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Vegan Ice Cream!

Van Leeuwen is an ice cream parlor with several locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and an ice cream truck! They have vegan flavors. All of their vegan ice creams are made with nuts. They have many flavors with milk, and several vegan versions of the same flavors. I recently had an awesome cone with a scoop of dark chocolate and a scoop of pistachio. This establishment, however, charges $0.50 extra for vegan. My two scoop cone was $6.00. Yum!

1038 Montauk Hwy, Copiague, USA

Long Island's First All Vegan Restaurant

It's difficult to find vegan Italian food, and I can only think of one Italian restaurant in Manhattan that has vegan dishes. I was very excited to try 3 Brothers.

We ordered family style: appetizers (the aranciata, calamari, mozzarella sticks, and the eggplant rollatini), pizzas (bianca and buffalo seitan), and pasta (baked ziti and vegetable lasagna). I haven't had a mozzarella stick in many years. These mozzarella sticks are thin but the cashew-based cheese is so creamy in flavor. The calamari, made of mushrooms, was absolutely to die for. The texture and flavor were just like the real deal, as was the tartar sauce. The aranciata are fried to a crisp on the outside but very creamy on the inside. The rollatini had an amazing vegan ricotta that blew my veg and non-veg friends away.

The pasta dishes came out next and they were also very good! Though the portions aren't the hugest, the quality is exceptional and justifies the price. The vegan cheeses that the restaurant uses are so rich.

The pizzas came out last. The bianca was excellent. It had vegan mozzarella, vegan ricotta, spinach, and tons of garlic. I have not had a pizza like that since going vegan - nothing can really compare to it. The buffalo pizza was also very good but some of my dining companions found the buffalo sauce to be overpowering, which is to be expected.

Lastly, we indulged and ordered a slice of the pistachio cake. There was quite a variety of cakes that were all billed as homemade, and they all looked amazing. The slice was covered in pistachios, and was very tasty (not too sweet).

My dining companions agreed that the food here was excellent. However, the service really left something to be desired. To be fair, this may be because it was second day the restaurant was open. We were a party of five and we were repeatedly given different, inaccurate waiting times. Later, we were told that our names somehow had not made it on the waiting list. There were two tables for four that sat vacant, and we were eventually seated at one of them, after waiting at least 30 minutes. The wait was atrocious.

The service seemed slow and uncoordinated. We were surprised the pizzas came out after the pasta dishes, and surmise that the staff forgot about our pizzas because they acted like we were done after bussing the pasta dishes. We spent 2.5 hours on a 1.25 hour meal.

Nevertheless, the food here is amazing and worth the trip. And the service should hopefully improve with time.

73 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Must stop here for dessert whenever I pass by

I love Atlas Cafe. Their panini type vegan sandwiches are to die for, especially the Vegan Chicken Artichoke. This place is veg friendly, so just be careful - once, we forgot the place wasn't all vegan and we accidentally ordered a real chicken sandwich. Whoops! But that was totally our fault because everything is well labeled. Just don't forget like we did!

They have a wide variety of food and beverages to enjoy, like vegan crepes, vegan cappuccino, and vegan oreo milkshakes. They also have a wide variety of cakes from Vegan Treats in their display case. You can buy a whole cake for about $50 or $60 from them if you want to. They have peanut butter bomb, cheesecakes, and oreo cake pretty regularly. They also have seasonal treats from Vegan Treats. Last time I got a vegan cinnabon, which was really delicious. They also have homemade vegan pastries. If you don't want vegan, they have some regular treats as well.

The last time I visited, however, which was 1/31/14, there was a new handwritten sign that said "cash only." I hope this isn't permanent!

130 E 7th St, New York City, USA


I brought my husband to Avant Garden for his birthday this year. I don't normally go for the restaurants that are completely veggies (meaning not meat-substitute restaurants), but this place is amazing! It's a little pricey, but well worth it. I have never been so happy to drop $12 on two medium sized pieces of toast! The toasts was so interesting and flavorful! We were told to order 2-3 dishes per person, so after two orders of toast, we had the carbonara, the mushrooms, and the risotto. The mushrooms had a meaty flavor somehow. They were so well prepared. Some mushrooms were made into a paste, others seared, etc. The risotto had apples and was very autumny. The service was excellent. A tiny, pricey, but lovely experience!

229 E 14th St, New York City, USA

Yummy, but not protein

I really like the sushi at Beyond Sushi, but it makes me miss Soy and Sake all the more. Beyond Sushi creatively makes different combinations of delicious vegetables and toppings to come up with their rolls. My only complaint is that the rolls are just vegetables, so there are very limited protein sources. There may be one or two rolls that have tofu, but that's it. Otherwise, a very yummy place for vegan sushi!

77 Xavierville Ave, 2nd Floor, Llannar Bldg, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

So good!

The food here was wonderful! The restaurant is turo turo style, meaning there is pre-prepared food and you choose what you want to eat from what's offered.

The malunggay soup was very good, but my favorite dishes were the sisig and the tofu eggplant. They also had amazing hot sauce. I found the food here to be more authentically pinoy than the food at Pipino, which seemed to be kind of fusion/gentrified.

I'm so glad to see so many new veg restaurants in Metro Manila!!! Can't wait to go back - hopefully there will be more!

59-08 Main St, Flushing, USA

New location, same delicious food!

This place used to be located further down Main Street, and was the Queens location of Buddhai Bodhai. It has pretty good dim sum until 4pm, and their other dishes are a treat as well. I especially enjoy the lettuce song, which is a fake meat and pine nut mixture wrapped in a lettuce leaf with hoisin sauce. The taro bowl and the BBQ "meats" are good as well. For really good pork buns, though, I would recommend Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell Street, in Manhattan, which is a block or two away from the Chinatown Buddha Bodhai location.

5 Mott St, New York City, USA


I have been coming here for years. It's pretty close to the courthouses in downtown Manhattan, further away from the busiest areas of Chinatown. They have a great lunch menu. The lamb lunch special is my favorite. It comes with soup (wonton or hot and sour), and an entree and choice of white or brown rice. This place also has a great dim sum menu between 12-4p (I believe). It's more authentic Chinese food, not the Americanized crap. I recommend any of the rice rolls, the fried eggplant with veg meat, the fake roast pork buns, the bbq veg meat appetizer, the shumai, the lettuce song appetizer, the taro "seafood" bowl, etc etc etc!

The food is very heavy and sometimes pretty fried.

The only place that I think has better fake roast pork buns is the Vegetarian Dim Sum House, which is dim sum all day everyday, located on Pell Street a block or so away from Buddha Bodai. Unlike Vegetariann Dim Sum House, though, Buddha Bodai is not cash only.

Buddha Bodai has a sister restaurant in Flushing, Queens with a very similar menu.

185 Bleecker St, New York City, USA

new vegan!

By Chloe is a new vegan counter service restaurant in the college carousing area near NYU. The prices were pretty reasonable on the food, but the juice is ridiculously expensive. We got the artichoke kale dip (came with tortilla chips), the sweet potato fries (we asked for a mix but only got sweet potato), the pesto meatball sub, and the avocado smash burger. All were pretty good! Loved the vegan cheese on the sub. The burger patty was a little thin as compared to the bun it came on, but it was very tasty. Also really liked the beet ketchup and the chipotle aioli sauces. Yum!

2-1-24 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuoku, Osaka, Japan

Most delicious vegan dessert ever

This place is really cute. The staff was very friendly, and completely knowledgeable of veganism. We were shown an English menu and told which of the items were vegan. I ordered the bagel lunch set, and my boyfriend got the curry set.

The homemade whole wheat bagel was absolutely delicious, and the soup it came with was so creamy! The set also came with marinated tofu that was very olive oily (yum!). My boyfriend's curry was also very delicious.

The sets come with a drink. I got the soy cappucino and he got the soy latte. The cappucino was fantastic. Then came dessert... I ordered the kugelhopf (sp?), which was like a fruity pound cake. It was delicious, but the chocolate tarte was the MOST DELICIOUS VEGAN DESSERT EVER, and I say that coming from New York City and having eaten all kinds of vegan desserts. What a surprise! I had to tell the staff in (my poor) Japanese how good the dessert was. So chocolatey and rich! Mmmm! And the creamy sauce both desserts came with was so good. The meal was slow, as described on this website, because the staff made everything to order. What a nice, relaxing meal :)

They take credit cards!

711 NW 27th Ave, Miami, USA


We went to Choices Cafe on a recent trip to Miami. It's a small space in the middle of a pretty residential area. I ordered the Spicy Cactus Wrap and my fiance got the VA Insane Mexican Wrap. The wraps both were very toasty on the outside, which I loved. My fiance, who ordered the Mexican wrap because of the soy chorizo, was surprisingly thrilled with the tempeh in the cactus wrap, even though he normally doesn't like tempeh at all. I had never had cactus with vegan food before, and that too was awesome. I also liked the Mexican wrap, but I didn't find it to be as unique as the cactus wrap.

We also got a very delicious beet juice to go. I would definitely come back to Choices when I next return to Miami. The only downside was that I found the prices to be a bit high, even compared to vegan restaurants in New York City, where I'm from. The wraps were $15 and $13, and the juice was $9.

827 Newark Ave, Jersey City, USA

caters to vegans and Jains!

Chutneys is a wonderful addition to the authentic restaurants of Newark Avenue. It is all vegetarian, but has a separate vegan/kosher menu AND a Jain menu. Most recently, we got the Gobi 65 appetizer for $8.49, I think. It was a large plate of fried, well spiced cauliflower. To me it tastes like buffalo cauliflower. So good! The coconut and tamarind sauces that accompanied it were rich and tasty.

For an entree, I got a dosa and my husband got the bindi masala. He loved the curry, which, unlike other bindi masalas I've had, has a tomato and onion base with some okra in it. I'm used to the dish being much more okra heavy but this was very good. A little salty and oily but very flavorful.

I'm used to getting dosas down the street at Sapthagiri, where you can order a dosa with potato filling and idly or vada for $8.99. I got a pesarattu dosa, which I had never seen at the other restaurant. Pesarattu apparently has spinach, cumin, and other flavors. It was very good, but I was disappointed that there was no filling. It cost $7.99 and I finished it very quickly. There were four condiments that accompanied my dosa: sambar, coconut, spicy tomato, and something that seemed like cream of wheat. The tomato and sambar were my favorite.

For dosas, I'll stick to Sapthagiri or Dosa Hut, which both have a much greater variety of dosa. I will definitely come back to try more of what Chutneys has to offer, though!

4-12-1 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Ain Soph!

Rustic interior, very cute restaurant. Don't walk up the stairs to get in; you have to walk through the front door. There was this idiot couple that walked up the stairs in front of all the diners (ahem, it was us).

We ordered the vegan omelet, fried soy meat, Japanese rice with vegetables, and the tomato mushroom dish. All were delicious! The staff was very friendly and helpful. The chocolate dessert with ice cream was also yum, as were the drinks!

They take credit cards!

37 St. Marks Pl, New York City, USA

vegan ice cream parlor!!!

DF Mavens is a newish ice cream parlor in the East Village that serves vegan ice cream and related desserts. AH-MAZ-ING! The first time we went, we got chocolate and green tea in a cone. So delicious! The second time we got sugar free chocolate and pistachio. The sugar free chocolate was very good, but it seemed to be water based and a lot softer as compared to the pistachio, which was definitely creamier. The chocolate was put in the vegan hazelnut come first, so it melted more quickly and softened the cone, which ultimately broke in my hand and dropped everywhere. It was a delicious mess. That's my only complaint!!! The hazelnut cone was so yummy. I want to try an ice cream sandwich made with vegan cookies next time!!! Will definitely be back soon.

342 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Small place, okay food

I grew up in Flushing as an omnivore, so I miss Vietnamese food sometimes. I really want to like this restaurant, but whenever I go, I always leave thinking the food was just, "meh." I enjoy the familiar flavors, but I always think there's something missing....

The last time I went was a Friday night. There was only one server. It's a pretty small place, but I got the feeling that he was overwhelmed. It took forever for our food to come out.

4402 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, USA

Many vegan options!

Sometimes when I eat at Indian restaurants, I'm not sure if the staff is aware about veganism. That is not a problem at this place. The menu is clearly marked and has several options for vegans! It also has a delicious tofu broccoli kadhai dish that I have never had at other Indian restaurants.

I went here with my boyfriend right before a concert. We told the waiter that we were in a bit of a rush and the food came out very, very fast. I was surprised by the speed - it couldn't have been faster! The service was excellent and the staff was very friendly and attentive. Loved it here! We ordered food from this place the following day.

47 7th Av S, New York City, USA

Best vegan sushi

This place has an extensive menu with lots to choose from: vegan sushi, bento boxes (including katsu [like porkchops] and teriyaki chicken), Asian dishes, sandwiches, etc etc etc. They got rid of the fish in their tank a few years ago because the NYC Vegan Guide poo poo'ed the fish as not being very vegan. Vegan Treat desserts and ice cream and floats as well!

Updated from previous review on Saturday February 01, 2014

Also wanted to mention - Soy and Sake has two other sister restaurants: Vegetarian Paradise 2 and Red Bamboo, which are both located on West 4th Street between Sixth Ave and MacDougal.

500 Albany Ave, Atlantic City, USA


I would be very wary and VERY careful of this place if you choose to go.

First of all, I have to say that their menu is clearly marked, so if you're vegan, that is a plus. However, their dishes are WAAAAY overpriced. I wanted to order the buffalo wings, but they were out. They offered to make chicken nuggets in the buffalo wing style. What I got was 6 nuggets that appeared to be MorningStar (which is NOT vegan) for $10!!!!

I tried to use a coupon that was on their leaflets (see picture), but the guy at the counter wouldn't let me, even though there was nothing on the coupon that limited use to the "next time" like he said.

My partner ordered the large meatball sub with daiya cheese. It was pretty large, but it was $18 for what was mostly bread. I ordered the vegan chicken cacciatore, because I figured, where do you ever see that? When I was ordering, the guy confirmed that I wanted vegan. When the food came out, I was looking at the salsa and what appeared to be sour cream. I figured that the guy confirmed that I wanted vegan, so it was ok. I tasted a teensy bit but still couldn't be sure, so I asked if the sour cream was made from dairy. The guy at the counter said it was and he took it back and apologized. I figured, it's not an all vegan place, so maybe they forgot about the sour cream on the side. A slight oversight. Just as I took a bite of the sandwich, the guy came running over and took my plate away. He said he just wanted to check something. After ten minutes or so, he came back with a completely new dish that tasted totally different. If it wasn't bad enough that I tasted the sour cream and ate the cheese in the sandwich, after years of not eating meat, I ate real chicken at the Veggie Grille. I was pretty upset to say the least.

When we paid, we brought up the coupon again and the counter guy relented and gave it to us, probably because he fed me meat and felt badly. Ugh!

There is a new juice bar attached to the restaurant that's owned separately, if you're interested in that. The juice bar people use special water and make the juice right in front of you. They're very friendly.

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