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First Review by erinmack

Cheap buffet - Edit

Fun place to visit once!
All you can eat buffet with deep fried fast food. Everything is quite greasy. The fake meat tastes just like meat in standard fried Asian dishes. Nice staff, cheap. But I wouldn't go there again.

Pros: Cheap, Nice staff

Cons: Greasy, unhealthy food , No variety, everything tastes the same

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It all tastes the same - Edit

I understand why people like this classic Malmö place, it is the opposite to the healty vegan lifestyle. It has an all you can eat vegan menu. Yeah, the concept is great. But you know what, it all tastes the same... and that taste is boring. But hey, give it a try if you like fried fake meat.

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Great food - Edit

If you like traditional (Western)-Chinese food, then this place is perfect. I love their food!

You can get freshly fried vegetables as well as deep fried things and rice and noodles.

Pros: fresh vegetables, fruit and ice cream, delicious

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Great meat alternatives - Edit

The fake meat dishes are definitely their strong horse. I would recommend Vegegarden to everybody who craves some asian food and misses meat products because they offer a broad variety of false animal products - from lamb stirr-fry to deep fried shrimps and chicken.
In my opinion they are lacking some good veggie only dishes, but the overall quality of the food here is very satisfying. The buffet is a very good deal, me and my accompany were not able to take the coffee and the ice cream that are included in the price at the end of our feast because we were so full :)

Pros: offers asian BBQ at weekends, classical chinese restaurant furniture, friendly staff

Cons: needs more veggie dishes , fake meats are mostly deep fried

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Best meat alternatives! - Edit

The best alternatives to meat I had in my life. For the second time. I've been here a year ago and here I am again - enjoying the juicy pieces of "meat", spring rolls, chicken curry and various salads. Not only it's at a very convenient place, but also fair price on weekdays (around 9€ for all you can eat). Definitely my most favorite vegan place!

Pros: wide selection , very affordable , great environment

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They're vegan buffé is amazing - Edit

I haven't eaten a chinese buffé since i became vegan, and this place has everything! A lot of fried things, vegan schrimps, duck, crab, squid and amazing sauses. I'm so happy this place exists. The place itself is quite typical for chinese food and very clean.

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So delicious and everything is vegan! - Edit

The food is really good! I tried the chinese buffet... and it was so relaxing to be able to eat absolutely everything without having to check... because it's all VEGAN :)

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-06

Pros: All you can eat, Everythin is vegan, Delicious chinese food

Cons: That Vegegarden is not in each and every city

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Super value on Chinese vegan lunch buffet! - Edit

Lunch buffet is always great value and very fresh and tasty. There are many dishes to choose from: soy meat, tofu and salads. Friendly and helpful staff.

There are some pictures of "Supreme Master" on the walls, and indeed the food reminds me a lot of the food on the "Loving Huts" of Taiwan.

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-18

Pros: Great value for money, Super tasty food, Friendly staff

Cons: A little bit noisy, just one big room., Menu doesn't change often (but many choices)

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Perfect vegan Chinese restaurant! - Edit

This Chinese restaurant reminded me of when I used to eat meat and it was scary how similar it was but vegan!
Delicious faux fried meat and in different sauces.
I really recommend this restaurant!

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Vegan Paradise - Edit

I have been here after a long day and I was very hungry. I had the barbecue buffet and a tea which costed me 150 SEK including a soup and an ice-cream. I asked if everything was vegan or only some dishes but luckily everything was vegan. I am not sure if that is standard or if I just had luck on that day. Everything was very tasty and the opportunity to create your own dish is really great as well. For Lunch that is not possible but than the buffet is cheaper.
Also the waitress was very friendly and asked me if I wanted more tea water, which was also free.
Overall I had a fantastic evening and I absolutely recommend going there if you are in Malmo!

Pros: Price, Variation of dishes, Friendly

Cons: Nothing

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Wonderful, great, good - Edit

Love that this place exists. Like one of the great Chinese restaurants I remember from my youth but all vegan! Unfortunately the excitement somehow deminishes the more you go there but that might just be me.

Pros: Food, Price, Deep fried banana!

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Great food - Edit

Me and my girlfriend tried this restaurant out and we both loved it! We had never eaten vegan asian buffet before so for us it was a great food experience.

Pros: Friendly staff, Calm place, Great food

Cons: The toilets, -, -

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The vegan gem of Malmö - Edit

For the money you pay, you receive more than you can eat and all tastes fantastic. Been here with family and friends, both veggies and non-veggies and it is always a safe card. If you are not searching the spectacular ambient or newest coolest ditch but good food to a fair price, this is the place. My Malmö favorite!

Pros: Excellent food, Good value

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Just great! - Edit

I would say it's typical chinese food (and environment) just all vegan! While eating "chicken", "duck", or "beef" You don't have to be afraid that Your food screamed and struggled for life even if taste is so similar to "meat". We tried number of dishes from their buffet, all was delicious. Next to fake meat there's big choice of raw vegetables, some fruits, tasty noodles and well prepared rice. It's a shame to tell but we overate. Definitely because it was tasty. Service was very pleasant and professional. I recommend Vegegarden to everyone and will recommend to all my friends who will be visiting Malmo.

Pros: Tasty, Flawless service, Clean environent

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Amazing vegan buffet menu - Edit

That was probably one of the most pleasurable experiences when visiting Malmo. The restaurant offers both buffet and dishes that you can order from the menu, but I would strongly advice you to get a buffet, which is full of mock meat. You can also add all the raw vegetables and have it grilled specially for you.
Me and my boyfriend got so full that we had tears of soy :D (aka tears of Joy vegan style). Seriously, if you are in Malmo this place is a MUST!!

Pros: Large buffet full of mock meat, Barbeque section: get your meal grilled, Large choice of fresh salads as well

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Best mock meat - Edit

This is an absolute must if you are staying in Malmö. I am already working on an excuse to go back.
The buffet is extensive with a salad and wok section as well as a variety of Asian dishes with Tofu and meat substitutes.
I can not forget the lamb made of soy and shiitake. I went there two days in a row - rolling back as I could not control myself.
The service is really attentive, and the prices more than fair.

Pros: great value, friendly staff, excellent meat substitutes

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Tasty food in quantities! - Edit

Very good asian buffet with so much to offer. Friendly staff and cheap food. Definitely worth a try! Be sure to be there between 11.00 - 15.00 on weekdays, when they are serving vegan buffé and sallad buffé for the price 79 kronor/person.

Pros: Wonderful food, Centrally, Quite cheap

Cons: Sometimes too much people

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Amazing buffet - a must in Malmö. - Edit

An amazing array of both Chinese dishes with and Thai curries made with tofu and soy faux-meats. Every item on the buffet was tasty, especially the fried vegan fish. Very friendly staff as well. Conveniently located in the old city.

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Bargain buffet - Edit

We went for the lunch time buffet and couldn't understand how the place wasn't full of people - it was cheap and amazing! We ate a lot of food, and got a bowl of vegan ice cream for dessert too.

There's a really good selection of food, including a healthy salad bar section, a counter where they stir-fry a plate of noodles and veggies you assemble yourself, and the basic buffet counter with lots of deep-fried goods, mock meats and various curries and vegetable dishes. I absolutely loved it. The staff were also lovely.

Pros: Lots of choice, Great value for money.

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Bland food, but nice staff - Edit

I went to Vegegarden for lunch. While the restaurant itself was pretty worn down, the food was cheap and the staff was friendly. The food, however, wasn't that great. While there were many choices on the buffet, a lot of the dishes were underseasoned and tasted a lot like each other. I wouldn't want to return.

Pros: Nice staff, Inexpensive

Cons: Bland food, Worn down dining area

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Reviewer Avatar


Best veggie place I have ever been too! AMAZING! I will be going back!

Pros: Great choice, Great price, Great taste

Cons: no beer or wine on sale

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Great stuff! - Edit

Vegegarden is wonderful! 100% vegan and delicious. Both ordering off the menu and the buffet are great. The lunch buffet is super cheap and tasty (only 79kr per person), and it's a great way to try a whole lot of dishes.

The Red Curry is a must-try! It's definitely one of the best we've had in a long time.

Always friendly service, calm atmosphere and tasty food.

Pros: 100% vegan, delicious authentic food, friendly staff

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Now Closed Mondays! - Edit

I visited Vegegarden last Monday (18th March 2013) and was looking forward to it having read some of the reviews on Happy Cow. Unfortunately the restaurant is no longer open on Mondays so I took a picture of the current opening times and have uploaded them so no one makes the same mistake! Next time I'm in Malmo/Copenhagen I'll make a point of going back. My cows rating is based on how the place looked...

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First time vegan - Edit

Me and my girlfriend were on our way to a hamburgerplace, passed Vegegarden and decided to check it out.

I'm not a vegan (I grew up on a farm and love to eat my friends/dead animals in general) so I didn't expect much. But wow. The food was great, really amazing. I was sick for 3 days afterwards, but that was from eating way too much, not the quality. "Fake duck" etc seems a bit silly, but it's really tasty.

Also, the staff was really friendly and helpful.

I won't stop eating meat after this, but I'll come back here for sure.

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Delicious food - Edit

This restaurant serves delicious Chinese/Asian-style food, which is absolutely delicious. The owner/s seem/s to be passionate about veganism, which, of course, is wonderful. I usually don't like to eat at restaurants, because I don't feel comfortable the food will be handled properly, but I do trust this place. When I was there, there was also a little shop where you could buy soy products, some of them made at the restaurant.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly staff, Nice vibe

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Highlight in Malmo - A String To Its Bow - Edit

We went here for lunch 2 days ago. There were about half a dozen main dish choices - 2 mock meat dishes, a tofu dish, a veg massaman and a red curry and a few veg stir fry items. Along with rice, a noodle dish and some battered items and spring rolls this made for a good selection. Dishes were well cooked, though much as you'd expect if you eat these types of dish elsewhere. There were also a good number of salad and fruit items. Staff were very friendly and the restaurant was a good size so easy to get a table. Very clean - the decor was much like many chinese restaurants. The buffet was great value for money overall. Very pleased we walked 10 minutes from the main square to go here.

Pros: Value, Mock meat and tofu, Clean

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Best vegan food! - Edit

My mom and i went to Vegegården a few hours ago.
Our 1st impression was how cute the place was and how
nice the employees are.

The buffet looks just like any normal buffet, and i must say i was extremely shocked of how yummy the food was.
All of the vegan meats, actually tasted like real meat.

I have not eaten anything like this before. The deep fried shrimp tastes incredible, and with the sweet and sour sauce...I was in heaven.=)

I truly recommend vegans and non vegans to eat there. It's really cheap and they make awesome food.

While i was eating i was praying that i wouldn't get full, because i wanted to eat everything in there.

It's also an eat all you can buffet, so you can eat all day if you like... And you can buy some of their vegan meats ( i suggest you do!)

Another thing i liked was that i actually felt full afterwards, and there was no consequences afterwards.
( My stomach usually hurts after eating gourmet like foods,because of the fats).

try the deep fried shrimp with the sweet and sour sauce ( check out what i got from the buffet in the picture above).

// Aria

Pros: all vegan, fills you up, Super yummy

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Best veg restaurant in the Copenhagen/Malmo area - Edit

I have lived in Copenhagen for nearly 20 years, and Vegegarden is worth the trip to Malmo. Delicious, healthy food, all you can eat and a great value for money. Light and comfortable surroundings, friendly and efficient service. This is vegetarian heaven, and I have not dined better anywhere in Scandinavia. My meat-eating friends love this place too!

Pros: Delicious food, All you can eat, Good value

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Awesome restaurant in central Malmö - Edit

A very nice vegan chinese restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. Vegan deep-fried shrimps, or vegan shark-fin soup, anyone? Try the buffet! All the food you can eat, fried while you're waiting, and so many things to choose from. The only minus I can think of is that they don't always serve the buffet. They also sell their own textured soy protein at very reasonable prices, so seize the opportunity to stock up!

Pros: Big portions, Tasty food, Good service

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It was good - Edit

My friends and I have eaten here twice (came from Copenhagen, it was a short vegan trip to Malmø) and both times we were very satisfied with the food. The selection at the buffet was big. The worst thing is that we have no limits when we are in such places, so we've eaten too much. :-D

Pros: Yummy food

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Amazing - so much choice - Edit

We had the afternoon buffet which was 118 SKK. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the buffet trolley. There was so much choice and all of it vegan!!! Braised gluten, faux meats including chicken and beef, tofu and veg, different sauces from hot n' sour to peanut sauce, Katsu-style curry, miso sauce, chow mien noodles... Amazing! They even have a buffet where you can choose different noodles, veg and tofu and they will fry it for you fresh with your own choice from 6 sauces. Very close to the modern art museum & promenade. Sweden is not all that vegan friendly so this place is definitely worth a look especially if you want to have a lot of choice about what to eat. Very relaxed atmosphere And I found the wait staff friendly, not that you need much waiting on for a buffet...

Pros: Choice , Good value, The fresh stir-fry buffet

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great food - Edit

We found this place when we moved down to Malmö for a year. If you had told me that I would find great vegan Chinese food in Sweden, I wouldn't have believed it for a second. But great vegan Chinese is exactly what Vegegården serves. When we first saw the menu we were a little turned off by menu selections like "vegetarian shark fin soup", but we took the chance and weren't disappointed with the food. They also sell a selection of their own vegetarian proteins for you to rehydrate and cook at home. I can't wait to go back to Malmö for a visit and eat there again!

Pros: buffet lunch, good value, walking distance to Malmö station

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Best restauraunt in Malmö! - Edit

This is definitely the best restauraunt in Malmö, and some of the best food Ive had anywhere in Sweden!

I dont know about most of you, but for myself and almost all of my non-Swedish friends (and the Swedish ones that have lived abroad), Swedish food (and I dont mean Swedish cuisine, I mean the food in Sweden) is exceptionally mediocre and boring! Vegegarden however, has an incredibly yummy all vegetarian buffet, a buffet that satisfies and entices even my meat-eating friends as well. Literally its the only place I get excited about going to eat in all of Malmö! The only other restaurant I like in Sweden is Govinda's in Lund (also a vegetarian restaurant in fact).

Not only is the food at Vegegarden delicious, but the price is very reasonable (67 SEK), and the staff are always pleasant and friendly and very helpful.

If you eat at one place in Malmö, Vegegarden should be it!


Und auf Deutsch:

Vegegarden ist definitiv das beste Restaurant in Malmo und ein von den besten Restauranten überhaupt in Schweden!

Vielleicht die meisten von euch weiss was ich meine, aber für mich und fast alle meine nicht-schwedischen Freunde (und Schweden die ausserhalb Schweden gelebt haben), ist Schwedisch Essen (schwedische Küche meine ich nicht, sondern das Essen in Schweden) aussergewohnlich mittelmäaig und langweilig! Vegegarden hat aber einen unglaublichen leckeren ganz vegetarischen Buffet, ein Buffet, dass erfüllt und lockt sogar meine Fleisch fressenden Freunde. Ehrlich gesagt ist Vegegarden das einziges Restauraunt in Malmo worauf ich mich freuen! Das einziges anderes Restaurant ich in Schweden mag ist Govinda's in Lund (auch ein vegetarisches Restaurant).

Wie gesagt, das Essen bei Vegegarden ist sehr lecker, jedoch ist der Preis wirklich günstig auch (67 SEK) und die Mitarbeiter sind immer nett und freundlich und sehr hilfsbereit.

Wenn Sie an einer Stelle in Malmo zu essen gehen, sollte es Vegegarden sein!

Pros: Delicious, Lunch Buffet, Great value

Cons: None

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Amazing place! - Edit

Vegegården is an amazing asian vegetarian restaurant. The staff are very friendly and most options on the menu are vegan. The place is really nice too! The food is delicious and they have all kinds of meat-lookalike, like shrimps, beef and chicken.

Prices are average. Last time I was there I went with a friend and we paid 125 SEK each and then we got a starter and then four meals with rice to share and a desert after. We got so much food we coudn't eat it all up!

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Good atmosphere

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The best veg buffet! - Edit

I would never go near a chinese restaurant, but this place is truly amazing.
I would never go near a chinese restaurant, but this place is just fantastic. Vegan shrimps, vegan chicken, vegan beef, vegan duck, even vegan shark fin soup! A vegan heaven! Absolutely amazing veg buffet, I could just live off this buffet for the rest of my life. Great corn soup, and my friend (not vegetarian) was delighted, said the veg shark fin soup was the best shark fin soup he ever had in his life. The beetroot salad, the cous cous and the hommus are truly tasty. Reasonable prices. Not a long walk from Malmö station. I live in Copenhagen and that's almost 45 min by train and a 20 euro train ticket to go there, but it's well worth the traveling.

Pros: healthy tasty food, reasonable prices, nice staff

Cons: no alcohol

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I love this place. - Edit

The food is on the heavy side, but I think it's delicious, also the staff is super friendly and they have alot of different choices on the menu.
The desserts are lovely as well.

Pros: cheap, good food

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variety and choice - Edit

i went here for the lunch buffet, it costs 69kr

Mostly all vegan, only 2 yoghurt sauces that were not vegan.

A salad bar with some interesting choices, quiona salad, corn, lettuce salad.

Hor meals were 3 differennt curries, peanut sauce with soay beef, fish curry, fried vegeies an some spring rolls, soa fritters and apple fritters.

Choices of white or brown rice.

a little heavy on the tummy,but really lovely. My mother an aunty also enjoyed the food.

Not the best ive ever ha, but the best around sweden and denmark.

Pros: mostly vegan, good range, cheap

Cons: gulten heavy

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go for dinner instead of lunch! - Edit

their buffe consists of different kinds of dishes with mock meat, (chicken, shrim, beef and shark?).

their buffe is alright, but my boyfriend and i prefer their inexpensive dinner menu. a meal is around 70 SEK.

my non-vegan boyfriend always gets the schnitzel, which he loves - not sure if the garlic butter is vegan though? ask! (almost everything is vegan)

personally i love all the chicken substitues, esp. the chicken spits with peanutsauce, mmmm!

in case you have room for it, get your vegan banana split or fried bananas / pineapple with vanilla ice (just say that you want the "tofuline" kind, it's the name of the vegan ice cream). a perfect way to finish of your meal!

Pros: great food, inexpensive, vegan deserts

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