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One of the only places in the airport with a vegan choice for breakfast, as of Sept '21. Offers a hummus and avocado sandwich and fresh juice. Ask about plant-based milk for coffee. Open Mon-Sun 06:00-22:00.

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First Review by kiki_sunshine


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Mostly Veg
13 May 2023

The only one

Probably the healthiest place at the airport. Plastic use is reduced



Points +1580

26 Feb 2023

Good healthy

Good and healthy sandwich, sadly only 1 option


Points +257

09 Jan 2023

Needs must

I can only agree with previous reviews. For a bustling international airport, it’s pretty disappointing to find this as your only vegan option between flights. C’mon, my local airport with a grand total of like 6 gates provides more than this!!

In theory it’s good: hummus, avocado, pomegranate, bread - all things I love. Unfortunately the execution isn’t fantastic, the frozen avocado overpowers the sandwich with a kind of bitter taste as there’s not a whole heap going on in terms of flavours. It’s also difficult to eat without making an absolute mess as the avocado keeps falling out = not ideal for a quick grab and go to eat at the gate.

However, the wholegrain bread is delicious and it’s fairly filling. Do make sure to pick up some salt, pepper napkins though!!

Pros: Bread is lovely

Cons: Unimaginative + bland


Points +854

08 Jan 2023


happy cow stated this was the only place i got get vegan breakfast and coffee (starbucks wasn’t open, bread company was the only shop open for food) all i needed this morning was a coffee, i waited in a 25 minute line to be told that there was indeed no plant based milk options and that they had 1 vegan breakfast sandwich and it essentially was avocado, “hummus” and pomegranate. over 12 euro. no thank u!

the sandwich woulda hit w some balsamic or salt and pepper !

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-08


Points +63

Mostly Veg
29 Nov 2022

quick bite

Simple and filling. Line was long but it moved fast. Good for a quick bite before your flight.

Pros: Quick

Cons: A bit overpriced


Points +3612

07 Nov 2022

Simple Option if Needed

Amsterdam Bread Co is a convenient and safe sandwich option in this bustling airport that has one vegan option.

The option? - their Avocado Hummus Sandwich (8€) with pomegranate seeds and tomatoes slapped in the middle of two grain loafs. There was a decent amount of avo inside the sandwich, which you'd hope would be the case for the price.

While it wasn't necessarily the best sandwich I had ever had, it's a good, quick option at AMS. I'd let the avocados thaw out a bit since it definitely felt frozen.

Pros: Decent enough vegan option available

Cons: Frozen-tasting avocados, Only one vegan option


Points +162

10 Oct 2022

Nice vegan sandwich

One clear vegan option, tasty with a very rich and healthy topping.


Points +62

31 Aug 2022

Good bread, frozen 🥑

Same as everything that's been said before:the avocado is still frozen. However the bread is Good, which, like me, you might enjoy if you've just arrived from the country where there is no good bread. No pomegranate in mine and literally very little hummud and tomato.buy it and le it thaw at room temperature for a few hours 😉

Pros: Good bread

Cons: Frozen 🥑


Points +530

19 Aug 2022

Mediocre sandwich

The one vegan option, the avocado hummus sandwich, was adequate. It had no pomegranate seeds. The avocado was thawed from frozen. The bread was good. I wish they would just sell bread with hummus.

Pros: It's something

Cons: Meh


Points +18

Mostly Veg
03 Aug 2022

Uninspiring & overpriced, but filling.

The airport is sorely lacking in vegan options, and this is just one of a few which doesn’t quite hit a home run, but is satisfying. The sandwich is big. There was a lot of avocado in mine, and very little hummus, with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and salad. A little salt and pepper helped make it more palatable. Bread is whole grain, very filling.

All in all, it’s okay. Nothing to write home about. I wish there were more vegan options at this airport.

Pros: Filling, Good portion

Cons: Little hummus, Avocado overload , Price


Points +42

05 Jul 2022

Limited and overpriced

Like many of the reviewers before me, the only vegan option is the hummus sandwich which comes with avocado, salad and pomegranate. It tastes nice, but it’s overshadowed by the fact that it costs €8 and there’s only one option.


Points +16804

03 May 2022

Only option?

This was all I could find after walking all over checking many places. Many places still closed.
It is a decent enough option in a vegan wasteland.


Points +690

03 May 2022

Quite okay

They offer one vegan sandwich with hummus and avocado which is okay, but expensive ($8). But
I was happy to find a vegan option like this on the airport.

Cons: Teuer


Points +3159

01 May 2022

Not worth it

The only sandwich you can choose from is indeed the hummus & avo sandwich, which arguably isn't bad, the bread to topping ratio is a bit on the bready side, but overall, it tastes nice. The €8 however are an absolute joke.

The tables were also very, very dirty and I didn't see anyone cleaning them (other than removing tablets), let alone wipe them down.

I can't wait for Schiphol to go 60% vegan as they have planned, because the choice so far is absolutely abysmal. (If you can speak of "choice" when there's one vegan item on offer)

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Expensive, Dirty tables


Points +148

30 Jan 2022

Good avocado sandwich

I really liked the hummus sandwich, which apparently has more avocado than hummus 😊 but the taste is fine, the bread awesome and it’s quite big 🙂 make sure you add salt & pepper from the bar…

Pros: Lots of avocado, Nice whole grain bread

Cons: Could be more hummus

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