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Veenkade 19, The Hague, Netherlands

Great place!

09 Jun 2013

I went to Baklust for the first time a few weeks ago. I always thought they only had vegetarian dishes but I discovered that they do have vegan options, which is great for me. I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere is cozy, the staff very friendly and the food was very good (portion sizes were generous). Will def be back.

Rechtstraat 37, Maastricht, Netherlands


27 Apr 2015

We went on a Saturday evening and it was absolutely buzzing with activity! Great atmosphere with very friendly and efficient service. Husband and I both had the tofu burger, which was out of this world! The quality of the dishes were top-notch so this place is highly recommended!

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Yum Yum!

16 Mar 2012

We had the veggie burger with patatas bravas and salad for lunch and it was really delish!

Fannius Scholtenstraat 10, Amsterdam, Netherlands

An amazing culinary experience in the Netherlands

13 Aug 2013

Wow, this place is really special. The 5 course menu is imaginative and each dish has a great story behind it. The wine was exceptional and very reasonably priced. Because the dishes are small, you will not leaved stuffed but you will leave happy.

Stationsplein 5A, The Hague, Netherlands

I really, really wanted to love this spot..

28 Jun 2013

...but our experience was left wanting. Maybe my friend and I caught the staff on an "off" day? We barely got acknowledged by the staff. The only time they perked up was when the owner walked in, who is quite a friendly guy. Aside from this, we waited an astonishing 25 minutes for our karma sandwich, and it wasn't even remotely busy. We even saw other people get served before us. The much-touted karma sandwich was OK. The huge hamburger-style bread was too much for our liking. I would recommend that they switch to a pita-style bread, as I think it would compliment the spicy karma pieces better. Otherwise, the flavour of the karma pieces get lost in the bread. Or perhaps give people the option to have a pita or the current hamburger-style bun?

Anthoniestraat 2, Rotterdam, Netherlands


01 Sep 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Gare du Nord! The food and service were amazing. The portion sizes were very generous (we left feeling quite stuffed). The seitan bourguignon was the best I have tasted so far - very tender pieces in a beautiful wine-based sauce. The french onion soup was a delight and the rubharb tarte was sensational. Will definitely go again.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 244, Rotterdam, Netherlands


11 May 2013

I went to this place a few weeks ago and I loved it! The cupcakes were delish (great cake to frosting ratio!) and the service and atmosphere were superb. When in Rotterdam, this is place is a must to visit!

Linienstr 94, Berlin, Germany

Heavenly brunch

23 Jul 2014

We went to Kopps for Sunday brunch. Wow, are we ever glad we did! For 12 EUR, you can fill up your plate as much as you want. There were sweet and savoury dishes on hand and everything was delicious.

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany


23 Jul 2014

Out of all the vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in Berlin (and believe me, there are many), this was one of my favourites. The food was outstanding and artfully plated. They even served us some complimentary amuses! The portion size was perfect - the three course meal left me comfortably full without feeling wanting. The service was also exceptional. The modern setting of the restaurant is also fantastic. I will definitely be going again when I am next in Berlin.

Pariska 3, Belgrade, Serbia


27 May 2015

This was such a gem of a restaurant! Make sure to look up what the building looks like, cause the restaurant is essentially inside a flat. Look for the Happy Cow sticker on the door - first door to the right as you walk into the building. Amazing food, great service and awesome atmosphere! When in Belgrade, this is an absolute MUST!

Waldeck-Piermontkade 116, Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands


13 Jan 2012

The restaurant clearly listened to the feedback of being slow cause the food came out fast and furious for us (almost too fast! But honestly the service was top notch). We thoroughly enjoyed three course meal. The food was truly excellent and at 15 euros, we found it to be quite a good deal as well. I would highly recommend this restaurant!

Galileistraat 160, The Hague, Netherlands

Cozy and delish

23 Jun 2013

I just came back from Symbiose, one of the new vegetarian restaurants in The Hague, which is slowly turning into a vegetarian mecca. Hourah! Both the food and atmoshphere at Symbiose were great. We really enjoyed our vegan dishes and came out happily stuffed. The chocolate pie with hazelnut cream and a side shot of coffee liqueur was the highlight of the evening. Will definitely go again!

Weimarstraat 76, The Hague, Netherlands

Vegan heaven

11 May 2013

Yet another vegan-friendly establishment has opened up in my neighborhood - amazing! I can get many things at this supermarket that are usually only available in the city centre, which is super convenient. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Wonderful place!

Beeklaan 385, The Hague, Netherlands


11 May 2013

I LOVED Veggies on Fire! It is also conveniently located in my neighborhood, another plus. The food was great (taste and portions were excellent) and the service was amazing. We had to wait a wee bit longer for our main course and as a result we got a round of drinks on the house to compensate. We also spoke to the chef, who really wants to ensure that you enjoyed your meal. His smoked tempeh tastes just like bacon! Great place and will def go again soon.

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