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Greens Restaurant

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Contact 415-771-6222

Fort Mason Center, Building A (at Marina District), San Francisco, California, USA, 94123

Vegetarian dining in San Francisco with view: the windows on the side frame a sweeping view of the Bay, Marina, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin Headlands. Thirty-foot ceiling, contemporary paintings, and redwood sculptures decorate the interior. Food is mostly ovo-lacto vegetarian with some vegan (though most dishes can be made vegan upon request). Also Greens-To-Go take away counter. Est. 1979 as part of San Francisco Zen Center. Open daily.

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Reviews (43)

First Review by aaronsk

Vegan options - Edit

We rushed here after flying in from Australia for lunch to get some takeaway vegan food. We got a coffee, chilli with rice and soup. We sat in a large park nearby and and ate the food while the sun was shining! Most of the take away foods had vegan options. It was all tasty and reasonably priced.

Pros: Clear on what is vegan and what isn't

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Not Vegan Friendly and Very Rude - Edit

I had been looking forward to having brunch at Greens for months while planning my trip to San Francisco. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment.

I have dined at vegetarian and vegan restaurants all over the world, there is usually a kind of comradery and kindness shared, knowing that it is a safe space for all trying to eat more consciously. At the very least there is a mutual respect and an understanding of vegan options. This, sadly, was not the case at Greens.

Or server was extremely rude to us from the get go, acting as if it was a bother we were there.

I had read on Happy Cow and numerous other guides that Greens, while vegetarian, was extremely vegan friendly (as almost all vegetarian restaurants are). This was not the case. When I got the menu I noticed that nothing was marked vegan. When our server came back to ask if we had questions, I asked him if they had a vegan menu and he just answered, "no."

I then asked how the vegan options are indicated on the menu and he answered, "they aren't."
I responded, "so you don't have any vegan options?"
He pointed to one thing and said, "just this" and then walked away.

My friend and I were stunned. We could see him just leaning against a wall on the other side of the room. He didn't come back for quite some time and no one seemed to notice us or fill our water glasses, so we decided to take our business elsewhere. I told the hostess why we were leaving and she just said, "oh."

I have never been so talked down to or treated so poorly at a vegetarian restaurant. They do not have vegan options, nor are they the least bit accommodating. I've had a million times better treatment and service as a vegan at a steakhouse than I did at Greens. Please spend your money at one of San Francisco's other veg friendly eateries. Most are happy to accommodate and understand what vegan options are.

Pros: Nice atmosphere and view

Cons: Not vegan friendly, very rude wait staff

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Not worth it - Edit

Was very disappointed with this place. The quality of the food and the portions didn't warrant the price of the food. For example, my sister paid $14 for a cut up peach with some goat cheese and honey. I mean, really?

Their vegan options were decent, as they were able to make around half of the menu items vegan, but the quality again wasn't that great. I ordered a spring roll dish, $14 again, and one small spring roll came out cut up into 4 pieces with a side of peanut sauce and a small mushroom/radish salad with no flavor.

We tried a few more dishes and they aren't even worth mentioning. Overall a fairly pretentious, overpriced place and I wouldn't recommend going.

Pros: views

Cons: quality of food , prices , portions

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well thought out food - Edit

The food and atmosphere was as close to fine dining as vegetarians will get in my opinion. The dishes were presented well and there was care and attention paid to the ingredients. The price was moderate to high but you get what you pay for. There were very accommodating to make vegetarian dishes vegan as I don't eat dairy. The menu was concise and fresh. An excellent choice for a nice night out!

Pros: high quality ingredients , great presentation , accommodating staff

Cons: a little bit pricy , dishes lacking in vegetable protein

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Nice View! - Edit

Window seats afford you a nice view of the golden gate and seals lounging on docks below. The food was good but didn't match the high expectations created by the great ambiance and service. We had the Indian sampler, which seemed like a rather small amount of food for the $18 price tag plus the flavors were very subtle. Also had mushroom spinach wrapped in philo which was also good and a vegetable brochette, which was probably the best of our selections. The banana chocolate cake was so-so, perhaps because it seemed refrigerator cold so wasn't soft and moist. Wouldn't recommend it. Service was great however. So food was good, just not great. I would return if looking for fantastic view but would likely look elsewhere if I wanted a great veg meal out.

Pros: easy paid parking in ft mason parking lot, beautiful dining room, great views

Cons: somewhat uninspired flavores

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Zen? More like Bleh. - Edit

I get that we ate there for lunch, and service during the lunch hour can be chaotic because you're serving business clientele. But for what the price you're paying? I'll never return.

The food was unmemorable. I couldn't believe I spent $50 on my meal. I should've just gone to Safeway down the street and prepared a meal for my veteran friend and made it tastier.

The worst was when the espresso and coffee arrived well after our dessert.

Maybe the flow of the restaurant has to do with its mission (pun intended). But, for the price and value, it's very overrated.

Pros: The ambiance.

Cons: Poor Service., Food came disorganized., Overpriced for bad service.

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Wonderful view, limited vegan options - Edit

The amazing view of the bay and GG bridge (IMPORTANT: be certain to ask for a table by the window when making reservations) alone make Greens the #1 choice for vegetarian/health-conscious out-of-towners visiting. They do have a nice vegetarian food selection, but the food itself isn't, in my opinion, outstanding enough to warrant high prices. The restaurant is beautiful and feels luxurious so if that is important to you you will probably like it here. They source some ingredients from a farm in Marin so that is nice.

The big problem is they seem to be pretty un-sympathetic to vegan customers, with really limited vegan offerings. It doesn't make much sense. As a vegan, I would not go here except with guests. That's disappointing.

I think this is a better option for high-end vegetarian dining than its main competition, Millenium downtown, because it's easier to park, the restaurant is more spacious and beautiful, and the view is amazing.

If it's your first time here, the Fort Mason buildings can be a little confusing. Inside the gated parking area, stay along the row of buildings to the left and keep walking towards the water. Watch for signs and you'll find it, disguised from the outside like all the other formerly military buildings.

Pros: View, Ample parking

Cons: Very limited vegan selection, Expensive

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Great vegetarian food & view - Edit

This is one of San Francisco's best gourmet vegetarian restaurants. We have been coming here for years. The menu changes regularly. Most recently we had some of their non alcoholic wine, the mushroom farro risotto, a side of artichokes, asparagus pizza, soup (kale or chard), & avocado salad. The appetizers were better than the entrees, which at Greens I have found to be slightly bland. I rate the food as being slightly lower than Millenium (the other high end gourmet restaurant in San Francisco), but Greens has the San Francisco Bay & Golden Gate Bridge view (Millenium has no view) & is cheaper. All in all, a place you should eat at. The food is creative & my comments are more subtleties from a self-appointed vegetarian food connoisseur. Be sure to reserve your table in advance, as they are booked months in advance for prime time, & weeks in advance for other dates. They are located in Fort Mason. You can park for free just outside Fort Mason or pay $2 per hour to park in the Fort Mason parking lot.

Pros: creative menu, good quality food, good service

Cons: small portions, taste is not very strong

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Great chilli to go - Edit

Have eaten here several times in last ten years whenever in SF. Good menu selection, albeit not cheap. Despite beautiful view from windows a takeout bean chilli is my favourite!

Pros: Fantastic views, Choice of dishes , Takeout available

Cons: A bit pricey

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Great vegan lunch - Edit

When I asked our concierge for a vegan restaurant nearby, he did not hesitate to recommend Greens. There were several options for vegans, so I am a little surprised by some of the reviews. I had the Mexican ragout with polenta. I just asked them to leave out the butter. My husband, who is vegetarian, opted for the linguini with garlic, pesto and veggies. He loved it.

The service was friendly and very fast. The cook, a delightful woman named Annie, stopped by our table and gave us some great recommendations for other vegan meals.

We had a wonderful table by the window from where we could watch the boats coming into the marina. A perfect experience.

Pros: Great ambiance, Courteous, quick service, Vegan and vegetarian options

Cons: A little pricey, but typical for SF

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Second-Hand Review (for my wife) - Edit

Two facts to begin:
- My "wife" of 25 years is not veg*n
- When she was diagnosed as terminally ill, Greens is where she wanted to go.

I couldn't call it her "last meal" wish, but it was the one place she wanted to revisit before departing. Some part of this desire stemmed from good memories of meals eaten here in the past. She also loves the setting. But, in the end, it is all about the food for her.

We have always gone on Saturday evenings for the prix fixe meals. She enjoys the variety and the fact that the food is "richer" than many vegetarian places offer.

As others have noted, it is something of a compromise for vegans, since few dishes are vegan "as is", though, sometimes, modifications are possible - less so on the prix fixe menu.

Service has always been impeccable, including prompt seating at the hour of the reservation.

For my "wife", five cows. From me, "yes dear, five cows".

Pros: Location and view, Service

Cons: A little sparse on the vegan offerings

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Not a good place for vegans - Edit

This restaurant is good if you are a vegetarian and do not mine overpaying for food. It is in a very pretty location. The menu does not cater to vegans and they are not as accommodating as they could be. They said you could call ahead and they will make sure that there is something suitable for a vegan, but it doesn't seem worth it when there are places that will feed me without that hassle.

Pros: Location

Cons: Not enough vegan options, Price

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Always a delight - Edit

I recently had lunch at Greens. It was a delightful experience as always. I had a Moroccan Chick Pea soup, the stir fry as entree and for dessert the strawberry rhubarb crisp, but with page mandarin sorbet substituted for the vanilla sorbet. All the items were well prepared and tasty. Most items on the menu could be made vegan. The ambiance was very pleasant. If you want to take out from Greens to Go, you should do it early. Even though they are open until 4 or 5 PM,they make everything beforehand, so will likely have run out well before closing.

Pros: most items can be made vegan, great food, pleasant dining

Cons: take out runs out of items early

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Unbelievable - Edit

I cannot figure out why anyone would give this restaurant a bad review. I went there twice when I was in CA last year and without exaggeration, it was the best restaurant food I've ever had in my life. None of my family is vegetarian, and even they couldn't get enough of it. I'm also surprised people said it didn't accommodate vegans well. In my experience, the servers were nothing short of amazing (always checking if things were okay, refilling our drinks, providing detailed responses to questions we asked about the dishes) and in both of my experiences at the restaurant, they never had any problem giving advice about what was vegan and what wasn't.

I wish I could give details of exactly what I ate there, but it was a while ago and I only remember little bits of it. One thing was plate with pita bread, olives, hummous, and a spiced tomato dip. It was delicious, and the same attention to detail that I felt was reflected in the excellent service was strongly reflected in the presentation of the food. The hummous came with cracked coriander seeds and the spices of the tomato dip just really made the dish "pop." Another dish I had was I think a fresh spring roll dish with tofu, vegetables and herbs, which came with an Asian mushroom salad and a nutty sauce. It was really good, and I was just sad that the portion size wasn't bigger (it was really quite small, but it was an entree as far as I know). I can't recall what dessert was the first time we went there, but on the second night it was a crumble/crisp with berries, I think, and vanilla soy ice cream. It was truly delicious and as a diehard vanilla fan, I was pleased that the creamy ice cream had real vanilla flavour. The two nights of food we had there haven't been forgotten by me, and they have become the yardstick by which I judge restaurant meals. None have compared since.

The only bad thing I have to say about the restaurant is that, since we all know how much better being vegan is for us and for the environment, I wish they made more of an effort to move toward veganism or at least tried make 50% of the menu vegan. Although, as I said, they are helpful about what is vegan and there's consistently vegan choices, a huge amount of what's served there does include cheese and many things include butter. It's possible at this time to make modern, trendy cuisine that is also vegan, and I think they should do so. Their chefs are obviously quite skilled, and I think they could do a good job of it.

Pros: Best food ever, Good staff, Beautiful setting

Cons: Hard to get a table, Fairly pricey, Not vegan

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Greens Restaurant - Edit

We made reservations for brunch at Greens, and I will say that if you like to dine with nice views, by all means make a reservation. Because we made a reservation, we were given one of the nice seats along the windows facing the bay/bridge. While there isn't much for a vegan on the breakfast menu, maybe two items, I fell in love with my order which was the Mesquite Grilled Brochettes. It came with potatoes, summer squash, peppers, white corn, red onions, cherry tomatoes and Hodo Soy tofu with chimichurri served with Massa Organics brown and red rice with Mexican cabbage slaw - I can't articulate how good it was but I will say the tofu in this dish was amazing (and I'm not a huge fan of tofu). The veggies were all also cooked perfectly and the chimichurri sauce was quite good. They also have a grab and go cafe up front of the building, so if you're not in the mood to sit and eat, by all means, go to the cafe counter they have more vegan options there (sandwiches, etc.). 4.5 cows.

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Acceptable - Edit

The views are amazing. Excellent location. The tables are nicely spaced so that you're not right on top of each other. The food was good, but I was expecting it to be great. The prices were high.

I'm glad I went once, but I would only come back to this restaurant again if I lived here. As a tourist, there are so many other wonderful veg*n options around that Greens falls lower on the list.

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Excellent service and great vegan/veg food - Edit

Ate an evening meal here in Sept 2010. We made bookings and were very glad we did, as there was a bit of a queue waiting for tables when we got there. We were seated pretty quick and although some dishes were already labeled vegan, our waitress was very knowledgeable and happy to tailor other dishes for us. The food came quickly, and was beautifully presented and very tasty. It seems like rather a trendy, posh place, but we didn't feel out of place sitting in our cargos and t shirts. It's reasonably expensive (£15, $25 per meal) but the food is worth it. Two tips 1) it's a bit of a trek if you walk, so get a cab or bus and 2) if you book in advance try to get a window seat - it has lovely views over the bay.

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Some of the best Vegetarian food in San Francisco - Edit

I will not pass up to eat at Greens restaurant each time we make it to the City. We had corn cakes with two different types of accompaniments. I had the roasted peach salad with goat cheese and water cress-magnificient. My husband [ a meat eater] thought the entire meal was very tasty. He had a pasta dish and for dessert a fruit gallette with a home made ice cream, just delicious. This is our favorite vegetarian restuarant in San Francisco. We have tried Fleur de Lys that has a vegetarian fixed price menu and a meat eaters dream. Milleneum is a bit spice-y for my taste. I have been coming here to Greens for many many years perhaps 12 or more. I have never been disappointed in the food. I also enjoyed Navarro gewurtztraminer grape juice, wonderful.

Pros: great view, lovely dishes

Cons: costly but worth it

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Greens, San Francisco - Edit

I had dinner here last night. Firstly the views of the bay and Golden Gate bridge are magnificent.

Comments made that this place has limted choice for those of a vegan persuasion are nonsense. I asked the waitress what is vegan friendly and she was very helpful and knowledgeable about the content of each dish. Nearly all of the dishes on the menu either are or could be done vegan friendly.

I went for the curry lentil soup to start and this was a good choice. I was spoiled for choice for mains so I closed my eyes and stuck my finger on the menu at random. I ended up having the linguine which while it wasn't unpleasant, it wasn't as nice as the soup.

Not a place to go I suggest if you are on a tight budget. For the above plus a glass of wine, $40 before gratuity.

Pros: Very vegan veggie friendly, Magnificent views

Cons: Pricey

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Nice experience - Edit

We walked to Greens based on the advice from the Concierge when we asked if there was a nice vegetarian restaurant nearby. (Maybe it's because I was hungry but it sure seemed like a long walk up the hill from Fisherman's Wharf to get there, and some steep steps down to the restaurant itself -- not quite the quick walk to which she alluded. But the walk back was nice; glad we didn't take a cab afer all.) For us, dinner was excellent. We were seated at a window table with a nice view. Our server was quick and polite, and with the fixed-price menu (it was a Saturday), there were only a few choices we had to make. Dinner was creative and delicious, and the dessert was tasty. The prices were high, maybe higher than they could/should have been, but being in vacation-mode I sort of expected that with the location. With several reviews here of people who were disappointed, I have to give them credit for getting it right the night we were there. We had a nice experience at Greens.

Pros: fixed-price, creative entrees

Cons: price

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Snobbish, Poor Quality, Expensive, Small Portions - Edit

I walked into Greens which is a beautiful restaurant at Fort Mason. I was greeted like they were doing me a favor and I should have thanked them for allowing me into the restaurant. So, I sat down and was greeted nicely by the waiter who handed me a menu. I asked him what was his favorite and he looked at me as if i spoke out of turn. So, being a vegan, I chose the wilted Spinach salad and asked him to leave off the cheese and the crouton which he did. I got the salad along with a small glass of OJ which was $5. The salad was great but about half the size you would expect for almost $10. I then was served my entrée which was stir fried vegetables. It tasted and was presented to me like a TV dinner. In fact it tasted like it might have been frozen and they popped it in the microwave. The rice was clumped together and it wasn't especially very good. My lunch with tip was $46. I don't think i will be going back any time soon. It is very expensive for mediocre food that didn't seem all that fresh and very small portions. I gave it two stars because the view was gorgeous and it was a nice day, otherwise the ambiance, the food and the service was worth a one star. My recommendation to the owners is to at least give your customers their money's worth and fresh food for the prices that you charge.

Pros: view

Cons: small portions, expensive, terrible food

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Would not return. - Edit

Here is the letter I wrote to Greens following my experience there... no response so I am posting it here:
We flew down from Seattle for 2 days for a very special vegan/vegetarian tour of San Francisco - We had all the restaurants picked-out and were so excited to be able to take the time off and experience some of San Francisco's finest dining.
Unfortunately, our experience at Greens left quite a bit to be desired. Our server did not seem particularly knowledgeable about the menu, and had to examine our menus to *attempt* to inform us as to which items were vegan or could be made vegan. He also seemed confused about gluten-free vs. vegan, telling us that the hoisin sauce was not vegan, then returning to say that it was vegan, just not gluten-free.

His descriptions of how another dish, the Sampler could be made vegan by leaving off the cheese left-us feeling like part of the meal would be taken-away, rather than how it could be enhanced in any way.

We did end-up ordering the spring roll starter - which was delicious, and my entrée was the Red Curry and his was the sampler. The Red Curry was inconsistently cooked, with some of the vegetables raw, and others fully-cooked. The Thai Cabbage Slaw was a very unsuccessful marriage to the curry. The Sampler was only mediocre, and certainly felt incomplete made vegan.

Unfortunately, the worst part of the meal was the service. The Server did not check-on us once during our meal, though he made numerous trips to the neighboring tables. Once we were finished eating, we kept waiting for him to come-by and offer-us dessert. I had to flag-down a neighboring waitress to ask her to request our server to come-by. He did not. Of course by this time, dessert was sounding less appetizing. I then flagged the other waitress again to ask her to please deliver our check which was passed-on to our server. Once he delivered our check, he never came-by to pick-up the credit card to allow us to pay. We sat patiently for quite a while, until I finally had to ask the hostess if she could run our credit card. She was very apologetic, and told us that she wished that we had had a better dining experience.

We had been looking forward to eating at Greens for a long time! The night before, we had eaten at Millennium where we had one of the best and most delicious dining experiences ever, and expected more of the same.

Cons: Rude, Staff not knowledgable of vegan items, overpriced

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Disappointing - Edit

My mom had been hearing about this place for several years, so during her trip up to the city this weekend we planned our day around having lunch there. The hosts were very nice and seated us within 5 minutes, but once seated we waited at least 10 minutes for anyone to acknowledge us. We had to ask our server twice for sugar packets (for our tea) and bread, then he came over to tell us that the pizza we ordered would take over 30 minutes and our next choice would take over 20. Finally settled on soup which also took forever. Overall, the food was very mediocre and the service sub-par for such an expensive menu. You're better off going to Millenium if you want to spend a lot of money on fancy vegetarian food. Also, this seemed to be a vegetarian restaurant geared towards the omnivore crowd -- no veggie proteins besides black beans and one dish with tofu, nothing creative or that I hadn't seen before. I was hoping our experience might have been a fluke, but after looking at the reviews on here it seems poor service has been a constant issue. Nice view, but not worth the money...there are too many good vegetarian places in SF to come back here.

Pros: nice view, cool decor

Cons: too expensive, poor service

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Certainly Worth Trying - Edit

A friend and I checked out Greens while spending a few days in San Francisco. Yeah, it was somewhat difficult to locate and yes it is a touch pricey. I would say that you get what you pay for. The views are lovely, it is tastefully and respectfully upscale, the staff is helpful and friendly while a great deal of attention is put into design, decor and presentation. For me, the nicest and most unexpected touch was, having ordered tea, being brought a stunning cast iron teapot with a small chinese-style tea cup; really, everything was first class.

Menus are changed daily to reflect seasonal/fresh/in-stock ingredients which i really respected. The food was delicious and healthy - a portabello burger for my friend and wonderfully cooked kebabs for me (tofu, eggplant and I wish I could remember the rest...).

I'm not exactly sure that I will return to Greens the next time I'm in San Francisco... unless I have a date - no offense to my male friend. The way I see it, I experienced Greens, enjoyed it very much, and can leave it at that. If it grabs your interest, do check it out.

By the way, while it is hard to find, the area around it is a great place to get lost. In the Fort Mason complex there is a huge green space (vis-a-vis Greens it's just up some steep steps) and from there there is a public garden that is something that I will absolutely go back and visit.

Pros: Tea in a cast iron pot!, Day-by-day menus, location/views

Cons: Prices are a touch steep

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A real treat! - Edit

Firstly, I agree with some parts of all of the reviews here - it wasn't easy to find, it is a littly pricey and the staff could have appeared to be aloof - if one hadn't have taken the time to chat to them.

However; upon chatting to the waitress she was very pleasant, laughed at our humour and graciously took our picture. We were joking with her about my partner's quest to sit in a seat that Morrissey has graced, and the waitress even took the time to ask her colleague if he had eaten there! (Sadly not!)

We felt that the bill/check was worth the view, the food and the decor combined, but we do tend to shell out a little more when on holiday.

The food and wine were delicious, and we found the surroundings to be very intimate. Yes, there was a group next to us talking and having a good time, as were we, but it was all very low-key with low lighting and very atmospheric.

All in all we felt that our experience there was well worth the search! They even recommended this website to us!

Pros: Mood-enhancing decor, THAT VIEW!, The food

Cons: Initial navigation

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Wonderful Food - Edit

I went to Greens while visiting SF. I loved it. Although not all items were vegan the ones I had no problems finding something to eat. I ordered the Grilled Brochettes (vegan). It was wonderful and one of my favorite meals that I had while in the area. The waiter was very helpful it letting me know what was vegan or could be made vegan. My husband who is not veg enjoyed his meal as well.

Pros: excellent food, helpful staff, beautiful view

Cons: wished dinner hrs were earlier

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great views..and food - Edit

i had takeaway lunch, then booked a table.
there are stunning views, and the food is good. the service was very good, and our waiter was on top form. we had a shared starter, and as we waited for our main we wee given a couple of menu samplers which was a nice touch. both our mains were good, and although pricey i had a good experience. the one way greens couls improve is by stop trying to imitate food from other countries, the food was good and seemed healthy, but as soon as you try a dish based on a recipe from another country it fails. this is quite to end veggie, it should focus on a californian menu and leave indian and chinese dishes to those who do it best. overall i had a good time, and would recommend greens if your in town.

Pros: good food, good service, good views

Cons: price

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I wish it was better - Edit

For all the hype, the food at this place isn't all that great. There are very few vegan options and the it is pretty run of the mill vegetarian fare. I wouldn't recommend it, and since San Francisco has so many wonderful places to eat I'd say you're better off looking for something a little more interesting and vegan friendly.

One last thing: the menu isn't very inventive. I know it is one of the pioneers of the vegetarian restaurant world, but I think some updating of their menu might help. For the prices you're paying you ought to be getting something more than average.

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good muffin, rude service - Edit

I was wandering around the Marina when I realized I was near this restaurant. So I went to check it out. It was between meal times when I went so they were only doing to go orders. Their to-go menu is full of sandwhiches but they told the people in line in front of me that they didn't have any more sandwhiches... what!? I wasn't looking for a sandwhich because I wasn't that hungry, but still - I found that to be weird. It was somewhere between 2 and 3 pm. I got a yummy vegan muffin and a tea from this place which I enjoyed outside, but the staff there was just kind of rude. On the plus side the muffin was unlike anything I've ever had before. The vegan options on the menu seemed very limited. I would go again in SF if brought along with friends who liked it, but probably wouldn't make the trip out there by myself. Oh yea, it's next to the SFMOMA, so look at some art when you are done.

Pros: muffin unlike any other muffin I've had

Cons: rude staff, ran out menu items?

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Not recommended - Edit

My wife and I have been to many vegetarian restaurants, but our visit to The Greens for brunch on a recent Sunday left us quite underwhelmed. It's definitely not one of the better places we've been -- it's several steps below our favorite, the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, NY.

The prices are fairly steep considering that the food isn't of gourmet quality and the portions are fairly small. And it was FAR from being an intimate dining experience -- for most of our meal we could hardly hear each other because it was so noisy (we were in the smaller dining room).

So, while the location is great, our advice would be to dine elsewhere.

Pros: Nice marina view, Nice location

Cons: NOISY, Overpriced, Mediocre food

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wonderful romantic dinner - Edit

Perfect atmosphere. We arrived just prior to the sunsetting behind the golden gate bridge. The menu is new every evening depending on what was available at the market and the taste of the food reflex this. it is a little on the pricey side but well worth every penny.

Pros: atmosphere/view, fresh food, friendly service

Cons: too full for dessert

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one of my faves - Edit

I love this place for the very nice beautiful atmosphere. It's right on the water and it's a great place to go for a fancier meal out. Every time I've been there for dinner it has been extremely busy all the way through closing, so they should probably be open later then they are. Nice decor, great menu. Helpful wait staff.

Pros: view, menu

Cons: wait, hours

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requires tactical planning to visit - Edit

my LP guidebook praised this one to the skies. however, i found it hard to locate despite my maps, as it is housed in some barracks-looking building down by the marina (not close to the wharf). i also missed the dining room seating hours for lunch, and had to order quick black bean chili from the takeway bar, so i missed out on an experience i was looking forward to. hopefully you can, with careful planning, manage to get into the dining room & have a chance to experience the view of the water.

Pros: well-recommended

Cons: esoteric location, weird biz hours, open-concept

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - A great invention they have in California to avoid mistakes such as yours are these things called "telephones". Instead of slamming a restaurant for its location or hours, why not take the initiative and call for hours and directions? Seems more reasonable and rational. It may prevent you from making the same mistake constantly throughout your life. You're sure to find places that are closed between lunch and dinner; it isn't uncommon at all.

skip it if you're vegan... well unless you're near - Edit

Not many vegan options, but the waiter was vegan friendly and checked on everything for us. I was expecting a lot more. Its a nice place to find a vegan option, but not a destination.

Pros: views

Cons: little vegan food

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little vegan options, and cheese is non organic - Edit

This place gets many of its veggies from Green Gulch Zen center, and it has a buddhist influence. That said, I was a little disappointed with the experience there.

Good tasting food, but portions tend to be small given their price.

Very few choices for vegans. Why?

And the cheese is not all organic. The waitress told us they're trying to get it local, but can I accept usual dairy cow cruelty just because it's local? Greens attitude in this respect is quite sad from the perspective of compassion with fellow animals. The place uses organic veggies, so the lack of care about the origin of animal products seems contradictory.

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Greens gave me the blues - Edit

I admit it. I'm a MASSIVE geek. I worked out I'd eaten at 99 veggie/vegan restaurants so I thought I'd go somewhere a bit special for the 100th.... and felt a little let down.
There's not much choice for vegans here - and they couldn't provide us with any vegan wine or beer. The food is pretty good but it's too expensive. The best thing is the view of the bay - but I could see that from outside for free.

Pros: upmarket nosh, great view

Cons: not much for vegans, pricey

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Snobs? - Edit

A couple of friends and I arrived just before brunch (10:30) on a recent Sunday. After he was looked over head to toe, my friend was told the wait was an hour and a half. I called from outside to verify, and I was told the wait was 20 minutes. I then walked inside to put my name in, and the host told me the wait was 2 hours. Seating was visibly available, so I'm not sure what the problem was. It seemed as if we were being snubbed.

Pros: None

Cons: Bad hosts

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