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Erkelenzdamm 49, Berlin, Germany, 10999

Vegan restaurant and bar offering fair-trade vegan cuisine with a variety of main entrees, salads, desserts, plus smoothies and beer. Mains start from EUR 10 and up. Extensive brunch buffet on the weekends 11am-4pm (better book ahead). Elegantly rustic atmosphere of a neighborhood pub from another era. Open Wed-Sun 5:00pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by DollyDimple

Variety of breakfast and lunch foods - Edit

Book a table unless you're planning to be the first in the queue. I've only been here for brunch and it's always packed. It's totally worth it. Don't try to bite more than you can chew - try to sample all the dishes because there are so many and they are almost all delicious.
Once you've been here twice you notice that the dishes are almost always the same every Sunday. But I'll pass that detail as there's just so many dishes that you can't really get bored of it.
Brunch starts at 13 euros last time I checked. Drinks not included.
Fur and fake fur not allowed in this place! :)

Pros: Lots os different dishes, Freshly made juices, smoothies, coffees, Different milks available (oat, almond, soy...)

Cons: You must book a table

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Excellent vegan food - Edit

Very nice place, always crowded , so go early or book a table . Huge selections of vegan food form starters to dessert . Good main dishes . High quality of food .

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Unbelievable brunch - Edit

I am not the hugest fan of the German style brunches - preferring a good order of French toast or pancakes myself - but if I could visit Viasko every week, I might come around. I can't add much to the reviews below - they are all true. Not visiting Viasko for brunch when in Berlin would be idiotic. Everything I tried was delicious, and there were tons of options. I could not recommend more highly. Along with Lucky Leek, Leckereinfabrik and Cafe Tuong, one of my favourites in Berlin.

Pros: Good value

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Best brunch there is - Edit

I've only been to the brunch they offer on weekends twice but the variety alone demands a perfect score. I will definitely come back in the future.

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The rudest place I've ever been to in the entire world. - Edit

Incredibly rude staff. Whilst grabbing my coat, they asked my wife and I to remove our faux fur hoods. Should I have removed my faux leather shoes? My faux leather belt? My faux wool socks? My faux wool jumper?
When I questioned this and said it seemed a bit weird that they dictate what I wear within the restaurant, they laughed at me, opened the door and said 'well out you go then'.
I get the whole abolitionist thing, but I don't think it's progressive in any way and all it does it make vegans look like extremists - and that's no way to convince people to change their entire lifestyle.
My wife and I have been vegan for 2 years now and have made an effort to change everything in our wardrobes, so it's quite insulting to be told that despite this, it's not enough.
It's all a shame because the food was alright last time we came here, but I will most definitely never ever recommend this place to anybody, vegan or not, especially when there is better food and supremely better service in a hundred other places in Berlin. After all, it's the best vegan location in Europe apparently!
I know Viasko won't care about this review and that's fine with me.
I'm writing this because it's -6 outside and a lot of people will be wearing faux fur trim as it redirects the wind away from your face, so just know this if you're going to wander in to a not so great area that doesn't really have any other options nearby - you might be asked to remove all of your clothes if they look slightly wool/leather/fur etc.
Maybe we should all walk around in tracksuits in -6.

I do think Happy Cow should state that this could happen to it's users if they consider attempting to get some food at this place. It was an overall rubbish experience and had I had forewarning, I'd have not bothered going.
ALSO - I see from the reviews both on here and on Facebook, that this isn't the first time it has happened to someone.

Pros: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing

Cons: Rude abolitionists., Dictate clothing., Humiliating.

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Seriously Negative Experience - Edit

My husband and I have been vegan for over two years now, and have made a conscious effort to rid our wardrobes of any animal products. We decided to visit Viasko for dinner as we had visited on our last trip to Berlin and enjoyed ourselves. Upon arrival, we were greeted by an unfriendly waiter (which is unusual for vegan restaurants in Berlin, everyone is so friendly!) and after telling them we had a booking, the waiter grabbed at the faux fur trim on my husband's coat and told us in broken English that it had to be removed in order for us to be allowed to sit down. We naturally thought that he's mistaken it for real fur (Berlin is full of Canada Goose after all!) and assured him it was faux. However it would appear that it was the 'style' that they did not agree with. The waiter continued to repeat himself without an ounce of kindness, and I walked out as I felt humiliated in front of a restaurant of people, and suffer from anxiety which was not being helped by this situation. My husband stayed, and told the waiter that he didn't think this policy made sense, nor was it very fair, and another member of staff pushed past him, opened the door and said 'well out you go then!' while sarcastically smiling. My husband then left and said 'see you later' and the waiter called 'no you won't!' after him. The whole experience was highly unpleasant and embarrassing, especially as we are on holiday.

Now, I understand that some vegans don't like to wear faux fur as they feel it promotes the use of fur. I completely understand that view point. However, I feel that Viasko are enforcing this rule purely to be pretentious, and not to make any real point. We were wearing faux leather shoes, should we have removed that? My cardigan was faux wool, should that have come off too? What if one was wearing a silky looking top? Or suede effect boots? It's unclear where this 'rule' would stop. It's Winter in Berlin, dropping to -6 some evenings, and the use of faux fur on our jackets is to redirect the wind. Re-buying jackets without faux fur when we went vegan would have been environmentally wasteful.

I also feel that belittling people in front of an entire restaurant, whilst not even cracking a smile or being polite, goes against many of the core principles of veganism. I know that some people are abolitionists, but to create such an unwelcoming atmosphere does nothing to help promote the cause and be inclusive. Lastly, to have our clothes physically grabbed at was completely unacceptable to us. Honestly, the food was nice last time but not groundbreaking, the area is pretty shady and after this treatment I honestly wouldn't say it's worth visiting as a tourist. We know, given their reaction to us, that Viasko won't care what we think, but we wanted to leave a review to stop this happening to others. It really affected us for the rest of the evening and was very upsetting. We also think Happy Cow should list this dress policy on their entry.

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delicious food and lovely staff - Edit

The food at Viasko is not only delicious but the portions are large! It's medium priced but I think the quality is worth it. The atmosphere is like a punk-pub with music to match (a good thing in my opinion). It was dark and warm with lots of little nooks - very relaxed. Plus there were board games

I had the salad with fried tempeh (such a good idea!) which came with a generous bread basket.

The cheesecake after wasn't the best ever but was gigantic!

I also have to say that both staff members there were really friendly, attentive, and polite, and bore with my bad German with patience.

Will definitely come back - I want to try the brunch!

Pros: food, staff, music

Cons: opening days - what is it with vegans and Mondays?, medium price range, but still good value

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Sehr empfehlenswert - Edit

My mom and I went to Viasko the first time.
She ordered a pumpkin soup and a peppermint tea and I ordered the greek meal and a lassi.
I don't have anything bad to say about it - it tasted amazing and the super nice staff also happily cared about wish some extra wishes.
Also great atmosphere. Everything you'd wish for.

Meine Mutter und ich sind dort zum ersten Mal zum Essen hingegangen. Sie bestellte sich eine Kürbissuppe und einen Pfefferminztee und ich bekam das griechische Gericht und einen Lassi.
Ich habe echt nichts auszusetzen - es hat super lecker geschmeckt und bei Extrawünschen wurde auch alles gern umgesetzt. Die Bedienung war super freundlich, die Atmosphäre toll, .. alles was man sich wünscht.

Pros: delicious food , variety, staff

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Love the Brunch - Edit

We were there brunch, reserved a table for good. Huge variety of dishes at the buffet - everything fresh and delicious. At the beginning long waiting lines, but later no problem. Good price. Interesting atmosphere.

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One of the best vegan brunch in Berlin - Edit

The perfect spot for a sunday brunch... Price is fair for the buffet... Everything is delicious, from the salads to the pizza, the hummus, the cakes, the fruits... You wish you had a bigger stomach to eat more! It's a place for activists too, so fur is not welcome! I like that they are consistent with their ideas. Can't wait to go back!

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Good Food, Bad Communication - Edit

I did not eat at Viasko, but had a vegan Lassie, which tasted really good! The other flavour my friend ordered was delicious as well. We sat inside, but the old pub look interior was not very cozy to be honest - the tile floor gives a rather uncomfortable atmosphere. To be fair though, the outdoor seating area seemed beautiful and a great place to enjoy your food on a warmer day.

One thing I would like to mention is the toilet area. The toilets contained many typical and graphical anti animal-industry messages. As a vegan, I understand the anger about these horrific things and people that support it. However, I think projecting these things in the toilet of a vegan restaurant is a counter productive way of communicating with possible non-vegan customers. I know how frustrating humans‘ unfairness towards animals is, but if you argue from a rational perspective, which main goal it would be to attract as many people as possible to veganism, you need to welcome everyone and work within their framework of understanding instead of pointing fingers and holding up terrible pictures. Nothing useful will result from this, neither from rejecting people wearing fur or even fake fur, which is something I read in other reviews. Welcome every human into your restaurant and show them how awesome vegan food can be, how delicious it tastes - show them what it's like not to miss animal products in a meal. Be kind, be positive, and lead by example. Don’t spoil their appetite for your dishes – fascinate them. And let toilets be toilets :)

Pros: Nice outdoor seating, All vegan

Cons: Interior rather uncomfortable, Toilet messages (as described)

3 Responses

barbaramaidel 11 Oct 2016 - Did not try the food and give 3 stars because they support veganism in the toilets? Please, what an unfair review.  

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VeganBoulder 18 Oct 2016 - Clearly, I am not against supporting veganism, but I think there are more effective ways to support it, such as the one I described. I hoped it was evident for readers that the 3 stars relate to what I mentioned in the text - I even prefaced it by saying "I did not eat" there. Besides, the 3 stars also reflect my perception of the interior. Lastly, these reviews are supposed to reflect the complete experience, not the food only. Other reviews done a great job in praising the food in my opinion. So, before writing an unfair response, why don't you just read my review again, but a bit more carefully this time, because all of the above was mentioned there already.  

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Psychonaut 15 Jan 2017 - "Did not try the food and give 3 stars because they support veganism in the toilets? Please, what an unfair review."

Couldn't agree more!
Yes, you wrote this review is based on this but this contributes to a bad overall rep which is definitely unjustified.  

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Reeeeaalllly Good - Edit

Went to Viasko for dinner on one of my nights in Berlin at the recommendation of a friend. I'm really happy I made it - the food was outstandingly delicious. I ordered the house made gnocchi. It was flavorful, had a great mix of textures with the gnocchi and mixed veggies, the sauce was perfect. Overall one of the best meals I've had out since being a vegan. The patio is inviting when the weather is warm, they had a nice variety of beers on tap and the staff was friendly.

Pros: excellent food, nice vibe, friendly staff

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best vegan restaurant - Edit

Amazing experience eating here. Great outdoor space, chilled out vibes and really good choice. Interesting menu and very good wine list /booze options. 7 of us ate from ages 5-45 and we all really impressed, vegans and non vegans alike. We will be back!

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The best - Edit

the best vegan restaurant in Berlin. I been there over 20 times. I just love the food. The plates are pretty big so it's more than enough food.

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My favorite dinnerplace in Berlin - Edit

I loved the food the first time I was here, so when I came back to Berlin I had to eat here again. It was as good as I remembered. I also like the atmosphere in this place.
This time I had Spätzle, a German kind of pasta, with cheese, fried onions and smoked tofu. There was also a small side salad. It was delicious. The fried onions were a nice touch I would never have thought of myself. The dish was very creamy.
It was raining and I did not want to leave so I also had tiramisu. The portion was huge and the plate looked very good. The taste was even better, best vegan tiramisu I've had so far.

Pros: Decent portions , Not too expensive , English menu available

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Lovely - Edit

This place is really cozy and serves great food, also staff is really friendly. We had the spätzle and the viasko panini, weren't disappointed!

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Good Food but Bad Music - Edit

The food is good, but the music is bad. When I go out for dinner I do not want to listen to depressive or aggressive lyrics of indie music while I eat. But this is some point many vegan restaurants will have to learn. I would love to come back one day to enjoy a nice meal, maybe in some years after they changed the music. Check out Masaru Emoto to understand my concern. By the way, the brunch is awesome, but people should not be able to smoke on the terrace outside while other people eat.

Pros: Good Food, Vegan, Brunch

Cons: Bad Music

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delicious vegan food - Edit

The food here was fantastic! We sat outside in the outdoor courtyard and enjoyed the casual laid back vibe. My husband ordered the lemon risotto which was tastes, not too salty and slightly "creamy". I had the Flammkuchen, which is similar to a pizza with a thin crispy base. It was topped with grilled onions, beetroot, rocket and walnuts, great fresh flavours.
For dessert we had Tiramisu and a lemon and strawberry mousse "lasagne" they layers were made with fried wonton wrappers.
The tiramisu was delicious and "creamy" while the mousse was so light.
The desserts are huge and the main meals are generous in size.
Delicious all round

Pros: desserts, how do they get these so creamy?

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