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"Thursday is Vegan Day"
Berlin, Germany on 27 Aug 2012

"The tastiest"
Newtown on 21 Jan 2010

"No fish anymore, at last it's safe to eat there."
Berlin, Germany on 06 Dec 2011

"Absolute gem in Nice old town"
Nice, France on 22 May 2016

"Vegan Gem in Prenzlauerberg"
Berlin, Germany on 06 Feb 2014

"At last, somewhere cheap and tasty in Mitte"
Berlin, Germany on 19 Jun 2012

"Mauer Park - Kicks Ass - Best Wraps "
Berlin, Germany on 18 Aug 2015

"HelVeg should be called HeavenVeg"
Geneva, Switzerland on 03 Oct 2013

"I think they kept it too good a secret :o("
Green Point on 08 Feb 2011

"Get em up, get em up, Raw Hidden"
Berlin, Germany on 11 Dec 2011

"Vegan Felafel heaven in Berlin - Great value"
Berlin, Germany on 06 Dec 2011

"Unfortunately not veg anymore"
Berlin, Germany on 18 Jun 2012

"Now at Markt Halle Neun, look for Gyros guy here."
Berlin, Germany on 29 Sep 2015

"Proof that HappyCow works"
London, England on 26 Sep 2011

"Watch for Bloom in a new location"
Berlin, Germany on 13 Aug 2012

"Forget the rest, this is the best"
Kowloon, China on 09 Oct 2008

"Mauer Park Sunday Gyros"
Berlin, Germany on 01 Oct 2015

"Ethos at Khao San Rd"
Bangkok, Thailand on 26 Jan 2008

Berlin, Germany on 08 Nov 2011

"Vegan Mostly, Cheap, Atmosphere, Location and Organic"
Amsterdam, Netherlands on 29 Mar 2017

"What a great surprise"
Hong Kong Island, China on 31 May 2016

"Best Kept Secret"
Berlin, Germany on 03 Feb 2016

"Lucky to find Lucky Leek - Make It A Must Visit"
Berlin, Germany on 10 Sep 2011

"An oasis in Bratislava"
Bratislava, Slovakia on 30 Jun 2016

"MeatLess District - Packing A Punch "
Amsterdam, Netherlands on 17 Jun 2016

"One of the best"
Fitzroy North on 26 Jan 2012

"Wholemeal or Gluten free pizza, no rennet cheese"
St Kilda on 15 Dec 2008

"Forget the rest, this is the best"
Caulfield on 17 Dec 2009

"No WiFi Anymore"
Cologne, Germany on 10 Sep 2011

"Friend recommended to try again"
Berlin, Germany on 04 Feb 2016

"Health + Taste + Fresh"
Berlin, Germany on 18 Aug 2015

"Only go to the 241 Hennessy Rd address"
Hong Kong Island, China on 15 Nov 2009

"I'm addicted, so delicious!!!"
South Yarra on 17 Dec 2009

"New owners with great food and service"
Nice, France on 20 May 2016

"Best Thali"
Berlin, Germany on 19 Jul 2017

"Not To Be Missed"
Fitzroy on 11 Jan 2010

"Love this place."
St Kilda on 25 May 2015

Berlin, Germany on 07 Aug 2010

"Positive Vegan Restaurant"
Berlin, Germany on 31 May 2011

"W for Wunderbar"
Berlin, Germany on 10 Sep 2011

"McWheaty is my favourite"
Berlin, Germany on 06 Dec 2011

"best Veg food, just hold the attitude"
Leipzig, Germany on 25 Jul 2008

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