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Nang Tam

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79 A Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem (at Quang Trung), Hanoi, Vietnam,

Com Chay Nang Tam serves tofu and faux meat type dishes, lightly steamed vegetables. Popular among locals who come for the veggie lunch. In the city center but slightly difficult to find as it's in the 2nd backyard. Reported still open, Nov 2014. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-1:30pm, Mon-Sun 5:00pm-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Vietnamese

Reviews (38)

First Review by simpsonyellow

Okay but not great - Edit

I usually prefer somewhat more upmarket vegetarian restaurants to com chays, but I went to this one because of the good reviews. I had a fixed menu for 80.000 dong, which gives a variety of dishes on one plate. Most dishes were alright, but not that special. The tofu with tomato sauce was exactly what it says. The 'chicken' simply tasted if soy sauce. There was a lot of bokchoi. These things were not super tasty, but they were alright. I really did not like the 'beef' parcels in leloy (not sure how you spell it) leaf though. Although you can get a very inexpensive meal here, I know some places in Hanoi where you can get a better dish than the 80.000 dong menu I had decided to choose.

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Cute Hideaway - Edit

Great set menus and a lot of reasonably priced dishes. I opted for set menu 2B and was very impressed. The snow balls are delicious potato and mushroom croquettes, the beef in lalot leaves are really tasty especially if dipped in the sauce provided and the mock meats are TVP based and very nice. The greens were overly salty for my taste though and the soup was a little bland. Overall a great place if you are a veggie on a budget! (Oh, saying that, we were charged for the napkins!?!?!?)


Pros: Good Menu, Tasty, cheap food, Off the main road

Cons: Dinks are a little expensive

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Favorite place in Hanoi - Edit

Local chay dishes in a nice setting. The set menu (starting at 60k dong) is very tasty and filling! The staff is also friendly. (Stop at Banh Goi Chay down the block for che if you have any room for dessert!)

Pros: local food, chili peppers provided, good value

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I had heard great things... - Edit

Unfortunately I was highly disappointed with this place the staff didn't care I sat there for ages before getting up to order myself as the waitress was too busy watching tv. the food was bland and my noodles weren't cooked properly(still stuck together) and when I said I want to pay a big group came in and the waitress looked confused and they all disappeared and left me standing there for 5 minutes or so wondering where they went and I nearly just walked away. Also, if you use the wet wipe on the table they charge you without specifying it!!!!!! cheap food though.

Pros: Big enough menu, cheap food

Cons: Bland, Staff need work

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Lots of Options - Edit

We liked this restaurant so much that we ate here twice while in Hanoi for a few days. The entirely vegetarian menu has so many options to choose from and we found the portions to be very large for a good price. We ate here for lunch and I got a set menu and which was around $4 and could not not even finish everything they gave me because I was so full. They have lots of mock meat options which we actually did not care for only because they really did seem like real meat they were so well done! Seems like a good amount of locals eat here too which is a good sign. It's located down an alley but there is a sign on the main road so we had no trouble finding it.

Pros: Many Options, All Vegetarian, Good Value

Cons: Mock Meat Too Realistic

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Awful food - Edit

I went there with my girlfriend after couple of very good vegan/vegan-friendly places in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

I cannot express how we were dissappointed but here's the list:

- my food was cold (clearly it was microwaved),
- some of the vegetables were uncooked,
- soup was too salty,
- my girlfriend got salad with cucumber that was sore (maybe too young?)
- her "sweet potato" was orinardy potato in some kind of sugar coating, also cold,
- staff couldn't speak english

Overall we have not finished our meal and it was 200 000 VND spent in the worst way. Too bad.

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Neither good nor bad - Edit

I had dinner there today, and had the VND80,000 ($4) set menu (many menus to choose from, ranging from 60k to 120k). It wasn't too bad, but not memorable either. Although it's true that everything fits on one plate, it's a large one, so the total amount of food was just right I think (you get a big portion of rice). It's a bit pricey, but understandable given the upmarket neighbourhood and the setting and service you get. Overall it's a "so-so" place, which will not be remembered in one way or another. I am not unhappy with my meal, but I wouldn't go back. There are better and cheaper places elsewhere.

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Pretty tasteless - Edit

A good range of dihes on offer but the ones I chose were definitely pretty bland.

I chose one of the set meals with about 7 dishes in it. I can't say I thought any of them were very good.

And the portions were very small - all 7 dishes fitted on just 1 plate - a bit of a rip-off TBH.

And it's a bit pricey.

Pros: Good choices, Very small portions

Cons: Bland food, On the pricey side

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Unbelievably bland food - Edit

After two days of really excelled vegan food in Hanoi, we had a surprisingly disappointing night at Com Chay Nang Tam. Reading the largely favorable reviews on HappyCow, we took a cab there and ordered a few dishes - two types of spring rolls, veggie chicken, tofu, and bamboo shoot soup.

Unlike the other restaurants we went to (like Truc Lam Trai and May Trang - White Cloud), where the first dish took at least 30 minutes to cook, the food came in less than 10 minutes. Guess what the reason is? Com Chay Nang Tam quickly put together a few tasteless dishes.

The soup came with a very mild broth that was devoid of flavor. The veggie chicken was just that - cooked wheat gluten - and the fried tofu was again just that - fried tofu without anything at all. We had force ourselves to finish the food.

Would not recommend this restaurant at all unless you like bland food.

Cons: Very bland food

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veganvirtues 03 Oct 2014 - Hi I have been a vegan for over 20 yrs. I have been living in Ha Noi for over 5 years, so am extremely concerned for my vegan health. I had read your reviews and some of the other negative reviews. I rate this place and Bo De Tam the two best eateries for its price and Quan Thanh as a cheaper place. Nang Tam is way above the Loving Huts for service and quality of food. How you posters comment on blandness and ordinary strikes me as some b/s. This place is always busy. If the food was so crappy why is it so busy everyday? White Cloud the three times I had eaten there was disappointing service was terrible waiting over 15 mins for a dish that is a joke and the food was ordinary each time I dined there were less than 6 ppl already DY eating there, anyway they wont get my money they had three chance to improve themselves. I wont even say it was a bad day u went to NT as I have dined in that place many times over my years of living in Ha Noi and never had a bad serve. Their spring vegetables which I also was eat is crunchy (has a bone we say in cooking to bite)if its too hard ppl obviously need to ask to mash it for them. Tasteless, I dislike msg and salt in my food, I like the natural seasoning of the food. I think many ppl are addicted to sugar and salt. As a long time vegan I dislike 'mock' meats, why would you eat something that tastes like a dead corpse,haven't you moved on?

Excellent place to eat. - Edit

It's a hard place to find if you miss the large sign on the street with the restaurant name displayed prominently, as I did. I should stop looking at the scooters. Once I'd realised that I'd walked straight past it, it was pretty obvious to locate.

I ordered one of the set menus (3b), which came with a selection of mock meats, tofu, a soup and some vegetables. I'm not usually one for mock meats, but if it were all like this, I could be swayed. Different textures and flavours that I've never experienced at home with mock products. I'd also never read about the Buddhist principle behind it before either.

I'll be back, for sure.

Pros: Friendly staff, Excellent quality

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We Love This Place - Edit

We went there today and had the set menu for 60,000 VND (under $3). Great value for what you get. Food was tasty and well presented. We'll be going back here regularly. There are two dining rooms, and someone below mentioned that foreigners and locals are use different rooms. That's definitely not true.
Updated from previous review on Friday May 17, 2013

The opening times above are wrong. It's actually open 09:00-21:30.

Pros: Excellent Food, Reasonable Prices, Friendly Staff

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Good food, nice restaurant - Edit

We went to this restaurant 5 times during our week in Hanoi. Mainly because we didn't find any of the others listed on Happy Cow. It can be a bit pricey depending on what you eat. If you just have a noodle soup, that's good and cheap. Everthing is nice and fresh. The set menus are between 60000 and 120000 Dong. They're good and come with a soup but i feel they could put a bit more vegetables in them. If you're 2 people or more, I would recommend ordering one Protein dish and one Vegetable dish with rice. Or more if you want.
Some things I recommend are the Sauteed Catfish, Caramel Pork, Grilled Eggplant and the 12 Sauteed Vegetables.
We also had fresh springrolls. They were good but the ricepaper was a bit dry and the amount of fresh herbs in them might be a bit overwhelming for some people.

Watch out pineapple haters! They use it alot

The Restaurant itself is nice and comfortable. It's located down an alleyway with a sign on the main road. Walk on the side of the restaurant (on the right if heading eastwards) because you might not see the sign from the other side of the road.

Oh, and one review say's there are seperate dining rooms for foreigers and locals. It's not true. There are two rooms but no seperation. Must have been a coincidence for the person who wrote that review, that the locals were in one room and the foreigners in another.

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Outstanding! - Edit

One of the best meals we had in Hanoi. We were served quickly. The food was all very fresh and flavorful. Try the banana flower pineapple salad and the minced mushroom. The mock bbq pork and the ginger chicken were also good. (see pics). Little English spoken. Wet-nap charge of 2000 Dong ($.10) per person. We had 6 items for a total of about $10. Down an alley. Seating for a ton of people.

Pros: Inexpensive, Flavorful, Clean place / friendly service

Cons: none

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Bland and boring - Edit

Cannot imagine what anyone would find redeeming about the food here. Each dish my friend and I had was incredibly bland and boring, lacking any dynamic or flavor. I had the sweet potato fritters and beef with mushrooms while my friend picked from the prix fix menu. There literally wasn't a single thing we ate that wasn't totally impotent. If this is one of the best veggie restaurants in Hanoi, I cannot begin to imagine how bad the worst ones are. AVOID.

Pros: Location

Cons: Bland food, Overpriced, Boring

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Great Food - Edit

A very nice place. Very clean, good menu selection and moderate pricing. Friendly staff who speak ok English. the map location is very wrong, but the written street address is correct

Pros: Clean, Nice Food, Ok Pricing

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Amazing food - Edit

Great menu, loads of choices and even vegan desserts ( delicious banana chocolate crepe). The staff are helpful and there are great set menus to pick from. As a hanoian I can tell you this is my favourite veggie place by far!

Pros: vegan food, good service

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Pretty good vegetarian food - Edit

This place is located a short way down an alley, but is easy to find. The restaurant is set up comfortably, but not fancy. It is very well lit. The menu contains a wide variety of items and some set meals. I ordered a green mango salad to start, but they were out of it. I then order grilled pork, stuffed tomato, and stir-fried mustard greens. The mustard greens were actually bok choy, which was tasty. Although, if they are out of an item I prefer they tell me rather than try to pass off another vegetable. The grilled pork was a fake meat item. It was easy to eat, but rather bland without soy sauce. The stuffed tomato was excellent, however. I could have eaten another one of those. I would come back here again to try some other items, but I don't think I will be rushing back. I thought the food was reasonable priced. The staff were very friendly.

Pros: Variety, Friendly, Clean

Cons: Bland pork , out of items

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semi-upscale & bland - Edit

Contrary to other reviewers, I didn't find this place hard to locate at all-- there is a huge lit sign in front of it and banners in English and French.

There appeared to be two dining rooms, one for locals and one for foreigners, which was a little odd.

They have set menus starting at 50,000d, and a la carte things as well. The food was incredibly bland and the portions not especially generous. The interior has the generic ambience of anywhere in the world and the bland and lifeless food doesn't give you any idea that you might be in, say, Vietnam.

They have a bunch of bottles of wine on a rack there that some Europeans were delighted upon finding.

Service was friendly and quick, but the food was so cardboard-like and the price so high for cardboard that I won't be back. Ah well

Pros: Location location location, Hours!

Cons: Somewhat expensive, Bland food, Sterile and generic environment

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Great Set Meals - Edit

I liked this place a lot. They have good set meals ranging from 50000 to 100000 dong per person and you get 2-3 main dishes (1/2 portions), soup, rice and a side dish. It allows you to try several things. They also have a la carte itmes. I see some previous reviewers had bad service, but I thought the service was fine when I went for lunch. One important note--the linked map on this site is wrong, though this is easy to find on a map as Tran Hung Dao Street is a major street (and it's within walking distance of Hoan Kiem Lake)--once you're at 79 Tran Hung Dao, walk towards the back of the lot and after 10 meters or so take a left and then a right (there are signs).

Pros: good set meals, tasty, good variety

Cons: could have longer hours

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Cheap and popular local place - Edit

Not the easiest place to find - you have to go deep into the inner yard to find the restaurant. Seems to be really popular among both locals and foreigners, at least in lunch-time. I recommend you to take set menus that are really cheap and you get in one plate taste of many different dishes. Menu consists of different types of Vietnamese dishes as vegetarian (mostly vegan) versions. Food was tasty. In menu the Buddhist principles of offering mock meat dishes is interestingly explained.

Pros: Tasty local food, Cheap, Local colour

Cons: Bit difficult to find

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Look for it - Edit

Was here on a past trip to Vietnam, and here's my finding for happycow. The restaurant is located off a main road in an alley, so you have to look for it. The food is quite tasty, and there are lots of selections. Vietnamese food. Possibly all vegan.

Pros: good choices, nice flavors, popular

Cons: could be cleaner

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Excellent meal - Edit

Had our nicest dinner in Hanoi here. You would not find this place without a recommendation - down an alley around several corners but the food was excellent.
The meal was well priced with many typical Vietnamese dishes made without meat. Using meat subsitutes in the Bhuddist tradition. Many locals were dining there including several Buddhist Monks.
We had many dishes and all were good.
Staff plentiful but very busy chatting and texting however if you managed to attract thier attention they were quite helpful.

Pros: great food, extensive menu, cheap

Cons: staff, location

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The food at this restaurant was quite good with a varied menu. Unfortunately the service was the worst that I have ever experienced. The staff of which there were several spent the entire time that we were dining laughing loudly,shoving eachother and generally being nuisances - all this was within centimeters of our table. Very off putting. We also noticed a staff member lying on a diningtable with his shoes on the table cloth - not a very hygenic practice. We asked the manager of the restaurant to ask the staff to move away as we were being disturbed but the frivolity continued. The decor also not the best - the staff peered at us through the large glass window which looked out onto a dirty bike filled alley. We will not visit this restaurant again - not recommended.

Pros: Nice food, Varied menu, Good value

Cons: Terrible service, Lacks atmosphere, Unhygenic practices

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The best in Hanoi downtown for me - Edit

With Diamond II, ot's the best Veggie Restaurant in Hanoi, for people living in Hoan Kiem district. Many mock meat dishes, tofu dishes. Everything is not fine but nothing is bad....maybe the rest rooms located just after the kitchen? Doesn't matter. The spring rolls are fine, but you've got to try something else like the delicious banana flower salad or the veggie thit kho. And for 5 dollars you'eat "like a king"

Pros: Many dishes, Not expensive, tofu, mock meat

Cons: Restrooms, too many dishes, not many fresh fruit

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A good option for authentic Vietnamese - Edit

I ate here in 2007. A dependable family-style veg eatery with the standard Vietnamese veggie fare, which is to say generally tasty though some of the fried dishes can be a bit oily.

Fairly vegan friendly: everyone's happy to help, but one must find someone with good enough English to explain which items are vegan.

Fried sweet corn cakes (appetizer) are great!
Roast chicken is a chewy treat for fans of fauxtein.
Fried 9 (?) kinds of vegetables wasn't too flavorful (needed soy sauce).

Personally, i prefer May Trang (White Cloud), but if you're south of Hoan Kiem, Com Chay Nang Tam is a good option.

Pros: Good variety on the menu, Reasonable prices

Cons: Some dishes a bit oily

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Good food - Edit

We enjoyed our visit to Com Chay Nang Tam. They had a very eclectic menu, with plenty of choices. The "cinnamon pate", which I wouldn't order again, was definitely different. It was effectively tofu in a cinnamon glaze, and interesting to eat. A few boring dishes (mushrooms with no flavour), were balanced by a really nice mock whitefish dish and a superb mango salad. Overall, a solid dinner, and good for Hanoi, but not anything to challenge the best restos.

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Don't arrive too late - Edit

We arrived at 08.30 and were almost the last customers as they shut at 9.30 or earlier if the last customer has left. Very good food and reason for faux meat is, as I understand it, is because the Buddists do not want to offend the meat eaters so they have faux meats. Good very good and plentiful

Pros: Very good food, Easy to find

Cons: Best to arrive before 8 pm

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Yummy, Great Place to recover from the trip over - Edit

This place was very nice and delicious. I didn't really like all their faux meats listed on their menu as most of us probably don't want "pork" anything, but their food was really good. It was pretty easy to find too, a nice big sign on Tram Hung Dao on the south side of the road then it's kind of tucked away.

Pros: Good food, Easy to find, Good value

Cons: Menu tries to imiatate meat

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Excellent - Edit

I had dinner here mid July '08. Food was excellent - I loved it all. Very happy to have found this place which is about a 15-20 minute walk from where I'm staying near Hoan Kiem lake.
Their opening hours are 11-2 and the 5-9.30, so don't go between 2 & 5 as they are closed.

I had spring rolls, sauteed mustard greens & ten flavour fried rice. All were superb & the servings were quite generous. I was eating by myself & next time I will order a bit less. Just managed to pack it all away.
Along with some water & green tea the total was about 73,000 dong = about $5.00

Pros: friendly, fresh, flavour

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Our Favourite in Hanoi - Edit

We must have bought about 10-12 dishes here when we were in Hanoi in Dec 07 and every one was a winner. Lots of mock meat on the menu, but there are plenty of plain veg options too. The salads are a high point - perfectly flavoured - but the rice and mock meat dishes are also excellent. Heaps of local diners, friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices. Definitely looking forward to going back next time we're in Vietnam. As others have said, it's tucked down a little alley, but just look out for a the little (yellow?) sign on P. Tran Hung Dao.

Pros: Great food, Nice atmosphere

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