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First Review by Deano

Needs clean - Edit

Agree with previous reviews... it is very dirty and dark inside. The staff give it a very eery feel and the food is subpar, if your into watery oily curries and burnt rice then this is a good all you can eat buffet. Ive made better curries at home with a more authentic taste. For 5.95 you'd expect a lot better... the toilets are atrocious and i won't be going back.

Pros: Quiet

Cons: Hygeine, Staff not nice, Food

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Disgusting - Edit

Have been here once before the food was decent. Not authentic or very flavourful but decent. Went here yesterday and the food was SHOCKING so watery every curry had the same flavour and consistency. It was awful. My 2 year old was charged for the kids buffet despite eating MY rice. The place is very dirty e.g toilets with wobbly seat and no sink. Will never be going back.

Pros: Empty

Cons: Dirty, Bad food, Rip off

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Pretty good - Edit

The food is yum, a bit heavy but it's a good price for all you can eat ! The staff are friendly.
The only thing that worried me was that it wasn't as clean as I usually go for but it might be it's just the presentation of the place gave me a weird feeling but that is just because I'm very full on with hygiene so it might just be me.

Pros: Yum, All you can eat , Spicy

Cons: Heavy, Dark place, Not totally spotless

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Cheap and Cheerful - Edit

I go to Bombay Aloo regularly when in town. Staff are usually friendly and great range (you can look at the buffet from outside the window if unsure).

Pros: Cheap, All-you can eat, Staff

Cons: Quie crammed, Can become busy

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decent & cheap - Edit

It hasn't changed much in the last several years. Decent food and cheap. You get what you pay for - a bit watered down with plenty of 'bulking' veg like potatoes and cabbage. Can get frantic on a Saturday night. Staff are happy to point out vegan dishes.

Pros: cheap, convenient for fast meal, decent quality

Cons: not much space between tables!

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cheap & cheerful - Edit

Little restaurant that has an all you can eat buffet for £4.95 a bargain! All food is vegetarian and staff are very helpful in letting you know what is vegan (avoid the naan, bahjis & korma). Curries are a bit watery but the veg is fresh and each curry has a different flavour and heat, at that price who is complaining!

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A Buffet to remember! - Edit

The Bombay Aloo is a wonderful restaurant that always has a superb tasty range of buffet dishes on offer. Here are the best simple and delicious meals I’ve had.
They also serve a great pot of tea.
Pleasant surroundings.
Excellent food at an affordable price.

Pros: Incredible range buffet, Taste!, Price!

Cons: None

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I wouldnt eat here.. - Edit

Phones this restaurant to enquire about vegan options after hearing from a friend that the vegan options had improved. The man who answered told me that it was very inconvenient not to use milk in the dishes and so they only had one dish - a curry which was "vegan, but it might have milk in it"! I asked if he could find out for certain which dishes would be suitable and he said "no we wouldn't be able to do that". Oh well..in that case I wouldn't dare eat here.

Cons: Rude staff, Don't know ingredients of dishes on menu, Not accommodating to vegans

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Affordable, tasty and almost entirely vegan. - Edit

Great for a quick bite - especially if you're visiting Brighton and looking for a tasty, affordable meal. The staff are more than happy to point out what isn't vegan - which is only a few items (naan bread, one of the battered items, yogurt and the korma curry, but double check when you're there). As much as you can eat for around £5 - but cheaper during the day and for takeaway. I think it's £2 for a curry and rice box. Quick service, don't expect anything amazing but sometimes you just want to eat quickly and move on!

Pros: Quick, easy and cheap., Almost everything is vegan.

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budget price food - Edit

Average sloppy joe type Indian food at a budget cost. Huge chunks of boiled spud in each curry, most of which are utterly tasteless and bland.Tasteless bhajis and a similar potato creation that is utterly unseasoned and tasteless.
Food definitely not great but filling if you are really hungry.

Pros: cheap

Cons: bland, tasteless

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Good budget Indian - Edit

The food is far from perfect but it's pretty tasty and very good for such a low cost place. I sometimes get takeaway from here (£2 a box for a pretty reasonable amount) or go for the £3.50 offer mid-afternoon.

Pros: Price, Good for all you can eat

Cons: Food quality not brilliant

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Good, afordable food - Edit

I've eaten here quite often, they have discounted meals between 15-17. The food is good, plenty of vegan meals, and the naan bread is really good. The staff are friendly and happy to point out the vegan options.
The restaurant is a pleasant place to eat, not noisy, even though it is pretty much right next to the main thorough road in town.

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charasi-i 18 Oct 2014 - The naan bread isn't vegan.

Nice buffet - Edit

We ate here about a year ago and we were veggie at the time, so I can't comment on dairy etc, but we thought it was good value and there was a good amount on offer. The staff were friendly enough and the place was busy, so it must be doing alright!
We're vegan now though, so if we did go back we'd check what was available before starting to be sure (after reading these reviews)

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Good value for money - Edit

I used to love this restaurant. Each time when we were in Brighton we were eating there because it's in the centre, it's not expensive and the food was always good enough. They also always pointed out which dishes are not vegan.
Unfortunately last two times when we were eating there I ended up being unwell. I heard few times the waiters saying that they do own also a meat reastaurant so I do not trust them anylonger. After being unwell twice after eating there I don't think I will visit them again.

Pros: central location, cheap, friendly staff

Cons: don't trust them any more

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Excellent value - Edit

I really love the value of this place, and for that alone it deserves voting up. They don't serve gourmet Indian cuisine, but it's only £4.95 for ALL YOU CAN EAT (or £3.50 all you can eat for a couple of hours in the after noon!)...

The staff are friendly and clearly point out what is not vegan if you ask - everything is vegetarian. There are quite a lot of options, including chopped salad, breads, deep friend onion things, various curries, dhal, chutney dips etc.

I wouldn't say 'wow, what amazing food', but it's a sweet place and an amazing option for anyone who wants to eat out on a budget.

Pros: Value, central Brighton

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Great gem of a place. - Edit

I don't understand why this place is getting such a poor write up for lots of reviewers. The place has a great selection of food, and you can go back as many times as you like no quibble. They don't even mind if you ask for tap water and the price is so cheap it's a steal! Me and my husband go there every time we are in Brighton and found the food always ok, and staff friendly enough. Not on your case but then it's not the oxo tower. I don't know what people expect. You get at least 5 dishes to chose from, nan bread, popadoms, Onion Bhaji, chutney, salad. Come on....this place does not advertise as vegan, so any vegan complaining should understand it's not trying to be vegan. I'm sure you can work out a Korma contains dairy, only criticisms are its too small so you can't always get a table!

Pros: Value for money, Good selection of food, Prompt service

Cons: A little on the small side in there!

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Good value - Edit

My partner and I have frequented this restaurant many times over the years. The food is quite basic in buffet style with most of the dishes vegan (ask the waiter when you go in). There isn't much selection for the buffet and you won't be blown away by the quality but it is great value for money - filling, cheap, and cheerful. As such, it is often busy and the staff are friendly.

Pros: good value, filling, friendly

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Great all-you-can-eat curry house - Edit

No frills veggie curries with a few sides & fruit salad thrown in. Very cheap basic food, mostly vegan. Nothing to complain about

Pros: Price

Cons: Naan's not vegan

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Not for vegans - Edit

Food here is lacking flavour and thickness in sauce.
Furthermore, after asking which food is suitable for vegans, some foods such as the naan breads and the korma, where left out of the list of things unsuitable. It seems that not all staff know what each dish contains. And after eating the naan bread, I think it's safe to say I will not be going back to this restaurant. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant for vegans, due this and the fact that they do not separate their vegan &non-vegan food. (Their naan bread, which contain egg, is in the same dish as their rice.)

Pros: Quite easy to find

Cons: bland food, Staff don't fully understand veganism

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Cheap and cheerful! - Edit

Bombay Aloo is one of my favourite standby places to go in Brighton. It's all vegetarian and genuinely All You Can Eat. Most of the day it's around £5 but between (I think) 3.30pm and 5pm it's £3.95.

There are usually around five different curries (a korma, a chef's special, chickpea, and a couple of standard mixed veg), a tarka dhal, rice, pitta bread, bhajis, deep-fried veg, a huge bowl of poppadums, plus an array of salads and chutnies. The drinks are fairly priced and of course they do Indian beer (Kingfisher and Cobra).

There are a couple of extra dishes listed on the drinks menu but you can only order them if you are also having the all you can eat buffet as well. I guess that's to avoid having people go in just to get beer and a small snack.
There are around 12 tables for either 2 or 4 people but it's rarely so full that you can't get a seat.

It's an absolute bargain here - I usually end up going back up to the buffet about four times and am completely stuffed by the time I leave - not bad for less than £4 at the right time of day.

The only complaint is that the curries are a little thin (watery) sometimes - that is certainly the case for the tarka dhal - it's practically soup but that in no way takes away from the value for money.

Highly recommended.

Pros: Price, Convenience, All vegetarian

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Quite worth it - Edit

It's amazing. You get a whole buffet for very little money! It's true, that the food isn't that extraordinary,but by that price, I don't expect it otherways. Stuff kindly shows, what is vegan and you get a glass of tab water free.I like it there.

Pros: Value its money, nice atmosphere, helpful stuff

Cons: -, -, -

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cheap and cheerful - Edit

Have been here twice and was disappointed with the food both times. It's a buffet style set-up with a decent selection on offer. However, you get what you pay for. Although it's relatively cheap to eat out here, my boyfriend and I felt the food was a bit bland. Good it you want a cheap meal but go somewhere else if you want good quality indian food.

Pros: cheap, choice

Cons: food bit bland

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Good, cheap food - Edit

Indian buffet with about 6 options for a main meal (4 of them vegan). The staff knew what were suitable for vegan when asked but if would have been good to have this info on the cards next to the name of the curry. Sadly the onion baghis are made with eggs which I was disappointed about. Filling, cheap food but if you want amazing Indian go rather to Planet India.

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Good & Inexpensive - Edit

I've been to Bombay Aloo several times for the buffet and once for a party in the room upstairs. For the price I find the food very agreeable.

Some people I've met who are used to hotter curries were unimpressed by the food here, however I found it to be a nice change from the "typical" Indian food we see everywhere in the UK.

The curries and dishes are full of flavor and there is generally only one dish (the Korma) which isn't vegan.

The only disapointing thing here is that the naan bread and onion bharjis are not vegan.

Overall though, I've had a good time. There arent many places you can get a range of vegan dishes on a buffet and considering it's £4.95 you really can't lose!

Pros: Good food, Exceptional price, Friendly staff

Cons: Naan & Bharji's not vegan

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Brilliant cheap all-you-can eat curry - Edit

We've been going to Bombay Aloo for well over ten years and always enjoyed it. Favourites are the spinach & potato, chick pea, chef's special sweet potato and wonderful daal. Non-vegan items are marked.
The staff are really friendly, you can depend on it, and you can't beat the price - where else can you fill up for less than a fiver in the centre of Brighton?!

Pros: Affordable food in Brighton, Tasty, Friendly

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Bombay Aloo - Edit

If you want to fill up on very, very cheap curry then it's a great place. Most of the curries are very similar though - and generally based on root veg and cabbage. It's not a taste sensation but it is very cheap filling food.

Pros: very cheap, quantity

Cons: limited range

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cheap meal out - Edit

I visited Bombay Aloo in March 09, i stopped by to get a take out box- cheap food, although what was on offer was a bit samey, i tried 2 of the curries and couldnt tell the difference! Staff were helpful and if i remember right it was only the korma and naan bread that wasn't vegan. Good if you want a cheap meal but i won't be rushing back.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Samey food, Oily

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Great value for money! - Edit

This place is good value for money. While not every thing is vegan there is a good selection. The service is always good and the only down side is that the food is basic.

Pros: value, all you can eat

Cons: a little limited for vegans, food is basic

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Basic food - Edit

I have been to this place a few times over the years and you get what you pay for. As mentioned in other posts it is a basic food curry house where you can eat as much as you want for a fiver (£3.50 during happy hour). The food can, at times, be very oily and greasy and limited with a lot of potato and rice on offer. Check with the waiter for what is vegan. Although good for the price there are new bench marks set in Brighton and if i travel there i think i would splash out the extra couple of quid on some of the vegetarian/vegan alternative places where the food is a lot better in quality and taste.

Pros: Very cheap, Buffet

Cons: Oily, very basic, better on offer

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Amazing value - Edit

During happy hour you can eat as much as you want for £3.50 - and, as slap-headed illusionist Paul Daniels would say...that's magic.
Okay, it's not gourmet food but where else offers better value? I've been here loads of times and never had cause for complaint.
The curries can be a little bland - and you might have to dig deep in the cauldrons to find some veg - but the dal is fantastic. And there's plenty for vegans.

Pros: Great value, Loyalty card scheme, It's in Brighton

Cons: Curries sometimes bland

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