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Loving Hut

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2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida, USA, 32803

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Serving all vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and vegan dessert. Sunday is buffet. Conducts free vegan cooking classes. Open Mon 11:00am-3:00pm, Mon 5:00pm-9:00pm, Wed 11:00am-3:00pm, Wed 5:00pm-9:00pm, Thu 11:00am-3:00pm, Thu 5:00pm-9:00pm, Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, Fri 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 11:00am-3:00pm, Sat 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sun 3:00pm-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Organic, Buffet, Take-out, Asian, Vietnamese

Reviews (55)

First Review by Radient Love

great place - Edit

I'm so happy to have found this place! I love Asian food and I'm just glad to have a new place that is 100% vegan and not have to worry about anything! I got bun hue which is a spicy noodle soup, it's pretty spicy. So if you like a level 4 out of 5 I would get it. Overall the service is great and the place is pretty easy to find.

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Overall super yummy! - Edit

My husband and I stopped by here because we had just flown in and had to drive all the way to Sebring Florida. So we grabbed a dinner since it is nice to have an all vegan menu. We had a hard time picking the food since there were so many different dishes. We started with the Happy Half Moon wontons, which I would say were the best wontons I had in a very long time (vegan or otherwise)

For the main dishes we got the King Spice Cha Cha and Lemongrass Noodles. We loved both dishes and we stuffed by the end of the dinner. We also grabbed the avocado shake and rose cappuccino. I found the avocado shake a little light on flavor, and the rose cappuccino was a little too sweet. But overall everything we yummy.

I would love to come back. The service was slow but our server was super sweet and loved talking to the customers.

Pros: Great food, Excellent servers

Cons: Slow service, Annoying Ching Hai videos playing

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Great service, amazing variety of Vegan dishes! - Edit

The service is really excellent, the food very good and the variety of Vegan dishes is outstanding. Very recommended restaurant.

Pros: Huge variety of Vegan dishes (the place is 100% Ve, The service is excellent and very caring, Inexpensive

Cons: Too many options in the menu, it's really hard to

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Disappointed - Edit

Two years ago I had a great experience with them.It turned to a totally disappointment when I went back last month.The menu has been changed. The pho came out super fast with a layer of oil on top, very greasy( by deep fried onion in it). Summer rolls were cold and not fresh made; Dumplings were warmed up unevenly with some tough edge(probably by using a microwave).Asked green tea but came out with a thick mocha powder drink, water was too hot and super bitter! I ended up walking out with a half full stomach.

Pros: Very friendly staff with pretty smile, Easy parking

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service - Edit

The food was good yesterday, but service was extremely slow! I would expect that if they were busy, but they weren't. Also, I constantly heard the microwave dinging! Was there any true cooking going on?

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Love this place! - Edit

I've been to lots of different Loving Huts, and I just LOVE them! And I love that there is one in Orlando, since I live here :) They've got a great selection and really yummy desserts. It's nice to be able to order anything from the menu and not worry if it's vegan or not.

Pros: Great food, Friendly service

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Excellent! - Edit

When we saw it from the outside we thought it looked small and it would not have many choices, but we were so wrong!

The menu is extensive and everything we ordered was amazing! I had the chocolate cake for dessert, it came with some ice-cream and it was delicious.

Everything was great, service was nice and timely, and the place was clean. We will definitely go again.

Pros: many choices, good food, good service

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Tasty Asian grub - Edit

Loving Huts can be rather hit or miss, so it's always an adventure to try one that's new to us. The emphasis on fake meats make it something the Omnivore likes, so we popped in on our way back from failing to see a rocket launch.

The service was a bit odd. We were quickly seated, but then left to study the menu for a little too long. I was the more hungry, so we shared a big platter of starters, and I had a bowl of spicy soup in addition.

The starters were your standard battered and deep-fried fare. Not at all good for you, but very satisfying. The Omnivore pronounced themselves pleased, despite the green beans (which I ate). The soup was fabulous, deep rich and spicy, most closely resembling the vegan Assam Fish I had in Kuala Lumpur last year. And the bowl was deceptive. I couldn't finish it because there was so much. I'd say this is one of the good Loving Huts in terms of the food.

As we were paying and preparing to leave, the waiter felt it important to tell us that MH370 had been taken by the people who live inside the hollow earth and that no-one had died.

Pros: tasty food, huge portions

Cons: interesting service

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Love It - Edit

We have eaten at Loving Hut several times, mostly at the Sunday Buffet. It is a great deal and delicious food. Service can be an issue but understandable with the small staff and often jammed tables. Prices are reasonable and the food delicious.

Pros: Great Buffet, Delicious Vegan Selection, Nice Variety

Cons: Table service is often slow

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I'd Really Like To Give A 3.5 - Edit

The food was tasty. My vegan family of 4 was satisfied for the most part (my non-picky kids weren't too fond of the sauce that the tofu was cooked in).

We all ordered different combos and while they were tasty, they were small for the price. My husband was still hungry after finishing off his meal. I was satisfied but still feel as though the price is a bit steep. My youngest son, who is a light eater, only had a little bit of leftovers.

Despite all of that, I can see us visiting them again. I REALLY liked their summer rolls and sauce for dipping! Plus the service was quick and friendly. The restaurant was neat and clean.

Oh and the program playing on TV that people keep mentioning wasn't in while we were there. Don't let that hold you back anyway. It's worth trying at least once.
Updated from previous review on Thursday August 01, 2013

Pros: Friendly, All Vegan, Easy Parking

Cons: Spendy

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Loving Hut in Norcross, GA is MUCH better - Edit

My husband couldn't wait to eat here while we were recently on vacation. Why? Because we love the food at Loving Hut in Norcross, GA. The building is just okay. The inside is just okay. The service is GREAT. The food is just okay to not very tasty. I love the summer rolls in Norcross, but didn't like them here. I love the fried rice in Norcross, but found the yellow fried rice sticky, over cooked and not very tasty at all. The springs rolls were just okay. My husband said the veggie burger can't tough the one in Norcross which is his favorite. So overall my family would not return to this place unless we didn't have any other options. At least it is vegan should be the best part of eating here, but it is. My group ordered a total of 4 smoothies which they said were GREAT.

Pros: Fast Service/Accurate Service, Friendly Service, Tasty fruit smoothies

Cons: Nothing special about the food, Some foods over cooked, Leftovers of this won't be good

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you have to be in the right mood - Edit

What do I mean by the "right mood?" Well, let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? The Loving Hut is owned and operated by a religion headed up by the Supreme Master, which is totally fine by me. You'll see the TV's on the wall with scrolling subtitles in various languages translating the Supreme Master's message to her followers worldwide. There's also information available on the Supreme Master, etc. That said, it's a pretty good restaurant if ambiance isn't your thing...you'll just have to deal with all of that going on in the background. Probably not the place for a business meeting. I'm a vegan who doesn't mind mock meat, so Loving Hut presents no salient concerns for me. I know some don't particularly like it, so that limits your options slightly. I consider Loving Hut to be an experience, if nothing more. The staff is pretty friendly and the service is quite fast. I never figured out whether you order at the table or at the register, though. It varies.
Updated from previous review on Friday April 26, 2013

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Blech! - Edit

Tried to like this place, ate there several times. Last time decided never to try again. The people are very nice but slow service and food is revolting and has an old oil taste. Very greasy and food tastes like old very processed food. Every dish they make is bizarre too, like it doesn't make sense to combine the things either, a mish mash of sorts.

Cons: gross greasy food, slow service

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Delicious food - Edit

I love the food here. The Combo #2 is my favorite (spring roll, summer roll, BBQ, and golden rice -- all excellent). The Orange Yogi rice is deliciously sweet, a little spicy, and has a really unique chikun product in it. The Golden Tofu appetizer is deep-fried squares of fluffy tofu goodness (I can't ever go without ordering it).

Yes, the service is bad. I think they mean well; they're just not professional servers. It can be slow, stuff can come out for one person at a time, etc. If you ask for something modified you have a 50/50 chance of it not coming out the way your ordered (don't know if it's the servers or the kitchen). I fix that by only ordering stuff that I'll take as-is. Since I like enough items as-is, it's a fine compromise for me. They are always very friendly, so I don't hold it against them. Like I said, I think they mean well.

They're 100% vegan and the food is tasty, so they stay on my short list.

Pros: all vegan menu, variety of fake meats, great value

Cons: service

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Reviewer Avatar

Good Food, Very Poor Customer Service - Edit

I have been a very frequent patron for 5 years bring in friends and family and meet-ups, but no more after yesterday. This is not the first time I have had problems there and although the food is delicious, the service has often been poor. Perhaps cultural differences are part of the blame, but rudeness is rudeness in any culture and the waitress yesterday was simply rude.
I ordered a cappuccino at the counter, paid $4 including tip and sat down to wait for a friend to join me for the buffet. The waitress did not start to make my drink and went on to do other things. After several minutes, I asked another waitress to check on my drink and put it in a take-out cup (so it would stay warm). I still did not get my drink. Twenty minutes passed and the place was getting busy and then the waitress came up to me and, as I again inquired about my drink, she very loudly told me that I had to get up and move because she wanted to give my table to other people. I have never been so embarrassed as to have all these people look at me while I was being kicked out of my chair! At that point, I went up to get my money back and they made me a quick cup of coffee that was not like the ones I usually get, and was cold.
As often as I dine there and frequently order the same thing, I still have to ask 2 - 3 times for spices and condiments I requested when I ordered. The food is brought out one person at a time and sometimes the wait is excessively lengthy, even in slow times.
When it is busy, I have always shared my table with others because the place is small.
Loving Hut does not have the right to kick paying people out of their seats.
If Loving Hut cannot accommodate the busy times with good customer service, then they should not offer a buffet.
If they are unable to make a cappuccino within a few minutes of request, then don't offer to sell it.
It is not acceptable business to treat current customers poorly and make their experience unpleasant because they are in a hurry to serve other people.
Staff should be trained on etiquette and compassion like their spiritual leader, Supreme Master Ching Hai teaches.
I am sad to say that I am going to have to find somewhere else to eat vegan for awhile, maybe for good. I was very embarrassed yesterday. I am also quite disappointed because I like the food and the atmosphere, just not the service.

Pros: Delicious Food, Clean, Quite on off hours

Cons: Poor service, Rudeness, Cannot accomodate Buffet

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At least its vegan - Edit

I have gone to this particular location of the Loving Hut twice thus far. The restaurant is located on a strip in what I suppose is the China-town of Orlando, lined with many Chinese restaurants and stores. Plenty of parking available. The restaurant is clean with a moderate-sized seating area with large windows that give an open view of the street. The religious videos of their spiritual leader are played non-stop. The waitress and other workers seem to be genuinely nice and provide excellent customer service. The food, however, is not that great. I ordered quite a few menu items for myself and family on both occasions and was disappointed. While I did enjoy the golden rice, which is their fried rice with tofu bits, I didn't care for the BBQ vegan beef that came on the side. I wasn't excited about the orange yogi rice. The Hawaiian burger didn't have a pineapple as advertised in the ingredients, and was not very "Hawaiian" in flavor at all, but bland and way too tall for anyone's mouth. The best thing about it is that I ended up having an extra patty to spice up and make another burger out of later. lol The burger is served with a side of sweet potato fries that look nothing like the advertised picture but instead are paper thin sliced, overly breaded and oily. The sea baskets which consist of battered vegan shrimp, mushrooms, tofu, sweet potatoes and green beans are also VERY oily and not appetizing at all. I didn't get a chance to taste the spring rolls, but I did taste the sauce and was turned off by it. My brother says he didn't care for the spring rolls himself. For the amount and quality of food, I don't believe the price is really worth it-- especially for the sea basket which will run you around $12 and tax. Overall, if I go back to the restaurant it will most likely only be because I'm tired of the other vegan options around and want to give them another try.

Pros: 100% vegan, excellent customer service

Cons: oily food, not tasty

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Good option - Edit

Decent fare, although the menu is more limited than other loving huts I have visited. We had fresh spring rolls and soya chicken to start, the spring rolls were really fresh and tasty. Had the healthy rice and a golden rice dish as mains, both were tasty but a bit too oily.
The owner is lovely and was very good with my wee one, and always smiled. The have a small selection of mock meat for sale, and some very tasty biscuits.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 26, 2012

Pros: Nice people, Decent selection

Cons: Oily

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Very tasty with large menu - Edit

First of all, Loving Hut is Asian-based food for all that don't already know that. I have tried several of their appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks and most are delicious (I love having Thai tea again!!!!!). I AM a fan of fried foods - vegans are people too you know. Anyway, I love their little steaks on skewers, the fried "seafood" basket, spring rolls, summer rolls, several of the drinks that I've now forgotten the names of (though the rose cappuccino is remembered and tasty). The place is very clean and the employees are generally very pleasant though I recently had a very flaky waitress. Be advised, this is run by a cult and they have their cult TV channel airing 24/7 which kills any sort of ambience they could have attempted and it can be quite loud somedays. I still go there frequently and I'm used to filtering out religious indoctrination anyway so I am able to block this out for the most part! Also, they offer cooking classes. As for the poster who said that the portions are small - I usually get a combo and can barely finish it (I can eat even though I'm 100 lb!) but it's not as generous as, say, Garden Cafe.

Pros: variety, tasty, pretty cheap

Cons: no ambience, cult TV

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Good Stuff - Edit

Tried loving hut out the other day.
The food was great, and we ate a LOT of it. Tried the chickun nuggets, spring rolls, drumsticks, golden rice, berry drink, dumplings and, dear lord, they had FLAN. I thought that was pretty flantastic.
Yeah, the service was slow, making us a few hours late on our schedule. I think the waitress kinda forgot about us even though there were only three tables with people, and we were right in front of her.
What everyone says about the t.v program is true. I wondered how vegan educational programs can be thought of as "propaganda". Yeah, it has all the elements of a propaganda film, and even worse my eyes kept getting drawn to it. My boyfriend even mentioned it afterwards, so yeah, they need to nix it. Will probably take the food to go next time.
The best thing we tried were the mushroom dumplings, SO GOOD.
And the most unique thing was the flan, never saw vegan flan, but I wished for it! Got it with whipped cream on top!
Updated from previous review on Thursday September 08, 2011
My boyfriend is now indoctrinated into the Master Chef T.V, he is always asking to watch it. It is concerning.
What's that? No- No, I'm not defecting from The Master Chef. Yes..yes you are right. All hail Master Chef T.V.

Pros: Creative food choices, Huge Selection, CHEAP

Cons: There are no cons, Believe in Master Chef, Master Chef is Love

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Religious Promotional Programs a Bit Overwhelming - Edit

The food was average, service was slow, but the worst thing was the television programming constantly sending religious messages (from all sources, including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.). Honestly, I do not want to be preached to when I go out to eat. To say it was creepy is an understatement. As much as I love to support all-vegan restaurants, there is no way I'll ever return. [edit by staff - see tos]

Pros: All-vegan

Cons: Religious messages everywhere, Slow service, Mediocre food

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Reviewer Avatar

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Good Vegan Fast Food - Edit

Loving Hut is kind of like a vegan MacDonald's. Food is good, but not the healthiest. I enjoyed the buffet as well as the vegan corn dogs and smoothie I had there another time. Everything is yummy. Great vegan lattes too. Service is a bit slow, but friendly. Neat posters on the walls of veg celebrities, but the Supreme Master TV is just too weird- gives the place a cult feel. They do have free wi-fi though. Just go with friends or your laptop so you don't get stuck watching. Overall a fun experience!
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 11, 2011

Pros: Good food, Fun menu, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Supreme Master TV, Slower service, Parking is hidden and difficult

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Loving Hut - Orlando - Edit

We went on a Sunday, just as they were preparing for their 3pm buffet. (around 1pm) The service was very slow and the food was overcooked & mediocre. I had eaten at the NYC location in 2010 and had similarly not that great food, but thought the Orlando version might be better. Nope!

The weird Supreme Master informercial TV is still weird.

Try one of the other Vietnamese places on the street. There is a vegan one run by monks (?) listed on Happycow that may be better if you want that style of food in an all vegan setting. [edit by staff - see tos]

Pros: all vegan, friendly staff, cheap

Cons: slow service, the food is not great, looped TV informercial for Supreme Maste

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Awesome! - Edit

I was not too sure about this place, when my family went on vacation at Disney World, but I was happy with how educated the staff was about being truly vegan. They had vegan sugar,agave nectar, molasses, and knew what a true vegan eats. The food was incredible. We ended up going there three times during our stay, each time we left stuffed, with leftovers, and happy as can be. The food was healthy, hearty, and delicious. I sampled my husband's food, and his was great too. The staff was as sweet as can be.

Pros: truly vegan, nice staff, affordable

Cons: not best area

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Great vegan food - Edit

Pricing is reasonable, had the Sunday buffet yesterday and really, who can complain for a vegan buffet for $9.95 that includes soup and little muffins and fruit for dessert. Have eaten here a few times and have never been dissappointed.

Pros: Inexpensive, friendly

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Decent Vegan Option - Edit

Although I no longer live in Central Florida, I still have family there and visit periodically. I was glad to learn that there is a Loving Hut there, especially as I adored the Pittsburgh location. Every location, however, has its own menu, and this one was fairly good. My carnist sister has eaten here with me and enjoyed some of their offerings. It's not my favorite location of the four I've tried, but ity. It's also not my favorite veg restaurant in Orlando (that would be Dandelion CommuniTEA Cafe), but it is an option.

All the Loving Huts I've been to seem to favor the mock meat route. I admit I like my analogues, but sometimes I do want tofu and vegetables. At this location, I recommend getting one of the combos so you can try the appetizer, the rice, and the entree in one go. When I went on a recent trip, I had leftovers that served as a quick lunch the next day.

Another issue I have is that all Loving Huts play the Supreme Master TV, a propaganda station for Supreme Master Ching Hai (yes, the chain is a bit culty, but until there are more vegan chain restaurants, what can you do). The parking is accessed by a narrow one-lane driveway to a small parking lot in the back. In a town like Orlando, where public transit is more style than substance, this is problematic.

However, in an area with limited vegetarian options, Loving Hut is a good place to go for an inexpensive, filling meal.

Pros: all vegan, good-sized portions, inexpensive

Cons: Supreme Master TV, parking very tricky to navigate

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if you can overlook... - Edit

Got the corndogs, dumplings, bbq combo, orange yogi. Service was below average. BBQ and mock chicken were good. Dumplings were still frozen in the middle. Weird "loving hut" tv program playing. Clean but nothing in the bathroom (soaps, etc) were vegan, so that is disappointing if living a vegan lifestyle is important to you.
FYI closed between 3-5p.

Pros: good menu selection, lots of parking, staff friendly

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Good Vegan Food - Edit

I was shocked to find this place in the midst of so many other restaurants in "China Town" Orlando. It is a small place but has a booming large atmoshpere. They have a buffet style dinner on Sunday though I have never gone but have friends who have and they enjoy it. I had a dine in meal and a take out. The food is good, they have your American Style burger/fries if you want and also the Asian style as well. I would refer people here however I would have only one complaint. You smell like food when you leave. Other than that the food is good and it is worth the price and the smell you leave with. :)

Pros: Variety, Price, Taste

Cons: Oily Smell on Clothing

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Tasty - Edit

Like other Loving Hut restaurants, this one was good food. I especially enjoyed the corn dogs and golden tofu. We ate here twice while on vacation in Orlando. The service was exceptionally slow, though, so make sure to have plenty of time. The server was nice but slow as molasses. The cheesecake was especially good. The entrees were somewhat boring to me.

Pros: all vegan, yummy dessert, good appetizers

Cons: small portions, very slow service, entrees not as excellent as appetizers

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Fantastic! - Edit

We love Loving Hut Orlando!!
Delicious food & the best and happiest service. The food is aimed at the general public, so for us, as long-time vegans, some of the dishes are too processed (the fake meats) - so we order salads and veggies and tofu dishes, which are great.
We love how Loving Hut is an enterprise based on compassion for all life, to help spread the vegan message of compassion and health.

Pros: Great food, friendly staff, nice literature & TV

Cons: a little small

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Love the Loving Hut - Edit

The food is always great, although it can be a bit greasy. They are also at the Farmers Market at Lake Eola on Sundays.

Pros: Very tasty, Lots of choices, Low cost

Cons: A bit oily , Propaganda tv

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Decent Food/Creepy Propaganda - Edit

Overall, the food at Loving Cup is tasty, although a bit oily, so not the most healthful. There is a large selection. It's not the best vegan food I've had, but not the worst. The service is slow and the parking is not very accessible. However, those are not deal breakers for me. The people running the cafe do not know what foods are gluten-free. Awareness of allergies should be mandatory in any restaurant, but especially in those that promote healthful eating. Two TVs ran Supreme Master Ching Hai propaganda continuously. Anyone who calls himself Supreme Master is already suspect in my eyes. The program seemed cultish, like it was promoting more than vegan food, because people kept singing and it looked like they were in church. The two TVs were also up loud so ruined the ambiance. And even if the program is only promoting compassion for animals and vegan food, why advertise in a vegan restaurant? I'm already on board. Dandelion Cafe down the street is better. If Loving Cup would mark their foods for gluten and turn down or off the TV's I would go back.

Pros: Large selection, Tasty

Cons: Propaganda on TV, I've had more healthful vegan options, Poor parking access

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Great place - Edit

On a recent trip to Orlando, it was suggested I try Loving Hut instead of another restaurant which, as it turned out, was closed that day. What a pleasant surprise! Friendly staff, great food. Vegan info playing on the in house TV. Would definitely go back.

Pros: VEGAN!, helpful, friendly staff

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Love the Loving Hut - Edit

After a visit to Disney World, my wife and I sought out one of the only two Loving Huts in Florida. This place is awesome. Super clean and friendly. Food that is creative in both its preparation and presentation. Very reasonable for a place that serves gourmet quality food. I had the combo of skewers of barbecue, fried rice, and tofu. I also opted for the wonton soup. My wife selected the quinoa. What a find for vegans. We highly recommend this place and plan a visit as part of any future Orlando trip we will make.

Pros: Delicious food, Beautiful presentation, Super clean

Cons: Distant from tourist areas, Sketchy neighborhood, Creepy cult TV

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Ok food, nothing special - Edit

After eating here, I was surprised to see so many glowing reviews about this place. I thought it was OK, maybe just average. The food seemed overly oily to me. The Golden Rice was a bit undercooked and oily. I liked the summer rolls, but the spring rolls seemed too oily as well. Probably once was enough for me.

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worst vegan restaurant in orlando - Edit

I went in expecting a great new vegan restaurant in Orlando but i was wrong. The driveway to get in was hidden and it was impossible to turn in/out of. Once we were seated they gave us a free bowl of soup which was pretty rad. the soup had melon, carrots and cilantro in it and was very yummy.

They have two flat screen tvs inside with brainwashing vegan propaganda running. I'm vegan and usually like things like that but I dont want to be watching "Meet Your Meat" while im eating lunch. It was just disturbing and disgusting.

Service was horrible. It took our waitress a solid 15 minutes to come to our table and the place wasnt busy. We were the only ones there.

Our waitress served the wrong plate to me . I ordered the vegan sampler 2 and got the bbq chicken plate. I didn't say anything because I knew it would be another 30 minutes. I asked her to change it on the bill because the plate i ordered was more expensive than the plate i got. They thought I was jipping them out of money and wouldnt give me the dollar refund so i just took it out of the tip.

I asked for some soy sauce for my rice so our waitress gave me the little pouring bottle of soy sauce and then i overheard the manager saying that i would steal it so our waitress came back over, poured soy sauce in a little dish and took the soy sauce bottle from us. Why would I want to steal a bottle of soy sauce?

All around the experience was horrible. The food wasn't all that great and the portion was very small. I'll never go to this restaurant again. I strongly do not recommend Loving hut.

I gave it 2 cows because thats the lowest a 100% vegetarian restaurant can get.

Pros: nothing

Cons: horrible service, incompetent staff, disturbing television programs inside

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Great find on an Orlando vacation - Edit

Upon arrival, drive past the restaurant and up a skinny driveway to the back of the restaurant. The open parking lot to the left belongs to the Thai restaurant next door.

Food, service, cleanliness, and overall quality FANTASTIC! We entered the restaurant from the rear by the parking lot. We were immediately greeted and given menus. They have their regular menu and one featuring quinoa. We sat and looked over the menu and then went up to order. Don't think of this as a McDonald's because it's not. They ask if you have dined there before and if you are a vegan or vegetarian. It was interesting to hear that the employees are all vegan and they carry their beliefs over to eco-packaging of food, etc. We ordered, paid, and were given a light up beeper along with 2 small bowls of soup: a light broth with cilantro, carrots, celery, and tofu. LIght and delicious!

We ordered a bunch of different food to try the menu. The large golden tofu with a totally yummy dipping sauce was light and crispy. Also the Delicious Golden BBQ - 2 skewers of "beef" - seitan barbecued and served with brown rice (also served with white rice if requested). This was really tasty! The last appetizer was spring rolls with dipping sauce and they were light and crisp, but nothing extraordinary.

Entrees: We ordered the BBQ and Spring Roll Noodles, which we now realize was probably the BBQ beef and spring roll appetizer with noodles. It was really good though. Also ordered and our favorite of the meal was the Bun Hue soup. If you like spicy -- order this. A nice big bowl of soup with "beef" (seitan) and noodles. A plate is served with it that has lime, basil, bean sprouts, and a small bowl of what I think was something like a homemade sambal. My husband ate that separately and it wasn't too hot. The soup was hot - heat and spiciness-wise, but that's what we like. I have never had anything like this before and it was spicy and addictive. To drink my husband had an iced coffee and I had a berry sensation. Not having had a smoothie in ages as a vegan -- I totally enjoyed this and could have had several more!

We enjoyed our stay and no one rushed us out the door. Keep in mind that this is not sit down dining with a waitress coming to your table. The tv's are on suprememastertv.com and there is plenty of vegetarian literature to go around. I definitely would go here again without hesitation.

Pros: Great food, Great service, Clean and bright

Cons: Sunday hours, Location may seem iffy, but is safe, Need more US locations!

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Excellent place to eat! - Edit

As I am from England I'm always looking for new vegan places to eat, myself and my family ended up eating here 3 times!!
The food is excellent and the staff upon hearing where we were from even gave us free cake! The staff are very friendly and the place is very clean, the decor and literature is very in keeping with the vegan theme and the food espcially the desserts are tasty and exellent quality!
Will definately return on our next trip!

Pros: Staff, Food

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Simple Friendly and Excellent Food - Edit

I visited this restaurant on its opening day and I was very impressed with the great tasting food and extremely friendly service. Table is joining together in a buffet style but you order food from a menu.

I absolutely adore the coconut smoothies. I wish I live closer so I can come there every weekend.

Highly recommended to everyone who wants to try out a plant-based diet.

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, great value

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Incredible food, energy and people! - Edit

Well I hadn't heard how great this place was yet so I went not expecting much. Boy was I surprised! From the moment I walked in the door I knew this place was special. They had their eco/green/vegan tv channel playing (the woman who started the restaurant has her own channel on satellite) and it was extremely clean (including the bathrooms!) Always a good sign! I had driven nearly two hours so was glad it was comfy and clean. I ordered the fresh rolls and a few drinks (a delicious vegan berry drink and a wonderful coconut drink (makes me thirsty just thinking about them!) The fresh spring rolls were out of this world! As was the golden tofu (usually I don't get much cooked vegan food but must say this was a real treat) And the vegan flan?! The best I ever had! All my food was well under 20 dollars (and I had dessert and two drinks/smoothies) I highly recommend this restaurant over the other vegan places in town. The only one I like as much is Cafe 118. Otherwise this is the best restaurant in Orlando and definitely the MOST affordable!

Pros: great food, friendly people , very clean

Cons: none!

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Superb - Edit

I absolutely LOVED this place. Not only were the staff friendly, but the food was out of this world! I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. The prices are terrific, (I had a 3 course meal for just under $14), too! If you are in the area...this IS the place to eat. I wish I would have returned here for lunch before catching my flight instead of trying to review another local area restaurant. It's a clean and welcoming space. They also have very informative free literature. On my next trip to the area-I WILL be returning here!

Pros: friendly staff, excellent food, great prices

Cons: small parking lot

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Awesome Vegan Food with a Purpose - Edit

My friend and I went in the night before their grand opening. We were very impressed. While the menu is not extensive at the moment (they will be adding more dishes) the dishes we ordered were very good. We were also impressed by how friendly the staff was. Everyone we encountered there was cheerful, helpful, and friendly. The place is brand new and very clean and bright. I travel to Orlando every two weeks and I will be making this a regular "night out in Orlando" stop for me. This is definately in the top 3 for Veg places in Orlando. And since I only eat at veg places, they will be seeing me when I'm in town.

Pros: Prices, Location, Friendly staff

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incredible - Edit

went yesterday for the first time... the menu is overwhelmingly incredible.

my friend and i decided to try a bunch of things and everything was great. bbq skewers had some of the best consistency for fake meat i've ever tried. i had the seafood basket.. the chicken fingers, again, one of the best consistencies for a meat substitute i've ever eaten. i wasn't too stoked on the silken tofu, but i don't typically like tofu.

i forgot what it was that she got... something with rice. it was incredible. great taste, great texture.

for desert we had a slice of cheesecake. it was unreal. i don't usually like cheesecake.

my friend drank a pickled lime and i had the coconut drink, both were outstanding. hers was more refreshing while mine was more dessert-ish.

the employees were incredible. knowledgeable and friendly. concerned about what the customer thought. asked us for feedback since they're in their soft opening and really listened.

even writing this makes me want to go and get more. well worth whatever drive and the pricing is very fair.

quit reading this and go ;)... it's a great addition to our already great selections of orlando veg-friendly restaurants.

Pros: great food, great service

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Fantastic - Edit

This little place was hard to find even though it's right on 50, but it was well worth making a u-turn for. The food was great, made quickly, and I even got complementary soup while I waited, which was delicious! The prices are so reasonable and the staff was so friendly. I'm definetly going back.

Pros: Friendly staff, Excellent Food, Inexpensive

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brainyblonde 23 Apr 2009 - Forgot to write in my review (was there the other day - Sunday) They now have a big visible sign! :)

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go there - Edit

The Loving Hut is def a great little place to goto..besides their menu they have many beverages juices,coffees,teas to choose from,cheap prices ,international selection of dishes,
very accommodating ..do not forget to get your vegan fortune cookie!

Pros: inexpensive, vegan

Cons: none

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very good - Edit

the food is great, very inexpensive, plentiful, and the service is great. It's hard to find because they don't have a sign up yet (however it is just right there on SR-50), but it is definitely worth the look.

Pros: vegan, great service, inexpensive

Cons: hard to find

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brainyblonde 22 Feb 2013 - Was just there the other day and saw a pretty big sign up there now (they must have added it recently) Was easy for me to find and I'm from out of town ;)

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Great New Restaurant - Edit

Loving Hut has great food and friendly service. The menu is wonderful with lots of international dishes including traditional favorites. They also have some exotic dishes like the Seven Sea Delight and Sea Wonder. Highly recommended!

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Service, Great Place

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