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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

In my top ten

This is one of my favourite restaurants in London. The food (all vegan) is excellent and - even though it's a small place that can fill up quickly - the friendly staff are happy for you to spend plenty of time enjoying your meal, chatting and quaffing a bottle of wine.
And you can see the chef in the kitchen cooking up a culinary storm - there's no chance of anything dodgy going in your dinner if you can see the people making it.
The only downside is the walk from West Kensington Tube station. I suggest getting there via West Brompton which is a much more pleasant experience.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Aux YES.

We loved it here. We had to wait 10 minutes to be seated and we soon discovered why it's so popular. The borscht to start was fab and the pizza and BLT we had for mains were just as good. The desserts were too. Everything was fresh, tasty and served with a smile. They were very busy but we were served promptly and we didn't feel rushed. Top stuff.

39 Ship St, Brighton, England

Amazing value

During happy hour you can eat as much as you want for £3.50 - and, as slap-headed illusionist Paul Daniels would say...that's magic.
Okay, it's not gourmet food but where else offers better value? I've been here loads of times and never had cause for complaint.
The curries can be a little bland - and you might have to dig deep in the cauldrons to find some veg - but the dal is fantastic. And there's plenty for vegans.

1748 Notre Dame St W, Montreal, Canada

super friendly

Bonny's has a new (larger) home - but that doesn't mean it's suddenly got too big for its boots. This place must have some of the friendliest staff in the city. On our two recent visits the waiters chatted to us like we were old friends. Bonny joined us for a natter too, as did a crazy Croation chef. The atmosphere is terrific and the food doesn't let it down.

666 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

Small place - HUGE portions

If I ate there every day, there would only be room for me in the entire restaurant. Each main course (about $8) is more than enough for two hungry people. It's basic food but the value for money is incredible.

92 Berwick Street, Soho, London, London, England

The bell is for my benefit - not yours

Imagine if your school cafeteria had been run by trendy hippies. Then it would probably have been like Beatroot. After you've queued up, your food is slopped into cardboard containers and you eat with strange, wooden cutlery. I was half expecting a stern middle-aged man with a cane to give me "six of the best" if I didn't eat my greens. Luckily, there was no chance of that because the food was thoroughly enjoyable. And it's okay if the school bully has pinched some of your dinner money because Beatroot is really cheap. What's more, you can have your cardboard container filled with any combination of the tasty fare on offer. I had tonnes of rice, curry, shepherd's pie and veg. There's loads of salad too and plenty for vegans. I have a mighty appetite but I was full to the brim for just £6.
This place is perfect for people in a hurry - if you're on a short break from work, for example - but it's not the right choice if you want a romantic meal for two.
Two things you should be wary of; (1) there's no toilet; (2) I got a week's detention for giving someone a wedgie.

157 Heath Road, Twickenham, South West London, England

It's closed down

Sadly, this restaurant looks like it has closed down. A few weeks ago a sign on the door said "closed until further notice". A sign put up last week says "lease for sale".

5 Station Rise, Tulse Hill, South East London, England


This is such a lovely place. The food is very good and so is the atmosphere. Among the highlights were the corn fritters, the mushroom wellington and the bean burger. It became quite busy while we were there but the waitress/chef was super friendly, attentive and helpful throughout the evening.

39 Webbs Road, Battersea, South West London, England

Vgango for it

Don't miss out on this lovely little deli. We asked the very helpful guy serving to make us whatever he wanted. We were treated to really fab paninis with bacon, cheese, tomato and pesto.
This is the perfect place for a tasty and value for money breakfast or lunch. The food isn't home-made but it's really good. They also sell world-class cakes made by Ms Cupcake.
There are only a couple of seats but they are soon hoping to get permission for outdoor seating.

56-58 St. Mary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland


I've been to a few up-market vegetarian restaurants. Sometimes I find they are too much style and not enough food on the plate. But David Bann has got it just right on all counts.
It's in a great location, the decor is modern and stylish with seductive lighting, the food is excellent, the staff are friendly and there's a decent choice for vegans (apart from the desserts).
It's not cheap, but it's not overly expensive - I think the quality of the food easily justifies the prices.
Book early because it can get very busy.

147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Busy but good

It gets packed but you can't deny the quality of the food. We went twice and were suitably impressed with the fresh and delicious nosh. I can't remember any music - maybe it was drowned out by the industrial-sized juicing machine.

Obchodna 30, Bratislava, Slovakia

Get there early

My advice is to arrive at least an hour before closing time, otherwise most of the food might be gone. I had to settle for soup and rice one night. It was okay but hardly the most exciting meal I've ever had. The woman at the counter spoke good English and urged me to get there earlier the next night. I did - and it was a wise move. The curry was good and, even though there are only a few options, you can eat as much as you want for about £3.50. I was a bit confused about what was included in the all-you-can-eat deal so ask before you order. There is a sign for the restaurant in the street, you walk down the alley and it's down the stairs.

Fort Mason Center, Building A, San Francisco, USA

Greens gave me the blues

I admit it. I'm a MASSIVE geek. I worked out I'd eaten at 99 veggie/vegan restaurants so I thought I'd go somewhere a bit special for the 100th.... and felt a little let down.
There's not much choice for vegans here - and they couldn't provide us with any vegan wine or beer. The food is pretty good but it's too expensive. The best thing is the view of the bay - but I could see that from outside for free.

Terrace Gardens, Petersham Road, Richmond, South West London, England

The cupboard was bare

The description of Hollyhock Cafe is that it's vegan-friendly. I'm sorry but this is the least vegan-friendly veggie cafe I've ever been to. The total choice on offer for vegans was a baked potato with beans, and a strudel. This is a shame because the cafe is in a fantastic location. I'd love to go back - but not until they live up to the billing. The strudel? It wasn't bad - but hardly worth the trip on an empty stomach.

Via delle Ruote, 30 r, Florence, Italy

Good - but avoid the rush

This excellent cafe is hidden away on one of the back streets of the city - a vegetarian refuge from the hustle of the heaving streets of Florence. However, if you arrive at a busy time - such as opening time - you are likely to be bruised and battered in the rush to the front of the queue. And then you'll be crushed as hungry diners crowd around the menu board and then order at the counter.
On the plus side, this is a very friendly and cosy place. The food is really enjoyable and it's good value - though they serve all your hot food at the same time so it'll go cold unless you wolf it down. If you've not been here before then the unusual ordering system will be explained to you by the staff or one of the happy-to-oblige regulars.

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

Loved it

The food was excellent. And (wait for it....) the service was absolutely fine. One waiter was so enthusiastic about our food choice I thought he was going to start kissing me on the mouth.
Don't miss the pecan pie. We also loved the lasagne, the spaghetti and "meatballs" and the bruschetta. The pizzas are pretty good too.

The Level, St Peter's Place, Brighton, England

Hutterly fantastic

This place might be small in stature but it's really big on flavour. It's also a little off the beaten track but it's well worth seeking out. We gorged ourselves on a mixture of dumplings, wontons, nuggets, a "not-dog", spring rolls, and other little treats. The food arrived pretty quickly and it was really tasty. The woman who served us - who owns the business with her family - was very friendly too.
And it's very reasonably priced. The two of us stuffed ourselves and had drinks; and it was about £15.
Though the cafe is small there's loads of seating outside if it's a nice day. You can also have takeaway - there's a little park right on the doorstep.
The only problem was that we were so distracted by how good the food was that we forgot to leave a tip. It'll be a pleasure to make up for our rudeness by taking another day trip to Brighton and going back to this lovely Loving Hut.

2199 California St, Denver, USA

Wasted journey

Please be warned that this place is NOT a vegetarian/vegan cafe. We walked 25 minutes to get there and then took five minutes to find the eating area - we must have been confused by the jive dance class and a rally for a presidential election hopeful. When we found it, the cafe looked cool - until we saw the meat on the menu. We drank the water that had arrived on our table and quickly made our excuses to leave.

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