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Vegetarian cafe in Ubud, same owner as Sopa in Madrid. Kid-friendly space. Offer cakes and savories, tea and juice. Find choices like nasi campur plate, gado gado, miso soup, gyoza, red rice sushi rolls, cream soup with bread, papaya cake, and raw desserts. Reported closed November 2022.

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First Review by Perth Geoff


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11 Jun 2020

Best vegan warung in ubud

I love this place, the staff and the food - the best nasi campur of Ubud. Uncountable how often I've been there to have just a tasty lunch / dinner, meet nice people or just be alone. Thank you so much guys - you are amazing.

Pros: excellent food, options for every type of sitting, super friensly local staff

Cons: too cheap for the good food quality😄



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Mostly Veg
17 May 2020

Very good place

I go here regularly for lunch now that I live in Ubud. It never disappoints. I usually get nasi campur to eat. They do nice, fresh juices also. The prices are reasonable and the staff are pleasant and friendly.


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15 Mar 2020

must-try vegan tofu scramble!

nice kid-friendly place with friendly staff and freshly-made food using quality ingredients 🤩
my personal favourite is the tofu scramble! it’s super fragrant and i’ve never tasted any tofu scramble like this one. they used a lot of ginger, leek, garlic and other spices which made the dish soooo good! highly recommended! other dishes are incredible as well.

Pros: vegan options, tasty!, friendly staff, affordable


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11 Mar 2020

Great customized Nasi Campur!

We had 2 Nasi Campur there. Rice costs 7K (6K for a small) and you can add original items for 9K each so that isn’t so cheap if you are very hungry but quality of food is very high. We also tried the chocolate-coconut pie but we didn’t like the texture which is more like a blank. We recommend it for one or two lunches to try more items.

Pros: Good & fresh Nasi Campur, Nice atmosphere

Cons: A little bit pricy if you are hungry


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14 Feb 2020

Ok ...

Wir haben zwei Nasi Campur und ein Gado Gado bestellt. Das Nasi Campur muss man sich selbst aus der Theke zusammenstellen. Dabei zahlt man für den Reis 7k und pro Beilage 9k, was bei vier Beilagen zu einer Endsumme von 43k führt. Das war aber definitiv überteuert, wenn man beachtet, dass die Beilagen eventuell schon den ganzen Tag in der Theke liegen und kalt sind. Der Geschmack war leider langweilig und fettig. Darum war es für uns auch nicht so schlimm, dass am Ende nur ein Nasi Campur ankam und nicht wie bestellt zwei...
Gado Gado war oke, insgesamt würden wir nicht wieder kommen.

Cons: kaltes Nasi Campur , Bestellung nicht verstanden


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20 Dec 2019

Tasty food

Lots of options and at a decent price too. Not fantastic, but lovely.


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09 Dec 2019

Terrific hideaway for vegetarian and vegan food

A great little hideaway with plenty of fresh or fried food including our miso soup with homemade broth and homemade gyoza, delicious sushi, and a tasty Mexican-inspired bowl. They also serve fresh juices and some different drinks like the Sopa Snake Bite (snake fruit juice with ginger ale). The desserts were really nice too including our coconut and mango pie.
Everything tastes so fresh and is clearly made with love as the ladies in the kitchen are chatting and laughing non-stop as they cook. Other nice touches include a bassinet for babies and play pen for kids with chalkboard, toys and books to keep them occupied. Well recommended for something quiet with plenty of standard and more unusual food and drink options.

Pros: Fresh, homemade food, Japanese- and Mexican-inspired options, Bassinet and play pen for kids


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12 Nov 2019

Great lunch spot!

Came here for a couple of really nice lunches. Nasi campur, lots of vegan options (Not necessarily labelled, but you can ask)
Good selection of dishes. Curry, eggplant and tempe were really nice! Take away samosa came wrapped in a banana leaf which I loved!
Can also order off the menu- sushi, gado gado, and lots of soups. Breakfast tofu and eggs. Vegan desserts too!
Not the cheapest warung, but cheap compared to many Ubud restaurants

Pros: Traditional food, Lots of options, Fair price


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13 Oct 2019


The food is good and the price is ok😄


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09 Aug 2019

Lovely setting for vegetarian restaurant

Seating area in gardens. Very nice place to sit. All vegetarian with vegan options. Unfortunately no soymilk for my coffee, although they do say they have it on the menu. Disappointed with that as I so badly wanted my cappuccino fix....
Still recommended though!

Pros: Lovely settings, No meat options

Cons: No soymilk available


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19 Jul 2019

One of my favourite places to go

I lived in Ubud for two years and i have tried all vegan and vegetarian places.
This one of my favourite places of all to go eat!
Tasty food! Easy to eat vegan here even if they also serve vegetarian food. Cheap prices.
I love to eat Nasi Campur or Tofu Scramble here.
Very friendly staff and i always practise my Bahasa Indonesia with them!

Pros: Lots of Vegan options., Tasty food, Friendly staff

Cons: No glutenfree vegan cake option


Points +624

13 Jun 2019

Tasty customised nasi campur

We had dinner here and opted for the nasi campur. You can choose the dishes from the ones at the bar and pay accordingly. All of them were really tasty. We also tried the sushis which were good.

Pros: Many vegan options, Customised nasi campur


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09 Mar 2019

Japanese style warung

It's nice Japanese and Indonesian mixed warung.
The price is very fair and even if local people eat there. They also have some vegan options.
You can order your own Nashi campur!

In Ubud there is also another this restaurant.
It's very cozy place.


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05 Jan 2019

Love their cakes !

One of the places I had my first vegan cake 3 years ago and I am still reminiscing about it. Lovely atmosphere and good prices !

Pros: Amazing vegan cake , adjustable veggie menu, Lovely atmosphere

Cons: could have more 100% vegan options


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09 Dec 2018

Yummy food and very cheap

^^ yummy food and very cheap. Service with a smile


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03 Dec 2018

A few tasty dishes

Used to come here often when they opened years back.There were fewer veggie choices then so this was a good spot to eat.Now there are a lot of new places that are better and tastier.They still have a few good dishes.But the quality of the food has gone downhill over the Years.The prices are relatively cheap.A few good desserts.

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Quality of food getting worse


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06 Sep 2018

Plain food

Gado gado was watery, fried rice was pretty yum but not very exciting. Atmosphere okay, was overcharged but only realized after we left. Since there are many good options for veggie food in the area wouldn't recommend.


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13 Mar 2018

Friendly owner

We had avocado sushi and dumplings which was both very delicious. But the Gado-Gado was not that good. It tasted like nothing.
Still the cafe is a nice place and the herbal tea was amazing.

Pros: quiet street, not to expensive


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26 Feb 2018

Nice place

I've been here 2 times and I got avo sushi and vegetable dumplings. They both were good but nothing special. The restaurant is quite cozy and the tea is really good ( I got the ginger one)


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25 Feb 2018

I enjoyed every minute of it

I just loved this warung run by local people. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the quality is excellent. I had the avocado sushi and the vegetable dumplings. They have plenty of other options and a great selection of drinks (with ginger and tamarind for example). They also sell vegan cakes. The prices are below average and the portions satisfying. I would definetely go back.

Pros: Lovely atmosphere, Good price-quality ratio, Vegan cakes


Points +1160

12 Jan 2018

Cosy place

I went there twice, and had a turmeric tea the first time which was incredibly good and not so expensive. The second time, I had a soy cappuccino, and a falafel to take away. The falafel was not an actual falafel, as it was just a fried tofu ball with spices. Paid around 1$ for that which is expensive considering the prices in Bali.

Pros: good hot drinks


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29 Nov 2017

simple and wholesome

I love this place, simple home style food cooked by a bunch of no fuss Balinese mamas that is nourishing and delicious. Their kicheree is delicious and the prices are really reasonable


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14 Aug 2017

Good for family

The food is cheap, a bit understaff so you should order yourself in the counter. There is a baby cot and kiddys space. The gyoza is good, sushi is okay


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23 May 2017

nice Food for a good Price!

The food is really good and quite cheap compared to the other vegan/vegetarian places. We shared the pumpkin soup, sushi and two servings of the goyza. Delicious! As a desert we had the lime pie, not too bad but had better deserts in Ubud. Staff could be a bit more friendly but overall I encourage you to try this place!

Pros: variety of food, good quality, good prices


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03 Apr 2017

nice interior, cute restaurant

food is fresh, tastes alright
very nice restaurant, comfy to sit,
Staff very unfriendly, maybe they all just had a very bad day
very good fresh squeezed juices


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08 Feb 2017

Top notch Warung with Indo fusion delights

The original location is my choice for the authentic experience. Fresh food all day and night. I have always have amazing experiences and meals here. Any item from the food window is a winner. Super amazing desserts are a must have as well. Service is on point and smiling folks give extra love to the meal. I'll eat here 4-5 or more times a week! Even 2-3 times in a day!! Enjoy

Pros: Plenty for us vegans

Cons: Fare prices for quality food surely worth it


Points +930

29 Jan 2017

Good nasi campur; but unfriendly staff

Went there before noon and it was super quiet. Had the nasi campur: red rice with some bittergourd, ratatouille, tofu ball and potato croquet. Everything tasted good and fresh. But the rice was the smallest portion I've ever seen, noone could get full on that. And 7.000 for that is just ridiculous. All other items are 9.000.
Staff was really unfriendly, even for Ubud where I find everyone is pretty money and not people focused. Felt like I'm bothering them with my order while they were resting.
Great, fast wifi though!

Pros: food tastes good

Cons: rather pricy for portion size, really unfriendly service, limited food choices

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