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175/1 Pham Ngu Lao St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Great Place for a Quick Casual Meal

07 Feb 2008

This budget friendly place has an enormous menu, spanning a wide variety of cuisines - I'm really not sure how the kitchen manages it all. The food is better than average and is really good value. The service is rapid and friendly, and the location couldn't be more convenient - right in the heart of the backpacker district. Note that An Lac is upstairs! The downstairs restaurant with street frontage is something completely different (Italian from memory). When we first walked by, we suspected that An Lac had closed down - we could see the An Lac sign, but the restaurant clearly wasn't a vegetarian one. You actually have to enter the downstairs restaurant and go upstairs to reach An Lac. Well worth a visit if you're in the area

The Passage, Old Market, Siem Reap, Cambodia


30 Nov 2008

This is, without a doubt, the best vegetarian restaurant in Cambodia, and is an absolute must-visit for any veggie passing through Siem Reap.

At around $4-$6 for a main, there are plenty of cheaper options in town, but the food is astounding, and worth every cent. The dishes all appear to be unique creations and, of the six that we tried (three entrees, three mains), all were delicious. In particular, the wedding dip (?) and vegetable skewers are highly recommended.

The only minor disappointment for me was the desserts. We tried two, and both were heavy going and starchy. Though nicely flavoured and beautifully presented, they were much too heavy to follow a meal.

Desserts notwithstanding, Chamkar will be my first port of call as soon as I'm back in town. Can't wait!

Jalan Raya, Main Street, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Cheap and Simple

23 Aug 2012

Bali Vegan Warung isn't the most atmospheric place to eat, but a great option if you're looking for good value, simple food.

The menu here is small, but everything we had was pretty good. For such a small menu, there is surprising variety on offer: soups, salads, various noodle & rice dishes, mock meat, tofu, and even Western-style spaghetti dishes. The vegan sate (mock meat skewers) was a lovely flavour, as was the teriyaki tofu. Whilst the banana chocolate pancake wasn't the best I've had, it was a pleasant novelty to see one on a vegan menu (and for 15,000 IRP, difficult to turn down!).

Perhaps not my favourite veg place in Ubud, but it's simple, unpretentious and no frills, which really appeals to me. Definitely worth a visit.

It can be found toward the eastern end of Jalan Raya Ubud, and is difficult to miss thanks to the large green sign on the pavement.

80-82 China Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


05 Nov 2009

A nice little dessert cafe, serving up a variety of shaved ice treats. My partner said her cendol (coconut milk with green noodles, beans, and shaved ice) was the best she'd ever had. I had the standard ice kacang (shaved ice with beans, syrup, creamed corn and coconut milk - I couldn't detect condensed milk but it might have had some), which was pretty decent. One thing the kacang definitely had going for it was the fairly liberal use of rosewater syrup - yummy!

Highly refreshing, and pretty cheap at about RM3 per dessert. In addition to the 10 or 15 desserts on the menu, there is also a small selection of vegetarian meals (rice etc) if you're in the mood for a savoury snack.

71/20 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An, Vietnam

Cheap and tasty

04 Feb 2008

A nice little place in a good location - central, but tucked down a quiet alley so you're away from the tourist crowds. This place is *very* budget friendly - almost embarrassingly so. We couldn't find any English translations on the menu, the staff couldn't speak English, and my pigeon Vietnamese drew only blank stares, so we just got two serves of whatever they gave us. The food was all very pleasant though, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

699A, Preah Monivong, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Lunchtime Favourite

26 Feb 2009

This is a great spot to grab a quick lunch, and must be close to the best value you could hope for in Phnom Penh. Prices are pretty much rock bottom, being only marginally higher than basic market stall prices. Nearly all dishes range from 3 - 4000r (US$0.75 - US$1.00), with a couple of 'special' dishes at the 5 - 6000r mark.

The full picture menu comprises about 30 dishes (Chinese and Cambodian I think), some with faux meat, some with vegetables and others with 'meaty' mushroom stalks. The dishes are fairly simple, but well prepared, reasonably presented and tasty.

I recommend the Spicy Sour soup, Plear (a delicious spicy Asian salad), and the special Chinese noodle soups. The chicken drumsticks and chicken wings are also good for those partial to faux meat. The only consistent (but minor) disappointment for me has been the dumplings, which seem pretty ordinary whether steamed, deep-fried or in noodle soups.

Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya 76D, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Worth the Trip

15 Jun 2014

Unfortunately, this place isn't very conveniently located with respect to most tourist areas, but it's worth the trip, which is about an 8-10 min moto ride from the middle of Sanur. It's a little tricky to find because the street numbering is a bit confusing, but it has good street signage (see photo), so is fairly easy to spot once you're in the right area.

The food is quite simple, but tasty. The Happy Cow description suggests that it's Chinese, but the food is definitely more Indonesian / Malaysian as far as I could tell. There's no English menu, but there are a few dishes presented in a display case. If you like the look of these, just order the Nasi Padang, which is steamed rice with a mix of the display dishes.

The owner speaks some limited English, so can help out a little with menu translations if you want something different. She also seems lovely, and absolutely refused to accept a tip when I was paying for my meal.

There are noodle dishes, rice dishes and soups on offer, with tofu, tempeh, veggies and a small variety of mock meats, and everything costs between 15k and 25k rupiah.

Stuff from the display case will be served at room temperature, but I assume the other things on the menu are served hot.

It's definitely a cheap eats kind of place. Don't go expecting much ambience, but it's a nice, casual local experience. Nice to find a veggie place like this in Bali - they're not all that common.

100/123 Vongvanij Plaza, 2nd F, Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok, Thailand

Nice Place. Lovely Food.

02 Apr 2010

I made a special trip out to Water Drop after a glowing recommendation from a friend in Bangkok and wasn't disappointed.

There's quite a bit of faux meat on the menu, but plenty of pure vegetable dishes as well. The most impressive thing for me was the variety on offer. Though it's not the most expansive menu I've seen, there really are a lot of interesting dishes. I ended up buying enough takeaway to last about a day and a half because I couldn't decide. The spicy papaya salad was very nice and delicately flavoured and the tofu laab and pork curry were delicious. We also had some mushroom drumstick appetisers (called Tempo Mushroom), which were interesting. I've heard great things about the imitation beef that they do, and I really wanted to try the vegetarian sashimi, which I've never seen on a menu before. Will have to wait til next time I'm in town.

You can see the full menu on their website (the photos on the site are also a pretty accurate representation of what you get). Starters are 80 baht each and mains are 90, so not the cheapest feed in Bangkok, but well worth it. A typical bill would end up around US$6-8 a head for a couple of courses plus drinks.

The atmosphere is also very pleasant and the place is spotless. When I went there was only one staff member who spoke (a little) English, but the menu has English descriptions so that makes things a lot easier. It's also worth having a look at the stuff for sale in the corner (frozen 'meat', steam buns, various snacks, teas etc).

Even though the restaurant actually fronts onto Rama IX road, it's a little tricky to find due to poor signage. There's a two-storey annex building between the main Vongvanij Building and Rama IX road, with a small parking area in front. Water Drop is on the upper floor of the annex. Note that the google maps link from Happy Cow shows the wrong location - suggest you do your own google map search for Vongvanij Building.

Not a hands down five happy cows, but definitely better than four. Highly recommended.

07 Dinh Liet, Hanoi, Vietnam

Great location but a bit of a letdown

11 Feb 2008

Handy location right in the heart of the Old Quarter tourist area, but the food is fairly average fare. The few dishes we tried on our two visits (some mock meat dishes, some plain veggie meals) weren't particularly fantastic, but maybe we just didn't pick right. OK for a cheap feed, but there are better value and better tasting options within strolling/cyclo distance.

Jalan Nakula 18D, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Excellent. Worth the Effort to Get There!

21 Aug 2012

We ate at Miracle of Deity on two occasions in August 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed it both times.

There is a huge picture menu, with a lot of faux meat options (plenty of other options though, if faux meat isn't your thing). The dishes are mainly Indonesian fare with some Malaysian/Chinese/Taiwanese influence. I was particularly fond of the rendang (though it was a fairly small serving), the 'green rice', and both of the mushroom dishes we had - one being a fried mushroom entree, the other being a thick sweet and sour style mushroom dish. The food isn't especially healthy, with a bit of deep frying and heavy sauces etc, but that's not my priority when I'm travelling, so I loved it. We ordered a *lot* of food, and the bill was somewhere around the 150,000 IRP mark each time, including fresh juices.

The elevated 'gazebo' layout of the restaurant was really nice. The front and back of the restaurant beaing completely open meant we enjoyed a gentle breeze whilst eating, and could overlook the garden at the back of the restaurant. Imagine it would be quite atmospheric in wet season.

It's a bit tricky to get to, being a few kilometres out of the nearest tourist centres, but worth the effort. It's a little further south on Jl Sunset Road than indicated on the Happy Cow Google Map, but it's fairly difficult to miss. Keep an eye out for the huge Carrefour shopping centre - it's a couple of hundred metres north of that on the same side of the road.

Would be great to see these guys do well.

20 Lebuh Dickens, George Town, Penang, Malaysia


05 Nov 2009

What a great place! After a couple of attempted visits over the past year, both of which found the place closed despite being during their opening hours, we lucked out on our third attempt and finally got to sample their buffet lunch - and we were definitely not disappointed. There is a *massive* variety of dishes to choose from, mostly mock meat based, but there were also quite a few tofu dishes, veggie curries, and sauteed greens on offer on the day we visited.

There's a price list for drinks and, from memory, a couple of desserts on the wall, but there's no formal pricing for the buffet. The staff will just base the price on the type and quantity of food on your plate. Not that that's any reason to hold back. We had two absolutely huge plates of food (more than either of us could eat, but we had to sample as many of the goods as possible), and the total came to RM15.

Though I didn't have room to test it, there's also a steam bun display out the front of the restaurant, with various flavours ranging from lotus bean paste to char siew.

As noted by others, the food is kept reasonably warm on the buffet, though not piping hot. If you're keen on a veg buffet with a lot of options, I highly recommend this place for a cheap lunch. Just don't expect fine dining.

109, St 130, Sangkat Phsar Chas, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Great Food. Excellent Lunch Spot

09 Oct 2010

A great little addition to Phnom Penh's slowly growing list of vegetarian restaurants.

Mainly Taiwanese/Chinese cuisine, with noodle and rice dishes forming the basis of the menu. There are also quite a few interesting faux meat options, including artificial goose and artificial intestines!

Most dishes range from 4 - 7,000 riel (USD 1.00 - 1.25) and are pretty satisfying. They also do some great drinks at around 3,000 riel each (e.g. peanut milk tea).

I'd definitely recommend the set meal for 10,000 riel ($2.50). The last set meal I had included a delicious soup/curry, steamed rice with a small serve of faux seafood, a tofu stir fry, and a coconut milk and ice dessert with sweet beans. Delicious! The set meal dishes change on a daily basis, but the ones I've had have all been great value and tasty.

The restaurant is clean, nicely decorated, and has friendly staff.

[edited by staff] as far as the food goes, but it's a nicer restaurant in a much better location, and is a great lunch stop.

I'd normally give Evergreen a bit over 4 happy cows but, given the lack of good veg*n restaurants in Phnom Penh, I'll give it five.

Monireth Blvd 217, inside the mall 1st Fl., Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A little veggie gem in PP

02 Aug 2010

First off, a huge thanks to whoever updated the location details! How anyone managed to find this place in its new location is absolutely beyond me.

This is probably my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Phnom Penh, though there isn't much to get excited about for non fans of faux meat / fish.

Only very limited English is spoken and there's no English description for the dishes, but there is a full picture menu, so there are never too many problems ordering.

The cuisine is almost entirely Chinese and dishes range from US$1.50 to around US$6. The more expensive dishes are usually serves of mock meat / fish in various sauces and can generally be ordered in either small or large size. I've found that one small dish per person (with rice) to be more than adequate. Flavours are rich and well-balanced, and everything I've tried here has tasted great.

The cheaper dishes make for an excellent lunch, generally comprising a serve of steamed rice, a few pieces of faux meat, and some preserved vegetable. It doesn't sound like much, but these little set meals are surprisingly satisfying, and I love the TVP garnish that they put on top of the rice!

Most of the menu is suitable for vegans, though you may have to exercise caution with some of the mock meats (faux bacon in my experience usually has whey or egg albumen), and I suspect that the plum sauce dishes may contain honey.

The place is small (much smaller than it's previous location), and there isn't much atmosphere to speak of, but the food more than makes up for that. It's air conditioned and the staff are very friendly (and always excited to see foreigners).

You can't see this place from the main road, but the directions given above are good - just follow the access road to the right of the KFC and Fate Blessing Buddha will be the lonely little lego building on your right hand side. Another good landmark is the big blue water tower with an ANZ logo at the intersection of Monireth and Sihanouk Blvds - it's basically just behind that.

4.5 happy cows if you like faux meat / fish. 3 if you don't.

213 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Great View, Healthy Food

04 Feb 2008

This entirely vegan place boasts a fantastic scenic location on the river near Cua Dai beach. The generous portions of food are delicious, and the owners have gone to considerable effort to develop a very health conscious menu. They avoid MSG like the plague and aren't heavy handed with the flavours, so you can actually taste the veggies in your meal. Definitely something different to standard vegetarian Vietnamese fare and well worth repeat visits. Prices were fairly high compared with other veg establishments throughout Vietnam, but the portion sizes are good.

465 High Street, Preston

Great Bakery for Vegans!

13 Jul 2010

What a fantastic place! Vegan meat pies, sausage rolls and pasties. All are tasty and pretty convincing substitutes for the real thing.

Their baked treats are also awesome. Cinnamon donuts, iced donuts, Boston rolls, cream buns and custard slices are all vegan. The only one I wasn't a huge fan off was the cream bun, which used a hard and fairly tasteless cream substitute. Everything else tasted great though. Note that some of the baked goods contain dairy (lamingtons for example), but all the vegan options are clearly labelled.

It's also very cheap. Last time I went, I bought two meat pies, a sausage roll, 3 mini donuts and a loaf of bread for around $9. It's not fancy, and is basically just your standard neighbourhood bakery.

I've eaten there a few times and never had an issue with the uncooked pastry mentioned in the previous review, so maybe they've picked up their game.

On a side note, it's worth a wander down High St to check out all the Asian supermarkets. Head south from La Panella - there are 3 or 4 within about 100m. There are some really good imported veggie / vegan products to be found.

22 Smith St, Collingwood

An Absolute Gem

13 Jul 2010

A cosy little vegan nirvana. The menu is largely made up of calzones, burgers and salads, all of which are good, fresh and tasty.

The tofu and tempeh chip salad is a favourite of mine, and it's nice to see chunks of tempeh put to good flavoursome use. Of all the burgers, the faux chicken shnitzel burger warrants a special mention for it's amazing texture - worth trying for that alone. And the chips are delicious if you're hungry - chunky and with the skins still on.

A main with side salad or chips will come to around the $10 mark, but make sure you save room for sweets, as the muffins and vanilla slice are awesome. There's also all you can drink chai (with Bonsoy soy milk) for $3.50.

Nice laid back, homely atmosphere. I always find it nearly impossible to pass up Las Vegan when I'm in the neighbourhood and, if it weren't for the short opening hours, I probably wouldn't eat anywhere else.

Unit 1, 220 James St, Northbridge, Perth

Not Bad, but Slipping Standards

30 Nov 2008

I've been a regular customer at this low frills, vegan-friendly place for about 10 years and, until recently, it was hands down a 5-happy-cow establishment. On buffet nights, I was regularly treated to the delights of 'Beef' Rendang, Curry Kapitan, and Nonya Eggplant. Things seem to have changed for the worse in the last year or two, however, and the last time I went, the buffet was a major disappointment. Gone were the richly flavoured faux meat stir fries and curries, replaced by *very* basic stir fries, pastas, and what appeared to be cold McCain / Birdseye potato wedges! Not quite what you'd expect from Nonya cuisine.

The place is still owned and operated by the same people that served me up delicious veggie fare week after week for nearly a decade, so I can only imagine there's been a bit of cost-cutting experimentation going on with the buffet lately. A real shame, as this will definitely turn off first time customers. The buffet includes water, juices, soft drinks and dessert though, so there's still some value to be had.

The very friendly owners don't spend quite as much time at the restaurant as in previous years, and the service has suffered a little as a result. The current staff is still fine, but not as warm or attentive as a few years back.

As far as I know, the a la carte menu hasn't changed much, so I'd recommend sticking to that, and trying out some of the dishes I mentioned above - at least until the buffet returns to its previous standard. At the moment, I'd give White Lotus about 3.5 happy cows, but I'll round it up to 4 because I know what they're capable of.

It's also worth mentioning that the adjoining Vegetarian Market is outstanding, especially for lovers of faux meat / seafood.

79 A Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Our Favourite in Hanoi

03 Feb 2008

We must have bought about 10-12 dishes here when we were in Hanoi in Dec 07 and every one was a winner. Lots of mock meat on the menu, but there are plenty of plain veg options too. The salads are a high point - perfectly flavoured - but the rice and mock meat dishes are also excellent. Heaps of local diners, friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices. Definitely looking forward to going back next time we're in Vietnam. As others have said, it's tucked down a little alley, but just look out for a the little (yellow?) sign on P. Tran Hung Dao.

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