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Serves meat, vegan options available. In the middle of nowhere Utah, this is an option to get something veg to eat. Paper menu lists that entrees can be made vegetarian. Rice, beans, and sauces do not contain lard or chicken broth. Kitchen will leave out cheese and sour cream in your dish when you let them know you are vegan. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by DNice88


Points +63

27 May 2023

Good Option

Having traveled HWY 12 from Tropic after an 8mile morning hike, we were more than ready for lunch! I saw the reviews so we stopped. I had vegetable fajitas without cheese & sour cream. I was pleased with the volume and variety of vegetables (squash, cauliflower & broccoli) in addition to the traditional peppers/onions. Service was great noting that we were there between lunch and dinner but my veggie requests were greated with a smile and some suggestions.

Pros: Great service, Large portion of veggies



Points +53

02 May 2023

Good Food but overpriced

So I would like to start by saying the food was great.

I ordered the burrito vegan style no cheese. It came out with cheese. Luckily I cut it first and noticed it.

23 dollars for veggie fajitas is kind of crazy.

Again the food and service was great.

Pros: Taste of Food , Service

Cons: Food has cheese, The price


Points +292

09 Mar 2023

Food was good but…

Visited during the height of Covid and the owner or manager decided to give me s$*t for wearing a mask. Kind of made the rest of my meal a little less tasty. But the margarita was great!

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Not very welcoming , Not everyone is into conspiracy theories


Points +104

05 Sep 2022

Accommodated us with vegan fajitas

Accommodate us with a wide variety of veggies for our fajitas
Brought extra hot sauce

Pros: Wide variety of veggies , Friendly , Understanding of vegan

Cons: Only on worker

Lauren C

Points +183

30 Apr 2022

So delicious.

Our waiter was Aram and he clearly understood the vegan options and was very helpful. My sons had the veggie burritos, I had the enchiladas (very spicy but yummy), and my husband had the chimichanga… all vegan! We had the apple cinnamon and the cherry flautas for dessert, we had to stop ourselves from licking the plates! Local (Moab) beers on tap. Clean bathrooms. We would definitely come here again.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Nice atmosphere, Great service

Cons: A little pricey but we’d come again happily


Points +5007

27 Apr 2022

Yummy salsa

This was close to our hotel. Had the burrito no cheese and veggies. 60% of the veggies were bell peppers.
Wish I liked peppers.
Over all the burrito was good and the rice and beans were good.
My fav was the salsa!
They were really busy on Sunday night!


Points +38

11 Nov 2021

Great vegan spot

We had a fantastic meal here starting with the vegetable soup progressing to the vegetable taco salad and finishing with a hot sweet flautas blueberry filling. We love this place. Happy cow would not let me give this restaurant five stars because it wasn’t fully vegan or vegetarian. Vegetarian what a joke you’re still torturing the cows. This is a five-star restaurant, trust me.


25 Apr 2022

Nice review! We are heading there as I type😃


Points +198

30 Oct 2020

Good Mexican in area with little else

I was happy with my food here. Did the trick. There’s not a lot in the area so was glad to go somewhere with vegan options listed on the menu

Pros: Vegan items on menu

Cons: Nothing extraordinary


Points +66

04 Aug 2020

A true hidden gem

We ordered take out and the owner was very accommodating. I am also gluten free on top of being vegan and he assured me that everything was corn and nothing was cross contaminated.

I ordered the veggie enchiladas, veggies fajitas with corn tortillas, guacamole and chips. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! When I find a vegan restaurant I usually order at least two items and keep one as a back up in case the next travel spot doesn’t have any options for me. I ended up eating BOTH vegan meals because they were soooo good and I had not had a decent vegan and gluten free meal in a while!

I was only able to get a picture of the veggies fajitas because I ate the veggie enchiladas too fast!

I will be back to get another meal as back up before we leave town!

Pros: The food was true vegan and so delicious! , The owner was knowledgeable of vegan diet

Cons: Expensive


Points +16

31 Aug 2019

Good options

Server was very kind and reiterated that the kitchen did not use lard or animal products in rice, beans or sauces. Had the vegan burrito and the veggies were well seasoned and the sauce was yummy.


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01 May 2019


So many vegan options and the owner/server was SO INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGEABLE about veganism. There were tons of options they were able to customize. My daughters had a kidsburrito filled with rice, beans, and tons of different veggies. I had a veggie fajitas. The vegetables were so plentiful and full of variety: red and green bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and eggplant. We also got fresh guacamole. They don’t use lard or chicken stock. The guacamole was delicious and we were so happy (and we are very picky when it comes to being vegan and what veganism means - no shares cooking space, cross contamination, etc). And they were very friendly. There’s literally nothing around, so thefact this was available was huge. ❤️

Pros: Knowledgeable , Friendly staff , Delicious food


Points +82

28 Apr 2019

Wonderful Desert Mexican

This was a great surprise to find on our trip to Southern Utah. We weren’t expecting a sit down restaurant, but loved the experience. Meals range from $9 - $18. The chips and salsa were awesome- the fresh salsa was “muy bueno”. They definitely know the difference between vegan and vegetarian. They have a fantastic vegetable mix that is used exclusively in replacement for meat. Very quick service, would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Capitol Reef.

Pros: Vegan Friendly, Amazing Salsa

Cons: More expensive than anticipated


Points +22

15 Jun 2018

Oasis Near Capital Reef

I ordered a Mexcan salad. It was outstanding. Mel was oor waiter & he went out of his way to accommodate us. The salad greens were fresh & mixed greens, with no iceberg, filled with fresh red bell pepper, avocado, kidney beans, & tomatoes.. The salsa was freshly made & delicious & even the iced tea was freshly brewed. Excellent!

Pros: Really fresh veggies, Freshly made salsa, Options for vegans

giant bunnie

Points +480

26 May 2018

Oasis in the desert

First things first, this place is in the MIDDLE OF A DESERT, and they KNOW what vegan means !!! I cannot state that enough. It’s a little placed attached to a gas station / convenience store, (this is a very small town) everything on the menu (with exception of the tamales ) can be made vegan!!!! And “making it vegan” does not just mean leaving the meat off. They ADD a mixture of cooked veggies to the entree, when they take the meat / animal products off!! , this place is just great , cannot recommend it highly enough!!!!!!!

Pros: 99% of the menu can be made vegan !, They know why vegan means!!, Very “clean” food!!!


Points +112

15 May 2018


Almost everything of the menu can be veganised.

M.u.v. de kaasgerechten kan alles vegan gemaakt worden. Had iets pittiger gemogen, maar verder prima gegeten.

Pros: a lot of vegan options

Cons: none


Points +888

17 Apr 2018

Decent option in middle of nowhere town

I went here after looking up the town on this app. I mentioned to the waiter that I had learned of the restaurant from the app and wondered if the vegan options were as others had shared in reviews. He confirmed they were in addition to saying that the rice is actually vegan... when I said reviewers said they were told otherwise, he double checked with the cook and came back saying it is indeed vegan. I got veggie enchiladas with no cheese and with red sauce, and my husband got bean tacos. It was decent food, though a bit spicy for my liking! Cute atmosphere. The waiter wasn’t the most friendly, but to be fair he was probably stressed from being the only staff in there.

Pros: can veganize a few times easily, decently tasty

Cons: not many vegan options


Points +28

15 Aug 2017

Filling Vegan Burrito

We were hungry and so grateful to find a vegan option in the middle of nowhere. Even though the service was a little spotty at first (the hostess didn't seem to understand what we were saying, and didn't want the three of us to sit in a booth even though the restaurant was nearly empty), the waiter made up for it. He understood that we were vegan and suggested a veggie burrito. We had beers and chips and guac to start and then we all had burritos. Sure, there's not a million vegan options, but what do you expect out here? We were beyond satisfied with our burritos--lots of veggies inside, tasty rice and beans, and a great hot sauce. We also put the extra guac on top. It was delicious, and exactly what we wanted after a long day of hiking.

Pros: Chips and Guac, Can Accommodate Vegan

Cons: Spotty service/confusing menu(ask waiter for help)


Points +169

28 May 2017

Not much to choose from...

I know we're in the middle of nowhere, so it is nice to find something to eat. At the same time, one choice is not much to get excited about.

We spoke to the waiter and asked him to check with the kitchen regarding what would be available. He came back and said the only option was the veggie burrito--it was a bit pricey ($14?)--so, I asked if the price would be discounted without the cheese, sour cream, etc. Answer: no. He did agree to add avocado, so a small amount was added on top of each burrito.

When he brought the food, he said that their rice was made with chicken stock so it wasn't included in the burritos. The dishes came with a sad, iceberg 'salad' and some bland refried beans. We asked for some hot sauce and the waiter brought some delicious homemade green sauce which livened up the dish.

Although the waiter tried to be helpful, the restaurant had a strange vibe. A very small bowl of chips with salsa was complimentary. On the menu, it stated that extra chips/salsa was $3. After dropping off the check, the waiter came back very quickly to pick it up (we hadn't even looked at it). After bringing back my card and the bill, the waiter waited for us to sign it. Awkward. I wonder if they have people run out on the bills? A weird end to the meal.

Pros: Something in the middle of nowhere

Cons: Rice not vegan, Pricey, Strange vibe


Points +41

08 Jun 2016

Diamond in the rough

Found this gem thru happy cow and was not disappointed. On the surface it doesn't impress as it is attached to gas station. Everything on the menu has meat and dairy. However it mentions vegetarian options. Actually they are vegan options as no lard is used on received beans. The staff understands how to make it vegan and any dish can be prepared to customize it. Food is excellent with great tasting beans and grilled vegetables were not coated or dripping in oil. If your visiting capital reef make it a point to stop by if your veg.

Pros: great tasting food, staff understands vegan

Cons: don't let menu discouraged you


Points +713

21 May 2016

Surprisingly fresh and delicious!

This is not your typical Mexican restaurant where one of your only options is to get a veg enchilada/burrito with no cheese or sour cream and it ends up being bland--quite the opposite! The beans, rice, sauces, guacamole, etc. are all very well seasoned, fresh and tasty! My enchiladas were packed with zucchini, squash, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and spinach. Far from bland! Would go back here for a vegan meal anytime. Oh and don't let the fact that the restaurant is attached to a gas station deter you.

Pros: Very fresh ingredients, Veg-friendly staff

Cons: Few veg options

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