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Serves meat, vegan options available. Bar offering pub food with a dedicated vegan page in the menu, including burgers and pasta. Open daily, hours may vary. Open Tue-Sun 11:30-23:00.

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First Review by KoosvanRij


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26 Feb 2024

Wanted to give 5 stars 😀

This restaurant offers two menus. One side of the menu is for omni's and the other side is a complete version of this menu for vegans. Great for mixed groups.

Pros: Full vegan menu, Nice staff



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24 Jan 2024

Savoring the classics

Charming restaurant with a modest exterior, yet it boasts an array of delicious vegan choices. I found myself grappling with the menu due to the abundance of tempting options. Eventually, I settled on a schnitzel that transported me back to the exact taste I remember from when I still ate meat.

Pros: Lots of choice, Very friendly staff, Very affordable prices


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06 Jan 2024


In een kleine plaats als Kleef verwacht ik geen menukaart met zo veel keuze! Top!
De menukaart kan je van beide kanten lezen. Vanuit de een omnivoor, van de andere kan vegan. #Veganuary

Pros: Veel keuze, Gezonde opties , Vriendelijk

Cons: X


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09 Nov 2023

Vegane Karte

So viel gute Auswahl ist im ganzen Kreis kleve nicht zu übertreffen.
In der heutigen Zeit ist dieses Restaurant auf den Zug aufgesprungen und hat es mehr als verdient mit 5 Sternen bewertet zu werden! Ich habe ein Mal dort Essen geholt und es war sehr gut.
Ich komme wieder:)

Pros: Gute Auswahl, Schönes Ambiente, Parkplätze hinterm Gebäude , Top Service


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20 Oct 2023

De hele menukaart ook vegan te krijgen

Het menu boekje kent 2 voorkantjes: een met de 'gewone' menu's en een met de vegan menu's. Er is ruime keuze uit allerlei verschillende hamburger typen en pizza en kapsalon

Pros: De staf doet zijn best alles in vegan te leveren


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24 Sep 2023

Superlekker en veel!

Leuke tent, de bediening is vriendelijk en het vegan aanbod heel uitgebreid! Heel betaalbaar ook en goed eten. Je kan ook blijven plakken want tevens café.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-22

Pros: Ruim vegan aanbod, Aangename prijsjes , Goed eten

Cons: Betaalbaar maar duurder dan non-vegan menukaart.


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12 Sep 2023

Veel keuze en grote porties

We werden vriendelijk ontvangen en er was genoeg ruimte op het terras. De service was goed. De gerechten waren lekker en zagen er vers en mooi uit.

De menukaart bevat vooral veel fast food en wat salades.

Pros: Heeft een terras, Vriendelijke bediening, Veel keuze

Cons: Terras is aan een weg, Porties zijn erg groot , Vegan tax (60 cent extra voor plantaardige melk)


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11 Sep 2023

So many options

I couldn't believe the menu Pesami has when I saw it. It has the exact same menu as the meat menu but instead you can get it fully vegan. There was so much choice that I really didn't know what to choose. I ended up taking the Pizza Hawaii (sorry Italy). Hadn't had this since I was a teenager so thought I'd give it a try. The vegan ham was a bit dry but otherwise it was very tasty. Would definitely come back here if I'm in the area.


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15 Aug 2023

Pizza salami and pizza vegetarian

Lots of vegan on the menu, it was difficult to choose. We’ve chosen a pizza salami and a pizza vegetarian, they were Good. Not super special but just Good. The prices were cheap. The staff was very very friendly. They also brought cookies and water for our dog. If we are in the neighbourhood, we’d like to visit again!

Cons: The terrace is not cosy, it’s on a busy street


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08 Aug 2023

Great restaurant with a vegan menu

Lovely place in Kleve with a vegan and a normal menu. The vegan menu is in black. The food is very good and pretty good value for money! Can recommend the place

Pros: Tasty, Vegan menu, Not expensive


Points +72

08 Aug 2023

Heerlijk vegan eten

Vriendelijke bediening, niet duur en heerlijk eten. 5 sterren waardig.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-08

Pros: Goede prijs , Leuke bediening l/mooie plek, Heerlijk eten

Cons: Niks


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12 Jul 2023

No haute cuisine, but lots of choices.

I live close to the German border and I'm very happy with Pesami. I really appreciate it when a restaurant is more progressive than the place where it stands.

It is a wonderful concept that all dishes are also available vegan.
In this way they show that restaurants can lead in changing our demands.

The menu is very extensive, with many variants of burgers, pastas and pizzas.
But you have to know beforehand that the food itself is quite simple.

We enjoyed sitting on the terrace. The environment of the restaurant is lively, when you compare it with the rest of this town.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-12

Pros: The back of the menu has all dishes made vegan, with a short explanation why this is better , for us, our planet and for the animals.


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16 Jun 2023

Viel Auswahl und lecker!

Eine extra vegane Karte mit unglaublich vielen Speisen. Man darf kein kulinarisches Supererlebnis erwarten aber alles ist immer lecker und der Preis passt auch :-)


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11 Mar 2023

Ga hier zeker een keer eten!

Er is een vegan menukaart met ontzettend veel keuze. De bediening is erg vriendelijk en de sfeer is goed.

Pros: Vegan menukaart , Veel keuze , Lekker


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23 Feb 2023

Super lecker

Die Karten Idee finde ich großartig, von der einen Seite ist es eine "normale Karte“ und wenn man diese wendet und von der anderen Seite liest, ist es eine komplett vegane Karte!

Pros: Viele vegane Optionen, Nettes Personal


Points +562

02 Feb 2023

Just great

I craved some typical German food like curry sausage with fries. Here, I could easily order this from a completely separate vegan menu.
The service is good and the food tastes great. Also, it's really cheap compared with other restaurants!

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Cheap, Vegan german food


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03 Dec 2022

Full vegan menu

This restaurant is not fully vegan BUT they have two same menu cards 1 vegan 1 non vegan. Been here several times because of the many many vegan options. Some dishes are better then others I have to say. But enough to explore on the menu.


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10 Sep 2022

Veel (oké) vegan opties

Aardig personeel, veel vegan opties. Wel erg zout eten en ook niet mega fantastisch. We hadden een vegan pizza (bolognese) en currywurst (currywurst leek eerder een vegan rookworst met heel veel saus).

Pros: Veel vegan opties , Aardig personeel

Cons: Erg zout eten


Points +295

31 Aug 2022

So many options!

Entirety of the black menu is vegan! Very generous portion sizes and absolutely delicious

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Prices are reasonable for size


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21 Aug 2022


Nice restaurant with delicious food. Nice card, one side is vegan and the other side is not vegan. Lots of vegan choices. I had the vegan pizza funghi (see photo), it was delicious! I also tasted the vegan schnitzel jager art, this is highly recommended, very tasty! I definitely want to come back again.

Pros: Lots of vegan choices, Delicious, Good price


Points +542

17 Aug 2022

Huge vegan menu!

From the outside, you would never guess this place was vegan friendly. But the menu has several pages of vegan options, including vegan versions of many traditional dishes. I got a big pizza, and others in my party got pasta, a wrap, and a curry sausage. It was all very good.

Pros: Tons of vegan options , Friendly, fast service


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12 Aug 2022

Amazing for vegan and non vegan people

The food was just lovely. I was amazed about the amount of vegan options. You can order everything on the menu in either a vegan or non vegan way. As you like. Pizzas, loaded fries, schnitzels. So mostly really yummy fast food ish stuff. But i found it hard to choose cause im not used to have so many options!! Haha like.

Pros: Many options, Yummy, Nice place


Points +100

27 Jul 2022

Perfect place for vegan and non vegan people

Perfect place for vegan and non vegan people. Very large vegan menu, i have tasted Quattro fromaggi pizza, vegan chili cheese burger, and vegan creamy schnitzel all of those was excellent. The place is pleasant and the staff too! I will definitely come back one day if i'm around 🙏

Pros: Vegan menu

Cons: Peu cher, Excellent


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11 Jun 2022

Lots of vegan options

They have burgers, salads, pasta's and pizza's. Very delicous!


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09 Jun 2022

Umfangreiche vegane Karte und superlecker!

Es gibt eine omnivore Karte. Wenn man diese umdreht, findet man alle Gerichte 1:1 in veganer Form. Nahezu alles ist hausgemacht. Der Service ist superfreundlich. Das Lokal ist gemütlich und es gibt viele Sitzplätze draußen.
Das Essen ist zwar nicht gerade kalorienarm, aber alles extrem lecker und vielfältig (Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Schnitzel, Salate, Snacks).
Wenn wir in Kleve sind, essen wir fast immer hier.

Pros: Komplette omnivore Karte 1:1 veganisiert, Sehr freundlicher Service , Alles extrem lecker


Points +18

05 Jun 2022

Wundervoll 🥰

Da die "normale" Karte komplett Vegan gespiegelt ist, kann man super auch mit Freunden essen gehen die noch nicht vegan leben.
Service ist super nett und es schmeckt super lecker!

Pros: Karte komplett Vegan gespiegelt


Points +312

02 Jan 2022

Wow!! So many vegan options, everything was delicious!!

We will definitely return for more...

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