating available. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-4:00am.

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First Review by julesy bear


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14 Oct 2021

One of my all time favorites.

Can’t go wrong with a giant veggie burrito with guAc. Their vegan chorizo is awesome, too



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25 Jul 2021

Durham staple

So good! Try the vegetarian burrito, no cheese, add vegan chorizo and guac (or just get chips and guacamole on the side) ^_^ they also have a vegan green burrito but I would add rice to make it less wet. Great when you’re tired after work or up late.


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20 Jun 2021

It’s a hole in the wall

If you keep in mind that this place is a total dive, it’s actually quite good. They have a couple vegan options and they are very reasonably priced. If you’re expecting 5-star service and white table cloths you will not be happy. Fun atmosphere and eclectic vibe. My omnivore dinner mates that got burritos were also very happy. Anyone that got something other than a burrito were not super pumped - just food for thought.


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01 Apr 2020

Awesome place

I've been coming to this restaurant for as long as I can remember, and I still love it. There are options for vegans as well as plenty of options for everyone else. The pricing is excellent, and the food is amazing! Also, if you're into spicy, their green sauce never disappoints. Just ask for some on the side of any burrito or taco

Pros: Good value, Friendly staff, Awesome food


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22 Sep 2018

So overrated!! Only go if you’re drunk.

I had heard great things about this place and was excited to try it. The menu and the food were so disappointing. The veggie burrito is pretty bland, with some roasted veggies, rice, and guacamole in a tortilla. This would be great if you’re a drunk Duke undergrad at 2:00am, but not worth going otherwise.


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05 Dec 2016

Two Vegan Options

Reviews looked good. Restaurant was a let down.

I went in and asked for a vegan burrito. The only option was rice, beans, and pico de gallo. The "veggie" burritos are NOT vegan. I asked for veggies, none could be added. The "vegan platter" is black beans, pinto beans, pico, guac, and rice on a plate.

A friend of mine tried to get a chicken burrito with some veg on it and they wouldn't put vegetables on it.

I don't understand this place. Very limited flexibility in dishes, no alterations or substitutions.

I despise chain restaurants, but I'd rather go to chipotle than here.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-05

Pros: hippyish joint, two vegan dishes (no vegetables)

Cons: not vegan friendly, no substitutions or alterations, two vegan dishes (no vegetables)


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08 Nov 2016

Really good cheap option

The food here is really decent and the prices are cheap. I love the vegan platter (a plate with pinto beans, black beans, rice, pico and guac). The mole, which is also vegan, is delicious. This is not the best Mexican food I've ever eaten, but it's a great bang for your buck. The burritos are not clearly marked as vegan, and it can be confusing.

Pros: Cheap, Delicious

Cons: I've eaten better Mexican, but good for the price


Points +73

08 Oct 2016

Best burrito in the Raleigh/Durham area

The tofu burrito is delicious, juicy and always wrapped tight, unlike at other places. The guacamole is to die for; better than I can make at home. One time I ordered a tofu burrito for my daughter but she wouldn't try it. I took it home and put it in the fridge. I figured it would be a soggy mess but many hours later I pulled it out and it was still perfectly intact! We love the outdoor seating but listen carefully for your name because it will be quietly mumbled, exactly once.

Pros: best burrito and guac in the area, outdoor roof patio


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28 Sep 2016

My favorite dive

I'm a local and have been eating at Cosmic for almost 15 years. Kinda hidden if you don't know where to find it - go through the glass door labeled "Ninth Street Dance" on Perry St and up the stairs. Their veggie burritos without cheese got me through high school and college. Burritos are delicious, huge, and cheap and their salsa and guac are perfect. Margaritas are stiff and also cheap for a pitcher. Good beer selection. Play 90s XM radio station overhead. Open late. Eat on the patio outside. As a Durhamite and Duke grad, I am particular to the 9th Street location but the Franklin Street one will do if you're in the area. :) Would give 5 stars if Happy Cow would let me for a non-veg-only establishment.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-28

Pros: Wide menu, many veg*n options, Cheap, Open late

Cons: Looks dirty but it's part of the charm


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14 May 2015

Fast paced drunk hangout.

This place is extremely popular, especially late at night. Of course, I was also one of the drunk people who were there, but that is besides the point. The place was very crowded and the line took some time to get through. It was easy to order vegan. I shared a burrito and guac with chips with my boyfriend. The food was made quickly and it was delicious. Our burrito had rice, beans, veggies, and tofu in it. I honestly did not even mind the fact that there was no cheese. It was good without it. The guac was awesome, as well. I definitely will return, just maybe not so late so that there is not as much a crowd.

Pros: Good food, Fast, Easy to order

Cons: Crowded


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13 Feb 2011

Love this place!

If I could eat the Tofu Burrito everyday, I probably would. This particular burrito comes vegan with tofu, black beans, rice, and salsa. The vegan plate is also very good and cost effective. If you eat there, they give you chips and fresh salsa (but not if you take out). As a vegan, I always check my food before I leave a restaurant to make sure that they haven't slipped on sour cream or cheese....and Cosmic Cantina has gotten it right every time!

Pros: Fast, Cheap, Good


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17 Jan 2008

this is the spot

working late nights in durham, i was lucky enough to find this place thanks to happycow. they are open until 4 am. which is amazing. though it is designed to please the kids over at duke, it does a very good job of offering veggie options on the road. the sign outside does say best mexican food on earth, but i do not agree. at least not best vegan food. it was very good, and the giant burrito was that, giant. good gauc. great salsa. and the rest was good. would recommend it to anyone that loves burritos.

and i didnt know what to expect because of the other 2 reviews on here, but it was basically a dope burrito spot on the second level of some old building. it seemed they were rather negative with it. but its not bad at all.

Pros: cheap, portion size, salsa


Points +195

05 Oct 2007

addictive, but not always trustworthy

Cosmic is THE late night meal spot for the under 25 crowd in Durham. Yes, it is the only place that's actually open really late (dominos doesn't make for much atmosphere, although they'll deliver) but unless you like waiting in line behind 30 drunk people, I'd avoid it between 12:30 and 2:30 AM.

As far as food, they've got two versions of a vegan platter, the option to add tofu, roasted veggies or eggplant to anything on the menu, and a "tofu burrito" which is vegan, although be sure to specify that you want no cheese or sour cream because sometimes they forget.

Call your order in ahead of time, it's worth it, you never know when there will be a mob scene. NOT handicap accessible. It's small, rickety and at the top of a flight of questionable stairs. The atmosphere is lacking, so I'd reccommend take-out.

Order a mini tofu burrito; it's 2/3s the price but practically the same size, and it's plenty of food.

Pros: open late, fast, cheap

Cons: crowded, loud

julesy bear

Points +45

28 Mar 2007

Vegan Platter--cheap and yummy!

I love Cosmic so much. You can get a delicious and inexpensive burrito, chimichanga (amazing), or the $3 vegan platter (a hearty portion of pinto and black beans, guac, salsa and rice). They also have gingerale on tap.

Pros: outside seating, open til 4am!

Cons: REALLY loud Mexican music, crowded often

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