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Small vegetarian restaurant established 1925. No onions or garlic used. Has English menu. NOTE: Reported November 2023 to have limited vegan options – please send updates to HappyCow. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-1:00pm, 4:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by JohnnySensible


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25 Feb 2023

Just brilliant

Right in the heart of the city. Run by two very old ladies. Rundown inside, but who cares when the food is outstanding! It's located in prime real-estate and they could get thousands of dollars per month in rent, but they just want to serve vegan food at great prices.
This restaurant has been going for almost 100 years!

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01 Oct 2022

Traditional and great

Lovely little space, very simple and a traditional environment, serving great food with a very friendly host.

Pros: A long list of options , Good prices, Good levels of English


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19 Dec 2021


Good menu choices. The owner is very friendly and speaks some English. A Vietnamese girl posted in a vegan group that they would make more money just renting the shop out. But they are committed vegans so do not. Try and support if you’re in the area.

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29 Dec 2018


Prompt service, English menu and healthy options. A typical no-frills local restaurant


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09 Jun 2018

Saving grace

We ate here once during our stay (tried to more but it was closed often). It was incredible. We were indecisive and picked two things off the menu that sounded good but he said we shouldn’t get that, we should get these other two things that were better (looked like all the locals were eating that) so we agreed. Glad we did, it was delicious homely and soooo cheap ($4 AUS) for two dishes

Pros: So much delicious vegan food!, Cheap, Authentic healthy Vietnamese food

Cons: Opening hours are not frequent


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12 Jul 2015

Tin Nghia

I have been eating here on and off for 11 years and I want to give it a higher rating now due to the fact that you will not see another place as authentic as this in Saigon. In recent years the powers that be in Saigon are pulling all the amazing old buildings down. This one is untouched and old, run down yes but has character. If you love old places go here. If you want shiny new go eat a McDonalds across from here.

The food is nice and the family has been running the business for over 40 years. You want to help local business support these old people.

Nice little family run hole in the wall. The food is nothing to rave about but it is cheap. Has a nice local atmosphere.
Updated from previous review on Monday December 19, 2011

Pros: The old building, The old family that run it, It's a very old barely touched building

Cons: It's a very old barely touched building


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27 May 2014

Local restaurant

You don't come there for the setting because eating in the street on the sidewalk would have been better.
Menu in Vietnamese and Chinese only.
The soup I had (hu tieu, 27.000 vnd) was tasteless and the portion quite small. I don't know for the rest of the menu but will give this restaurant another try.
They also give you a free glass of tea.
You can also buy some special food (nem chay, cha chay).

Pros: nice staff, good location

Cons: small portion, place a bit distressed


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21 Jul 2013

Local as it gets.

If you are looking for a fine dining experience, you will be sadly disappointed. On the other hand, if you want an authentic local experience, you won't do better. We tried five or six dishes, all of them great.

The staff tried very hard to avoid taking a tip (they took some persuading that we didn't want the change) and when I left my sunglasses case behind, an old woman chased be down the street. I've never had this happen before.

Friendly staff, excellent food, cheap food, local atmosphere. I'll be back.

Pros: Great food., Lovely staff., Local atmosphere.


22 Jul 2013

Agreed in full! I have had some excellent meals here over the years. ......but there absolutely no frills.


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24 Dec 2011

decent prices for the great location

Tin Nghia is in a great location, right across from Ben Thanh and the bus station, and on the end of Pham Ngu Lao. I think it is because of the location that the food is more expensive than elsewhere in HCMC. I have only had the rice noodle curry, and it was pretty tasty. The curries here seem to be thinner that those in other parts of SE Asia, but it was still very flavorful! I also have had the spring rolls and they are delicious. Everything seemed to be fresh and the service was fast. There is an English menu, they just write down the number you want on a piece of paper. Its all very easy! They also close at 8 or before, so be warned!

Pros: good food, fast service, nice family

Cons: a bit expensive by vietnamese standards


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26 Nov 2010


think we came here at a bad time (a few minutes before closing) because the food was weird, not sure why so many people rave about it. although having eaten at many small vege places in vietnam this was the same as most of them - a bit bland and most of the food was cold. maybe we should have come at lunch. good location and right cheap though.


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09 Jan 2010

Fantastic food

This place is bang in the middle of town and very close to the bust station opposite the Bin Tanh market. It can be a bit tricky to find. I had the curry noodle soup and it was delicious. I really wish I had found this place earlier. They are a pure vegetarian place and that is not that easy to find. Do not expect a great atmosphere. There is grime all over the floor and the people serving you are simple local folk. They are very pleasant and polite. It is much like eating in someone's home. If you are vegetarian and you are in Saigon, dont miss this place.

Pros: Excellent food, Completely vegetarian

Cons: Hard to find, A bit run down


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08 Nov 2009

Good food

I really love the family's dishes here.It makes me feel like home. The menu is not much, but delicous.
The street is a little bit noisy, and the shop is a little bit old, but the dishes are fresh and clean.
Recommended menu: "mam kho rau ghem" with rice. (other shops don't have this vegan dish!)


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11 Feb 2008

Authentic but Tired

On the plus side, Tin Nghia has a really authentic feel to it, and hasn't pandered to the huge tourist market - somewhat surprising, given it's central location (directly across the roundabout from Ben Thanh market). It's a small, family run affair, and I found the staff to be pleasant and genuine. They don't speak much English at all, but there's an English menu so ordering is rarely a complicated experience. You'll be wanting to take a phrasebook with you if you have any special requirements though.

The dishes are fairly simple, and make much use of mushrooms and tofu rather than mock meats (which is at least something different to other veg options in the area) but when it comes down to it, they're just not all that special. Everything we had was palatable and reasonably satisfying, just nothing to write home about. Much as I want to love this place, the food is just a bit of a letdown.

I'm not sure how long the place has been around, but it does feel a little worn out and tired. Not a bad place for a basic, cheap feed if you happen to be walking past, but for my money you'd do far better to head round the corner to Quan An Chay.

Pros: Run by nice people, English menu, Has a genuine feel to it

Cons: Average food, Unreliable opening times


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20 May 2007

Traditional place- ask permission to take photo's.

Highly "photogenic" - run by a friendly family - no English spoken - very busy place in the early mornings - big "take out" trade. A well-managed popular street-front eating place which has served several generations of customers. "Tin Nghia" has a sign with blue letters on a white background - it is located right at the city end of Tran Hung Dao St. - just before the corner with Calmette St. - there is a "Trung Nyuyen" coffee shop right on this corner. Big Landmark - "Tin Nghia" is 30 metres from the bus terminal in front of Ben Thanh Market. 5 minute walk from the city end of Bui Vien St - just visible from the city end of Pham Ngu Lao St.

Pros: Old school Viet Nam veggi, Great value, Friendly place

Cons: Watch out for the mid-, afternoon closing /, "siesta" break.

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