Patisserie operating since 2012 and became all vegan in 2015. Offers at lunch Dutch weed burger. Sells vegan ice cream and vegan cheese. Pin payments okay. Tram 7 stops outside, or take the metro to Gerdesiaweg. Relocated from Nieuwe Binnenweg 244. Reported closed January 2023.

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11 Nov 2022

Best vegan cake!

I often stop by for cupcakes but have also ordered a large special birthday cake from here - they never fail to impress and guests couldnt tell it is vegan. Delicious creative flavour options and lovely owner. Also stock some vegan baking products and other items.



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01 Oct 2022

Delicious cupcakes

We chose two cupcakes (chocolate and Oreo) to take away (and I bought a block of chocolate). The chocolate one was especially delicious and had a lovely chocolate flavour with pink icing. It was nice and fresh. The Oreo one was good too. I liked the icing which wasn’t too sweet. Really nice service


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13 Feb 2022

The Best Cupcakes💕

This year and last year i ordered the vegan valentines box XL, loved them both. So cute and tasty😋💜 They really have the best cupcakes!

Pros: The cupcakes are the best i’ve ever tasted., Friendly staff


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18 Sep 2021

Lovely vegan place

Cupcakes are delicious ! Also macarons ! They sell liquide smoke and some other vegan product (caramel, candies, vegan cheese)
Cute indoor room and some tables outdoor.
Very nice staff !


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21 Aug 2021

Deliciously sweet

Got surprised by my parents with all these cupcakes. They are deliciously sweet and fun to taste test✨


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19 Aug 2021

Geweldige cupcakes!

Wauwie. Ik koop hier al lange tijd heerlijke cupcakes en taartjes. Ik ben echt 100% fan! De red velvet en oreo zijn mijn favoriet.

Pros: Divers aanbod, Echt heerlijk

Cons: Niet altijd open


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08 Mar 2021

Some delicious and some so-so

The red velvet cake is delicious, i would definitely recommend buying that one. The cake itself is not dry or anything and the cream on top is not fatty-buttery like it is sometimes, but deliciously sweet.
The brunch, however, didn't meet my expectations. The energy balls were quite tasteless and the baked oats tasted like i could have made them myself by using banana and muesli. Also, the croissants turned out being dry and dark brown.

Pros: The cake, Fruits the brunch comes with, Quite cheap

Cons: The energy balls, baked oats and croissants


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21 Jan 2021

Like the name tells you

Lovely Cupcakes and many other vegan food and beverages. Also some non-food. 🥰

Pros: Lovely staff, Fresh food


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02 May 2020

Love it but...

I love this place, they have the best cupcakes!
But they are almost never open :(


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08 Dec 2019

Friendly little place

This small and comfy place only has two tables and mostly does pre ordered deliveries and take out. Also does special orders for Christmas, weddings and other celebrations. Mostly known for its cupcakes, pies and other sweets. Has some savory dishes. My friend ordered one of the cupcakes and loved it. I had a sausage roll which was fine. Friendly service.


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04 Aug 2019

Cute little bakery

I went there with my non-vegan sisters and everybody left the place happy. I had a matcha cupcake which didn’t really taste like matcha (more like vanilla) and sadly the icing was slightly too sweet for me but all in all it was still a pretty good cupcake. I also tried my sister‘s cupcakes (red velvet and pistachio rose) which were quite good as well except for the slightly too sweet icing. We also had milkshakes which were very creamy and delicious ! And they came with a paper straw ♥️
They also have a lot of books about veganism and other topics and they sell a wide range of vegan and eco-friendly products such as bamboo toothbrushes, soups, chocolate etc. They even had Kala Namak and nutritional yeast😄but attention, you cannot pay by credit card !

Pros: All vegan, Cosy little spot with friendly stuff, Useful/cool products, some even support charity

Cons: Slightly overpriced, No menu, prices are not stated anywhere, Doesn’t accept credit card!


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26 Jul 2019


A lovely location right by the main square with lots of tasty cupcakes and cakes to choose from. This is a very animal rights oriented place. I had the Lavender cupcake and tried the Oreo cupcake from my cousin. Both were delicious! I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice treat:))


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12 Jul 2019


The cupcakes were delicious and very cute! I had the chocolate and the mocha one and my dad had a lavender a walnut one, which I tried. I definitely preferred my ones but the others were also very good. I had the berry milkshake, which was nice but after I had eaten tge cupcakes the milkshake didn't taste sweet anymore because of how sweet the cupcakes were😂 They also serve cake, coffee and tea and have a selection of other vegan stuff, like cheese, marshmallows, omlette mix, egg replacement and lots more. There are wristbands and other things you can buy and then the money goes to Animal Rights NL. The staff was very friendly

Pros: Delicious cupcakes, Selection of other vegan goods, Friendly staff

Cons: Location ( further away from the centre), A little expensive, but worth it


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18 Jun 2019


Always my go to when in the neighboorhood! Luckily moved to Rdam East so lot closer to my work which makes it easier.

Pros: Choice of cupcakes😍

Cons: None


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06 May 2019

Cupcakes from heaven(ly)

Cupcakes from Heavenly are best I have ever tasted. I always make sure to look them up when there present at a food festival.

Pros: best cupcakes


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30 Apr 2019


THE first and most famous vegan cakes in NL. Must have!


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25 Mar 2019


When I first became vegan, I thought that I would miss out on a lot of food. But then I found out a vegan cupcake place existed..!
All the (cup)cakes are moisty and full of flavor. The place to be if you love sweets.


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16 Oct 2018

Im Urlaub da gewesen

Ich bin hin und weg! Die Cupcakes sind der Hammer ! Sehr leckere Variationen- vor allem der Red Velvet und der Cookie ♡♡♡ sehr empfehlenswert ! Es gibt auch andere Gebäcke oder Kuchen und ganz tolle Sachen als Kösealternativen,Butter, Wurst oder ökologische Sachen wie mehrweg-Einwickelpapier, bambuszahnbürsten. Sehr nette Frau!

Pros: Endlich Kuchen&Co als vegan , zum da essen oder mitnehmen, viele andere Sachen zum shoppen

Cons: Parkplätze... schwer einen zu bekommen


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20 Aug 2018

Openingstijden waren op de deur aangepast; niet op Happy Cow...

Jammer dat de tijden hier nog niet zichtbaar waren; we waren speciaal met het zusje van mijn vrouw een dagje naar Rotterdam gegaan om bij heavenly cupcakes wat te eten en drinken...

Cons: We stonden voor een gesloten deur.


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07 Aug 2018


I ate some of the best vegan pastries I ever had. I you’re looking for a nice cheat day snack or dessert I would definitely check it out!💚💚

Pros: Completely vegan , Loads of options , Nice location near the city centre

Cons: None


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19 Jul 2018

Delicious cupcakes

I tried the red velvet cupcake and it was so good! I also got a cinnamon bun, was nice but not as amazing as the cupcake.

Pros: Vegan pastries and supplies, Made fresh in front of you, Lovely customer service

Cons: Little hidden from central streets


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18 Jul 2018

Not satisfied 😕

I visited 3 times, once they sold me old donut from freezer, for 3,50€ 🤨 Second time I got crusty old too sweet no priced cake, for 4€ I would never buy it. And then third time sausage roll, which I waited 25 minutes to be ready. And pricey as well.

Pros: Got vegan cheeses

Cons: Too expansive!!, Dirty floor! , Cakes too sweet, and seemed old


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01 Apr 2018

best cakes ever!

Such a nice place. The caramel cake, caramel muffin and chocolate cake was SO good. And the woman working there was so nice as well. Also amazing latte and hot chocolate milk.


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20 Mar 2018

Fijne mensen, ruim aanbod, heerlijk eten

Vaste prik voor mij. Heerlijke cupcakes en taartjes, veganistische opties die ik nog bijna nergens anders heb gezien, en ontzettend fijn personeel. Doen!


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09 Mar 2018

Way too sweet!

The frosting on each cupcake I tried was way too sweet, to the point that it was inedible. I had to scrape off the frosting from the cakes. The cakes themselves tasted ok, but they very small and therefore not worth the money.

Pros: They sell a few vegan baking products and vegan ch

Cons: Too expensive, Tiny cupcakes, Way too sweet


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01 Jan 2018


I went there with my girlfriend because we have been together for 6 months and we really enjoyed. It was delicious and not too expensive! Totally coming back to heavenly cupcakes!

Pros: You can also buy vegan products like "meat", "[censored]


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19 Nov 2017

Vegan cakes at Heavenly cupcakes

This is from a visit in June.
We went here after our lunch at Gare du Nord, hoping to have a fresh icecream, but the only ones on offer are premade containers from Professor Grunschnabel and IJsboerke cornets. Bit of a bummer.

We had some cake instead, with lemonades.
Cake was good, although very heavy in sugar (the topping was a sugar bomb).

Also has a small selection of vegan products for sale.
And lunch options.


Pros: all vegan, small terrace in front

Cons: topping of cake too sugared

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