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Haimbacher Str. 51, Fulda, Germany


24 Aug 2016

We've been here twice on our annual road trip through Germany and each time been totally satisfied. We come in a big group (8-10+ on a weeknight) with short notice, and they are always friendly and accommodating. The carrot ginger soup is fantastic and the salad fresh and enjoyable. There are also cooked dishes that looked like good portions of hearty foods. Did not see buffet.

538-6 Shijyo Agaru Shinkyougoku Nakanocho Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Japan

Cruelty-free pub food

16 Jan 2015

We were staying nearby so this become our go-to for dinner. Burgers, fries and salad are all tasty. Good sized portions. Pizza is plentiful and sauce and "cheese" tangy and delicious. Surprisingly great is the smoked tofu and olives appetizer-- we were a little suspicious when a plate of canned olives and saltine crackers appeared, but the smoked tofu was creamy and smoky and actually really delicious with the olives and crackers. Staff is not super-helpful and food differs quite a lot with the different chefs.

89-1 Sanjo-dori, Ohashi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Easy to get to, tasty food

16 Jan 2015

Very near to the train station and the river-- address shown is not exactly right-- walk past the Pig and Whistle and keep going down the block. Green sign, warm atmosphere. Staff speaks some English but not a lot. Set meal with quiche, soup, bread and salad was filling, if somewhat uninspiring. Easy to get to, easy to eat, and FULLY VEGAN.
Updated from previous review on Friday January 16, 2015

Schonbrunner Strasse 235, Vienna, Austria

No Food.

28 Feb 2014

We arrived at 2 PM for lunch (which is posted until 3) and were told "we have no food". The whole place was spotless so I think they ran out LONG ago.

Only giving 2 cow review because that's the lowest possible. Would have given "no cows" because there was no food.

1308 Colley Ave, Norfolk, USA

Serves VEAL

01 Jul 2012

we saw this listed on Happy Cow so figured it was okay-- but there on the menu is Veal Parmesean. They DO have a vegan menu, and the pizza was beautiful and delicious, but we won't go back til they take off the veal.

Klenzestr. 89, Munchen, Munich, Germany

A Bar with Food

27 Apr 2009

We were pretty excited about this place but arrived at a bar-- cigarette machine at the front door, dark inside, low tables, etc. Could be good food, but we were looking for a restaurant. People seemed nice, but ambience was, well, it's a bar.
Hate to give it a rating, since we didn't try the food, but wish that we had known more about the atmosphere before going.

7 Die Cui Road, Yangshuo, China

Non-Veg owner, but pretty okay food

03 Aug 2009

As others have mentioned, the decor of this restaurant is very serene and pleasant, and the menu is extensive with many veg options (though NOT VEGAN- be sure to ask about eggs in many dishes). However, we heard from a local business owner that the owner of Pure Lotus is Not Vegetarian and thinks that vegetarians are foolish-- he is only doing this for business. We travel a lot and make sure to always go to the vegetarian restaurant (even if there are veg options at other restaurants) so as to encourage and support vegetarian businesses, but this story about the owner left a bad taste in my mouth. If you're in Yangshuo, take a cab to the Outside Inn (about 5KM out of town) where the managers ARE vegetarian (and raising vegetarian kids) and the food delicious.

Tenshojimaecho, 532−2, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan

Healthy, friendly, cozy

16 Jan 2015

The staff is sweet and the food delicious. Daily set meals for lunch and tea-- a creamy and delicious vegan quiche daily (made with tofu, brown rice and miso), savory rice balls, daily muffins and cakes. Delicious and reasonably priced. Sit down area, stools, and take-away.

4449 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Holy Cow thassa good pizza!

31 Jul 2013

OOOH ooh ooh this is good stuff. Crust was perfect. Not too much Daiya but enough to make it great. Delish and plentiful toppings. The very best vegan ranch dressing I have ever had. Super friendly brothers running the place--proud of their business, their food, and their mission. AWESOME> now just build a dining room or a roofdeck or something so I can tell my friends to meet me here!

Karwendelstrasse 50, Lenggries, Germany


04 Sep 2013

This is a "typical" Bavarian place EXCEPT without the murder! We ended up going 2 of our 3 nights in the area because it was exactly that delicious and enjoyable. Easily half the menu is vegan or vegan possible (vegan moglich) and super super great. We had the potatoes Annelise (great flavors, cooked the perfect amount: beans were crispy and potatoes were soft), the bruschetta, the golden salad with tofu (HUGE), and each night we had the vegan apple cake, maybe the best apple cake I've ever had anywhere. A friend got the burger and it was gigantic and flavorful, but maybe a little too many raw onions for joyful digestion. Also vegan beer, delicious shorle, and really helpful staff.

Flughafen Berlin Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany

tasty and convenient

28 Apr 2016

Wraps, salads, sandwiches and smoothies-- super friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff (speaks English) all ingredients listed (in German). Vegan items clearly marked. Also have some packaged foods-- chocolates and pastries. In terminal A between gates A 14&15

G/F, KS Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Park, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island, China

ONLY mushrooms!

08 Jun 2012

we were excited to go here with a mix of Chinese and Western friends. First we were a little surprised that the place was so closed-- instead of views of the gardens there was a lot of wall... Got a great selection of teas, but the waitress was in a hurry (even though restaurant was mostly empty as it was after 2 on a weekday) and just named the teas and walked away. When we asked if they were ready she said "if you like" so of course some teas had been in WAY too long and others not quite ready at all.
Then looked at dim sum menu and explained that we don't eat mushrooms and another server said "everything has mushrooms!" Can we have just the noodles with no mushrooms? "NO! Everything has mushrooms!" Turnip cakes? Mushrooms. We ended up getting a plate of steamed greens (and were told that the dipping sauce had mushrooms) and the sweets. Then we went to Mana and got an actual meal.

92 Wellington St, Central District, Hong Kong Island, China

Another option in Central

08 Jun 2012

if you're tired of Life cafe (or want to eat outside of their proscribed eating hours) Mana is a nice option. The flats are delicious and the salads quite tasty. Juices fresh made, vegan and raw dessert options... 2 problems: the first is the waste! Even if you're eating in, you get these terrible paper boxes and bowls, the worst plastic spoons (I cut my lip!!), and the paper straws are so flimsy that after half the juice you have to replace with another. The other problem is that there is VERY little raw-- we took a raw friend there and her only option was juice and raw desserts. Would like to see an expanded raw menu (and some real cutlery for dining in), and they'll see a lot more of me.

Mostgasse 6, Nuremberg, Germany

Not to be missed

24 Aug 2016

An amazing experience-- fresh and delicious food made with care and attention. We stopped in-- a large group on a weeknight-- called and asked if 8 people could come in 20 minutes and they said "SURE!" and welcomed us joyfully (this, you may know, is not always the reaction). Although there were other guests we felt as though we were the only diners in the world-- truly like guests invited home for dinner. We started with juice and then most of us had the salad (one of our party had a cooked dish) and it was amazing-- fresh and light with most ingredients coming from the garden! Truly delicious and plentiful! All left full and happy, with big vegan smiles on our faces.

309 Saikachicho, Kyoto, Japan

Friendly, warm and tasty

16 Jan 2015

We went with a group of Japanese friends and they were excited too-- the set meal was HUGE with lots of different things to try, the curry was DELICIOUS with just enough spice, and the Natto (the "stinky, sticky beans") with avocado was beyond... Staff friendly and not too intrusive (there's a little bell at each table to call them over, so no hovering!). They also had an amazing strawberry cake with the best whipped "cream" I've ever had. Not so easy to get to on public transportation, but definitely worth the journey.

3/4 Malaya Zhitomirskaya, Kiev, Ukraine


12 May 2013

When I first came to Kiev five years ago, the closest raw vegan restaurant was in Poland. Now, right in Maidan! Central, easy to find, and delicious. Staff is friendly (and some English), English menu and beautiful atmosphere. Food was outstanding ~ "Greek" Salad was amazing, and avocado salad had unique tasty flavor. Sandwiches, soups and desserts were all delicious. (I would not recommend the coffee, but the CoffeeTut on Artema has soy milk and will make you a cruelty-free latte)

Hackenstrasse 2, Munich, Germany

Pretty good but a little pricey

23 Apr 2009

the staff was friendly and offered a list of dishes that could be made vegan... not an extensive list, but enough to satisfy. The lentil soup was delicious, the miso soup too salty. Salads were big, but the arugula salad is pretty much a big plate of only arugula. Atmosphere is nice but a little noisy. Better veg options nearby at Vegelangelo and Tushita

Gstader Strasse 1, Breitbrunn Am Chiemsee, Germany

Delicious and varied

24 Aug 2016

We had great salads and the avocado pasta was PERFECT-- also the best sweet potato fries I've ever had.

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