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Chamkar - The Passage

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The Passage, Old Market, Siem Reap, Cambodia,

Vegetarian restaurant serving Cambodian Khmer cuisine. Sample menu items such as coconut mushroom dip with baguette, sweet potato and tomato soup with coconut milk and cardamom, stir fried eggplant with loofah and basil, fresh fruit drinks, and organic wine. Everything is vegan apart from one dish that contains cheese. NOTE: Location is a bit difficult to find, sits between street 8 and 9, between street 11 and hospital road in an alley way, next door to Cambodian BBQ. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 5:00pm-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Beer/Wine, Cambodian, Khmer

Reviews (88)

First Review by tumbleweedy

Best Cambodian food - Edit

I loved this place. I ate alone here the first night and ordered the wedding day dip and a curry. Both were delicious and very good portions. The dip was beautiful - mushroomy, creamy and nutty - I'd never tasted anything quite like it, it's served with a yummy sliced baguette. The curry was also very tasty but I was almost full from the starter so couldn't finish it all.

I went back a few nights later with 4 friends I met in the hostel - all omnivores and everybody loved their food! This time I had the fresh spring rolls and the glory pot. Holy cow! The glory pot is one of the most magical things I've ever tasted. A hot and sour soup, sooo flavourful and well balanced. It's made with morning glory (a typical Asian green) and green papaya chunks. One of those meals you think would cure a multitude of ills. Ah, food!

Pros: Bloody delicious food, Even omnis were satisfied, Lots of choice

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good veg affordable food - Edit

Location is in the thick of restaurant and bar district. Small probably with about 10 tables, ground level and upstairs. No aircon so it was warm and humid. Not fast food. May take some time for food to come. Good value.

Pros: central location all veg affordable prices range 1

Cons: limited menu, crowded setting small

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superb - Edit

Had the pumpkin yellow curry that was great. Glass noodles that were pretty good. But the mushroom main way was too salty and had too much basil flavour so be careful .However the mad eggplant lover was DELICIOUS, super smooth, oh my, I still think about it. Service is good, you should go and try :)
Dessert was lovely too!

Pros: Tasty!

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good vegetarian Cambodian food - Edit

The restaurant is almost vegan and the food is very good, tasty and most dishes are inspired by Khmer food but more creative. The wedding dip, mushrooms and amok were all very well done.
Service could be better. The upstairs sitting area doesn't look that nice

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Sabores Khmer( Camboyanos), muy recomendable! - Edit

Y soy persona viajera, Vietnam, China, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapur, Indonesia y vivo en Tailandia, así que mi paladar está acostumbrado a sabores exóticos, pero en este local llevado por locales me chupe los dedos.
El Amok con arroz integral, pruébalo y ya me darás las gracias luego, nada graso.
Currys suaves, ensaladas, aperitivos, todo lo k probé buenísimo.
Precio correcto. Servicio amabilísimo como los camboyanos en general.
El local agradable en un callejón peatonal.
Cuesta un poco encontrar, pongo foto de mesas de fuera. Está en pequeña transversal de la Pub street.

Pros: Sabores exóticos , Negocio de gente local, rico, bonito y barato

Cons: difícil encontrar

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Traditional Khmer Vegan food - Edit

So yum and such a beautiful atmosphere to go with it! The prices are a bit higher than elsewhere but everything is super tasty.
Highly recommend the wedding day dip

Pros: Excellent food

Cons: Difficult to find

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Great food, big portions, central location - Edit

The food is so good at Chamkar. The prices may seem a bit high, but that is okay because the portions are big and fulfilling. In other restaurants I didn´t feel satisfied after one dish, so I ended up ordering starters and then it became expensive elsewhere. So that is why I don´t think Chamkar was expensive.

Our group tried several dishes during our three visits:
- Cambodian pumpkin melody - a pumpkin curry, my favourite at Chamkar
- The eggplant main course. We expected fried eggplant but this was a curry, so good.
- Sweet potato curry
- Wedding day dip, so good dip with baguettes
- Potted wild harvest, which was a dip too with baguette and fresh veggies for dipping
- The Glory pot, which was green soup, very good
- Another soup, I don´t remember the name, but we didn´t expect a soup so the names and explanations of the dishes don´t always reveal what it is
- Summer rolls (fresh spring rolls)
- Enchanted garden, a green salad, that was a disappointment because it was so small, mostly just lettuce, not much tofu or anything else.

Finding this restaurant is not difficult if you understand that it is not actually located on a street, but on one of the restaurant alleys next to the old market. There is not vehicles on these lanes.

Pros: The food is so good, Portions are big enough, Located on the alleys next to Old Market

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Cute Hideaway - Edit

From the outside Chamkar looks very unassuming and rather charming, it is so quaint it's almost hidden in plain sight!

There is outdoor seating but as it is situated in a small, tight, busy, alleyway, my boyfriend Kerry and I opted to sit indoors. It was dark and all its charm instantly vanished. We ventured back outside.

The food was very pricey, the listed price fails to add on the additional 10% tax too, so remember to factor this in if you are somewhat poor backpackers (like us lol!)

I would recommend this place if you want a 'nice' night out, dinner, wine ect with your significant other

Pros: Pretty Exterior

Cons: Expensive , The Menu

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A little pricy but delicious - Edit

Chamkar's menu features salads, curries, and some western food. I ate here 3 nights in a row. The prices are a little high ($4.75-5.50 for a main) but the food is fresh and tasty, and the restaurant is classy. Plus, almost everything is vegan!

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Traditional Khmer Food Veganized - Edit

I lived in Cambodia for 3 months and this spots takes the number one just because its absolutely delicious food inspired by traditional khmer culture with just the removal of meat and dairy. Incredible flavor, quality and ambiance.

Pros: flavor, tradition, quality

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The best in town - Edit

We kept going back to Chamkar... the food is fantastic and delicious and there's lots to choose from. It's really great to find a menu based on Khmer food too, as most of the good veggie places in Cambodia are more internationally inspired. There are loads of restaurants in Siem Reap and also the centre is filled with tourists and noisy bars, but it is worth wading through the mayhem to find this place. The chefs work in an open kitchen which is always reassuring, and we didn't get any health issues after any of our visits. Wonderful place!

Pros: Delicious, Khmer inspired vegan, Hidden gem

Cons: Noisy area, but all restaurants in town are

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great vegan food - Edit

Great menu clearly displaying vegan symbols and explaining vegetarian options. Wedding dip was excellent as were fresh spring rolls and glass noodles. Avoid the pasta option - very bland! Good wine list and range of fruit smoothies - all vegan.
I visited this place twice and both times the service was the only let down. Low season so perhaps a little understaffed?

Pros: range of options - all vegan , clear menu showing vegan symbols

Cons: service slow

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Kept going back - Edit

Delicious and friendly. Great location in the central market area. Doesn't serve meat. Friendly people at other tables.

I can't say enough about liking this place. Get the wedding day dip!

Pros: 99% vegan, Friendly, Delicious

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Went 3 times in 2 days lol - Edit

This place is the BEST! We tried different things every time and everything was amazing. Go here! Don't sit at the table on the right with two seats-- that's our table.

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: food is fatty (because of coconut), beggars occasionally walk by

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Amazing Food - Edit

A lovely restaurant in a cute ally. Mostly vegan options with a couple that you need to specify if you would like it made vegan. Delicious food! We got four meals and shared it between four people and each of them were great. I would recommend the Amok - delicious veggie version of the Cambodian favourite.

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Great Place! - Edit

Not to be confused with the new second location that has opened up slightly further out of town, this is a great spot in the busy part of town near Pub Street. The food is traditional Cambodian and almost everything is vegan except one dish. Wedding day dip is amazing as are the curries. All served with organic Brown rice. Alcohol served here too. A truly great veggie dini g experience.

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Central Location - Edit

This is a busy little place, right in the centre of town. It certainly had some atmosphere. The Wedding Day dip is one of the finest things I've ever tasted in my life. The amok could have done with being a bit more spicy, the pasta dish was ok, glass noodles were ok. Wine and beer served. Lovely staff.

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Great spot! - Edit

I loved this place and ate here a few times whilst I was in Siem Reap. The service was always friendly and the location in the market was wonderful. My favourite dish was the Wedding Day Dip with French bread. Most of the menu is vegan and they can veganise the pesto dish if you request it without the cheese.

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Enjoyed the opportunity! - Edit

We spent two weeks doing medical missionary work in the provinces around Cambodia. We had a day to roam and we came here hoping for a vegan option and we were not disappointed. Great food and awesome service. Flavor authentic and healthy food!

Pros: Price, Healthy, Options

Cons: Small seating area but I like it

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Good value food, serene environment - Edit

There seem to be two locations for this restaurant, so I'm not sure whether there are two branches or the premises have moved. The location we went to was a lovely calm space opening into a garden. The food was tasty, beautifully presented and generously portioned - we couldn't finish our meal.

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Great food, although a bit expensive - Edit

I loved the food here! For my dish I had the 'Monsoon Salad' which was really amazing, I have already started plotting how I can manage to recreate it back home.. the wedding dip, which we had as a starter, was also good although a bit smaller than I expected. My friend got a curry which was good but a bit underspcied and not really special. At 4.50 per dish I found it a bit expensive but I guess Siem Reap as a whole is pretty expensive (at some places like My Little Cafe you can get tasty vegan food for half the price, though!)

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Excellent - 2 locations not clear - Edit

This restaurant actually has two locations although this isn't very clear from their website. We went to the location a little out of town (Khum Svay Dangkum) which was lovely. It's a little oasis set in a garden and traditional house. People have reviewed that it's hot and noisy but that's certainly not the case at this location (may be in the town location).

The service was very good and the food excellent. A must visit if you're a vegetarian in Siem Reap.

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good food and nice green garden. - Edit

The food here was really nice, Cambodian curries and all vegan food clearly marked. There's a garden where they grow some of the food and it's lovely to sit next to.

Pros: garden view, nice food

Cons: open air - could be wet

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Average food - Edit

This place was recommended by Lonely Planet, so I decided to try it. My husband and I had fresh spring rolls (not the best I had in Cambodia), a salad with tomatoes and rice noodles (nothing special), oyster mushrooms (very good, but the serving was for a 2 years old child... You pay it like a main dish but it's really little food!), glass noodles (a very good dish indeed) and amok (good, but one more time... Poor serving). The place is not very nice, the service very slow. In general, you eat pretty good food, but after your dinner you probably need to go to another restaurant to fill your stomach (and I don't eat very much..). I must be honest: I had both better and cheaper food in a non-vegetarian Khmer restaurant.

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Dinner in the Heat and High Humidity - Edit

My husband and I appreciate the restaurant because there are only few vegetarian restaurants in that area. There were other restaurants serving a few vegetarian dishes, but those were always fried rice, morning growly stir-fry or mixed vegetable stir-fry. Thus, the vegetarian restaurant was precious to us there, though it was weight too hot inside. Because of the area? less fans? I don't know, but they could have tried something more. There was no air conditioner or any extra fans, so the inside was extremely hot despite of December. My husband sweat like waterfall and felt sick in the end. The taste was good, but not so special. The hot air ruined the taste anyway. I can't imagine to go back there again, especially in hot summer....

Pros: menu variation

Cons: no air conditioner

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creative, inspirational and unbelievably good - Edit

We ate several times at their second restaurant outside the city centre. When we entered the location we found an oasis of quietness and peacefulness. They are dedicated to the slow food movement, so, yes, as others have pointed out it may take a bit longer for your food to arrive...but it is definetely worth it! Everything is prepared freshly with care for every detail. The food compositions are amazing and unique! On every occasion we started wih their superb "Wedding Day Dip". Of the mains I totally recommend the "tofu reinvented"-dish and the eggplant curry, but everything we had was great! I also loved their lemongrass tea. Chamkar is a real treat, the best restaurant of our SouthEastAsia-trip!

Pros: delicious, atmosphere, friendly

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Decent Food, Bad Service - Edit

For dinner I reserved at Chamkar Vegetarian Restaurant. The atsmosphere is open and meditative as I was seated next to their garden. There is even a tree growing inside the Eco-friendly eatery. As well, Bamboo dividers can be rolled up or down depending on the weather.

Chamkar means "the field, the vegetable garden in Khmer. They provide fine and genuine food using fresh local veggies and as organic as possible. Yes, the meals were light, refreshing and pleasing. However, there was nothing extraordinary about the flavors. Portion size is respectable and menu diversity is great. Yet, my server didn't seem like she wanted to be there. I was patient and simply happy to be in the enlightening environment. She didn't speak much even though her English was good. I asked to explain the options and she just repeated the name of the dishes I inquired about and walked off. When I asked about wifi so I could post this review she told me sorry, but I was not seated close enough to the router. But she didn't offer or suggest to move me closer since the restaurant was empty. So I left it alone. When I was finished I sat for 15 minutes before realizing she didn't come for the bill. I guess the beauty of the garden kept me in a tranquil place because never have I let customer service ruin a meal.

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Pleasant Atmosphere, Yummy Cambodian Food - Edit

I had a great experience at Chamkar while in Cambodia. Although the restaurant is pretty hard to find (it's in between two streets in an alley way), it was worth finding it! The inside of the restaurant is pleasant, not too fancy, and open to the outside, although fans keep the restaurant cooler than outdoors. The food sure brings some heat out of you though! I came around 4:00, so of course, it was pretty quiet inside. Still, the waiter I had was very friendly and attentive. They warn you on the menu that could be time to wait before being served for proper food preparation (which is totally understandable; everything is made fresh). That being said, the drink and I appetizer I ordered came out within 10 minutes of ordering! The menu has plenty of choices, with vegan options specified, and your waiter can confirm this as well. I ordered iced tamarind juice, wedding day dip, Cambodian curry secrets, and the last sweetness (dessert). The iced tamarind juice was very nice and interesting; tart and full of flavour, refreshing, and tangy. I loved the wedding day dip appetizer. It's extremely flavourful and coconut-y. It actually reminds me a lot of an Indian dish I used to have. The only thing is the portion is a bit large (lots of baguette slices to go with the dip), especially if you're dining alone like I was! The curry was one of my favourites, and an added bonus is it was served with brown rice. It was a fair bit heavy in the stomach (probably from the coconut milk), but still delicious; a mix of sweet and savory, with the interesting combination of cardamom and coconut milk. The only downside to the experience was the dessert I was hoping to try (traditional Cambodian cake), which I was told was vegan (to my excitement), wasn't available on that day. That being said, it's nothing really to complain about. I ordered another dessert which was sweet and rich, but still light at the same time. It was a banana in coconut milk with tapioca soup type of dessert. Quite a large portion. Overall, the meal was extremely flavourful and filling, and the experience was peaceful and lovely overall :)

Pros: Delicious Food, Plenty of Vegan Options, Friendly Staff

Cons: Hard to Find, Large Portions (Hard if You Dine Alone)

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Wonderful!! - Edit

Take a tuk tuk as this place isn't easy to locate but once you get there, worth every penny! The restaurant is basically all vegan except a couple of vegetarian options which can also be made vegan :) try the Wedding Day Dip! It's to die for! Creamy Peanut Sauce mixed with Coconut Milk and fresh loaves of bread to dip! Omg! Also the desserts are very yummy! And the curries! Basically everything!

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not the best - Edit

We did not enjoy our food here. The service was terrible and we needed to ask again and again for extra rice. The whole rice finished just after one portion. Dishes were ok but not amazing. Not enough variety to choose from. Small place with very few nice seating option. There are better alternatives.

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Delicious refined fusion - Edit

My girlfriend and I ate at Chamkar three times during our visit to Siem Reap. We sampled a good portion of their menu and enjoyed everything. Some of our favorites included the wedding dip, amok puffs, mad eggplant lovers, and the mushroom pot. Everything is prepared fresh and the ingredients are top notch (we took a short cooking class with them and loved it!).

To respond to another reviewers complaint that the food was lacking garlic or chili I would say they are correct. This restaurant does not use as much as standard Thai or Khymer recipes so it's flavor is not as overpowering. I find that they balance ingredients very well to create unique vegetarian fusion dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. The dishes are all very refined and the French owner's influence is apparent.

They have two locations in Siem Reap both of which are excellent. The smaller location downtown is very convenient but has a slightly smaller menu. The larger restaurant has a beautiful decor and atmosphere but is slightly further out of town.

Finally word is that this is one of my top vegetarian restaurant experiences in SE Asia. Unique dishes, great decor (larger location), and friendly staff make Chamkar a must visit for your next trip to Siem Reap.

Pros: Unique fusion dishes, Decor, Friendly staff

Cons: Slightly out of town (large location), A little more expensive

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Very boring - Edit

We went with high expecations, and dragged two flesh eaters along with us
While the starters were good (spring rolls, wedding dip), the mains were really boring and totally lacking in any depth of flavour - all that we tried could have done with some garlic or chilli or some herbs

Pros: Great starters, Lovely staff

Cons: Boring food

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Best veggie restaurant in town - Edit

We went there two weeks ago and had a curry and a tofu salad (around $3 each). Both were great, amazing food quality. You can see in the menu, this place is to be trusted about getting a salad! Prices are modest, although beer could be cheaper ($1 more than places around), very friendly, English speaking staff and comforting atmosphere. As a vegan I felt most comfortable in this place. Most go if u are in Siem Reap/Angkor Wat.

Pros: food quality, vegan options, atmosphere, English s

Cons: overpriced beer

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decadence - Edit

I ate here 3 times during 10 days in Siem
Reap and after the first visit, I was ready to pronounce Chamkar my favourite restaurant in the WORLD! Unfortunately the second two dining experiences weren't quite as memorable but Chamkar still right up there.

It's a small place and, having sat inside, upstairs, and on the street, I'd say with certainty that the little table for two on the upstairs balcony is the one you want to secure, even if you have to book.

On our first visit we ordered the Wedding Day Dip, Rediscovering Tofu, and a rich, coconut based curry with sweet potato and cherry tomatoes. The dip is a rich, thick curry sauce, based on coconut, peanut, and mushrooms, served with slices of fresh, white baguette. It's heavy, delicately spiced yet warm and pungent. Totally decadent. Their standout dish by far. The tofu was nice too. Stuffed with I can't remember what and slightly tangy, sweet, and spicy. The curry was a winner as well. Again, expertly spiced with warm, woody flavours. I need to learn how to cook like that!

At lunchtime the next day I came alone and ordered the Monsoon Salad which I'd been hanging out for since the night before when I'd eyed it on the menu. It was a great, fresh balanced dish. Perfect for lunchtime on a hot day but wasn't nearly as impressive as our meal the night before.

We were excited to come again for dinner on my birthday. Sadly, I don't remember much about our meal that evening. I think it was fine but obviously not outstanding. We tried another, lighter curry dish which didn't really live up to our expectations.

The take home message: their rich, coconutty dishes are their strong suit. Don't miss them!

Pros: Wedding Day Dip, coconut curries , polite staff, pleasant atmosphere

Cons: menu not full of all stars

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Really great food - Edit

This restaurant was a pleasant surprise! We ate here twice while in Siem Reap and each meal included creatively prepared vegetarian food that seemed very fresh and delicious. The eggplant entree was my favorite thing we tried although everything was great. Thought it was a good value compared to the other restaurants in the area. Located on a quaint alley that is a little quieter than the chaos of Pub Street around the corner. Highly recommend!

Pros: Great food, Good size portions, Good location

Cons: Small / not a ton of seating

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Wedding Day Dip is a MUST - Edit

I went to Chamkar twice (only to the one by the Old Market) I had the "Mad Eggplant lovers" which consisted of grilled eggplant with loofah, coconut milk and basil, accompanied by rice. It was good; however, the weeding day dip (coconut, mushrooms and peanuts) was by far the best food I had there.
I didn't care much for the spring rolls.
Really nice, friendly staff and good prices.
Conveniently located next to the Old Market and Pub Street.

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Fantastic vegetarian food - Edit

We ate here twice in the space of 5 or so days in Siem Reap. Great food, so fresh and some innovation in the menu too. Can't recommend this place too highly. My expectations for vegetarian food in Siem Reap were exceeded massively at this restaurant. Very small inside so you may need to wait for a table. Also, it has no aircond so that's a bit of a struggle. Suggest a table outside if you can get it.

Pros: Fresh and delicious food, Big variety of innovative dishes, Good service

Cons: Hot inside with no AC

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not recommended - Edit

This place was a bit hard to find although it is close to Pub Street. The waiter was a bit cold and seemed to know what vegan meant. The food was ok but expensive for the region and portion size a bit small. We much preferred Piece Cafe during our stay in Siem Reap

Pros: understanding of veganism, central location

Cons: expensive, small portion size, not friendly

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Wonderful food and vegan safe - Edit

This place was amazing. Great food and friendly staff. They have a good understanding of veganism so its a place vegans can go and not worry. Highly recommended!

Pros: all vegan, friendly staff

Cons: not many seats

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Chamkar is Amazing! - Edit

Second vegetarian venue in Siem Reap on this trip - surprised and delighted to find so many vegetarian spots here. Friends said we would find it difficult traveling in Cambodia as vegetarians. While most of the places with vegetarian food are not great, there is one that rocks. It's called Chamkar, and it's near the tourist night club area called Pub Street.

Actually, there are some "Alleys" between streets which are packed with bars and restaurants. Chamkar is on one of these Alleys. So, I am going to describe the location because it might be a bit hard to find when the area is crowded and noisy. If you stand right on the actual "Pub Street" which is where the Temple club and Red Piano are, and turn so that you are looking in the direction of the river, then it is in the next alley in that direction. You can cut through between shops. If you walk up that alley you will see it.

There's an odd thing that happens a lot at Cambodian restaurants. Outside There is often a little podium with a menu standing right on the curb. If you approach the podium and flip through the menu, very often a member of the staff will come and watch you look at the menu. It feels like they are "hovering," but it's just part of their job description. Sometimes they might say something in English like, "Eat something lady!" And when this happens it might be hard to hold back the giggles, especially if you are a little tipsy from all the 50 cent draft beer!

We tried the Coconut Khmer Curry and it was delicious. The name might sound Indian, but don't worry. The owner is French and the staff are all Cambodian, so it is spectacularly confusing. just point at something on the menu and "Eat something lady!"

Pros: Friendly staff, Delicious food, Energetic atmosphere

Cons: Some people may not like the hovering., Not exactly Indian food., On a busy night it's pretty loud.

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Go for the Wedding Day Dip - Edit

My wife and I ate almost everyday we were in Siem Reap. The standout dish is the Wedding Day Dip appetizer. We ordered it on every visit and I can't recommend it highly enough.

There are actually two locations for Chamkar in Siem Reap now. There is "Chamkar" in the passage (location given above) and "Chamkar House" a 5-10 minute tuk tuk ride away. (I don't have the exact location for "Chamkar House", but they advertise it in their passage location.)

Some of the dishes mentioned in other reviews are only available at Chamkar House, including Rediscovering Tofu. All of the mains were very good at both locations, with the Amoks and Rediscovering Tofu as standouts.

All of the other dishes we tried were very good, but not as exceptional as the wedding day dip.

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Very Impressed! - Edit

Great service, large portions and super tasty. The dishes are all really creative, spoilt for choice. A bit more expensive than other restaurants in Cambodia but the quality is worth it. It's a nice location too.
We had the wedding day dip so good, monsoon noodle salad and a pumpkin and pineapple curry all great!

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Good, but not THAT good - Edit

Given the enthusiastic reviews from various people we were really looking forward to going here. It was good - but not THAT astounding. Nice range of foods, including several gluten free options, nice atmosphere if you sit out in the passageway - and certainly a place to go to when you're in Siem Reap, but don't expect too much.

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Excellent vegetarian food in Siem Reap - Edit

One of the only places in the centre of Siem Reap that exclusively serves vegetarian/vegan food. A must if you're in town after a long day exploring the Angkor temples. The menu has soups, curry's, noodles - combining Asian, Indian, traditional Khmer cuisine. Recommended!

Pros: Excellent food, Creative dishes, Friendly and helpful

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Top 5 restaurant I've eaten at - Edit

I can't even begin to explain how delicious this food was. It was all new and all incredible. The pumpkin dish and stuffed dumplings were the best Asian dishes I have ever eaten. Let's just say Cambodian food uses a lot of my two favorite ingredients: garlic and ginger. What a treat! A must in Siem Reap.

Pros: Food, Presentation, Location

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fantastic - went back two nights in a row! - Edit

Really delicious vegan food. We enjoyed every bite :). The veggie rolls are Great and we had several different soups we loved - I especially enjoyed the pumpkin curry. Fun to sit outside and people watch. Can't recommend it enough

Pros: vegan, good variety of dishes , good location

Cons: a little pricey , can get really busy

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Excellent Food & Service - Edit

We had food here twice while in Siem Reap, and both the food and service were excellent. We had the green curry, red curry and sour grilled papaya soup. They serve brown rice as well. Small, cozy restaurant that gets full early evening. Quite a few people were turned away while we were there because they were full.

Pros: High-quality food, Brown rice, Great staff

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A nice evening meal - Edit

Visited July 2012. Pleasant little place with friendly staff. We ordered from their specials menu as we were on a budget and enjoyed the food and drink, would go here again if we return.

It feels quite pricey considering where you are, but it does feel like a little gourmet restaurant which is nice if you're backpacking Asia getting used to hawkers!

Pros: Lovely staff, good ambience

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So delicious - Edit

Had dinner at Chamkar last night, and it was amazing. We tried the 'wedding day dip', and the 'rediscovering tofu' and also a veggie curry that I can't remember the name of but it was the last one of the dish and had cherry tomatoes in it. The menu is mostly based around khmer food, and just about everything is vegan. Everything was absolutely delicious and thoughtfully put together! Don't miss the tofu - best dish i've had since arriving in Cambodia by far!

Pros: Amazing and interesting food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere

Cons: a little on the expensive side -worth it

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delicious Khmer cuisine - Edit

Chamkar is located on a lovely pedestrian alley in the Old Market. The decor is nice, clean and simple. English is spoken as well as on the menu. It's almost entirely vegan except for a couple of items. All the food was delicious, fresh and very flavorful. We were so pleased the first night that we came back the second night.

Over the course of the two nights, we ordered the wedding day dip, Cambodian mango salad, monsoon salad, pumpkin curry, green curry, rediscovering tofu (stuffed and deep fried), mad eggplant lover, and banana and tapioca dessert with coconut milk. To drink, we got mango juice, tamarind juice, iced coffee and beer. Everything was excellent, especially the dip, tofu and eggplant. Also, the curries were served with brown rice instead of white rice which was greatly appreciated by us.

If you are ever in Siem Reap, you must go here. I love having vegan versions of traditional local dishes.

Pros: delicious and fresh, vegan Khmer, English

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Jewel of Siem Reap - Edit

Where to begin. French owner, Cambodian staff, with acceptable service (for the first time while here). Best place in Cambodia. Wedding dip, 'tofu revisited', some dish that starts with an 's' and is a Cham specialty were all great items. Restaurant setting is very nice. Beautiful single table on balcony on romantic street (Pub Alley).

Pros: great location, some dishes are exceptional

Cons: A/C doesn't work, very hot in restaurant

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Simple restaurant, Great food - Edit

Easy to find, small & simple restaurant. May dine on the 1st floor if privacy required. Budget travelers may go for the-US$4.00-daily special. Very healthy dishes as most includes local herbs & medicinal leaves. Try their spring roll, come with an awesome peanut sauce!

Pros: Location, Price, Staff

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Not To Be Missed in Siem Reap - Edit

I had never heard of this place until I was walking by one evening checking out the dozens of menus along this lane. So glad I chose to eat here. Was probably the best meal I had in Cambodia. Had the stuffed tofu and it was absolutely devine. Cannot recommend it enough. Wish I had more time in Siem Reap just to try everything on the menu because it all sounds amazing; an impressive blend of traditional Khmer and modern cuisine. Service is impeccable. Prices reasonable. This area is busy and noisy but my guess is if you're hanging out in Siem Reap you can probably handle that.

Pros: mouth-watering menu, great service

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Real Khmer Food in Vegetarian Form! - Edit

This is a great place to eat traditional Khmer/Cambodian food but without the meat or fish sauce. They have a really good amok--it tastes like there's pumpkin and/or yam inside the leaf. Prices are high for Cambodian stands (around $10 for an appetizer, main course and drink) but worth it. Note that it's actually on Pub Street Alley--keep your eyes open as it's easy to walk past (I did that twice before I finally found it!) as there are a lot of restaurants close together along the walkway.

Pros: good food, Khmer vegetarian, nice ambiance

Cons: a bit expensive for Cambodia, can be a bit hard to find

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Good fly-by - Edit

We ate here a number of times during our stay in Seam Reap.
The food was very nice and the prices were average for the area. The staff were OK in that they didn't really smile much, but delivered the food as part of their job. They are located on a bit of a tourist rat run, so it's hardly surprising really.
There are not really enough seats to go around. We were asked to come back in 45 mins once and was pleased that they held us to it. Lots of people don't get a seat when they first want it, and instead have to wait. But once inside, the ambiance is nice if you can ignore the multitude of passing tourists.
We ate a main for around 12,000Riel (US$3/4). There was a number of vegan option to pick from and we soon learned that the best value for money was the daily special, which also happened to be the largest portion too. Bargain!
This is the only veggie restaurant around in the very centre, but I would advise looking further afield.

Pros: very nice food, nice seating inside and upstairs

Cons: pretty noisy on the street

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Truly Special - Edit

This is a lovely little gourmet restaurant without pretense. It's located in the passage or alley as most like to call it surrounded by lots of other restaurants. In the evenings a lot of folks walking by are great entertainment. There is also an upstairs dining area if you want a quieter space. We ate here several times and never tired of it. Cambodian food is not as rich as Thai can be, simple but interesting and flavorful, we were especially fond of the pumpkin dishes.

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Amazing place. - Edit

I went here in Feb 2011. It was by far the best meal I had in Asia, and possibly my life. I had the wedding day dip (mushroooms) and the tofu stuffed with pumpkin. I did not eat all the dip and was able to take my leftovers to spread on bread the next day for my bus ride.

I wish I was there longer so could have gone back for another meal. Please go, You will not regret it.

Pros: Best food ever!

Cons: Nothing

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Amazing Flavors, Good Portions for the price. - Edit

Of all the Vegan-friendly Khmer Cuisine I tried in Cambodia, this was one of the few memorable. Starting with the impossible to overlook appetizers, the creativity of the overall menu grabbed our attention and left us with a bit of option paralysis. Both the presentation and portions of each item was noteworthy as well. 4 guests, veg and non-veg, were all blown away by everything, especially the mushrooms and Amok dishes.

Pros: Variety, Atmosphere, Location

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Chamkar is exquisite! - Edit

How often does a meal at a new restaurant fill your head with thoughts of moving to a new country just to eat there more often? For me, Chamkar was that good. They have managed to strike a winning formula with creative gourmet renditions of traditional Khmer (Cambodian) cuisine. It seems that most of the menu is vegan as-is, and one item with cheese had a note advising vegans that they can order it without the cheese. Chamkar uses no egg or MSG.

Especially recommended:

- Truly Rooty: Tasty cassava fritters with scrumptious dipping sauce.
- Biting Amok: Savory veggie goodness wrapped in amok leaves (a national dish) in a coconut milk curry sauce. Unique and delicious.
- Wedding day dip: A delectable mushroom-coconut sauce served with baguette for dipping.

On both of our visits, we had warm, good service that made the experience doubly sweet. At peak times it can slow down a bit, but you can walk back to the kitchen if you need attention.


Pros: Creative and delicious Cambodian cuisine, Mostly vegan, Delightful servers

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very nice - Edit

may they have changed there waitress or we had more luck than other ones :-)

The service was fast and friendly, we had the small desk on the balcony (first floor) very nice view over the bar street.

I had a salad and the Amok with rice (typical Cambodian food), I don't remember what my wife had, but it was also very good.

I recommend this restaurant with 100% satisfaction

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Good to see it is still going! - Edit

This is a long overdue review, so I have to apologise. Nov 2009(!) but it remains as one of our happier finds in SE Asia from our Honeymoon. The staff were all very friendly, it is very centrally located and above all the food was excellent and served in huge portions. The wait is to be expected at busy times but you may wish to try the cookery lessons (assuming that they are still running them) and this may give you some appreciation of how they prepare such lovely dishes.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff

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Very Delicious Amok - Edit

This restaurant is a gem on the Pub Street. I had spring rolls, fresh mango juice and Amok. I loved the Amok, it was very delicious. The service was brilliant and the potions were huge. As I was on my own, they packed the left over and I gave it to the lady with little baby, who was pleased.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone

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Consistenly Delicious - Edit

I'm in Siem Reap for a month and I eat here a lot!
Most of the dishes are vegan and all can be made vegan. The staff are really friendly and lovely as well. I took my partner, and my mother and many friends here (none of whom are even veggie) and they said it was some of the best food they'd tried!

I've tried and loved:
- Fresh spring rolls - the absolute best I've had. Not just carrot and lettuce - they have substance and a delicious coconut dipping sauce
- A delicious eggplant coconut dip with baguette and vegetable strips - very filling and yummy.
- Amok curry - really great and well flavoured.
- Green mango salad - great vegan version of a very popular dish - love it. Safe place to have salads which is so refreshing
- Monsoon salad - vermicelli, salad, veggies, coconut/peanut sauce. Amazing.
- Tofu stuffed with pumpkin and spices. I loved it - it's a very unique dish with some strong flavours.

So basically, it's a great place. Reasonably priced cosidering the quality of the food.

Highly recommended - don't miss it!
Updated from previous review on Monday August 16, 2010

Pros: DELICIOUS, Friendly, Healthy and delicately flavoured

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Elegant, super fresh vegan food - Edit

My friend and I ate here twice while in Siem Reap, and really enjoyed it. The restaurant is tranquil and the food made fresh to order (which means it sometimes takes a little longer to arrive).

Yes, the food is a bit more expensive than normal for Cambodia, but I definitely think it was worth it.

I can't remember the names of the dishes, but I highly recommend a pumpkin curry and the palm sugar/coconut milk dessert. I'm still dreaming about the latter!

Pros: Fresh, Elegant

Cons: A bit expensive

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Khmer food - Edit

This place was really good, and it was very nice to be able to eat Khmer food without stressing. It was a bit on the expensive side though. I would have liked to go a few more times but didn't manage the time.

Pros: Safely try out Khmer food, Good atmosphere

Cons: Pricey

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wanted to like it, didn't hate it - Edit

I also REALLY wanted to like this place but was underwhelmed again and again. The dishes are titled creatively, but the "Resdiscovering Tofu" one should've been called "Munching on a Fistful of Raw Cardamom." once I picked the mound of them out it was fairly tasty, but not exactly a rediscovery.

the papaya soup was tasty... sort of. the "Truly Rooty" was edible but I just wasn't feeling it. their curries just didn't stand out for me.

there's other items I didn't try and I'm still going to give it one last shot but I'm not too hopeful. could've just been off days...!

Pros: cute, nice location, creative

Cons: not fantastic, a bit pricey

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A real gem - Edit

An elegant little restaurant with delicately flavoured khmer cuisine, the best food we had in Cambodia.

Pros: Innovative local food, Well priced, Central location

Cons: next door to a Cambodian BBQ restaurant

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Absolutely delicious food & great service - Edit

The food at this resturant was fantastic and it was great to be able to try local dishes with a vege twist. I agree the skewers were a little disappointing but the vege curries and cold rolls were divine. Definitely recommended. The prices are good by western standards but higher than elsewhere in Cambodia (but most things in Siem Reap are a bit pricier). If you're looking to get away from the main tourist road, try and grab the solo table on the upstairs balcony - definitely the premium seat in the house.

Pros: Excellent food, Reasonable prices

Cons: Located on a main tourist alley

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Disappointing.... - Edit

We SO wanted to love this place. After reading all the splendid reviews, we were extremely excited for our dinner at Chamkar. Perhaps the staff simply had an off night, but we were exceptionally disappointed and underwhelmed by the food. The dishes were certainly ambitious enough, but none of the three dishes we had was better than average. We started with a coconut-milk and mushroom dip that came with baguette. The flavour was OK, but it was exceptionally heavy and the coconut milk overwhelmed everything. Next came two mains. An eggplant curry style dish was good, if nothing special, but their signature dish, skewers of roasted vegetables, was almost inedible. The flavours were chalky as if the marinade had been poorly made. I should add that our experience here was hardly helped by the fact that our waitress was one of the worst we have ever had. Again, she may have been having an off day, but we arrived and the place was empty, and our waitress (unfortunately) joined us in the dining room and proceeded to mope around, looking like she wanted to be anywhere but there through our entire dinner. She was entirely miserable. Again, perhaps she had a personal crisis, but did it need to be on display? It took 45 minutes for the starters to arrive, in an empty restaurant, and the skewers came tepid, at best. This is hardly the worst restaurant we've ever been too, but for the price relative to other Cambodia offerings, and the great reviews, it was a huge disappointment. We ate much better food at the Khmer Kitchen, a non-vegan place that offered a few vegan dishes, just a few doors down. I hope others have better luck than we did at Chamkar.

Cons: sulking waitress, heavy starters

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excellent food quality and service - Edit

I loved this place so much I dined there three times (each night of my stay). Intimate two-level place with very nice decor & table settings (including fabric napkins/serviettes). The food is simply delicious & portions are more than adequate: for example, mushroom & coconut dip with fresh baguette and raw chili on the side (entree); eggplant green curry with wild rice (main course); fresh watermelon or tamarind (yum), etc, juice (beverage). All for under 12 US dollars. The table service was friendly and prompt; interesting menu design. They had no problem with me being a single diner. Highly recommended. Only annoying thing is that people were smoking at the tables outside so I had to sit indoors, but that seems standard practice in Cambodia!

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Spectacular! - Edit

This is, without a doubt, the best vegetarian restaurant in Cambodia, and is an absolute must-visit for any veggie passing through Siem Reap.

At around $4-$6 for a main, there are plenty of cheaper options in town, but the food is astounding, and worth every cent. The dishes all appear to be unique creations and, of the six that we tried (three entrees, three mains), all were delicious. In particular, the wedding dip (?) and vegetable skewers are highly recommended.

The only minor disappointment for me was the desserts. We tried two, and both were heavy going and starchy. Though nicely flavoured and beautifully presented, they were much too heavy to follow a meal.

Desserts notwithstanding, Chamkar will be my first port of call as soon as I'm back in town. Can't wait!

Pros: Superb food, Unique dishes, Relaxed ambience

Cons: Comparatively pricey, Sickly desserts

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Fine Dining Vegetarian in Siem Reap - Edit

The gods have obviously taken pity on us and delivered this gem to our back door. Chamkar is run by a French chef (!!!) and his Khmer counterpart, the former of whom is a recent emigre from the French Alps and the later a former employee of the wonderful Meric restaurant at Hotel De La Paix (Siem Reap). The menu and the facility itself are both understated, but the things Chamkar does with local ingredients and traditional flavours will astound you, and place this restaurant well and truly amongst the top three in town (overall, not just vegetarian). Ingredients are organic when possible as are some of the wines. A takeaway service is available for those not enticed by their hotel's menus. Extremely reasonably priced for the standard: a generous three courses with drinks will cost about $US30. We cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough. It is a mandatory dining point for all visitors, not just vegetarians, and proves that vegetarian food can be as fine as any other cuisine. 5+ happy cows / 5.

Pros: Fine French-Khmer Dining, Fresh,organic (when possible)ingredient, Incredible value for money

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