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Skolavordustigur 8b, Reykjavik, Iceland

Great little find

15 Feb 2013

After several days of eating bread and side salads, I was ecstatic to find this place. Tucked away with a rear entrance in a parking area, you might miss it altogether, but try not to. Walk in, step up to the counter, and let them know what you are interested in. Several entrees are available as well as desserts and beverages. I wouldn't hesitate to go back -- it was that good!

800 Main St, Worcester, USA

Nice little place for meat eaters and vegans!

14 Jul 2008

Decided to go on a Sunday road trip out to Worcester and wanted to try One Love. This small restaurant that has maybe 8 tables is small on size, but big on taste. Normally it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a restaurant where I (vegan) can eat and the rest of the family (meat eaters) can be happy as well. One Love was a pleasant surprise. This is a place where you should be ready to relax, sit back, and enjoy your meal and conversation. Too often people want to eat, rush, and be on their way. Don't go here for that. We liked the ability to sit, talk, and not feel rushed. We enjoyed the pitcher of water with fresh watermelon in it and ordered Ting sodas. As an appetizer, we ordered the ripe plantains, which came with our salads. The salad dressing was to die for and I could have eaten a mammoth sized plate of just that. For meals, the meat eaters had curried goat with white rice and jerk chicken with peas and rice. Both loved their meals and the portions were average sized with no leftovers heading home with us. I decided to try the vegan buffet, which was situated in the kitchen itself. I started with the pumpkin soup -- yummy! Then there was rasta pasta (pasta with a spicy tomato sauce that you ladled on top) and white rice with veggies. I don't know what kind of veggies -- chickpeas, potatoes, and some others, but all in all it was spicy and tasty. If you like mild food, be careful because this might be too spicy for you. The food was filling comfort food that makes me want to take a trip out to Worcester on a regular basis. As for the neighborhood, don't worry about it. This restaurant is worth the trip and if you are worried about people that don't look, act, or dress like you, then you really should stay home. The owner makes you feel like you are at a friend's house for a meal and I hope enough people give this great restaurant a chance.

627 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, USA

What a nice surprise!

20 Jan 2009

Prior to becoming a vegetarian and now a vegan, I loved going to diners. It's not just about the food, but the atmosphere and the Deluxe Town Diner has both. All of their vegetarian items are clearly listed on the menu and there is more than one item to choose from for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Service was fast, food was great, and I loved the tea menu. I highly recommend and will go back soon. Their web site address is www.deluxetowndiner.com

1 N Beacon St, Allston, USA

Don't understand the hype

06 Sep 2008

We went here based on the reviews I found on Happy Cow and yikes -- what a disappointment! I ordered the no name, which was good, but I wasn't prepared for the greasy food that came out. My dining partner got a tofu dish that was not good at all and yes, the no name is good, but I can't imagine craving that dish and having to return on a regular basis. The restaurant is gloomy, dirty, and the service was unimpressive.

2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Great find on an Orlando vacation

01 Jun 2009

Upon arrival, drive past the restaurant and up a skinny driveway to the back of the restaurant. The open parking lot to the left belongs to the Thai restaurant next door.

Food, service, cleanliness, and overall quality FANTASTIC! We entered the restaurant from the rear by the parking lot. We were immediately greeted and given menus. They have their regular menu and one featuring quinoa. We sat and looked over the menu and then went up to order. Don't think of this as a McDonald's because it's not. They ask if you have dined there before and if you are a vegan or vegetarian. It was interesting to hear that the employees are all vegan and they carry their beliefs over to eco-packaging of food, etc. We ordered, paid, and were given a light up beeper along with 2 small bowls of soup: a light broth with cilantro, carrots, celery, and tofu. LIght and delicious!

We ordered a bunch of different food to try the menu. The large golden tofu with a totally yummy dipping sauce was light and crispy. Also the Delicious Golden BBQ - 2 skewers of "beef" - seitan barbecued and served with brown rice (also served with white rice if requested). This was really tasty! The last appetizer was spring rolls with dipping sauce and they were light and crisp, but nothing extraordinary.

Entrees: We ordered the BBQ and Spring Roll Noodles, which we now realize was probably the BBQ beef and spring roll appetizer with noodles. It was really good though. Also ordered and our favorite of the meal was the Bun Hue soup. If you like spicy -- order this. A nice big bowl of soup with "beef" (seitan) and noodles. A plate is served with it that has lime, basil, bean sprouts, and a small bowl of what I think was something like a homemade sambal. My husband ate that separately and it wasn't too hot. The soup was hot - heat and spiciness-wise, but that's what we like. I have never had anything like this before and it was spicy and addictive. To drink my husband had an iced coffee and I had a berry sensation. Not having had a smoothie in ages as a vegan -- I totally enjoyed this and could have had several more!

We enjoyed our stay and no one rushed us out the door. Keep in mind that this is not sit down dining with a waitress coming to your table. The tv's are on suprememastertv.com and there is plenty of vegetarian literature to go around. I definitely would go here again without hesitation.

854 Washington St, San Francisco, USA

Definitely different

23 Jul 2008

Went on a Tuesday evening (7/22) and a small line had formed inside. A friendly local young woman gave me a heads up on what to order and what to avoid and I was so excited as well as hungry. The place is small, but run efficiently. They have specials on the table as well as their regular menu. We ordered the potstickers and stuffed bean cake as our appetizers. The potstickers were good, the bean cake just strange. For our entrees, we had the chicken with vegetables (spicy) off the specials menu along with the vegetables with shrimp balls (spicy), also off the specials menu and the taro fish. The taro fish was the best -- crispy on the outside, shaped like a fish and yummy. The specials I am sorry to say were not so good. The chicken was cubed fake meat a la Worthington canned fake meat. It had a strange taste and the veggies were fresh, but could not compensate for the taste. The shrimp balls dish was just awful -- the sauce was gloppy and tasteless and no amount of sambal could fix it. The service was fast and efficient and I only wish the food had tasted better.

581 Moody St, Waltham, USA

Just ok

06 Sep 2008

Went for lunch at Masao's Kitchen, excited to try one of the few vegan restaurants in the area. This is a small restaurant that seats 20. We walked in and waited and didn't know if someone would seat us or should we go to the counter or what? Finally I asked and was told to grab a plate and then they would weigh it and we would pay. They should post these directions somewhere in the restaurant because I imagine some come and leave without asking. I tried a little bit of almost everything: Seitan cutlets, BBQ tofu, brown rice, chickpeas, broccoli and kale, squash with onions and radish, hijiki and carrots, and the potato and cauliflower salad. Two plates of food and one drink came to $18 and my partner had very little on his plate. The food was good, but not great. Reminds me of some of the first vegetarian food I ever had years ago that was plain and often left me explaining to meat eaters that vegetarian and vegan food REALLY is good. The BBQ tofu is in a tomatoey type sauce, but I can't call it BBQ. The seitan cutlet was chewy, cold, and had no taste. The brown rice, broccoli and kale, and chickpeas were good. The squash was too die for and probably the highlight of my meal. I would never have thought to put radish in with squash, but it works. The potato and cauliflower salad was good as well, but needed a little more something to punch up the flavor. I wouldn't classify this restaurant as one of my all time favorites, but it was close by and offered food I can eat so for that I am appreciative. For the lack of modern type food to highlight what vegan food can be and what it has become, I will relegate this restaurant to the bottom of list for only if I can't go elsewhere. Sorry! This restaurant has so much potential that it saddens me that they can't see what they could become if they worked harder to improve some basic things like decor, customer service, food quality and if they food on the buffet was hot and not served room temperature.

1013 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Too much hype

14 Jul 2008

I was so excited to be able to get a vegan pizza that I drove out of the way on a recent visit to Fort Lauderdale to this place. This small restaurant is tucked into a strip mall and has a few tables inside and a few outside. I ordered a vegan pizza with portabella mushrooms and yes -- it was over $20 with a bottle of water. $16 for the pizza, $2 for the topping, $2 for the water, plus tax. YIKES! I waited quite some time, but I know that the Follow Your Heart cheese does take longer to melt. Got the pizza and well, it is a regular pizza crust with sauce, a few scattered portabella mushrooms, and FYH cheese. Nothing spectacular, nothing I couldn't do at home. I do not think this is worth the price that they are charging and although maybe Floridians flock to a place like this, I can't imagine paying this price for a pizza that really wasn't that out of the ordinary.

1431 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, USA

What happened? So DISAPPOINTED!

20 Jan 2009

July 2008: Let me warn you that there aren't enough good things to say about this place. The restaurant on the outside looks nothing like its interior and I wish they could find a way to make the two match. The colors are soothing, the tables are varied in size, and no one feels like they are sitting on top of someone else or staring at the back of someone's head. My server was charming, engaging, and thoroughly professional. I was dining alone and he never made me feel like a misfit. How I wish my husband was there because I would have dived into one of those delicious looking drinks from their drink menus. Instead, I opted for pomegranate juice and sampled their herb polenta starter. My server was gracious enough to not only explain the different items on the menu, but how they were prepared, and even told me they are going to have a cookbook out at year's end (Sign me up!) I started with the Frito Misto as an appetizer and I could have eaten just that. Imagine tempura style cauliflower in a thai sweet chili sauce sprinkled with black and regular sesame seeds. Beyond delicious and I probably ate way too much, but it was addictive and I coudn't stop. My entree was the Sublime Piccata made with Gardein, and there was absolutely no room for dessert. The piccata was sexy and filling, beautifully plated and I felt like I was eating at a regular restaurant. Why does that sound strange? Most vegan/vegetarian restaurants are little dives, corner spots, kitchens that serve sprouts and tofu to those who are happy to get something on a menu they can eat. To go into this beautifully decorated restaurant where I could order ANYTHING on the menu and know that I could spend an evening with friends and have fun, turns the idea of vegan/vegetarian restaurants completely on its head. No more settling for vegan food to go or prepackaged for me. I am hoping that Sublime considers opening a restaurant in Boston because I will be the first in line!

November 2008: I have no idea what happened to this place, but I am so disappointed. The servers seemed oblivious of the customers and the food took forever and wasn't so good this time. The wonderful cauliflower appetizer that I had been craving - ugh. Large florets and seriously undercooked. The polenta starter came after our entrees. I ordered the same piccata entree as in July and it was not the same - lukewarm and tasteless. We even spoke to the owner about the appetizer and never saw her again. Seriously disappointed

600 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, USA

Strangely different

25 Mar 2010

We arrived in the afternoon and saw they had a brunch menu available. We waited about 15 minutes. A server came over and told us that it would be about 10 minutes. There were 2 small groups of guests waiting to be seated and another employee came over about 5 minutes later asking how long we had been waiting, took our names, and told us approximately how long our wait would be. This just seemed strange. While waiting, I went to happycow.com and read the review about how the rug in front was dirty while I was sitting in front of the same dirty rug. We got our table and our menus, ordered our beverages, then a few minutes later our meals. I ordered the Banana Wanna Date? smoothie: banana, dates, and homemade cashew milk. Yum! For entrees, we had the huevos rancheros, grande nachos, and the tempeh reuben. Portion sizes are big and the food is good, but served in a slightly strange way. Here's why. The huevos rancheros was a plate of black beans, corn tortillas, avocados, eggs, and salad. No refried beans and no connection to the items on the plate. All of the items were there on the plate, but not as expected, and the expected salsa that usually unifies the dish was not there at all. The nachos are served on an unusually small plate and doused with sour cream. The good thing was the fresh jalapeños and the really good guacamole, but they easily could have put the nachos on the bigger plate and the huevos rancheros on this small plate. The last entree was the tempeh reuben with grilled onions, organic sauerkraut, and thick, crusty, toasted bread. This was really good and quite filling. My only suggestion would be for them to marinate the tempeh before cooking, but other than that, this was great. No one checked back on us or offered to refill beverages until we were completely finished with our meal. They have a strange set up with employees here. Seems like anyone can take the order and bring out the meal so no one seems truly responsible for service. The server who took the order did a good job although I suspect she could only do so much within this system. Looks like there are two cooks, possibly 3, two servers, and a busboy working this small restaurant. At times they were all standing around near the register. This restaurant could really do well with some fine tuning and a good scrubbing (windows, walls, floors). The food is good, but they can try harder. I will go back and I hope by then they are getting the hang of running this restaurant.

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