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Pauler 8, Budapest, Hungary

Super cute vegetarian restaurant in Buda

29 Jun 2014

I went here three times this week for lunch because I was attending a conference near Deli train station and this was the closest vegan-friendly restaurant. The food was delicious!

The decor is really cute. It reminds me of an English tea house. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. They have free wifi, too.

For food, they offer one raw vegan plate and one cooked vegetarian plate every day for lunch. The days that I went, the raw plate was really good. It usually consists of a salad of chopped vegetables, some raw crackers, and some yummy raw side. The cakes are also raw and very tasty.

The prices can't really be beat. The daily menu includes the plate of your choice plus a small smoothie (probalby .2 liters), and cost 990 HUF, which is less than $5 at the moment. A piece of cake was around 400 HUF, I believe. The total for a filling meal with dessert was maybe 6 or 7 dollars. In the US, I estimate the same thing would have been over $20, because raw food isn't cheap.

The staff is friendly, but don't all speak perfect English. Fortunately, there probably isn't all that much you need to communicate, so it's not really a problem. They have displays of the daily dishes, so you can just point to the one you want, or say "vegan".

Cecilienstr. 12, Saarbrücken, Saarbrucken, Germany

Try the seitan!

26 Jul 2008

My boyfriend and I stopped here while driving through Saarbrucken. The menu is pretty big, but most of the items aren't vegan. One cool thing they have is that you can make your own baked dish by choosing potatoes, rice, or pasta, with a choice of vegetables and sauces. I ordered pasta with tomato sauce, broccoli, and olives. They messed up the order and gave me cauliflower instead of broccoli, but it was still good. My boyfriend had the seitan steak, which was big, and came with fries and a salad. His meal was very good. Mine was pretty simple, but good (and much cheaper than his).

505 NW 13th St, Gainesville, USA

My favorite place in Gainesville

21 Jun 2008

I was recently in Gainesville for 11 days, and I had 4 meals here. The food is fantastic. The tofu quiche is to die for. I also had the vegan lasagna (excellent), the tempeh reuben (strange, but tasty), and the Greek special (with amazing vegan potato salad). The desserts are simple, but good. The staff is pretty knowledgeable, and friendly enough. The bookstore itself is great, too, with lots of cheap used books.

Kurfürsten-Anlage 9, Heidelberg, Germany

Good, but better for non-vegans

26 Jul 2008

Cute restaurant with a pretty big menu. Some of the items that can be made vegan, like the Mexican ones, look like they would be pretty plain without the cheese. The selection of already vegan items is pretty small. The daily special, which is pretty cheap, is usually not vegan, and neither is the dessert. I had the Tofu Chili and my boyfriend had the Japanese Garden. Both were good. The tofu in the chili was especially good, as was the miso sauce on the Japanese Garden. My boyfriend was still hungry afterward.

5 Elm St, Searsport, USA

Fantastic veg B&B on the beautiful Maine coast

21 May 2012

I stayed here for a weekend in May with my husband, and didn't want to leave.

The proprietor, Janet, is very friendly and helpful. It seems more like we stayed with an old friend for a weekend than that we went to a B&B. It was a great experience.

The breakfasts were amazing. She made a warm dish each morning (once sweet, once savory), and also served homemade toast with jams, granola, fruit compote, and baked goods. It was too much food to even try everything, and it was all delicious.

The Maine coast is very beautiful, and Elm Cottage is in a good location. We went to Sears Island and Moose Point State Park one day, and Fort Knox and Pemaquid Point the next. Janet helped us find places that we would enjoy, and we had a really great time.

Also, there are 2 dogs and 3 cats there, which added to the fun!

Oudburg 47, Ghent, Belgium

Delicious and very vegan-friendly!

02 Jan 2013

I stumbled across this place by accident while looking for a place to get tea in Gent. We were so surprised when we saw that a lot of the drinks on the menu mentioned vegan options, and there was even vegan ice cream and milkshakes.

The decor is really cool. The ambiance was good, too. The music was Johnny Cash. We went during the afternoon on a weekday, and were the only ones there.

I ordered a speculoos soy latte and the owner/server mentioned that I could add chocolate and it would still be vegan, so I did that. It was so good, and beautifully presented. The chocolate was served on the side in the form of chocolate chips that you could stir into the drink. Since the owner knew I was vegan, instead of serving the drink with a small brownie on the side, she gave me a small scoop of homemade soy vanilla ice cream. It was so good. If the weather was warmer, I definitely would have ordered something involving ice cream.

We stayed long enough for a second drink and I got a Pineapple Fizz, which was a freshly made soda with pineapple and mint. My husband got a non-alcoholic banana colada. We both loved our drinks. The two friends we were with were also really happy with what they got.

Most cafes in Belgium don't even have soymilk, and they usually serve all their drinks with cookies that are only occasionally vegan. KBilly's was way more vegan friendly than any other cafe I've been to in Belgium. I will definitely come back next time I'm in town.

130 S Green St, Chicago, USA

Great food in an overly fancy atmosphere

11 Feb 2010

I went here last night with my boyfriend. We like Karyn's other restaurants and we were excited to try this one.

We really enjoyed our food. We got the Chorizo Sliders as an appetizer, and they were excellent. The Chicken Legs were very good, and had a great texture. The Shepherd's Pie was also very good. For dessert we had the Chocolate Terrine. It was good and very rich, but I don't think it was worth $9.

The staff were very friendly. The only thing we didn't like was that there were so many excess staff that we felt a bit uncomfortable. For example, there is someone whose job it is to stand in the coat check room all night, and someone who stands outside opening the door. We felt sorry for them, and it made the evening somewhat awkward.

3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England

Love the Loving Hut!

30 Mar 2010

On my recent trip to London, I ate at 5 vegan restaurants (and one non-vegan), and this was probably my favorite of all of them. The buffet food was really good. I can't remember exactly what there was, but I liked it all. There was a delicious sweet and sour dish, and something with potatoes and dal, I think. It was all very good. We also each got a burger, and those were excellent, as well. They were a little fatty due to lots of veganaise, but I'm sure you could ask for it without that.

I really liked this place, so I don't want to say anything bad about it, but I will say that the service was a little strange. The people were very friendly, but we waited for a long time before we were helped, and I think the guy working there, who was caught up in a conversation with other customers, just had no idea that we wanted to be helped. However, once we were helped, everything was great. Just don't be afraid to speak up if no one is helping you.

The restaurant is small, but when we were there on a Saturday evening, it wasn't crowded. It doesn't have much atmosphere, and they have Supreme Master TV playing in the background, which some might find annoying, but I really enjoyed the place. I highly recommend it if you're in London.

514 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, USA

Mostly fabulous food

08 Feb 2011

I actually went here for both lunch and dinner on the one day I was in Santa Monica.

When we arrived for lunch, they were still serving Sunday brunch, so I ordered a tofu scramble. It was very good, but not the best tofu scramble I've had. One of my friends had the enchiladas, which were delicious. Another had a caesar salad, which was also great. And another had the club sandwich, which I didn't try, but he enjoyed a lot. All three were non-vegan and all three were very pleased with their meals. For dessert we had cheesecake, which was excellent.

Then I went back with two other people for dinner. I ordered the alfredo, which was incredible. The others agreed that it was delicious. My aunt had one of the specials, and the tofu wasn't well-flavored, so it tasted too much like soy. Other than that, the meals were very good.

For dessert we ordered the coconut tart. I am a huge fan of coconut, but I was really disappointed by the tart. It was mostly whipped cream, with a thin coconut cream layer. It didn't taste much like coconut. I wouldn't say that it didn't taste good, but I definitely wouldn't recommend buying it if you want something with coconut. It was a very mediocre dessert.

The service was mostly good, but when I was there for lunch one of my friends complained that it looked like there was soap in her water, and she was told it wasn't soap and wasn't offered a new water. The two people who drank out of it said it tasted funny, and so she ended up sharing a water with someone else.

1300 N Milwaukee, Chicago, USA

Yummy vegan fast food

07 Jun 2010

Veggie Bite is one of the few places in Chicago that is vegan because the owners care about animals, and not for health reasons. Despite some of the signs on the walls, the food at Veggie Bite is not very healthy. It's greasy fast food, and it's delicious!

The buffalo wings and buffalo on rye are especially good, as are the chili cheese fries and burgers. The milk shakes are fabulous, and the soft serve ice cream is really good, too.

I've been there quite a few times, and the people there are always friendly. The service there used to be slow, but they've finally gotten the hang of it and it's super-fast now, or at least it was last time I went. The wireless worked fine for me the one time I used it.

In summary: Veggie Bite is vegan fast food, and nothing more or less, but for vegan fast food, it's great!

1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge, USA

Not the best for vegans - or anyone

25 Apr 2012

I have had enough bad experiences here that I have decided to stop going even though it is so conveniently located.

Before I get into the food, I'll say that it's not really a fun experience because you have to wait for them to call your name to get your food, and they don't have any speaker system, so you have to listen really carefully, and sometimes it's nearly impossible to hear. It's not uncommon to spend the first 15 minutes of your time there straining to hear your name.

Now the food:

The day it opened, I ordered the cauliflower soup. It was possibly the worst thing I've ever eaten. If not the worst, definitely the second worst. It tasted fermented. It was bubbly and sour. I could only take about 2 bites before I gave up. Unfortunately, I had ordered it to go, so I couldn't easily take it back.

The main reason I kept going back was that the fries are really good. However, lately they have been very inconsistent. One day, there was way too much salt, and the next day there was almost none. They need to train the staff better so that they can have a consistent product.

Also, they don't have a lot of vegan options. Once I mentioned it to a staff member and he said that they weren't trying to be vegan-friendly. However, they did later get Vegenaise.

I went last night and saw that they had seitan chili. I asked if it was vegan and was told it was, so I ordered it. When it arrived, it had what looked like sour cream on top, so I asked the employee if it was vegan sour cream. She said, "No. Did you not want sour cream?" I said, "I was told the chili was vegan." She said, "The chili is vegan, but not the sour cream." Why would they tell people something is vegan if they put something non-vegan on top of it without asking? Anyway, she then said she would fix it, and I watched as she scooped off the sour cream and dumped it in the trash.

I will not go back.

Papegaaistraat, Oost-Vlaanderen, Ghent, Belgium

Huge selection of veggie burgers!

06 Aug 2008

The Frietketel is a great place to go for veggie burgers and fries. The portions of fries are all huge. They have a large selection of veggie burgers, although not all of them are vegan. Ask the staff which are vegan. My favorite is the Crispy Hawaii burger (ask for vegan sauce since the cocktail sauce isn't vegan). Most vegan burgers come with vegan tartar sauce. They make vegan burgers on special vegan bread, so make sure to tell them if you're vegan. They also have some non-burger items, like soyanuggets and stoofvlees (Belgian "beef" stew). I believe all the staff speak English, and they are very friendly. It can get very busy at times, so be prepared to wait.

407 NW 13th St, Gainesville, USA

Tasty, but make sure to order enough food

19 Jun 2008

I ordered a tempeh burrito and really liked it, but it's small for the price (especially since it was non-dairy). Next time I'll probably order two things. I also got an apple burrito without realizing it would be covered in honey. I think it's probably possible to ask for it without honey, but I'm not sure. I ate it anyway and it was good, and more filling than the tempeh burrito. Their guacamole is tasty, too.

Laugavegi 20b, Reykjavik, Iceland

Excellent vegan options and big portions

25 Aug 2015

This is a very popular restaurant, but big enough that there are usually a couple of free tables. They have 4 main dishes to choose from every day, including one that is always raw and vegan, and often a second cooked vegan one. The others are non-vegan. There is also always a vegan soup. You choose a main dish or soup, and then you also get 3 salads/sides from a selection of several that are all vegan (at least they were both times when I was there, and I think they always are). The price is about 2000 isk, which is currently around $15. This is a pretty good price for Iceland for the amount of food you get.

We went here two times for dinner and once for dessert. Both times I ordered the raw dish, and both times I was very happy with my order. Everyone I was with also really enjoyed the food. For dessert I had a raw chocolate raspberry thing that was delicious, and a vegan hot chocolate. They also have a nice selection of fruit sodas. They supposedly sometimes have vegan pavlova for dessert as well, but it wasn't available any of the days I was there, which was disappointing.

Glo is definitely one of the best places in Reykjavik for vegans. One of the reviews says they have a big sign claiming it is a vegetarian restaurant. I don't remember seeing any sign like that, so I think it must be gone. There is a side mentioning that they have vegetarian and raw food, I think, but I don't think it claims that the restaurant is all vegetarian.

Nederkouter 42, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

My favorite burger in Gent

06 Aug 2008

I really love the Wortelburger at Greenway. It's a carrot patty with a slice of pineapple and a yummy sauce, and it's all vegan. They also have a couple of vegan rice dishes that are good, but the Wortelburger is the best item on the menu, in my opinion. You can get a cup of soup to go with it. They also have several specials, some of which are vegan. I tried the Brazilian Wrap recently and was very disappointed. It was mostly lettuce. They usually don't have any vegan desserts in stock.

Reep 14, Oost-Vlaanderen, Ghent, Belgium

Excellent food every time!

29 Jul 2008

Go to Komkommertijd if you want a big meal. The all-you-can-eat buffet includes soup and dessert. There are usually about 8 warm dishes and several cold ones to choose from. Usually there are loempias (spring rolls), stuffed tomatoes, dal, some type of rice, and various vegetable and tofu dishes. The dessert changes every day. It's usually some type of cake and can be very good. The staff has always been friendly to me, and I believe they all speak English. Reservations are not needed, but are a good idea for large groups.

ul Tsar Simeon 72, Sofia, Bulgaria

My favorite restaurant in Sofia!

02 Jul 2011

I went to Kring 4 times on my recent 6-day trip to Sofia. It was close to my hotel, but I probably would have gone there a lot even if it weren't.
I had the Hawaiian-style seitan, seitan in exotic sauce, and a vegetable pancake with tempeh. The seitan was possibly the best I've ever had. The Hawaiian-style seitan was really fabulous. The tempeh was also particularly good. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the "exotic sauce", because it contained seaweed and I don't like seaweed.

The service was very good. When I went in the evenings, the waiter spoke decent English and was very helpful. The food arrived quickly. When I went at lunch with a group of 6 people, the waitress didn't speak much English, but she did her best to understand us, and was very friendly. We were impressed that she had managed to get our order correct despite all the language confusion. All six of us were happy with the food, too. It did take a while for all the food to come out, because they have a small kitchen and can't cook it all at once.

It's located a bit out of the center of town, but it is really not that far, and definitely worth the extra few minutes.

I wish I could have tried more of the menu items. The pesto pasta looked really good, for instance. It will give me something to look forward to if I ever go back to Sofia!

61120 Ticheville, Vimoutiers, Normandie, Ticheville, France

A veggie haven in Normandy

17 Sep 2009

This place is amazing. Normandy is a desert for vegans, and La Maison Du Vert is an oasis. I ate here for dinner with my fiance and my parents. We got there early and sat in the beautiful garden and played with one of the cats, Scampi. The food is outstanding. I had a "rosti", which is a big potato pancake with sauce and vegetables on it. My fiance had the Indian thali. For dessert, they made us vegan chocolate fondue with fruit. Everything was delicious, and the English staff are all very friendly. The place was crowded, and almost everyone was speaking English.

It is easy to get lost getting there, though. Make sure you get directions to Ticheville, France. The map we got from Happy Cow wasn't correct. La Maison Du Vert is right across the street from the church in Ticheville. It's a tiny town, so I don't think it's possible to miss it.

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