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Teresa Carles Cocina Vegetariana

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Jovellanos, 2 (at Metro: Placa Catalunya or Universidad Metro), Barcelona, Spain, 08001

Family-owned establishment that's part of a small network of individualized vegetarian restaurants including: Vegetalia in Barcelona, Paradis in Lleida, and Baobab in Zaragoza. Offers breakfast, brunch, dinner, and takeaway. There is a salad bar and 3 daily changing menu options which usually includes at least 1 vegan. English spoken. Busy, pleasant atmosphere, eclectic ambient music, modern decor. Opened since March 2011. Previously named Vegetalia - Jovellanos (same owners). Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am, Mon-Sun 9:00am-12:00am.

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Reviews (88)

First Review by Ruby X

Delicious! - Edit

Lovely vegan options all nice and healthy. We had three courses which were very lovely. This place has a really nice atmosphere too and I love the exposed bricks.

Pros: Lovely vegan food.

Cons: Not a huge amount of choice for each course.

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great vegan food - Edit

this restaurant is one of my favourites in what concerns the vegan food. I recommend every vegan dish and love to come during the week to try new menus. However I dont give more than 3 stars cause only about 50℅ of the food is actually HEALTHY and will make you happier and live longer... and that is the vegan food. I wish people could understand that the ammount of cheese in the rest of the menus is just disgusting and the opposite of healthy food. Half of the restaurant is great for me... so half of the stars. ;) please increase the vegan menus! you re vegan cheese is so good! you know how to do it. No more excuses.

Pros: amazing vegan food, new vegan menus weekly, very good quality

Cons: expensive, misleading slogan

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great sharing plate - Edit

really enjoyed the tastes. especially the 'Russian salad' and fried artichokes on the sharing plate. nice wines. big and efficient place and staff with a bit of attitude, which you may or may not like. but then it was late Monday night:-)

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Fairly satisfied - Edit

The food was nice and of good quality. For starter me and my boyfriend had the plant-based bomba de la barceloneta and we both loved it. It came at the same time of our main, but it wasn't too big, so we ate it quite quickly.
For main I had the Rosejat de fideus. It was good, but the portion size was huge. So, by the end of it the tase was becoming a bit boring. However, I still enjoyed it. For desert I had the guilt-free choco cake, which was quite small but very rich. I would have appreciated a small scoop of vegan ice cream with it because it tasted a bit dry to me. My boyfriend had the snowflake cake which was absolutely delicious and made me wish I had ordered that one instead of the choco cake!

Pros: Vegan options clearly stated, Nice menu with a lot of choices

Cons: Portion sizes vary considerably between dishes

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Best Vegan Lasagna ever! - Edit

I wish this was an all vegan restaurant because the vegan food was very good, but the options weren`t as many as I would have wished. The lasagna was absolutely delicious, I still think about it a few months later and the chia pudding was awesome. Now I make it at home the same way :)

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The Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

I definately recommend this restaurant. It has great dishes, great quality and super fresh.
I went there so many times already. They have a lunch menu, but I much prefer the ambiance during the dinner time.
I would recommend booking in advance for dinner, especially if you go during the weekend. I had to wait 30 minutes once, so I will never make that mistake again haha.
I have tried the Seitan, the Lasagna (on my non vegan days), and the chocolate cake.

Pros: Decoration, Freshness and Quality of Food, Variety

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Good food - Edit

Modern eatery catering to the Anglo-Saxon vegan crowd, with vegan variations of dishes that won't make them feel far away from London or New York. The now ubiquitous vegan burgers, pizzas, pastas, salads and nachos are obviously part of the menu. Seitan and tofu will be part of some of these dishes. For those who want to venture into local foods, the menu has a few manicured Spanish dishes for tourist palates. The food, however, is fresh and tasty, and the waiters (particularly Karan) are very nice and professional. The vegan wines and cold press juices are pretty good.

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amazing breakfast - Edit

After visiting other restaurant of Theresa's Flax &Kale my expectations were high and Theresa Carles Cocina didn't disappoint. Very relaxed atmosphere for a nice chill breakfast with tons of options that are healthy and vegan friendly. Top notch! Can't wait to see their dinner menu. Perfecto !

Pros: healthy, vegan, balanced

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Good breakfast! - Edit

Went here for breakfast/brunch. It was a bit quiet and they only used the seating in the front, there's also a large room in the back. Friendly service, and the place looks very neat and professional. I had a decent toast with avocado, and one of their juices which was a bit pricey but decent. Food was not cheap but OK value for breakfast in a restaurant.

Pros: Loads of juices.

Cons: Sligtly pricey

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One of the best places you will ever go to! - Edit

I went here with my non-vegetarian family (vegan myself), it was the best meal we had had in Barcelona. My whole family enjoyed it, the food was exceptional, the waiter was so friendly and the atmosphere was great. It is also wheelchair friendly. My mum had broken her ankle so was temporarily in a wheelchair and they were so accommodating. The lasagna was incredible but the highlight was the Selva Negra. It was delicious! They are a vegetarian restaurant but have a lot of vegan options. If in Barcelona you should stop by here! I can't rave enough about this place!

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Amazing!! Great Food! - Edit

I loved this place.
So to have a Vegan/Veg place in the middle of the tourist centre.
Must try the Beetroot Salmon, awesome!!
Not expensive and a little bit fancy so, DATE NIGHT!

Pros: great customer service, have an English menu too,

Cons: none

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Vegan and vegetarian haute cuisine! - Edit

Amazing vegeterian and vegan restaurant in Barcelona!
A bit more expensive than the other veggie places in town but the quality of the food is extraordinary.
I tried the vegan ceviche, the seitan with mushrooms and rice + the pear and white chocolate cake and everything was incredibly tasty. They are also specialized in juice production and offer a great variety of original ones.
If you are willing to spend some money for a good meal, than it is totally worth it!

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Disappointing - Edit

We were 4, having lunch menu (starter and main). Starters were still ok, cesars salad and pumkin soup, but the main dishes nothing special, not very tasty, in addition presented like in a canteen, just "thrown" on a plate. Disappointed after so many good comments. I can do better and nicer at home!

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a reliable gem - Edit

This is a very special restaurant. It seems to be really popular and booking for evening dining is recommended. The food is excellent, there is a great vegan selection of savoury and sweet dishes. The interior is beautiful and it's somewhere to impress your vegetarian or carnivorous friends.

Pros: stylish and comfortable restaurant. high class foo

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Great location and food - Edit

This was my favourite place in Barcelona and we visited it a few times. The food was great and the staff were really helpful and fluent in english. The desserts were incredible and there was a great selection of fresh smoothies.

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey

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...and now 5 Happy Cows - Edit

A really wonderful place. We were disappointed in 2009 when it was a pretty basic diner type place called Vegetalia but it has since become the legendary Teresa Carles and a true sensation emerged. The interior is stylish and modern yet rustic. Originall red brick workings have been beautifully exposed and the food is pretty exceptional too. Money has been spent here making the setting fit for a memorable dining experience. I'd certainly suggest going here for a fabulous breakfast/brunch, an afternoon lunch treat or an evening dining indulgence. Portion sizes can be small but the quality is exceptionally high. It was particulalry high on April 11th 2016 when the Salmon tofu and vegan lasagne dishes we had were quite indescribably amazing. Without question this is a 5 Happy Listing and I have promoted it from my previous rating of 4. House wine is well priced at around €13 a bottle and main courses range from €10 to €14. Service is relaxed and everything is quite perfect here. A place to be enjoyed and savoured. HINT from the Barcelona Happy Cow ambassador... booking ahead by phone or online is hugely recommeded. Seriously, even on a Monday night this place is absolutely packed. Don't be disappointed.

Pros: Food, Excellent vegan options, Impressive setting

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Must Go - Edit

This is a must go in Barcelona and one of my favourite places in the city. It is always super crowded but the staff is nice and the food is delicious. I always go with anything made with rice and leave feeling super pleased. They also make amazing desserts.

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Like it! - Edit

I really liked this place. Tried a cold press juice and it was amazing, tried the cheese croquete and it was really good, and for main dish I had a seitan burguer, really good as everything else! The waiter was really nice and I had a great time there. Only down side is the price... Payed 20 euros for these 3 things I just mentioned... But the food definetely worth it

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly waiter

Cons: Price

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Elige un buen plato y triunfa - Edit

Si no reservas mesa la espera es eterna. De hecho aún reservándola es posible que tengas que esperar un rato.
El local és cómodo pero hay bastante ruido de las conversaciones. Una pena, el mismo local con los anteriores dueños era un auténtico remanso de paz y silencio incluso cuando estaba lleno.
Los precios son los que son. No es un restaurante barato, así que hay que saber qué pedir. Yo fui en fin de semana, que no hay menú.
De lunes a viernes al mediodía sí puede elegirse menú desde 10€ y poco.
Si vas por carta vale la pena elegir platos grandes. Las opciones para compartir (excepto las croquetas, que son muy pocas) son realmente buenas.
Como plato principal pedimos: Rossejada de fideus (fideuá vegana), arrós negre (vegano), lasanyuki (veget) y Canalón XX (veget). Éramos 4. Los dos platos veganos eran extraordinariamente grandes (y los que más éxito tuvieron). Casi no pudimos acabarlos (los veganos) y estaban deliciosos.
Cómo extra pedimos de postre una "locura" de chocolate. Aunque no había mucha cantidad estaba muy buena.
Nos habría salido más barato si hubiéramos sabido antes qué platos llevaban mucha cantidad y no hubiésemos pedido entrante porque no haría falta.
Lo demás correcto. Pero por el precio que tiene no es para ir cada día. Una vez cada 6 meses tal vez.

Pros: Platos veganos y platos con opción vegana, Cantidad en "Algunos" platos, Comida vegana deliciosa

Cons: Extremadamente caro, Otros platos con poca cantidad, Ensaladas no son gran cosa

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Very disappointing - Edit

I was so excited to get a reservation here after reading all the reviews but ended up being so disappointed, particularly by the food (which is obviously the most important thing!).

Firstly, they wouldn't answer their phone for most of the day so it was hard to get a reservation. We then arrived at the time we were asked to, and were asked to wait ten minutes in the super-crowded waiting area. We squeezed in where we could, then rudely got told to move out of the way by a male staff member whose irritation escaped through his eye roll. The attitude was completely unnecessary and unprofessional.

Ten minutes turned into twenty which turned into thirty, and we still weren't seated. And, by now, we were hungry. Luckily the place is gorgeous to look at, so we enjoyed that whilst waiting.

When finally seated, we chose our meals. I began with a croquette, and although the menu clearly allows you to order one, the waitress struggled to fathom that I wanted one. So I had to explain (in Spanish) it three times and point before she agreed to let me have my one. Luckily, it was absolutely amazing when it came out- sooooo tasty my eyes nearly rolled back in my head.

But, on the awkward side of life, the waitress who had brought it out was clearly meant to have waited until all our meals were ready, as the main waitress nearly yelled at her as she was putting it on our table and then berated her over the top of our heads for about a minute. So uncomfortable, and, again, unprofessional.

We then got our meals. I had a new pasta dish, which was opulently described as being rich with tomatoes and onions and aioli and being roasted in a paella pan. It sounded delicious.

When it came out, however, it turned out to be a pan of over-salted, broken up pieces of spaghetti. That's it. No vegetables, nothing. Just spaghetti and salt, topped with five tiny squeezes of aioli. It has obviously been cooked in something reasonably flavoursome, but the flavour was killed by the salt and there was nothing except pasta and more pasta to eat. I would've killed for a roast tomato or some onion pieces or something green and fresh to be in there. And less salt. I couldn't even finish it- I got halfway- because it was that bad. And I NEVER stop eating food!

The saltiness wasn't aided by the fact that we were refused tap water by being laughed at when we asked for some. We were then sold a bottle of water- 500ml for €2!!- and although we clarified one, not two, we got two. So paid €4 for water.

My friends had the Tofu Salmon, which was effectively a small slab of tofu that had been cooked well and topped with a single asparagus, and the Lasagne, which was tasty but also small. The portions couldn't be considered filling, that was for sure.

I figured dessert had to better, as it sounded amazing in the menu, but I was unfortunately wrong. I ordered a cake with caramelised pears and white chocolate fudge, and out came a rough carrot-type cake with no caramelised pears in sight and the thinnest, tiniest icing that was the white chocolate fudge. We struggled through it, disappointed by the lack of- well, everything.

My friends had ordered the chocolate cake, which was much better but still not great. Although it was lovely and rich, and the flavour was great and the ganache was thick and creamy, it was gluten-free and you could tell they'd used some weird flour in the ganache as it had a slightly sandy texture. It's not that hard to make a rich, creamy, chocolate icing without anything gritty- in fact, just the night before I'd had a life-changing truffle at a local market for €1, and that was made from just cacao, olive oil, and brown sugar. Super smooth, super rich, and much better than this expensive and purportedly amazing restaurant.

So, overall, a very disappointing experience that cost us €54 for three small meals. I would absolutely recommend going elsewhere in Barcelona if you can. There's a gorgeous Hummus bar (Hummus Barcelona) about twelve minutes' walk away that had no waiting lines, the loveliest staff I've ever met, huge and well-priced portions, and food (not just Hummus) so tasty I nearly fainted with joy. So I'd highly recommend skipping the crowds and the mediocre food and heading somewhere less famous that actually delivers on the good food side.

Pros: Nice decor, amazing croquette , many vegan options

Cons: Bad food, descriptions on the menu more appetising, overpriced, unprofessional staff, epic waiting time

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delicious food in a trendy setting - Edit

Walked past this place many times in Barcelona but it's always been too full for a table. Finally visited after making a reservation. Very friendly, English menus are available. The choice is good with vegan and gluten free options. The food we all had was delicious. Especially the vegan, gluten-free chocolate cake. Gorgeous. And not too prices either. I shall visit the other restos in the chain.

Pros: varied menu, great service and decor.

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Simplemente delicioso. - Edit

Fui a comer con mi esposo ( que no es vegetariano) y por primera vez no hubo queja de nada. Quedamos fascinados con todos los tiempos y su pastel de chocolate vegano es simplemente delicioso! el lugar es acogedor y el menú variado. Recomendable al 100%

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One of my favorite meals in Barcelona - Edit

One of my favorite meals in Barcelona. I loved the variety of vegan items on the menu. Much better if you can go with others to try more things. We got the nachos (delish!!), tempura (just okay, included green onion which was hardly edible), and the big hit was the tempeh and pumpkin salad. If you don't order a drink or dessert you can get out of there for about 15 Euro, but it can get much more expensive! Their cold pressed juices are some of the best I've ever had so definitely get some to-go!

Pros: Variety of menu choices, Loved the juices

Cons: Busy and loud, Wait time

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Such nice Food - Edit

Not a vegan place but extremly vegan friendly and really concerned. Food abdolutely lovely, fresh and a little extravagant. highly recommendable.

Pros: central, very vegan friendly

Cons: quite expensive, busy place, might have to wait a

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Disappointing - Edit

I went to have lunch because some reviews said it was one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona but it was a bit disappointing.
Service was slow and a bit unkind and impersonal (reminds me to a fast food restaurant service) and the food was not very tasty. Furthermore it didn't seem freshly made but I was charged as if it were. In my opinion this restaurant has grown in customers and space but not in quality.

Pros: location

Cons: food, service, price

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Nice restaurant - Edit

During my stay in Barcelona I ate out here on two occasions and enjoyed the food. The first night I had a beautiful lasagna the cashew cheese was amazing I would recommend trying it for sure. The restaurant itself is very elegant with polite staff which is always a bonus. However I was disappointed when I asked the waiter which of the wines on the menu were vegan and I was told none of them were unfortunately. The food here is a little bit expensive in comparison to the other vegan/vegetarian restaurants I tried but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was planning on going. The food is also presented beautifully.

Pros: Polite Staff, Nice food, Fancy layout

Cons: No vegan wine

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Nice decor & ambience, good food and location :) - Edit

My partner and I went here for lunch and really enjoyed it!

It is a Saturday so I should have thought ahead to book but we weren't really thinking and arrived around midday - we had to wait about 5 minutes and were seated. The restaurant has lovely decor and ambience - nice exposed brick and really nicely presented :) I love a dining experience with the whole package and this place delivered :)

We ordered 2 starters to share - the nachos & tempura (both vegan) and both were lovely! We ordered a main each - my boyfriend ordered the cannelloni - he said it was really good (not vegan so I didn't try) - very cheesy and creamy but tasty he said. I ordered the tofu 'salmon' which wasn't bad but it wasn't great - I probably wouldn't order it again but it was not too bad. I much preferred the entree's though.

We both ordered green cold-press juices which were good - however we were disappointed they were not fresh juice, they were bottled and not made on site. We also ordered cappuccino's which were quite good - nice to have a coffee with soy milk again! - Not very common in Europe!

The restaurant is located on a super cute street with lots of awesome vintage shops which we loved! Definitely worth a walk around :)

Overall an enjoyable experience and I would definitely go back :) I would advise to book ahead though, I think it can get quite busy :)

Pros: Starters, Ambience & Decor, Location

Cons: Tofu 'salmon' main, Juices not fresh

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Excellent quality food - Edit

I went there with my sister (she's not a vegetarian or vegan) and everything was delicious, she had ravioli and a coulant. And I had black rice with all i oli and the everybody's fave choco cake. The desserts were amazing, I didn't try my sister's because it wasnt vegan, but she tried my food and she agreed that everything was delicious. Worth a try! A must go if you want excellent quality!

Pros: Food, Desserts

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excelente! - Edit

Vegetariano con, al menos 2 opciones veganas en cada parte de la carta y el menu del dia.
Tome la ensalada de berza (kale) y la fideua, ambos deliciosos!!
La musica y decoracion permiten tenerlo como opcion para ocasiones especiales. El personal correcto y amable y solo tubimos que esperar 5 minutos por una mesa.

Pros: pet friendly! nos permitieron entrar con nuestro p, la ubicacion es excelente

Cons: el precio esta muy bien para la calidad de los pla

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Great for vegans, modern interior - Edit

Went there Nov. 2014, couple.

The place looks amazing, modern design, with a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables part of the decoration. It has a few different rooms/areas with slightly different design. Cool architecture too. Friendly staff.

We found the vegan options enough to go back a few times. They have a weekly specials menu, with a few vegan options there. I keep following their instagram account and the specials always look amazing! Wish I could go there more often.

There was a bit of waiting time, better make a reservation if you go around lunch or dinner on wekends.

Pros: delicious vegan dishes, weekly specials , good location + beautiful interior

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evening meal - Edit

Ate at this venue today.
The Service felt as if the waiter was trying to hurry things along.
The darters were interesting and different as were thesis dishes. However the food needed a little bit more 'oomph' to it as it felt somewhat bland.

Pros: Good variety of dishes on the menu and well presen

Cons: food tasted a little bland.

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much improved - Edit

Took some work colleagues there recently. First visit was about five years ago. This time the atmosphere and food was much much better. Worth visiting.

Pros: atmosphere, tasty options

Cons: price - relatively speaking

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Great vegan breakfast - Edit

There aren't many places to get a vegan breakfast in Barcelona, in fact this may be the only one. We ate breakfast here everyday when we were in Barcelona. The menu is mostly vegetarian but there are several vegan options. We absolutely loved the creamy coconut milk chia pudding with fresh fruit and the avocado toast. They also have great juices. The waiters were friendly and spoke English well.

Pros: vegan breakfast

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A complement to the city - Edit

If you're a vegetarian visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona, you can enjoy the amazing architecture, soak in the atmosphere, and visit a variety of sites. Alas, there aren't many options for a nice evening dinner. We tried a few of the local vegetarian restaurants during our honeymoon. If you are looking for one to choose on a short trip, Teresa Carlos should top the list.

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Inventive and beautifully presented food - Edit

My daughters and I visited on 29 October 2014. I had lunch here last year and raved about the food so much they wanted to try it for themselves.
We all loved it.
There is something for everyone. Pasta, salad and more adventurous things too.
Good desserts.
The menus come in various languages.
Best to book a table so you don't have to wait too long for the delights to begin.

Pros: Great food , Easy to understand menus

Cons: Tables very close together

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Good food but small portions and slightly pricey - Edit

My boyfriend and I had lunch here yesterday. I'm glad we arrived early as we hadn't made a reservation (it appears most people do) and not long after there were big queues and people turned away.
The food was pretty good, not excellent but definitely tasty. We shared the healthy nachos, the spinach croquettes and the vegetable tempura. The former two were really tasty, the latter left us both feeling a bit sick, but perhaps that's just because it's deep fried.
The potions were fairly small, except for the tempura which was almost too generous, so you do need several plates to satisfy you, which then makes it a bit pricey.
The service was pretty good, the waiters were friendly, but sometimes a little slow, although it was very busy.
I liked the fact that there were lots of vegan options, clearly marked, even some that were raw. I would visit again.

Pros: Good tasting food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Slightly pricey, Small portions

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Wonderful food! - Edit

We had a late dinner here tonight. The atmosphere was nice and the food was delicious! We enjoyed the meal very much. We will go back tomorrow for breakfast. How wonderful that there are restaurants like this.

Pros: Lots of vegan options including desserts, wonderful tasty food, friendly service

Cons: a bit pricey

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not great - Edit

This family-run place looks fancy and is always full of people, but the quality of the food is very irregular: as other people said in previous reviews, sometimes it's very good and others awful. It's quite pricey and the food is not organic. The staff isn't very helpful or efficient.

I haven't been there for a long time now and heard that the menu has more vegan options, but I see from other reviews that it hasn't improved that much.

Pros: good location

Cons: irregular quality of food, not great service, pricey

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Love this place! - Edit

Not sure why this place isn't higher on list!! So unique and excellent food... Such a great dining experience. Make online reservations or you will have to wait! Highly recommended ! Went for dinner but would love to have brunch! One of best meals in Barcelona !

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Decent Vegan Restaurant in Barcelona - Edit

Some non-vegan friends highly recommended Teresa Carles after a trip to Barcelona so I had to check it out. We had lunch there in Sept 2014. It was busy with a lively, fun atmosphere and after a bit of a wait for menus, the service was quite fast. My husband had the delicious gazpacho and I had a chick-pea "meet-ball" dish which was small but tasty. I thought the menu said it was vegan, but it looked like there was chopped up hard-boiled eggs on top, which I brushed aside. I treated myself to a pear-topped chocolate torte for dessert which was amazing and really filling.

Pros: fun atmosphere, tasty food, great location

Cons: confusion over vegan vs vegetarian?

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Reviewer Avatar

Looks professional but isn't... - Edit

The service here is atrociously slow, bafflingly inattentive, and agonizingly uncoordinated. The food ranges from delicious (vegan lasagna) to utterly mediocre (veggie burger), though definitely tends to wallow in the latter category, and the portions are always infuriatingly small. For what it is, This place is EXPENSIVE. Even ordering a meal here is convoluted, with a confusing array of menus that change drastically depending on the day/time of day (as well as the always frustrating "brunch menu"). Vegan options are scant and much more difficult to come by than one might expect. After paying upwards of 16€ for a "meal" here, I left utterly Unsatisfied, went around the corner and got a falafel. I suggest you skip this place and do the same.
Updated from previous review on Friday August 01, 2014

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My favorite vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona! :) - Edit

This place have lots of variety and types of cuisine on the menu plus a great Tasting menu option that is just amazing.
Original recipes, perfectly cooked and really well presented food. Just delicious!
Highly recommended.

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Above average - not great - Edit

I ate twice at Teresa Carles. It's in a good location and is really a lovely space. I can't say I was blown away, however, though both times I ate fairly well. On the whole, my dinner was much better than the breakfast I had. A nice seitan wrap (Chinese style) was very tasty, though they were quite spartan with the seitan given the prices. I enjoyed the snowflake cake for dessert too. Brunch choices for vegans are few and far between however, and I was very disappointed with a crumbly muffin.

On the whole, it's worth going to if you are in the area, but hardly worth going well out of your way for. Very popular, despite what I say, so expect to wait if you don't have a reservation in the evening!

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Well Worth a Visit - Edit

Teresa Carles is located a few minutes walk from the Ramblas and is a must restaurant to visit if you're a vegan or vegetarian or want to eat good food that didn't require the killing of animals for their flesh. About one half of the menu was vegan. I ate on two consecutive nights and each time chose exactly the same dishes from the menu. Both meals were largely very good. They're well presented and very attractive. Although they were full of flavour and appetising they did not have that extra special stand out taste I hope for when I eat out. The service was very good--friendly and attentive. The restaurant atmosphere is very pleasant and welcoming. As a vegan, I recommend this restaurant.

Pros: Attractive food well presented, Terrific atmosphere

Cons: Flavourful but could better

2 Responses

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A Must for Vegans in Barcelona - Edit

I loved this restaurant. It is my first time back to Spain since becoming vegetarian and one of my favorite Spanish foods is croquettes. The vegan spinach croquettes are amazing, a must try. The "salmon" tofu and seitan burger are both delicious too.

Pros: Delicious food, lots of great vegan options, lovely atmosphere and staff

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expensive but good value for money - Edit

I lunched there on April 2014. Interior design was nice with a successful mix of modern and ancient. A lot of choice on the menu so it's hard to decide. The vegan pizza was good though a bit too baked. My friend ordered a raw vegetables plate which was so huge that we didn't finish it. Vegetables was tasty and fresh. Fresh juices were very good. Service was long even though the restaurant was quite empty, the waiter seemed to be in a hurry. Prices were quite high compared to the other vegan restaurant but quality was good. I will come back.

Pros: Design, Raw food option

Cons: lack of cosy atmosphere

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If you expect the best, you can disappoint a bit - Edit

The major part of people think that Teresa Carles is one of the best vegetarian/vegan options in Barcelona. This is true: they offers good quality food, a little bit expensive. Is great that they have improved their menu, and offer more vegan options, but, in my opinion, they could improve more.
For example, yesterday we ordered "ensaladilla rusa", a typical spanish tapa. We were served a very cold dish, they hurting the flavors and textures, and the first layer of mayonnaise was dry. It is easy to think it was prepared hours ago and we were served straight from the fridge. I think this kind of details rest quality to the dish, especially considering the price of it.
We also ordered, as second course, "Mar i Muntanya", a typical dish of Catalan cuisine that in its original version contains meatloaf and calamari. While it had aesthetically amazing resemblance, its taste was not tasty (although it was intense).
In contrast to this aesthetic care, the staff does not take into account changing dishes from appetizers and main courses! While it is logical that the soy mayonnaise does not benefit the stewed salsa ...
The vegan desserts not very exciting: typical cake with fresh fruit, as homemade by yourself. The vegetarian options are more elaborated and tasty.
In short, when you go to what is supposed to be the best vegetarian restaurant in the city, and your expectations are very high, it is easy to feel a little disappointed. Great food but expensive. The dishes failed to thrill me: good food quality, high aesthetic value, high marketing but devoid of love (just business)

Pros: High fresh-food quality, Location, Healthy

Cons: Value for money

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Reviewer Avatar

Almost 801010 Raw vegan - Edit

There is a wide variety of vegan food: from cooked to raw. If you choose the dishes properly, you can feed yourself in a whole meal of raw food with an 80/10/10 ratio.
I strongly recommend getting a juice or a smoothie to pour into your salad, and for seconds, order the "lasanyuki" it's just amazing! (It has some fats from the cashew's cheese) but it's so worth it!
And for vegan or vegetarian people, the dishes are just an explosion of flavours in your mouth. I always enjoy my experience there.
Prices are good quality-value

Pros: Taste of the food, Wide variety of dishes, Desserts, yum!

Cons: Waiting time, Waiters look stressed, Retail problems

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Teresa Carles for vegans - Edit

After the last menu changes in Teresa Carles this place is now more vegan friendly than ever, they are moving in the right direction.

The vibe is very good and the food is fantastic. If I have to recommend only one vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona this is it.

Updated from previous review on Sunday August 11, 2013

Pros: Food/Taste, Vibe, Friendly Staff

Cons: Price

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fabulous place - Edit

The food is wonderful and I ate here 3 times and will come back many more times.
I agree with a previous review who wrote:

This was one of the few that felt classy - like a real restaurant that just happened to have a vegetarian menu. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the hippyish, low budget establishments - but it's nice to have somewhere to dress up for too!

I would like to add that just because we are vegans/vegetarians, we don't have to alway have alternative hippie restaurants.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 08, 2012

Even better Vegan menu this year!

Pros: Food is really creative, Atmosphere, service

Cons: sometimes confused and slow service, please more great vegan dishes!, always full? crowded...

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Very tasty - Edit

This place is very crowded. Consider a reservation if you don't want to spend some time to wait for a table.
There is not many vegan options. I ordered the mushroom pizza and it was very, very good. I would definitely come back to eat it again. My girlfriend ordered a burger but I don't remember if it was vegan (she is not vegan) and she said it was also good. Very friendly staff.

Pros: tasty, nice staff

Cons: crowded

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Great food but mostly dairy - Edit

Delicious food! This place is much more vegetarian than vegan so I had a hard time trusting that everything was entirely vegan. Our soup was brought out with kefir in it, until we asked if it was definitely vegan. The server replaced it promptly but I think it made me wonder for the rest of the meal. When I asked what was in the sauce of my vegan carbonara, I was first told it was cream, which was later changed to vegan cream. I would definitely try it because the food was delicious, but if you're vegan, you may have to remain somewhat vigilant to make sure your food is dairy-free.

Pros: Great pasta

Cons: More vegetarian than vegan, A little pricey

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My favorite in Barcelona - Edit

Best option in the center of Barcelona.
The menu is different each week, and you can read it on the website.
Very creative and delicious vegetarian food, that the friendly staff adapts if you ask for gluten free or vegan
Large choice of fresh juices.

It gets really crowded, make a reservation not to wait.
I highly recommend this gourmet restaurant.

Pros: awesome restaurant, Very creative vegan food, fresh juices

Cons: make a reservation

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Favorite in Barcelona - Edit

most vegetarian restaurants don't have quite a diverse menu as this place. Everything we tried is tasty and original. Cozy and charming, a must go.
Went there, with my fiancé, is a great setting for a romantic supper.

Pros: clear vegan options, diversity of the menu

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Simply great! - Edit

Went there for dinner with non-vegetarians, vegetarians and 3 vegans. Very positive surprise, good quality of food, relatively wide range of - delicious - vegan options and very pleasant atmosphere. Prices are reasonable, service friendly. Possbily best option for a nice dinner out in BCN for a vegan. And one where the vegan options can be so delicious, that non-vegans envy them. For sure our bet for the christmas dinner of the company.

Pros: excellent food, nice atmosphere, fair value

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Higher end vegan options - Edit

I had avoided this restaurant as from the menu outside it seemed expensive and not particularly vegan-friendly. However, I was happy to be proven wrong! This restaurant is more high-end than other veg places in Barcelona, and this is reflected in the price, atmosphere and menu options. There were many more vegan options than I expected, and as a restaurant that seems to pride itself on fancy dairy cheeses I was surprised to see options with vegan nut cheese. We ordered a vegan vermut between us, which is a sharing tapas plate. It contained marinated mushrooms, aubergine slices, buttery olives, some crisps witn paprika and some coconut tempura. All components were equally enjoyable. We also got a slice of their 'snowflake' cake each, which was a vegan pear, coconut and white chocolate cake. As delicious and decadent as it sounds, with the added bonus of a generous portion. We also had a soya chai latte and a beer, and the bill came to approximately €25, which is not bad for the quality of the food. I would definitely recommemd it to anybody looking for good, more gourmet vegan food.

Pros: great, high end, creative vegan food, good, polite service

Cons: not all vegan, not the cheapest but worth it for the quality

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Favorite in Barcelona - Edit

My husband and I went here twice when we were in Barcelona for 5 days. This place really ticked all the boxes for us. Yes it is a bit expensive but the food was worth it to us. Atmosphere and service was great. We also really appreciate that she is moving towards raw and vegan cuisine. Juices and desserts were also lovely. Would highly recommend it. You may want to book as you may have to wait otherwise.

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Loved it - Edit

I turned up without a reservation on a Friday night and as you can imagine there was a wait for a table but I was offered a seat at the communal table in the entrance area and I opted for that as I was on my own. Other people were eating there but it was spacious so you didn't feel on top of eachother. The place is nicely done and has a good atmosphere, a nice place to eat out with company.

I would have liked to see more vegan options but there was a small selection and I chose the wholemeal penne which was really lovely. The portion was large and the flavours were good.

For dessert there were a few vegan choices, I ordered the snowflake cake. I waited for around 30 minutes to receive it which is not great when you are eating alone and by this time everyone else on my table had gone so I felt a bit conspicuous! After a while the waitress did notice I was still waiting and chased it up with the kitchen staff (behind a counter next to the communal table). It still didn't arrive and she chased it up again. When it came she said it was on the house which I thought was very good since I hadn't made any complaint, aside from a dissatisfied facial expression when she asked if I'd had the dessert yet.

They had copies of the menu in English but I'm not sure how many as some people who came in after me struggled to get a copy. My waitress spoke excellent english.

The staff were busy and it was sometimes hard to attract attention to get drinks refilled but it may be a different experience if you were in the restaurant proper rather than in the entrance area.

I would definitely eat here again, There is a large and varied menu for vegetarians and I wish I'd brought my veggie partner here instead of the disappointing meal at Sesamo.

Pros: Nice place with good atmosphere, tasty food with good portion size

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So good we went twice! - Edit

The food was amazing, vegan friendly, staff was friendly, atmosphere was romantic, and menus were available in English - what more can an American tourist ask for?? In fact my husband and I loved it here so much we came 2x in the 4 days we were in Barcelona. We're vegan so options are slim in this city but TC was an absolute pleasure! We typically only have a few vegan items to choose from but we were overwhelmed here by options! I'd have no hesitation coming back here should I be in the city again. The food was of top quality and drinks kept flowing! We left with satisfied palettes!

Pros: no reservations needed, great food, good service

Cons: quite hard to find

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Yummy but pricey! - Edit

I ate here with my boyfriend on our first night in Barcelona and were impressed by the quality of the food which was uniformly tasty. There was about a 20 minute wait for a table but we hadn't booked and there was a seating area you could wait in.
I suppose this is high-end dining and the prices reflected this - it was quite expensive.

Pros: Nice food

Cons: Price

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Everyone loved it - Edit

Traveling Spain has been difficult eating vegan when trying local cuisine with the omnivore family, so TC wad a welcome treat. We went last night and everyone came out raving about the delicious meal. Not too many vegan and gluten free options. However, if GF is not your need, the homemade pasta, bread & seitan were divine. Decor and music felt like home. Highly recommend and home to go for breakfast before I leave.

Pros: Quick service, Perfect sized portions

Cons: Pricier than similar restaurants in Barcelona

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Yummy food in sophisticated environment - Edit

It was a pleasure to find a veg restaurant of such high quality both with regard to the food, service and environment.
Highly recommended for those with gourmet tastes.

Pros: Excellent food, Intersting environment, Good service

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delicous - Edit

We were just there and had Crusty Crêpe and Spagetti Carbonara. For desert we had Walnut Cake and Catalunian Cheesecake. Both, the main dish and the desert were really delicous. In my opinion this is the best place for vegetarians in the whole city!

Pros: desserts, Location , innovative

Cons: Price

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Outstanding Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant! - Edit

This restaurant was excellent! Ambiance was relaxing, warm & friendly. Great variety on the menu. The food was great and we ate there a few times while in Barcelona. They had menus in English and we had fun conversation with other diners at the restaurant. You would be remiss to not eat here during your stay in Barcelona. It was a little tricky to find as it is on a side street, but very close to a major site (Place de Cataluna).

Pros: Excellent food, Great Ambiance

Cons: A little tricky to find

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Brilliant restaurant - Edit

The atmosphere was lovely. The furniture very smart and modern. The waitress spoke English and was able to advise about menu choices. The food was beautiful. Huge choice, including design your own salad using a tick sheet. It was expensive , but then I think that all large cities are expensive, but it was worth it!

Pros: Friendly staff, Furniture smart, excellent food

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The kind of place i take friends to initiate them - Edit

a nicer dining experience than most veggie places. can find a quiet table with a date. Staff very helpful and friendly. food bloody good. Vitamin C vegan salad is a must. i go for breakfast when in Barcelona. avocado and tomato on toast + rice milk late, sets me up for the day.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday April 03, 2012

Pros: friendly, good looking place, huge variety

Cons: can't think of any, nope, still can't, busy sometimes, but u never hav to wait

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A Great Night Out - Edit

We ate in a lot of veggie/vegan places during our recent stay in Barcelona, and this was one of the few that felt classy - like a real restaurant that just happened to have a vegetarian menu. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the hippyish, low budget establishments - but it's nice to have somewhere to dress up for too! Our server was really friendly and helpful, and spoke great English. A great menu, lots of choice, but in the end I went for the rice 'meatballs' with artichokes in almond sauce. Amazing! My partner had gorgonzola & atichoke pasta, which was also delicious. We shared some home-baked artisan bread and I had a freshly made 'Shiver'juice - lemon, mint & honey. Yum! The interior was very cool and stylish, and we didn't feel rushed nor was the service too slow. Great place, we would definitely go there again.

Pros: Delicious food, Stylish Restaurant, Friendly staff

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gourmet delight - Edit

I had two meals at this lovely establishment. The food is fresh, flavorful and beautifully presented. The restaurant is a nice classy space. They have a large selection of ingredients to add to your own personalized salad. The pate trio is my favorite as well.

Pros: fresh, flavor , nice space

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Love this Restaurant - Edit

Avoid the usual tourist traps and surly waiters and head straight here. I was so happpy to have found this place. It's a nice, proper restaurant, fantastic fresh food and juices, the kind of place you'd happily bring a whingy meat eater :-)

Although it's officially a ``vegetarian'' restaurant there are loads of awesome vegan options.

Yummy salads but if you fancy a ``Sunday Roast'' have the seitan mille feuille.... I ate there three times in one week and would always happily return.

Pros: Food, Cool Staff, Atmosphere

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A little pricey for what you get - Edit

Popped in here for an early evening meal in Barcelona, our last before getting the train. The decor and general ambiance is quite upmarket, perhaps even trendy, with a bit of a 'wine bar' feel - but maybe I just don't go to enough (relatively) fancy restaurants. The menu is decent, with the plate of the day menu providing a soup or salad as a starter, and then a main course chosen from four options; but the portions, particularly of the main courses, were a little on the small side for what you pay. Maybe if the food were mind-blowing this wouldn't be such a problem, but it was fairly standard stuff - nice, but nothing you couldn't make yourself with a bit of pasta, olive oil and some Parmesan cheese.

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Beautiful Space, Beautiful Food! - Edit

I am so glad I came to Teresa Carles! The restaurant itself is beautiful in the interior with an open prep area where you can see a display of the menu items). Their lunch prix fixe included an appetizer and main course which was more than enough. I had the soup and my party had the caesar salad. For the entree half of us had the risotto (those that had it said it was a bit under salted) and the other half had a pasta.

This is a wonderful place to have a nice meal in a nice setting. I would go back again!

Pros: decor, food presentation

Cons: drinks and dessert not included

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Good place - Edit

I was here the first evening and quite hungry, but when I came there at 19.10 and had to wait untill 19.30 to order. The food is good and I came back one time to taste more. The first evening the main course came to fast after the main dish, what was little bit less good, but the taste of both courses made up for it.

Pros: Good food, Nice juices, Friendly staff

Cons: More Vegan options would be better, Kitchen opens only at 19.30, Main course too fast after starter

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Lovely place - Edit

This was a chance find for us and really delightful. We had a real treat at this lovely restaurant. We shared a starter and moved onto Seitan Millefeuille and a Tofu and Tempeh dish for our mains. No puddings for us but a lovely liqueur. Really nice staff and great wine. Classy.

Pros: lovely staff, great food, nice environment

Cons: a little pricey

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Teresa Carles - Edit

I ate at this venue twice during my stay in Barcelona in September 2011.

The menu was varied and interesting and the food was tasty.

The service was variable. I first went on a Wednesday night and the service was great. The service was, however, very poor on my subsequent visit on a Friday night.

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very very dissappointing - bad staff bad portions, - Edit

While we were in Barcelona, we stumbled across this very enticing modern trendy restaurant and being vegetarian we we delighted with the prospect of a gourmet experience. So in we went. we ordered a shared starter of mixed croquettes. These arrived alone on a plate no garnish , no salsa no nothing. Tasted ok but lacked seasoning. For our mains we decided to have the courgette rolls. These arrived, four thin rolls stuffed with scrambled egg on a bed of cold pumpkin soup or sauce. Nothing else. The portion was really only a starter size and at 11.90Euro one would expect a side of rice or bread?? Not really worth the cost but tasty. Now for the service, it was awful. Nobody came by to see how we were with our food. at the end of the first course the waiter took away our plates and left the dirty cutlery behind. In light of the ambience and the prices on this place has it would be expected to have a change of cutlery. No water was offered either. As mentioned our main came on a sauce layer. so one wonders how the staff expected guests to eat this given forks? we tried to get the staff attention to ask for spoons but as they were way too busy chit chatting at the front of the venue my partner resorted to going up and asking for one himself. Rather than suggesting she bring them to us the waitress simply handed him two spoons as she carried on talking to her colleague! After this we decided to eat up and leave and not have dessert of coffees etc. We asked the waitress how long the place was open for and she said 5 months and I can say it may not be open much longer if they don't improve service, as they clearly know not of what this means. The bill was 40 Euro for one starter, two paltry mains, and two juices. We left feeling hungry and robbed. I really do not agree or believe that the positive glowing reviews on here are real or if they are they are rare and not the norm.

My suggestion is if you do go there be mindful of the small portions, the poor service and the fact that the staff are not vegetarian and so do not really know what they ARE DOING.

i WISH I had met the owner as i would loved to have shared my experience with her/him and see what she felt about it.

The staff apologised but didn't really get it it. We were given a jar of sugared almonds as a gesture of good will. However we still needed a dinner after this! To conclude don't bother it is a dis-service to vegetarians and gets vegetarianism a bad na

Pros: location

Cons: service, price, small portions

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Best vegetarian food in Barcelona - Edit

We went to Teresa Carles on our second day in Barcelona and were forced to come back later, because we simple wanted to eat EVERYTHING on the menu. This is the first time ever this has happened to me, so it was quite the experience. Who would have ever thought I'd have too much options at a restaurant.

The food was as delicious as subscribed on the menu. Stuffed mushrooms with walnut, leek pudding (had to try to see what it was), assorted croquettes, pumpkin balls with a centre of blue cheese, an aubergine cake with figs, mushroom cannelloni with truffle sauce, vegetarian "meat" balls, papardelle "bolognese", millefeuille of chocolate mousse and coconut, tiramisu with a Catalonian touch, blueberry cheesecake and a wontoon pastry.

All of these dishes were not only a feast for the tongue but also beautifully displayed.

What I value most about the dishes is that (with some exceptions) they weren't an attempt to copy a meat dish. I love it when vegetables are the centerpiece of a dish. When the chef cleary puts his or her own creativity to play.

The service was fast, friendly and very professional. English menu's are available and everyone we talked to spoke English fluently.

The location is also quite good. Only one street of the plaza Catalunya and very easy to find.

Everything was perfect and this was possibly one of the best all-vegetarian restaurants I have ever eaten at. Of course this comes with a price. This was also the most expensive restaurant we visited in Barcelona, but you definately get value for your money. And it's only price when compared to the other veg places in town, which were all extremely cheap. Terese Carles actually has normal, moderate prices for a place in a touristic centre.

I would definitely say this is the best vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona. So if you want delicious, creative, beautiful food, this is the place to go.

Pros: A feast for the tongue, creative dishes, great location

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Reviewer Avatar

Good! - Edit

Happened upon this place when walking around the city. Really pleased as its the first vegetarian place I've seen in Barcelona. It was quite busy, but our server was quick and attentive. I had a "small plate" for 6.50 euros but it was filling enough for lunch. It was also really delicious. The salads looked great, too, and I was really happy to see that the vegan items were clearly labeled, as were gluten free.

Pros: Vegan labels, Friendly, Delicious

Cons: Need more vegan choices

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent experience - Edit

We had a lovely early dinner there today. Unlike many Spanish restaurants, they do not close between lunch and dinner. Food was excellent, location very clean and modern. Menu is limited. Lots of salad choices and a few entrees, plus fresh juice and wonderful desserts. Menu available in English, clearly marked to show which items are also vegan or gluten free. 100% vegetarian menu. Waiters spoke English well enough that language was not a barrier. They serve breakfast too, we plan on coming back at least once before we leave Barcelona (we are tourists)

Pros: Fresh clean food, Modern pleasant location, GF and vegan clearly marked

Cons: Wish had more variety

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