Vegan restaurant serving gourmet cuisine using fresh seasonal produce. Booking is advised for weekends. Est. 2011 in a location near U2 Senefelder Platz. Open Wed-Sun 18:00-22:00.

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24 Jan 2024

Cute and delicious restaurant

If you are looking for a reasonably priced fine dining experience in Berlin (with or without wine pairing), I can recommend Lucky Leek .
Expect black salsify salad with corn, turnip consommé with coffee onion confit, red cabbage cream with apple chutney, beetroot dumplings, poached tofu, speculoos tart, cheese platter, etc. Everything was delicious and well presented, and served in a cute decor!



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25 Dec 2023

great fine dining

delicious, innovative, exquisit food
not as fine as one might expect😄

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15 Oct 2023

Great place for fine dining

If you are looking for a great 100 % vegan place for fine dining, Lucky Leek have my huge recommendation. Really great food with a lot of taste and nuances, and really friendly staff that introduce every dish.


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15 Sep 2023

Nice Experience

I've been 2 times already.
The first time the food was really great.
The second time I didn't like the main course and they very kindly offered me multiple alternatives.
Great staff and great food


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07 Sep 2023

Awesome food & wine

Excellent and friendly service. We did the 3 course meal and it was really good. The soup blew our minds-so tasty! The soup, entree, and desert were unique-not your cookie cutter eats!! No regrets on spending our money here. Great outdoor seating (indoor as well).


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23 Aug 2023

Fine dining experience

We had a lovely 5 course menu. It was really a fine dining experience. Great flavors, interesting dishes. Really enjoyed having a cheese platter at the end (yes all vegan). The wine was good, too. The staff was very friendly.

Pros: Creative cooking , Vegan cheese platter, Good wine


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15 Aug 2023

Always an experience

It's going to be a pricy but a very enjoyable evening if you make reservations at Lucky Leek. Always innovative with their dishes, beautiful plating and great atmosphere. Definitely on my top 5 of best vegan restaurants.


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02 Jul 2023

Cozy athmosphere

We visited Lucky Leek April 2023. Nice, cozy place for romantic dates, etc. A bit pricy though.

Food was innovative, but desserts were a bit disappointment.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-02

Pros: Athmosphere, Service


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18 Jun 2023

Nice experience

Very cosy place to eat, especially if you get a table outside.
Food was flavoursome overall, but the main course was slightly disappointing as the flavours didn’t quite work.
Ok value for money for what you get.
Highly recommend the wine pairing.


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Mostly Veg
16 Jun 2023

Wow einfach genial

Wir hatten uns das 4 und 5 Gang Menü bestellt und jeder einzelne Gang war eine kreative und kulinarische Überzeugung.
Wir freuen uns auf unseren nächsten Besuch in Berlin

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-16

Pros: Kreative , Raffinesse , Qualität


Points +68

20 May 2023

Perfect from beginning to end

The food and service were excellent. We enjoyed everything that was served and changed our favourite with every dish that was served. We were also pleasantly surprised about how unpretentious and kind the waiters were and how welcome they made us feel. We'll definitely come again!

Pros: Excellent food, Excellent service

Cons: Narrow seating


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13 Apr 2023

Tasty Mac N’ Cheeze

I tried their Mac N’ Cheeze at the Vegan Sundays market and I enjoyed it but I thought it could have been better. The flavour was good but the sauce was really runny and I just wasn't so keen on that.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Sauce was too runny for me


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09 Apr 2023

Extraordinary flavours, interesting approach!

Tried their food on the corner at the Vegan Sunday festival. Very unusual and delicious!


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20 Mar 2023

A lovely vegan dining experience!

This was such a brilliant experience! The food was incredible and it was so different to anything I’ve ever had before!

Fairly good price for what it is! But it is more on the expensive end!

Pros: Delicious food


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12 Mar 2023

Easy going Vegan fine-dining

Compared to other fine-dining places, this was pretty relaxed and not stiff like the other places I’ve been too. The service was very good and friendly.

The smoky sour cocktail reminded me of a Grodsizkie beer from Poland so that was definitely a highlight. All in all, I liked all the dishes I tried and I would come back again.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-12

Pros: Professional service, Priceworthy , Card payment


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06 Mar 2023

Pricey, but totally worth it!

We've been at Lucky Leek for our anniversary and treated ourselves to a full five course meal with wine-pairing.

The staff was really attentive, we had two waiters serving us throughout the evening, both were very friendly and helpful and overall the service was great!

The food was sooo delicious!
From first to last course we were enjoying every little bite to the fullest.
Also the wine-pairing mathed every course perfectly.

Also a very important aspect for us: they were really considerate when we told them about our various food-allergies and adjusted the meals accordingly, or offered other options - surely you can expect that in this price-category, but it still made us happy that they took care of it.

So all in all it is definitley worth a visit, if you want to treat yourself for a nice meal. :)

Pros: Very good vegan food, Can adjust to food-allergies


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06 Mar 2023

Danke Yosita

Ein phänomenaler Geburtstagsabend im Lucky Leek

Pros: Liebevoll gestaltete Speisen, Geschmackvolle Kreationen , Sogar der veg Käse war selbst gemacht

30 Dec 2022

Second visit... okish experience

After a first very positive visit (before Corona), the résumé is rather mixed after the second.

I had the impression that both service and taste have declined since the first visit, too much for this price category.

We had an outside table and unfortunately it started to rain. Since we were sitting on the edge and there was no chance of not getting wet, we asked for one of the free central tables. I felt some rejection showing in the face of the service staff at this monent. He did agree, but only came up with the idea of helping us move to the other table after some time.

Overall, the staff was not very attentive. In addition, we had a different person bringing the dish to us almost every course.

All this I can gladly chalk up to a lack of staff. But it still doesn't make the experience in a fine dining restaurant any better.

The dishes were tasty, but overall not very surprising or special. Here I had a completely different memory of the first visit. But since taste is something highly individual, I'll leave it at that.

On a positive note, the visual presentation of the dishes was excellent.

I would be happy if this restaurant, with its great basis, returns to its original high-class path.


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10 Dec 2022


Had three courses which made for a very filling meal. Particularly recommend the cheese platter


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27 Nov 2022

1. Place

für mich das beste Restaurant der Stadt


Points +350

18 Oct 2022

Very good restaurant

We had a good evening at Lucky Leek with delicious food, friendly service and a calm atmosphere. We had a three course menu with a tasty apple soup and a main course with pumpkin. I chose a selection of cheese for dessert and was pleasantly surprised. My companion had an ice cream dessert with kokus, and was extremely satisfied. I would like to come to the restaurant again and can highly recommend it. The prices are a bit high, but if you want a special gastronomic experience, it is worth the money.


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10 Oct 2022

Taste is ok

We had the tasting menu; no wine pairing. The food was ok, maybe even good. The amuse bouche was delicious, but every other course was lacking in flavour. Plating was good. Service was spotty; waiters didn’t come around at appropriate times. We had to call for them (which was hard) when we needed something.

Pros: Food looked delicious, Many ingredients creatively put together

Cons: Flavour was lacking, Service was ok


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28 Jul 2022

Fantastic Food

Outstanding quality of food.
We went there on a wednesday and it was already a full house. The service was on top and the food fabulous. We ordered a 4- course menu and left completely satisfied.

Pros: Fantastic Food, Great Service, Great Location


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26 Jul 2022

Lucky Leak Fails to Deliver on Flavor and Seasoning

The Lucky Leak presents its self as a fine dining restaurant—with that label comes a expectation of exceptional presentation, flavor, and service. Unfortunately, my experience at Lucky Leek was a underwhelming one.

First, the service was ok but not exceptional for the price tag. The waiter was friendly enough, however there was a lack of attention to detail. I would suggest staff be trained more in service similar to standards in yachting or cruises were staff are attentive and introduce themselves by name. To echo other reviewers, my Dad and I drank a bottle of water which sat empty without anyone asking if we wanted more. The table settings are made of paper which as another reviewer mentioned, feels cheap and not what one would expect for the ticket price. The paper is a brown color which quickly becomes dirty throughout the meal. The outdoor seating is covered and nice and the indoor area could use a refresh.

Next, the food. We ordered the 3 course menu and were served a small appetizer consisting of a vegan sausage and small bread— this was pretty good. Next, was a coconut mango soup which looked ok but was over salted. The soup was overpowered by salt and pepper. Next, I had the spinach wontons and my Dad had the Champignon mushroom. The wontons were not bad but they were bland and the sauce they were in was also over powered by salt which prevented more flavors from coming through. No spoon was given for the main course. Presentation of the courses was decent but utilized basic techniques and could have been more creative. By this point we were both hoping the dessert would save the meal but it turned out to be the worst course. I had the cheese board which was had many cheeses, all of which were nearly inedible being either grainy or overpowered by a flavor such as vinegar. I have had exceptional vegan cheeses in Portland for much less so it is possible to improve here. The crackers were not crispy for the most part. My Dads dessert looked nice but lacked any depth of flavor. The banana was not ripe and the chocolate tasted like pure sugar. The cake was watery.

Normally I would not write such a critical review but when one is paying a lot for food than every aspect of the experience should be on point. My hope is that the chef can take this feedback and make some improvements. I have had much better food for a fraction of the cost which has also been presented well.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Expensive, Over salted food, Service was not exceptional


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26 Jul 2022

Don't fall for the Michelin sign

Fans of vegan fine dining may be attracted to this place do to the Michelin Award from 2018, but it's worth reminding that it surely does not reflect the quality post pandemic.

Having tried each food option in the complete menu (65 euro), including each soup or desert option offered, we thought the menu as it is was far from fine. Except the coconut mango soup and the apricot caprese, I did not find the rest of the menu interesting at all -,ost of the food was either too salty or did not necessarily go together. If you wanted to go there I would advise not taking the complete tasting menu, but rather a cheese plate or the smallest tasting menu to have a sense of it. The staff did not bother explaining the menu, and was quite dismissive the entire time.

For the positives, the restaurant is in a sweet neighborhood in Berlin and the vegan cheese plate was good and had a variety of cheese, both cashew based and oat based. (As cashew is quite a controversial substitute to make vegan cheese, I do applaud this point). However, especially in a city such as Berlin where there are plenty delicious and accessible vegan food round the corner, I'd say don't fall for the allure of fine dining or the Michelin star and opt for another place instead.

Pros: The wine pairing was good, Outside space has a nice atmosphere

Cons: Food quality, Service very bad, disinterested staff


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10 Jul 2022

A nice evening

We were there for dinner for two. Due to the good reviews, we were very excited about what awaits us. The first thing I did not particularly like, after we had taken a seat, were the tables with paper underlay. In a restaurant of the higher category I would have expected something different. In addition, I do not like it after the 3rd course still sitting in front of the empty aperitif glass. Even empty glasses did not move the service to ask us for more drinks. The amuse bouche was very good and made me want more. But the courses that followed were ok only. My personal favorite was the vegan cheese selection at the end. A nice evening.

Addendum: What surprised us was that there were apparently non vegan wines on the menu.
The vegan wines were explicitly labeled as such.
Especially in today's time there are many good wines and first-class wineries that have vegan wines.

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26 Jun 2022

Good experience

We came to Lucky Leek after two years and unfortunately the dinner was a little bit disappointing. The food was tasty and different than anywhere else, but definitely less special than what I remembered. The staff was not very friendly. I’m not sure if we are visiting Lucky Leek again.

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