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Sells vegan Malay foods such as nasi lemak and assam laksa alongside cakes, flavoured lattes and smoothies. Located on the top floor of the mall. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:30pm. Closed Sun.

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First Review by LoganPike


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30 Sep 2023

Amazing food!

Good and delicious food ...



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09 Sep 2023

Cute place, nice food

Had a ramen which was delicious but absolutely boiling hot! Came out sizzling. Also had spring rolls which were nice but nothing special. The milkshake was amazing.

Cons: Bit strange to write your order down on a note, No table service


Points +246

08 Sep 2023

Coming back asap

Small and pleasant place. Very clean. A complete menu both salty and sweet. Lovely and very friendly staff. It's hard to choose because everything looks great.

Pros: Variety, Nice place, Taste

Cons: It is very hidden


Points +69

07 Sep 2023

Visited Twice in our 2-night stay in KL!

Although located in a beat-up shopping centre (Wisma Cosway), we very much enjoyed our early lunch a lot, we decided to visit again before our afternoon flight out of KL!

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, All vegan!


Points +62

02 Sep 2023

Nice cafe

On the third floor of Wisma Cosway mall, which is quite dated and dark. The cafe itself is bright and clean and they appear to be expanding.

The food here was good, and the staff were really friendly. Good menu with description of the foods. Seemed quite healthy as well and the food wasn't overly processed.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-02


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02 Sep 2023

Great hidden gem

It's a bit of a strange spot, the shopping centre is a bit derelict, so you wonder if you are in the right place and then you see the Minf Houze sign. The restaurant is actually very nice. I had the home style curry ramen, it had nice flavour with just enough chilli. I would have liked more veggies but a good dish regardless. I got a dumpling that was a bit weird, I didn't eat it. The boba caramel milk tea was so delicious, just tasted like an amazing caramel milk shake. I finished off with purple taro cheese tart. It wasn't what I was expecting but quite tasty. Definitely recommend for lunch or dinner, just avoid the dumpling.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-02

Pros: Tasty food, Lovely service , All vegan

Cons: Located in a weird shopping mall, Weird dumplings


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30 Aug 2023


Finally found after getting completely tangled finding our way around KL and the shopping malls. The fresh fruit juices and bubble tea were delicious and cooling. Meal was just right for lunch. Thanks

Pros: Signage to the cafe


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21 Aug 2023

Great vegan cafe centrally located

Great service, good location, quiet setting, tasty food. I was alone eating dinner there though. We should actively support these places.

Pros: Food selection, Taste, Location


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17 Aug 2023

A great stop in between

This little 💎 is a bit difficult to find - it’s not in the huge pavilion mall, but in a small one across the street on level 3. Luckily they have signs to follow😄

The staff are very friendly. You order on a little sheet and they recommend things if you like.
I was happy with my meal 🥘 as I wanted Malay food 🍲 and was so grateful there are all vegan 🌱 menus.
(If you want more variety and more flavorful meals, I would recommend the Japanese vegan restaurant listed on this app though.)

They advertised a dumpling as dessert, which I had and that was interesting- not really sweet and not savory.
My drink of Dragonfruit Lychee was absolutely amazing and fresh!
Great to go here for a vegan Malay food experience.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-17

Pros: Malay vegan food, Friendly staff, Fresh fruit juice


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31 Jul 2023

Etwas versteckt

Wer es eingefallen gefunden hat, wird dort sicherlich etwas gutes zu essen finden. Uns hat’s wirklich gut
Ist im 3. Stock etwas versteckt. Immer den Schildern im Haus folgen, dann findet ihr es


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25 Jul 2023

A little disappointed but alright

I had kinda high expectations for that restaurant but I was a little disappointed. The staff was very kind but the food was a little underwhelming. I wouldn't recommend the sweet & sour tofu. We also had 2 noodle soup dishes (can't remember the names..) and they were nice but nothing to write home about.


Points +736

21 Jul 2023

Perfect lunch spot

Delicious and vegan with lots of choice and for a great price
It is a little off the beaten track on the fourth floor in the far corner where it's quiet.

Pros: Completely vegan, Cheap, Delicious


Points +668

15 Jul 2023

Bit hard to find but worth it!

This is a very beautiful space, the food was lovely and lots of vegan affirmation and cute teddy's line the windows. Definitely try this place.
It's situated in the 3rd floor of the Cosway building. It looks kind of deserted when you go in, but persist, you are heading in the right direction it's there in the corner of the building.

Pros: Food, Ambiance , Signs on the walls

Cons: Little bit hard to find


Points +509

14 Jul 2023

Great Malay vegan food!

There is so much choice I found it hard to pick a dish. Everything I tried was delicious and the staff are also very friendly!

Pros: Local , Cheap , Great food

Cons: Location is a little random


Points +418

11 Jul 2023

Light spot in dying mall

Located on the 3rd/4th floor of a dying shopping centre where the majority of units seem empty, Minf Houze offers a spread of Malaysian and some Western food. I ordered the Homestyle Curry Ramen and a Green Tea Franilla. The Curry Ramen was a great portion size and came out bubbling. It was tasty but a bit overly salted for me. The shake didn't really taste like green tea but it was a great vanilla shake. Prices were fairly reasonable at 34.80 ringgit for the both.


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08 Jul 2023

Incredibly tasty!

Sooo good! Definitely worth trying it out!


Points +154

27 Jun 2023

Great food

I really liked this place. It was in a convenient location and they had a nice variety of food. I had the Nasi Lemak which had nice flavours and a lot of variety. I also had a caramel mylk tea which was lovely, very sweet but I like that. The staff were very helpful and explained the ordering system to us. After our meal we still had lots of drink left (they were quite large!) so we asked for takeaway cups so we could take the rest with us as we had plans to meet with friends which was no problem at all.


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24 Jun 2023

Needs improvement in flavour

I went there for the amount of reviews left here but for me it was just average , i went for dinner and lunch, for dinner I ordered a clay pot of ramen which it was okay, for lunch I had the curry rice which was terrible, no taste at all, small amount of veggies compared to the big amount of rice served, missing the curry. This dish needs a lot of improvement or just remove it from the menu as it’s a rip off. I couldn’t eat it bc the rice was also not nice, I told the waiter that the dish was terrible and he apologized. In the end I left without lunch and hungry.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-24

Cons: curry rice


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02 Jun 2023


Amazing, I loved everything I got!


Points +84

29 May 2023

Vegan Cafe in Kuala Lumpur

Great selection of vegan dishes

Pros: Selection of dishes, Cheap prices

Cons: Cakes very expensive and not good, Juices not good


Points +606

25 May 2023

Best food in Kuala Lumpur

Defenitely coming back here. If not only for the franilla chocolate!
Had a great time here and food is very cheap. Also very kind staff! Really a hidden gem😄

Pros: Good food, Kind staff , Information signs about vegan food


Points +1546

23 May 2023


Both of our dishes were quite salty unfortunately. We got used to it after a few minutes but got thirsty afterwards. Otherwise quite good but nothing I’d recommend or come back to to be honest.

Pros: Staff is incredible friendly


Points +39

23 May 2023

One of the best restaurants in KL

Very flavorful food. We got it delivered so can't review the ambience and location. But the delivered food, every single dish was delicious.


Points +161

17 May 2023

Very nice restaurant with healthy food

Very good vegan restaurant which offers a wide choice of local dishes and a bit of Western food

Pros: Lot of choice , Tastes is good

Cons: The location


Points +526

05 May 2023

Amazing place for breakfast and lunch

Amazing! I was hoping to try out the national malaysian dish and that was for sure possible here! The food was super super good and everything tasted amazing. They serve cakes, coffee, and juices as well. I had the nasi lemak and the porrige which tasted great. I also tried out the salty cappuccino which was a bit too experimental to my taste, I would recommend sticking to the normal coffee. It is an interesting location, but they have ample signs to help you find it, it is on the third floor in the far corner.

Pros: Plenty traditional dishes, Good portion sizes

Cons: Bit heavy for breakfast


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14 Apr 2023



Indeed, a HIDDEN gem. Located inside an old building, right at the far end corner. 😬

Cosy little restaurant with a great variety of menu items.

Fusion menu
Cakes , pudding, smoothies, juices etc


Points +27

06 Apr 2023

A hidden gem

We really enjoyed our time at Minf Houze Vegan Cafe. There was a lot to choose from. I had the veg curry rice and that was the perfect size portion. My friend had the homestyle curry ramen, she said it was tasty with a hint of spice. Quick service, helpful staff. The place was a little bit difficult to find but it is on the top floor of the mall.

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