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De Vegetarische Snackbar

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Contact 0641220828

Stationsplein 5A, The Hague, Netherlands, 2515 BT

Veggie burgers, sandwiches, brunch food, cupcakes, and ice cream with many vegan choices as well. Located opposite to Hollands spoor station. Delivers. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:30pm-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, American, Western, Fast food, Take-out, Dutch

Reviews (33)

First Review by Alynda

Ultimate vegan comfort food! - Edit

Although I had seen this Snackbar multiple times on HappyCow, I never bothered actually going past to try it out because I thought it looked rather grimy and unappealing from the outside.

However, yesterday I found myself near The Hague HS station with my boyfriend, both of us in need of some quick, satisfying vegan food. We decided to give it a try.

When I walked in I immidiately wondered whether everything was really vegetarian. The interior looks exactly like every other snackbar I had seen in my life, and so did the "meat" lying on the counter.

I decided to order the vegan shoarma sandwich and my boyfriend went for the vegan seitan burger. Within 10 minutes both were ready and we were sooo pleasantly surprised! Not only was the food absolutely delicious, it was also hands down the most realistic vegetarian meat I had EVER had.

The shoarma was complete with vegan garlic sauce that was to die for. We ended up ordering seconds, that's how good it was.

I'm definitely planning on bringing some of my meat eating friends here to have them try some of the "meat". I don't think anyone will be able to tell the difference!

Pros: Relatively cheap, Quickly prepared, Easily reachable, right next to station HS

Cons: Not the healthiest food, but it IS a snackbar!, Not a very nice interior

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Amazing - Edit

I was there last year and can't wait to go back. I tried the vegan combo with bitterballen, nuggets, falafel and kibbuhling with garlic sauce. So yummy and felt so much like the real meaty stuff!!!
The place is a bit small and I wouldn't recommend it if you're in a rush.

Pros: so yummy

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Vegan deep fried food - Edit

It's great that someone veganized (most of) the typical dutch deep fried foods found in "snackbars".

The kaassouffle I tried there was delicious. The french fries however, were quite dissapointing. I later heard from someone that's because they use a different kind of oil than the traditional snackbar.

Also, the place looked a bit dingy... It felt a little unclean, I would say.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-08

Pros: veganized dutch deep fried food, located next to a train station

Cons: the french fries are not tasty, not very clean

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Good for a snack - Edit

Not the typical, pop in - order - and pop out with your order - type of snackbar, don't go if you're in a rush.

Good tasty food (haven't tried anything). Burgers and snacks are great, was less impressed with the pizza.

Pros: Snacks

Cons: So-so pizza

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fun and lots of vegan meats - Edit

Been vegan for years and had my first vegan shawarma here. Fun and delicious. This isn't a snack bar, it's a full on restaurant with lots of options for soups, sandwiches and meals. Server was friendly and even went next door to get me ice when I requested it.

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Great food, worst service - Edit

The food over here is really great. You have a lot of different choices and most of them are vegan. Really nice.

The big negative part of 'De Vegetarische Snackbar' is the service. They are not customer friendly at all, but in the beginning we didn't mind because the food is so delicious. However, yesterday we asked our money back and left the place, since we waited for more than 1 hour for our two burgers. He responded very angry and agitated. We understand there were a lot of customers, but when we were told they would start immediately after asking for the third time how long it would take, we didn't want to eat there anymore.

They are not working efficiently at all (they are making one dish at a time) and people who ordered 0.5 hours after us, got their food after 30 minutes. It's a shame, it could have worked out pretty good, but clearly they don't understand running a restaurant as well. A snackbar means getting a quick dish (fast food), but waiting more than a hour for you simple burger, is absolute absurd.

Pros: Good vegetarian/vegan dishes, Near the train station

Cons: Service is bad!, The restaurant looks cheap, Waiting times are too long

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Huge fan right here - Edit

De vegetarische snackbar is very close to where I live and I'm a huge fan.

The concept of a "snackbar" is very familiar to anyone in the Netherlands but may be confusing to foreigners. It means: fast, cheap, fried food to take home or eat while you walk. The food traditionally with a lot of french fries and a lot of processed meat of undetermined origin.

De vegetarische snackbar turned this concept around by creating a "snackbar" that's all vegetarian and in many cases vegan. So it's still fried food and they serve all the questionable meat products except they're not meat products. This is a fun and original idea and it works really well. (As a break from tradition they also serve some salads by the way.)

The food is a little more expensive than a traditional "snackbar" but that is to be expected. It's very tasty and filling. We love the karma and the bacon burger. It is still fried fast food so you probably shouldn't eat there every night if you care about your health. But we go there once or twice a month and we very much enjoy it.

Pros: affordable, wide selection, great taste

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Hell YES! - Edit

The food is fresh, delicious and really creative. I had a tuna sandwich and a coconut vanilla mylk shake. It was a divine!! The prices are affordable and the place is comfy too. I really wish we had such a place in Amsterdam... ;(

Pros: Affordable, Delicious, Creative

Cons: Not in Amsterdam

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Fingerlicking vegan fast food - Edit

The vegan shoarma is the bomb! I brought some meat-eating family from Germany here, and they said they couldn't tell the difference from a meaty Döner. They got the garlic sauce down to the point, and even the fishy stuff (most of all the 'kibbeling' tastes authentic. I don't know how they do it, but they certainly found a way to veganize fast food. Also sells Professor Grunschnabel vegan ice cream.

Pros: Delicious fast food (mostly vegan), Open daily, great service, Right by the station

Cons: They're not in Rotterdam

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Big snacks - Edit

Big snacks, fair prices, nice staff, a lot of choices. I like the selfmade veganaise. Very tasty if you like it fat and salty (I do so). Not really "healthy" as it stands in the logosign.

Pros: Big servings

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Awful food except the vegetarian shoarma - Edit

It's a snack bar with emphasis in the greasy stuff. I tried the burger and a veg roll which, except the shoarma, flew to the trash bin presto. To be fair, their shoarma is really good but it cannot compensate for the bad food and the questionable cleanliness of the place. Look elsewhere.

Pros: Vegetarian shoarma called Koarma

Cons: Not clean. Awful taste.

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Variable quality. Poor service. - Edit

Ordered on two separate occasions from here and food is variable. Our most recent order came with all the chips badly overdone with no soft potato inside most likely to over-frying. Especially annoying as this amounted to at least €10 of the order. Website is inconsistent and does not provide accurate allergen information. A phone call to restaurant to confirm ingredients was not convincing + we were told veganbom burger had no soy. Surprised to find it filled with veganaise which is soy based. Also comments were ignored when we requested no onions in 3 of 4 burgers - sadly all had onions. So to summarise, poor quality website in need of updating, awful service not honouring phone advice or web order request and poor or variable quality food. To add insult to injury order time was 1 hour but actually took 1h 20mins and we are not far from the shop. You may have better luck than us.

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Great! - Edit

We had the fried fish, berenklauw ("meat"ball with onions), cheese soufflé and fries. Everything was really delicious, especially the berenklauw tasted just like meat, also with a great structure.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, lots of options

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My favourite in The Hague - Edit

This has to be the place for the best vegan shoarma I've ever tried -and I've tried many. The food is neatly done, I but lower in salt but I could add just more to my own taste (quite the opposite when your food is too salty, there's nothing you can do then).
The personnel are very nice people. The place is not really big and sometimes can get crowded -which is good news. And it is really handy that is in front of the train station. The only I miss is some booze as the place doesn't serve it. The rest is alles OK. Well done guys! I'm recommending this place to anyone travelling to Den Haag.

Pros: Fair prices, Best vegan shoarma

Cons: No booze :(

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Value for money - Edit

The food was great, self made sauces, good fries, good prices and friendly staff. If you're into (vegan) fast food it's the best place to go.

Pros: Almost completely vegan, Value for money, Tasty, fresh food

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Good concept, good food - Edit

I ate here three times now and I liked it! They have a good menu with a lot of choice, also for vegans. It is not as cheap as a normal snackbar, but I think it is also not that expensive. The food tastes good. It is tasty, although it maybe not always really tastes like the "real food", for me it's good this way.
The service good be better. They are nice, but sometimes you have to wait a little bit too long.

Pros: Tasty food, Lots of choice, Good price

Cons: Service could be quicker

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Choices! - Edit

The first time I walked in there I was a vegetarian. My eyes could not bare all of the... choices! When I went to a snackbar the only thing I could choose was a kaassoufflé. But now I could pick anything from the list and I could eat it! Now that I´m vegan I have still much to choose from. And I think it is yummy! I would recommend it to you!

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A bit unnecessary - Edit

Okay, the idea is funny - a snack bar that serves all the unhealthy stuff you get in a normal one, but everything is vegetarian and most of it vegan. The fries were good, but I had the assortment of different fried snacks, such as the typical Dutch bitterballen and kibbeling (the original is fried fish - the vegan version tasted and felt strangely similar yet different) and it was simply not very good. Maybe it is just me and I simply enjoy healthy food more. But especially the falafels were quite horrible (I know my falafels). My meat-eating boyfriend had a double burger, which did not look like a burger but a large sandwich, and also was not impressed at all by the taste of it. And although the staff was friendly, they were really slow and could not answer simple questions like which item was vegan or not immediately. Also the price seemed quite high for a simple snackbar (26 Euro for two persons). I would not go again.

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Vegan junkfood at its best - Edit

They have a lot to choose from. I have been vegetarian for so long that I don't even know what all these "things" (mock meats) are supposed to be like! Not every thing is vegan though, they have some things with normal cheese. But the bread and the garlic sauce are all vegan.

The one thing I have always missed since becoming veg is shoarma-meat, so I just HAD to try the vegan kapsalon, just because it is a vegan kapsalon. (for those who want to know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapsalon) It was big, nice and really spicy. YUM. The vegan cheese they use is good (I forgot to ask which one it was). A real junk food experience, which I do not get the opportunity to eat that often! I could have tried so much more, but I will come back some day, for sure.

Pros: Real snackbar atmosphere, A lot to choose from, Friendly staff

Cons: Maybe not so healthy, but hey!

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Awesome vegan fast food! - Edit

This place is relatively new, but is very welcoming and has a huge variety of vegan options. They also make killer dutch fries (I asked for "french fries" and was refused politely). We tried the bacon-cheese-burger which was huge, filled with many vegetables as well, and tasted incredible.

The drinks are all organic/bio stuff, and they also own a huge stock of vegan ice creams in a dozen or more flavors.

The owner is a super friendly guy who apparently opened the place with an unemployment grant from the government. Sounds like it's going well for him!

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My Go-to For Vegan Snacks! - Edit

I am their biggest fan :-) now seriously, they have loads of vegan options for snacks, and it's all very tasty. You should definitely try the vegan kapsalon! Also they have nice coffee. Only downside for me is the location. I don't like venturing in that side of the Hague, especially not in the evening.

Pros: Very Friendly Staff, Reasonable Prices, Their Kapsalon

Cons: Location

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Best junk food in town - Edit

If you you'e craving junkfood, this is the place to be! My favorite is the Broodje Karma (pitabread with vegan shoarma, and vegan cheese if you like). I still need to try their Kibbuling (fried fish)... Oh and they also sell vegan icecream! Don't expect any healthy options though!

Pros: Good food!, Many vegan options

Cons: No healthy options

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Tasty vegan junk food! - Edit

This place is definitely worth a visit just for the vegan kapsalon alone. While the dutch obviously love fried junk food, their obsession with majonaise makes most dishes very un-vegan. This place is a welcome remedy as they only serve completely vegan sauces.

Pros: Cheap, Vegan, Junk food

Cons: Junk food

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The very first vegetarian snackbar - Edit

This is the first all vegetarian snackbar in the country, so I was really curious to what they were selling. My boyfriend - a vegan - ordered a 'Lupine burger'. He was really satisfied! I had a vegan cupcake and I must say that it was the best cupcake I ever ate.
The snackbar itself really looks like a typical snackbar, it could use some tlc.

Pros: great variety of choice, one of a kind

Cons: interior is a bit skimpy

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Tasty vegan fast food - Edit

I came here recently with my partner on a day trip to The Hague. We had the burger plates with vegan cheese, fries, and salads. We got the fries with vegan mayo, which was really tasty. The burger was quite delicious, though I thought the sauce was a little sweet (my partner disagreed). The man behind the counter was incredibly friendly and spoke English very well. We really enjoyed our visit and would definitely return.

Pros: good value, good burger, friendly staff

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Great vegan fast food, very tasty - Edit

Picked up dinner here a couple of days ago; a vegan burger and vegan kapsalon. Yes, there now is a vegan version of this Dutch classic available! Wooohooo!

The staff were very helpful in pointing out what was vegan (vs vegetarian), and there was a separate sign with vegan items, even though I found the actual menu a little confusing.

The food itself was really tasty. It is fast food like burgers, fries, shwarma, etc, so don't expect anything too healthy.

What a great place!

Pros: Tasty food, Vegan / vegetarian classics, Friendly staff

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I really, really wanted to love this spot.. - Edit

...but our experience was left wanting. Maybe my friend and I caught the staff on an "off" day? We barely got acknowledged by the staff. The only time they perked up was when the owner walked in, who is quite a friendly guy. Aside from this, we waited an astonishing 25 minutes for our karma sandwich, and it wasn't even remotely busy. We even saw other people get served before us. The much-touted karma sandwich was OK. The huge hamburger-style bread was too much for our liking. I would recommend that they switch to a pita-style bread, as I think it would compliment the spicy karma pieces better. Otherwise, the flavour of the karma pieces get lost in the bread. Or perhaps give people the option to have a pita or the current hamburger-style bun?

Pros: Loads of vegan options, Close to the train station, Cute place

Cons: Service, Slow, Their signature sandwich needs tweaking

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great fastfood - Edit

There aren't that many 'unhealthy' veg places, so when this typical Dutch snackbar opened we were curious to take a look :) The food is fantastic, most of it is vegan or can be made in a vegan version. There's also a good atmosphere with friendly staff.

Since it's right next to a big intercity station it's surely a good promotion for veg food and takes it out of the health corner.

In short: Go eat here if you crave some fat vegan fast-food sometimes, you won't regret!

Pros: great tasty food, friendly staff, location

Cons: can get crowded, not so cheap

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Best fast food since ever - Edit

Maybe it's because I haven't been to many vegan restaurant just yet, but this is the best fast-food restaurant I paid a visit till so far!

Pros: mostly vegan

Cons: parking space

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Fastfood heaven - Edit

When I heard there was a vegetarian snackbar opening, and they would a have a lot of vegan options I needed to go there as soon as possible :)

In the meantime I've been there a few times already. A lot of my non-vegan friends and co-workers always talk about how vegans eat so healthy. Well, now I can tell them I can eat fat fastfood just like them, hahaha.

I was really surprised how many of their options are vegan. A lot of meat substitutes sold in the Netherlands contain egg or milk, but De Vegetarische Snackbar tried to find some great ones that don't. They have fries, burgers, deep-fried snacks, sandwiches, icecream, cupcakes, organic lemonades and much more. Most of it vegan.

Yeah this is not a place you go to eat some super healthy food. It's amazing for what it is though, and reminds me a bit of some of the great places you can find in Berlin. They will be seeing me a lot here :) Very friendly owner and staff too.

Pros: Vegan fast food! YES!

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Great place for a quick bite (and drink) - Edit

If you are up to a super-healthy, balanced organic meal with lots of fresh veggies: this is NOT the place to be. It is, as its name says, a snack bar, with fast food, a lot of which is deep-fried. But if you are after a delicious quick bite and you are ok with a "sin" once in a while, this place is just great. It is all-vegetarian and has quite a lot of options, among which many vegan ones. And as far as I know this is the only place in Holland serving French fries with vegan mayonnaise. A specialty, already mentioned here, is "Broodje Karma", a vegan shawarma version. And there are various burgers (yes, also the famous "Dutch weedburger" will soon be available here), sandwiches with vegan cheese, "hot chicken" or tofu sausage, soya smoothies, vegan cupcakes, vegan ice cream and many other things. And yes, also some healthy organic drinks!

The staff is very friendly and helpful.
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 11, 2013

Pros: Nice variety, also for vegans, Cheap, Friendly + enthusiastic staff

Cons: Could use a few more fresh veggies

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Great addition to the city - Edit

It's great to have a place like this in my own hometown. They not only serve fries with vegan mayonise & peanut sauce, but they also have a variety of vegan snacks, burgers, fish analogues and of course the 'broodje karma' - a vegan version of shawarma. Also vegan cupcakes, cakes and other desserts. Enthousiastic owner and great atmosphere.

Pros: very vegan friendly, extensive menu

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