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Girasoles Restaurante Vegetariano

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San Diego, Calles de los Puntales 37-01 (at Carrera 9 btwn Calle 37 & Calle 38), Cartagena, Colombia,

Restaurant and health store with a takeaway counter. Busy at lunchtime. Serves only the set menu which includes a soup and main dish which is usually vegetarian spin-offs of standard Colombian dishes (rice, beans, veggies). From 2-6:30pm it's takeaway only. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:30pm, Sat 8:00am-4:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Take-out, Colombian

Reviews (27)

First Review by iceicekati

Great lunch spot! Lots of locals! - Edit

Really cool spot. We went for lunch and dinner on different days. The lunch was much tastier than it looked. One might do well to remember that local food in this region isn't wild with flavor. Dishes are often quite basic. I was happy enough that the set plates were vegan both times we went.

Pros: cheap! $3.5 for lunch.

Cons: dinner portion was a little more, but very small.

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Tasty and colourful food, cheap - Edit

One of the best vegan lunch menus we had in Colombia. Tried around 4 different plates, some overlap, but all are healthy and tasty.

Also have vegan cakes and cookies and the best chocolate brownie.

Pros: every meal can be made vegan, no problem , cheap, nice service

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Only veggie restaurant in Cartagena - Edit

Really good, had lunch there twice and both times it was delicious, not pricey, they also sell empanadas and falafell, which were great! We ordered some to take out to eat for dinner since Cartagena is not veggie friendly AT ALL.
Staff is friendly, and we went there once at 6pm and it was open, so the hours are kinda wrong.

Pros: Good taste, friendly staff, good value

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Alright - Edit

I wasn't a huge fan of this place. The set lunch was very big but pretty bland and didn't taste fresh. One bit had some cheese as well so be sure to specify if you don't want dairy. It cost COP $10 000. Another day I got some empanadas which also weren't great. They were filled with mushroom and spinach but were pretty dry and unappetising. They seem to also have a breakfast deal. The bit about it being take away only during certain hours is wrong, both times I went at lunch time and sat in there. Even though I felt the food wasn't awesome it's still a convenient option in the historic centre which is severely lacking in veg options.

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Good Lunch Menu - Edit

Their Lunch Menu is 10000 COP and comes with a soup, main course, and fresh juice. The portions were nice and the food was very good. I also tried their vegan tamales and pizza, but I would stick with the daily set lunch menu. Lots of locals eating here everyday which is always a good sign!

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delicious and very cheap - Edit

We got the lunch set for 8000 pesos. It was exactly what we needed after a 16hr bus trip! Healthy and filling food. Salad, rice, lentils, juice, bread. Pretty sure there was more but I've forgotten. There were also things like vegan tamales (didn't try, looked too small for the price), and cakes. I'm not sure if the cakes are vegan.
Really recommend the lunch set for excellent value.

Pros: great lunch set, cheap

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Great veggie food in Cartagena - Edit

Considering the convenient location in historic downtown and the current price of only 8.000 pesos and the quality and presentation of food, I would give them 5 cows. I ate there 2 days in a row, and both times the food was very good. The meal consisted of a bowl of soup, the main plate with 5-6 items, and a juice drink. Warmly recommended.

Pros: Location, Flavors, Price

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Wonderful vegan options! - Edit

After many salads and papas fritas, this place was a wonderful discovery. I definitely recommend the value 8mil meal of the day, just ask for it "sin leche". I've been in twice and had vegan pizza, empanadas and cake. Great value and v tasty :)

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what we can find best in cartagena - Edit

but essentially because Cartagena is definitely not a vegan friendly city... The others adresses are located far away from the city center.. though it's possible to find vegetarian food in a lot of traditionnal restaurants.
Almost all of the cooked dishes were not vegan (except some cakes) when we went there.
We ate vegetables with rice and beans. Not really exciting.

Pros: location, price

Cons: not really exciting

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Did the trick! - Edit

Like much of the food in Colombia, Girasoles serves up pretty simple food - for lunch, you can expect some veges, a grain and a faux meat, plus soup and juice. Some of the food was awesome - a great bean and cilantro soup, moist vegan muffins, falafel balls. Service was pretty grumpy, but it's cheap and filling, and it was 2 minutes walk from my hostel - no complaints here!

Pros: cheap, fillling, awesome vegan muffins

Cons: Simple, Bad service

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Your best bet in Cartagena - Edit

My partner and I had lunch here twice during our stay in town. For 8000 COP, you get a soup, a main plate of rice with three side items, and a drink of choice. Menu changes daily. It's plenty of food, nothing exciting really, but good enough especially for a place where decent veggie options are close to non-existent. We also got some vegan baked goods to go for our flight and they were yummy! That said, I wouldn't bother with the other snacks; we tried the empanada and the tamal-like food called hallaca, both were meh. Staff was clearly knowledgeable about what's vegan or not, so that was nice. Protip: head straight upstairs where it's air-conditioned and go early to beat the lunch rush—it gets filled up pretty fast!

Pros: cheap, clean space, vegan baked goods

Cons: lunch only

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Meh - Edit

All of the reviews seem to be pretty spot on here. It's an inexpensive, basic option for Cartagena which doesn't have much in the way of solely vegetarian fare. But for 8000 pesos (about $3.50), it's a good deal and I had it twice while in town. Just don't go in expecting much and you'll do fine. They also have a small assortment of pastries, breads, and random stuff like mushroom empanadas (not that awesome), and deep fried corn balls (think hush puppies) that also aren't much to write home about. Decent health food store attached too. I bought a small bottle of bee pollen for 9000 pesos.

Pros: Cheap, Simple, Somewhat healthy

Cons: Boring, Simple

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Cheap and very nice food! - Edit

This place was close to our hostel so we went a couple of times. The lunch set is 8000 pesos and consists of a drink, soup and a meal. The meal is simple but really nice. It's a great deal basically. The next day we went back for snacks: they have vegan empanadas, desserts and something wrapped in a banana leaf of which I don't know the name. But everything tasted great! The third day we asked for take away breakfast (6000 pesos, consisted of coffee with soy milk, bread, tofu salad and fruit salad) and that was delicious too!

Pros: lots of vegan options, cheap, healthy

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Very cheap and decent - Edit

This place serves a set daily lunch, plus one or 2 slices of pizza/cakes/muffins/drinks that you can order extra.

Set meal is P 7,000 (USD 3.50) for a soup and plate of soya food with veg and rice, plus juice. Good value but not inspiring.

Staff are helpful.

Pros: Very cheap, Central, Good value

Cons: No choices, Only open for lunch

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ok food for a good price - Edit

We went to Girasoles for lunch and thought the food was alright. The set lunch (without soup) came to 6000 pesos and consisted of a salad, rice & lentils, a cous cous pumkin salad and seitan. It's a decent, cheap option for a simple veggie meal. We'll probably go back for a healthy lunch option.

Pros: good portion size, price

Cons: food is good, but not amazing

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Hearty Meal For Cheap! - Edit

My husband and I were so impressed by how delicious and filling their set lunch is. It included juice, soup, rice, salad, and an entree (this day, some sort of lentil loaf). With dessert (soy milk flan!) We still paid less than $5 each. I will absolutely go back!

Be sure to sit upstairs. There is air conditioning and a cute/cozy ambiance with sunflower murals. Downstairs was hot and not as cheery.

Pros: Cheap, Filling

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cheap, healthy, easy to find & good options - Edit

i had lunch here a few times. The staff had no english but gave me the menú of the dia each time & seemed to understand that i was vegan. The first day i was to late for lunch so they gave me empanadas & pizza slices from store downstairs & juice which were fine & they were made with wholewheat. I didnt see any vegan dips though. The food was good serving & good value which consisted of soup, main(Brown rice, veg, salad,patacone, beans /fake meat & juice.

Pros: clean, healthy, cheap

Cons: lunch is finished abit to early

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Good find in old city - Edit

This place had a menu del dia which they could veganise. The food was good and filling but not amazing.

The shop downstairs sells some vegan dips (excellent). I recommend trying them and vegetarian empanadas.

I would go here again.

Pros: vegan dips

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Girasoles, Cartagena - Edit

There's 3 parts to this place:-

* Restaurant upstairs
* Take away counter downstairs
* Health food shop downstairs

I had lunch in the restaurant. Its a set menu job take it or leave. I tried to explain in Spanish my veganism (sin leche etc) and that seemed to understood easily as I was corrected when I made a mistake in my Spanish. It was a juice drink, soup and then a main of what seemed to be a falafel ball or the like, some veg casserole, rice and salad. For 7000 pesos, this was a tasty bargain.

Interestingly I asked how much a 2nd bowl of soup after the 1st would be. I was told this wouldn't be possible so it looks like the cooking process is precision planned.

Downstairs at the take away counter there was cake on offer (apple cake specifically), empanadas (eg mushroom, spinach, green beans, vego chorizo) and mushroom or brocolli pizza by the slice.

The choice in the shop isn't the most extensive by any means by some choice is better than none. I asked for some honey granola but was told all the granolas they sell contain honey.

I have a 20+ hour bus journey ahead of me tomorrow. I went in to ask if I could reserve a bunch of empanadas to take away for the journey. I was told 'no problem'. For that I am cranking the rating up to 5.

Its located right on a corner where all 4 street names are different.

Pros: Vegan friendly, Inexpensive, Useful take away service

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It was vegetarian, but... - Edit

Maybe it was because I arrived 30 minutes before closing, but the food wasn't great - a lot for $7000COP (about $4 USD) and included juice, soup, rice, salad, eggplant dish, gluten, and a fried fritter.

Pros: Vegetarian, Large portions

Cons: Uninterested staff, Not much flavor

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Great place for lunch / snacks - Edit

We went here twice; the first time was in the afternoon so they only had empanadas available (the green bean, spinach, and mushroom ones were all vegan and all pretty good). The second time was during the lunch rush, they were very busy (we had to share a table with strangers) but the food was mostly great. I really loved the corn fritter and Thai stir fry, the salad had a gross dressing but the rest was pretty good and the price was great.

One thing that was weird was that they only brought one plate of food (but two bowls of soup) for the two of us, and it was very hard to get a hold of our waitress to get more.

The location shown on the map is incorrect. Its actual location is 10.42627, -75.54727 (NW corner of Tablada & Los Puntales, or Carrera 9 and Calle 37 as shown on Google Maps).

Also, they're either closed on Sunday or open later that day, I stopped by at 10:45am hoping to get empanadas for the plane ride home and they were still closed.

Pros: Variety, Cheap

Cons: Crowded, Limited service

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jrfishe1 14 Jun 2012 - I forgot to mention that they have several kinds of fresh juice (corozo, carrot, lulo, etc.) in the cooler downstairs, as well as a variety of vegan milks by the glass.

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Don't miss lunch - Edit

I wasn't able to make it for lunch, so the only other options outside that time are the juices, and reheated empanadas and pizzas. The empanadas were nice because they were whole wheat and baked. The fillings were very nice (they have spinach, mushroom or green bean) although I wished there were more inside. Didn't have the pizza - not vegan - but it had broccoli on it. Healthier options. Easy to take away.

There is also an attached health food store were you can buy granola, quinoa, protein powder, flax seeds, etc.

Pros: Cheap, Healthy, Take away

Cons: Lack of diversity

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Good and cheap lunch fixed menu - Edit

Ate there 2 days in a row because it was about US$3 for a solid, big serving of brown rice, curried veggies, salad, soup and juice! Filling, tasty and affordable. Ask around for it near Plaza Fernandez de Madrid, in a very pretty spot of Cartagena's old city

Pros: big portions, healthy food, cheap!

Cons: A-C not working great, fixed menu, no choices

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