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Angelica Kitchen

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Contact 212-228-2909

300 E 12th St (at East Village, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10003

Trendy Manhattan vegan restaurant. Western cuisine with a healthy focus. Menu features a wide range including starters, sandwiches, main entrees, sea veggies, noodle bowls, juices, tea, and desserts without refined sugar. Casual, bright space. Take-out and delivery available. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:30pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Macrobiotic, Organic, Beer/Wine, Delivery, Take-out

Reviews (57)

First Review by bullcityveg

good food - Edit

Nice place to eat, the portions are ok and fulfilling. The taste really is nice as it is a real restaurant, I mean: they cook! no fast food here.

Updated from previous review on 2017-02-11

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice portions, Healthy

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Ok, but not great - Edit

Went there because of their legendary status, not sure what to expect. The food was Ok as were the prices. Staff were friendly and the ambience chill. I'd go back, but I'd rather find something more contemporary instead.

Pros: Nice vibe

Cons: Standard food

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Historic Restaurant - Edit

Went there for lunch, I ordered a Fiesta Plate to taste different things and corn bread. The corn bread was good and most of my plate too... but not great. The salad of the day was a bit bland. My friend enjoyed her lasagna.
The atmosphere is nice and the staff very friendly.
It feels.
It is food that your grandmother could have made if she was a vegetarian: simple and confort food.

Pros: Atmosphere, Choices

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Quite tasteless - Edit

Such a disappointment. I had heard so much about this place, but once I visited it, I could not understand its phenomenon. We were three, ordered differented meals, and almost everyone was missing a taste. Also the dessert, was not special at all. The service was OK, but it is not enough.

Pros: nice staff

Cons: not my taste, if any

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Enjoyed my Experience. - Edit

I had a good time at Angelica Kitchen. I had biscuits and mushroom gravy, soup, and a chocolate walnut brownie cookie that was excellent! They now ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS (Visa, MasterCard and Discover), just to update the info from previous reviews, as it used to be cash-only. I liked it cause it was spacious, and of course really appreciate the fully vegan and organic kitchen.

Pros: Organic, Vegan, Spacious and peaceful

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Nice restaurant - Edit

I'm not sure if it was what I ordered specifically or if it's just not to my taste but I didn't love my food. It wasn't bad or anything and the waitstaff were great and friendly. The waiter even noticed I didn't eat my food and offered to bring me something else which I appreciated. Great service but did not love my meal but it was average. I would be willing to go back and try other items eventually but wouldn't go out of my way.

Pros: great service , great menu selection

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Delicious!! Loved Angelica's Kitchen - Edit

I've heard about Angelica's Kitchen and was so happy to have made the visit during my recent trip to NYC. I got the New School sandwich - which was fantastic. We also got the cornbread (they have two kinds - one is gluten-free and made with some rice. Very good). My boyfriend got the tempeh reuben which was also delicious. Most of the vegan reubens we have had are made with seitan so this had great flavor and less of a gluten bomb in the gut. They also had a special (Masa of Puppets which my friend got and she also loved that). I plan to go back. One of the hardest things about traveling is that you eat all of your meals out at restaurants and we tend to eat really clean/healthy vegan food at home. This restaurants had so many great options for us. Oooh and get the vinegar elixer drink too!

Pros: Organic/healthy choices, Delicious food, cute casual atmosphere

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perfect - Edit

The staff was very friendly & the food was great!

I ate a small salad & vegan sushi. The price was a little to expensive for what they have served but the portion was perfect. Try the hibiscus cooler!

Pros: food was good & tasty, staff is very friendly

Cons: no wifi

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Disappointing Food and Atmosphere - Edit

CASH ONLY restaurant, old wood furniture and bland environment/atmosphere. interesting Asian style menu, but food is NOT special, I could make the same kale salad at home! The Japanese noodle bowl was presentable but bland except for overwhelming ginger that ruined the dish, couldn't eat it. They offered a free dessert but refused to take a couple of dollars off the bill instead of dessert. Would NOT RECOMMEND, say too many vegan. options in the city, spend your $ elsewhere.

Pros: All vegan, healthy-sounding options.

Cons: Dull design and atmosphere, unattractive decor. L

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Disappointing, below par restaurant - Edit

Despite being recommended to this restaurant by numerous people, I found Angelica Kitchen incredibly disappointing. The food was very average and the atmosphere was sad. The meals look exciting on the menu but nothing lived up to the descriptions. Although the service was good, the overall vibe was mediocre. My sister returned her first meal (which they didn't charge us for) because she didn't like it. There are much better vegan options in New York City that are worth going to.

Pros: Service

Cons: Food , Atmosphere

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Good comforting food - Edit

Our first dinner in NYC and a great pne. Fresh, organic and hearty food in a friendly casual environment. Good dimmed down warm lighting to enjoy the company. I tried their famous dragon bowl with black sesame dressing and it was as good as I hoped it would be. I'd love to have an Angelica Kitchen in Madrid.

Pros: Friendly casual staff, Excellent food, Good value

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simply delicious - Edit

My boyfriend and I love it here. Every time we eat at Angelica Kitchen we are satisfied. Easy prices, nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Pick your own, creative bowls and dishes! Take out next door.

Pros: yum

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A rare thing - a veggie place I don't like - Edit

Myself and my wife used to come here reasonably regularly, but have simply stopped going. We didn't really like the feeling we got from the place. If I needed extra sauce with a meal, they would charge $2 or $3 for it.
One time I forgot the place was cash-only (which I respect by the way). So, no problem, I go to an ATM and get the money. The attitude of the waiter was far from understanding.
I don't like to give a veggie place a bad review, but in this case I'll make an exception.
The food was fine on average – sometimes nice, sometimes just okay.

Pros: Organic, They sometimes have nice food, Have shunned credit cards

Cons: Bad vibe from the place, Food is hit and miss

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After a second time, changed my mind! - Edit

Below is my original review, but now that I've gone to Angelica a second time, I've had a change of heart! It competes with Caravan of Dreams as my absolute favorite vegan restaurant in NYC. As I had noted the first time, I really appreciate the specials menu and the diversity of the menu overall. The plates are all varied but somehow very simple, with ingredients that you can see and not slathered in sauces. I do wish entrées were like, $3 cheaper, however...in any event, GET DESSERT! I mean, I would suggest this at any vegan restaurant, but I'll be dreaming of the concord grape parfait that I had here last night for a good while.


After hearing so much about it, I finally went to Angelica Kitchen. I liked the atmosphere, and a lot of the menu items seemed wonderful -- the perfect warm, nourishing meals for a cold winter's day in NYC! I ordered an Indian-inspired curried vegetable cake dish off of the specials menu, which was just as diverse as the regular menu, and which I appreciated. The highlight was the peach chutney that mine came with (and my friend's cornbread!) but overall I wasn't super impressed, especially considering that the dish was $16! I could have made something perhaps simpler but just as filling and flavorful for much less. However, I will definitely return to Angelica to try other things...and the desserts! Remember to bring cash.

Updated from previous review on Saturday February 08, 2014

Pros: Diverse specials and regular menu, Simple yet varied dishes, Bright, warm atmosphere

Cons: Overpriced

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Delightful, delicious - Edit

Angelica Kitchen is reliably excellent. The specials are well done and varied. The ambiance is comfortable, service is good. We had two special entrees: the Franken-Thyme (vegetable cakes with accompaniments) and the Edgar Winter Savory (a dishless cassarole), as well as the Ole Man Seitan. All were delicious. We had an interesting appetizer - the People's Polenta - which also has a charitable component. Desserts were a flavorful banana pudding sundae and a bland peach kanten parfait. Dinner was totally enjoyable.

Pros: vegan & delicious, reliable

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A pleasant place - Edit

I tried the japanese seitan with noodles, which was good but not exceptionnal. Accompanying food were a bit bland, however. Food is organic and healthy, the atmosphere of the restaurant is really nice and you feel rapidly at ease. It was a good experience on the whole even if there food could have a little bit more taste.

Pros: good food, pleasant atmosphere

Cons: food lacks spices sometimes

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Delicious, simple, leaves you feeling good - Edit

I love this place! Ever since I got to NY I can't stop going. I like simple foods, more on the macrobiotic side of things. This place has simple options and at the same time has delicious meals - including a changing daily menu.

On top of that, the atmosphere in here is really fantastic. My non-vegan friends love going here. I couldn't recommend it more.

Pros: delicious, new daily menu, great atmosphere

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Not a great experience - Edit

I'd heard great things, but I didn't have a great experience. The food was mediocre, certainly nothing to write home about. The little booth thing I sat in was bizarre and uncomfortable. I was in in the booth part on one side of a two-seater table, and my companion was in a regular chair. It was an awkward height, awkward slope. It was completely uncomfortable. (I'm a small guy, by the way, so size wasn't an issue.)

The dining experience was sub-par, and it wasn't entirely the restaurant's fault. A couple with three small children were there. Two were crying, and the couple seemed to think that the way to pacify the children was to walk them up and down the aisles and around everyone, all over the restaurant.

The staff was cordial, though not warm. I don't expect everyone to always go out of their way, but I'm just pointing out that no one did.

Then the bill came, and I learned two things. They're cash only. And they automatically include the gratuity into your bill -- even for a two-person meal. I went to an ATM around the corner while my companion stayed. I gave my waitress the cash. She brought back everything but the gratuity PLUS the coinage. So, they forced the tip on me and then took the change, too.

I just found it very presumptuous, and combined with the uncomfortable seating, not great experience, and unspectacular food, I won't be going back.

Pros: Vegan, Healthy, Artsy

Cons: Too expensive for quality, Cash only plus automatic gratuity, Uncomfortable seating/poor atmosphere

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Clean, healthy food - Edit

The food is very clean, but is very delicious. This is one of the few places you can go to and eat great tasting food that is healthy at the same time.

Pros: great food, helpful staff, nice decor

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Consistently good Vegan Restaurant - Edit

Been going to Angelica's kitchen for 8 years. Love the wee dragon bowl with soba sensation sauce.

Food is consistently good. The desserts are worth a try.

Wish they were a little more experimental with the desserts.

Pros: Consistently good, Hours are good

Cons: Cash Only!!!

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Nothing to Write Home About - Edit

The food was okay. Some was good and some was bad. The veggies I got were mushy, maybe over-cooked. The prices are too high for the portion & quality, and I found our server to be very snotty. For the prices I was surprised that they only accept cash. Not a place I plan on visiting again.

Pros: Location

Cons: Food Quality, Service, Prices

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AWESOME!! - Edit

the food was delicious, the service efficient and friendly and the ambience, decor and organization of the seating and the attention to detail in terms of the menu-design were all MORE than satisfactory. all-round, a wonderful experience for a vegan deprived of access to places where 1 needn't ask "does that have eggs, honey, milk or anything from animals in it?

Pros: delicious food, good value, friendly staff

Cons: slightly overcozy

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Healthy & Satisfying - Edit

Healthy, tasty, unprocessed foods that will nourish and satisfy.

I ordered Sunday's sushi and it was GREAT. I love it when I eat a fair amount and don't feel heavy.

I recommend this place for anyone interested in healthy (real) vegan food.

Pros: Healthy, tasty food, Nice atmosphere, Friendly service

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Loving their daily specials - Edit

I am getting so excited when I visit a place that has daily specials. I feel like I am going to enjoy something different that the usual menu and everything looks fresh. I had a pinto bean soup which was extremely amazing and a lemon tart which was so fresh! Absolutely loved this place!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, daily specials

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One of my favourite restaurants in NYC - Edit

I went here for dinner with my boyfriend on a whim after it was recommended to us by the sales guy at the Docs store and I'm so glad I did. I had the best chili I've ever had here. My boyfriend still occasionally mentions how much he enjoyed his food here and they were really great at substituting things to make his meal lower carb. I hadn't originally planned to go to Angelica Kitchen while I was visiting NYC because "healthy vegan food" didn't sound like something I'd like. I was wrong. This wound up being one of my favourite meals from my trip.

Pros: yummy, healthy

Cons: crowded, cash only

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AMAZING Healthy vegan fare - Edit

I have lived in NYC for 8 years and this is by far the healthiest and best vegan restaurant in the city. It is also the oldest, opened in the early 70's. Menu changes everyday with specials. The meals are hearty and they are mindful of how to use oil and the desserts are not made with processed sugar but are tastefully sweetened with maple syrup or other natural sweeteners. I have been coming here for years and it should be at the top of your list if you are visiting. Greasy vegan restaurants are a dime a dozen. This is organic, natural whole vegan food like you would cook if you had the time.....enjoy

Pros: exceelent food, healthy fare, amazing healthy desserts

Cons: note - cash only

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We definitely recommend it. - Edit

In our failed attempt to go to the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on April 3rd, we opted for a better option than waiting in a mile-long line in the cold. We decided to have a good hearty meal at Angelica Kitchen. We always let our stomachs lead the way and hardly ever go wrong.

Angelica Kitchen is an unpretentious and low-key spot, with a nice ambiance for casual dining. We were in a large group, there were nine of us, and we could carry on a decent conversation and hear what everyone was saying. That was actually unexpected, especially because they had a full house for lunch.

Their Full Menu and Daily Specials (pdfs) were pretty extensive and made it hard to choose, a nice problem to have. Many of their dishes are made with whole grains and mild spices that remind me a lot of Alcaparra, a macrobiotic restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil I frequently dined at when I first became a vegetarian. Dishes are more earthy and less flamboyant than most other popular vegan restaurants and there are plenty of gluten-free options.

Everything we had was delicious with the exception of one dish or other that weren't as good as the rest, but that doesn't mean they were bad. The highlights of our meal were the two specials we ordered --Sgt. Tempeh's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Still Special-- and the Olé Man Seitan, which hit the spot and satisfied my craving since our visit to Quintessence. All dishes we nicely seasoned and hearty portions, perfect for the hungry travelers at our table. The Dashi & Noodles were ok, the broth was nice and flavorful but the noodles didn't absorb any of it so they tasted a little flat.

As for the desserts, the kanten was light and fresh. The tiramisu was nice and rich, as one should be. And the cheesecake was tasty too, but was more a tofu pudding pie and didn't have that cheesecake density and texture I was hoping for.

All in all, we had a great meal and good time. We definitely recommend it if you're looking for a whole foods dining experience.

Pros: Food, Service, Specials

Cons: Atmosphere, Cash Only

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dont get the hype, not good - Edit

Upon entering the cafe, the first thing I noticed was how the air had a mustiness to it. It is also dark. The water tasted like seaweed; I couldn't tell if the glass was not clean from someone who had eaten a seaweed dish or if so much of that had washed off into the dishwater. The food I got also tasted like seaweed, though it was not in the dish.
Something is happening here and you don't know what it is, do you Mr Jones?

We have been there several times usually by invitation and will firmly never go back. It is a poor representation of what veggie in NYC is all about.

The service is always arrogant and flip.

Cons: seaweed everything, arrogant, $$$$

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best restaurant in NY - Edit

Hve bee trying out quiet a few and this is definitely the best, do not agree, a lot of people but not trendy like touristical or fahion. high quality organic and vegan food
High quality rice syrup sweetened desserts, thank you very much, staff adorable

Pros: organic vegan moderate price, nice place very nice people, diversified broadranging, creative menu

Cons: overbooked wich is a qality in somehow, quiet loud when full, nothing to add

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Creative dominantly whole food vegan, & our fave! - Edit

We have always come to Angelica Kitchen in Mid Afternoon and we always get a seat no matter what day of the week it is. We always get the walnut lentil pate. My husband has regular cravings for their ole man seitan and usually orders that. I prefer raw foods and not so much vege meats so I usually get the Thai Mee Up, though several of their salads are great. Angelica Kitchen has been around since 1976, are a NYC Vegan classic, and they "get it", and we "get them" :-)

Pros: Fair prices, Great atmosphere, Great vegan dishes

Cons: none!

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Ah-maze-ing - Edit

Everything about this restaurant was splendid. I had virtually no wait and the service was prompt. I tried the ruby kraut, walnut-lentil pate, daily veggie sushi, and three bean chili. The kraut wasn't my favorite, but the sushi was hearty and flavorful. The pate had a unique, but delicious taste and was served with rice crackers, which complimented rather than hindered the flavor.
And the chili! Oh boy! This was hearty and unbelievably flavorful. And the corn bread that came with it had a delicious crust and a tender crumb.
And there were still so many things on the menu that looked great. I can't wait to go back. Just remember to bring cash!

Pros: variety, atmosphere

Cons: didn't see any gluten-free bread options, slightly cramped, cash only

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just fair - Edit

I hadn't eaten there in years, and the place has grown popular and trendoid since. Service was good but there are much better vegan meals in the neighborhood. The cashew spread appetizer was murdered by mustard. We left most of it behind. The tempeh reuben was barely dressed, and the pea soup was boring. The open-faced tempeh sandwich was ok but the taters were just warm. I'm afraid they're resting on their reputation.

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yummy - Edit

In a great location. I stopped in after shopping at union square and before a play and had a nice light dinner and it was really nice. I didn't like that they don't serve alcohol and they don't take reservations.

Pros: lots of options, location

Cons: no alcohol, no reservations

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I miss this place! - Edit

The food is fresh, the menu is innovative, unique, and constantly offering new options alongside the trusty old comfort food you know and love. The prices, for NY, are comparable to any non-organic restaurant there. It's a one-of-a-kind joint, and while the atmosphere wasn't my favorite (crowded, a bit rushed, and at times, snotty or unfriendly waitstaff), the taste of the food made up for it. Also, there are many gluten-free options.

A side note: They did manage to serve me mashed potatoes in a cracked dish every time I went, and I would inform them, which made me wonder a little... considering that this is a top-notch, highly popular NY restaurant (stars are notorious for going here too), it was surprising to me that they couldn't just replace some of their dishes with non-cracked ones. But nevertheless, the food here is fantastic. The community table is something to at least try once; you might meet someone interesting! In all, you can't be vegan/vegetarian and either live or visit NY without going to Angelica's. It's a must!

Pros: Organic, The price is sooo right! (for NY), Delicious, never boring

Cons: at times, the waitstaff, cracked dishes

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overrated - Edit

as we had read many positive reviews on A.K., maybe our expectations were set too high, but this was certainly not the place/food that we enjoyed very much during our week stay in NYC.
Too crowded (noise) and small/cramped tables, blend food, spiceless. Maybe it's all very healthy and macro/organic and all, but found the dishes to be a bit uncreative.
Wouldn't go there again.

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Hit the Cash Machine and GO! - Edit

We stopped in on a Sunday night; it was crowded but not extremely so. Our waitress was super nice and helpful, but not hovering! We got the special yukon gold potato appetizer, which sounded better than it was, even though it was very good--just not dazzling. The veggie "sushi" was SO good. It's not very sushi-like, just awesome.

We both got the special dinners. One was a tofu-mushroom mixture in handmade phyllo, with fresh green beans. It was fantastic. It seemed like everyone in the place was ordering it. The other was their homemade tempeh in a spicy sauce. I like tempeh, and theirs was several notches better than any I've had. The sides were abundant: gorgeous steamed broccoli, roasted turnip, sweet potato sauce and one other I can't recall.

My husband got the banana cake with peanut butter frosting. I'm a PB nut, so I swiped a bit of frosting and thought it was tofu-y. I am not a fan of tofu-y frosting or puddings. My blood orange pie had a nice flavor and a substantial crumb crust that I really liked.
The best thing is you bring your own alcohol, with no pouring fee! I think the prices are very reasonable for what you get. Yes, it's not convenient that you have to remember to get cash before you go, but I admire their refusal to engage with the banking system which does keep costs down. How can people complain about a place where you can get an entree for $12 in NYC?

Pros: Fresh!, Reasonable prices, Charming service

Cons: Remember the cash

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Very good find! - Edit

Went here on New Years Day without a reservation, it was full but we were given a table. The food and service was excellent, particularly the seitan wrap. Would have preferred a larger range on the menu and it was a bit cramped but otherwise a great restaurant and highly recommended. Oh and there is only one toilet and ALWAYS a queue for it! Would recommend for lunch but not a romantic dinner (go to Franchia instead!) as it's a bit too casual/noisy. Overall very good. Its also not in the nicest areas for tourists (East Village, bit grungy).

Pros: great healthy food, reasonable prices for NYC, friendly staff

Cons: cramped , only one toilet for both males/females, needs more on the menu

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Looks great, tastes great - Edit

This place is really great. Food was fresh and delicious. Try the miso spread on some cornbread! Clean, freindly, tasty, and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for?

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Reasonably priced

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Reviewer Avatar


i found this restaraunt on this website and it was in a area of newyork that i was visiting anyway so i thought i would check it out and i am so glad i did! it is an amazing place you walk in and the waitress takes you to your seat and there is also a communal table so if you are on your own you can sit and meet other people! when you are seated at your table you are given cutlery chop sticks and water! the staff were very helpfull and eager to give advise on the menu! i had the Mixed Sprout Salad - a refreshing toss of snow pea shoots, sunflower sprouts & seeds, and mint; mixed with cabbage, daikon and carrots in a cool mint vinaigrette. Adorned with toasted peanuts, onion sprouts and watercress With Tofu All the ingredients are very fresh and organic it was a truly wonderful feast and relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the big apple and gave me strength to continue enjoying the rest of the city!
i recomend it to anyone who is visiting the city even if its out of your way it is definatly worth a visit!!

Pros: great food, fresh & organic, large portions

Cons: cant think of any

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Healthy and Delicious - Edit

I came here with my non-vegan family and we all had a wonderful time. My sandwich was wonderful, and my cousin was raving about her Dragon Bowel. My mother got a type of spaghetti and meatballs dish, the meatballs being mushroom and tofu, which were amazing! We all shared the vanilla-hazelnut torte at the end, which was divine. If you're in the area, definitely visit.

P.S. I didn't think $66 for the four of us with 3 drinks, 2 appetizers, 4 entrees, and one dessert was too pricey at all.

Pros: Friendly Wait Staff, Atmosphere, Food

Cons: Slightly Slow Service

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Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant EVER! - Edit

I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but I do enjoy eating vegan/vegetarian food on occasion, so I've been to quite a few restaurants in the genre. Out of all of these restaurants, nothing comes close to Angelica Kitchen. It is definitely the best vegan restaurant I've ever been to, and I just wish it was closer to where I live.

My favorite dish at Angelica Kitchen is definitely the Dragon Bowl, which generally consists of rice, tofu, lentils, kale, zucchini, carrots, and some wonderful seaweed (which comes in delicious varieties that I've never seen before).

It's a little expensive, but compared to other vegan restaurants, the quantity and quality of the food seems to beat all of the competition!

I have some pictures of my last Dragon Bowl at the restaurant here:

Pros: excellent food, large portions, delicious

Cons: expensive, too far from where I live, hard to park

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Healthy and Tasty - Edit

This is a good place to go to get a delicious wholesome fresh meal. You can really tell that they use the freshest ingredients possible. I admire that they only accept cash. I wish all places could get away with that. More money for employees and growers. Credit card companies are nasty.

Pros: Food, Service, Ethics

Cons: Expensive

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returning new yorker - Edit

well, first off...only cash premise because they save money this way rather using machine purchases but, its already overpriced. tends to attract solo diner's like myself but not sure if it's what i ordered but the stew was not that great and the coconut vegan cookie tasted old.

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Great Lunch! Boring Deserts:( - Edit

I love their sandwiches they really hit the spot after walking around aimless for hours. No, I did not see Adrian Grenier - who frequents the place - but I got over it once I bit into my succulent tofu sandwich and sipped my wonderful soup.

Cons: Cookies

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Its better than average, try the sandwiches - Edit

This is just a nice / clean / hip vegan place to rest your feet. The food is healthy waiters nice. For those reviewers below that didn't like the food please try a sandwich, they are really great. I had the same reactions with their rolls, etc, but the Sandwiches are where its at.

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Pretentious, but excellent food - Edit

Went for lunch (vegan reuben sandwich, tea, dessert) and found it a nice space, very full of beautiful people having a very trendy lunch. But it's popular and pretentious because it's food is EXCELLENT! Service inattentive and slow.

Pros: Excellent food

Cons: Inattentive staff, pretentious

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Worth the trip. - Edit

Judging by my only trip to this establishment, I would say that Angelica's has a warm atmosphere and lives up to its gourmet reputation. My girlfriend and I were both more than satisfied with our meal and the service, even in comparison to the dozen other gourmet vegan restaurants we have been to. However, we are both willing to embrace foods which are more 'earthy' (this is a 'macrobiotic' restaurant, after all) and we have only been here once. All in all, worth checking out at least once.

Pros: good food, friendly service, nice atmosphere

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must stop here on your trip to nyc - Edit

besides having delicious & amazing food, the atmosphere is great. it is a bit pricey, but worth it for special occasions. also, a great place to bring your carnie friends!

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One of the Best! - Edit

Angelica's is one of my favorite places to go when I am in the city. The service can be slow, but the food makes up for it. They have great specials, everything is seasonal and organic. Yum!

Pros: Great Presentations

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Reviewer Avatar

delicious and resonable - Edit

great food!!! we had this miso tahini spread that was awesome! the food was tasty with decent portions and good prices (esp for vegan food in nyc). i also had pear crisp that was amazing!!! the only thing is the long wait. nice atmosphere too...

Pros: delicious food, nice atmosphere, reasonably priced

Cons: long wait at times

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Faultless Cuisine - Edit

This is is a very inventive restaurant with fresh, healthy ingredients and great attention to detail. I have been a few times and each time have had a great meal. All vegan (I think) and lots to choose from. A quirky, hippyish venue with the emphasis definately on tasty, full flavoured vegan food.

Pros: inventive cooking, vegan friendly, excellent service

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I love it - Edit

I've noticed a lot of complaints about the atmposphere...if you go around 2-5 in the afternoon (turnover time) you won't have to deal with cramped quarters. The food, for me at least, is consistantly good and although the menu doesn't change that often, the daily soup is probably the best in the city.
Go for the walnut lentil pate, marinated tofu sandwich, hot open face tempeh with mashed potatoes, any of the daily specials or soup.

Skip hummus (not a mediterranean place), dessert and chili.

Bring cash and for god's sake, turn off your cell phone!

You can't make a reservation so don't bother on a friday or saturday night...the wait can get up to an hour and a half.

Pros: all organic, consistant quality

Cons: cash only, long wait

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