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450 Reviews

"Nice for an afternoon break"
Vrindavan, India on 06 Sep 2016

"Vegan soft-serve"
New York City, USA on 21 Aug 2014

"Pretty good"
Chengdu, China on 22 Jun 2016

"Accidental discovery, iT'S AMAZING"
Tibet, China on 17 Jun 2016

"Couldn't find it"
Amman, Jordan on 05 Dec 2013

Ollantaytambo, Peru on 16 Jul 2017

"Best spot around"
Ancud, Chile on 04 Feb 2018

"So awesome"
Rohnert Park, USA on 12 Dec 2015

"All-vegan junk-food-lover's paradise"
Berkeley, USA on 12 Dec 2015

Varanasi, India on 02 Sep 2016

"Lots of options, good food"
Lexington, USA on 11 Jul 2012

"Authentic Mexican food in Europe!!"
Leipzig, Germany on 23 Jul 2013

"No words for how good it is"
Athens, Greece on 18 Feb 2014

Kiev, Ukraine on 08 Apr 2013

"Wide range"
Mumbai, India on 09 Sep 2016

"Delicious, cheap & friendly"
Kandy, Sri Lanka on 09 Oct 2016

"Great find!"
Mumbai, India on 14 Sep 2016

"Good food, cool setting"
Vilnius, Lithuania on 20 Feb 2013

"Great food, fooled a meat-eater"
Seattle, USA on 11 Jul 2012

"Amazing Amazing Amazing"
Athens, Greece on 18 Feb 2014

"Friendly and delicious"
Siem Reap, Cambodia on 12 Jul 2016

"Loved it"
Beijing, China on 28 May 2016

"great food but poor set-up "
New York City, USA on 14 Sep 2014

"nice veg hotel"
Schonau Am Konigssee, Germany on 09 Aug 2014

"great burgers!"
Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 09 Apr 2017

"All desserts are vegan!"
Oakland, USA on 12 Dec 2015

"New place, great pizza"
Philadelphia, USA on 20 Feb 2013

"Super awesome"
Newtown on 17 Jan 2016

"very good"
New York City, USA on 12 Oct 2014

"Friendly, small shop with vegan gelato"
Rome, Italy on 16 Dec 2013

"One of the best places I've ever eaten"
Kansas City, USA on 02 Jul 2012

"Great food, friendly staff"
Kansas City, USA on 02 Jul 2012

"Great vegan ice cream / gelato"
Barcelona, Spain on 15 Oct 2013

"Good food, vegans require customization"
Copan Ruinas, Honduras on 18 Apr 2016

"Decent, but not great"
Rapid City, USA on 14 Oct 2015

"Great vegan breakfast sandwiches"
Brooklyn, USA on 05 Jan 2014

"Advertises vegan options in a small town"
Bennington, USA on 19 Jan 2015

"Found by accident, super impressed"
West Springfield, USA on 09 Jan 2015

"Lots of vegan options!"
San Francisco, USA on 12 Dec 2015

"Horrible service / lots of vegan options "
Brooklyn, USA on 28 Apr 2015

"Great food, cheap, lots of vegan options"
Darmstadt, Germany on 27 Nov 2013

"Good food, nice atmosphere"
Kiev, Ukraine on 08 Apr 2013

"Great vegan breakfast"
Krakow, Poland on 21 Feb 2013

"Very fresh and not typical"
Pushkar, India on 01 Oct 2016

"Good, but not amazing"
St Petersburg, Russia on 28 May 2016

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