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"OK dinner but not worth the trek"
West London, England on 01 Apr 2015

"Nice store"
Fort Myers, USA on 15 Sep 2011

"Cheap doesn't mean bad!"
Kowloon, China on 06 Apr 2011

"Large spread but nothing stood out. CAHS ONLY."
Hong Kong Island, China on 27 Mar 2017

"Nowhere near the bang for the buck I had expected"
Tokyo, Japan on 24 Sep 2012

"Nice selection"
Portland, USA on 02 Aug 2014

"Second location of the other Alhambra"
Milan, Italy on 01 Jan 2015

"Great food and value, but cash only (!)"
Milan, Italy on 10 Dec 2014

"Nice supermarket"
Hamburg, Germany on 17 Jul 2012

"Fair eatery in the hostel district"
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 19 Mar 2010

"Really wanted to like it"
Cartagena, Colombia on 14 Feb 2015

"Pay-what-you-want buffet dinner"
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 13 May 2015

"No complaints!"
Providence, USA on 24 Aug 2014

"Definitely worth checking out"
Ashland, USA on 23 Jul 2016

"Much smaller than expected"
Austin, USA on 21 Mar 2013

"Worth a visit"
Montreal, Canada on 19 Nov 2016

"A welcome addition!"
Portland, USA on 26 Jun 2017

"Cheap, good food. Slow service."
Hamburg, Germany on 18 Jul 2012

"Worth the bus ride"
Portland, USA on 02 Aug 2014

"Did I missing something?"
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 16 Apr 2015

"Worth it despite the prices"
Victoria, Canada on 04 Jul 2017

"Spoiled with choices"
Denver, USA on 25 Oct 2015

"Cute place, simple yet solid food"
Northampton, USA on 09 Jan 2012

"Tasty but all fake meat"
Worcester, USA on 07 Oct 2010

Hannover, Germany on 18 Jul 2012

"It's alright"
Hamburg, Germany on 17 Jul 2012

Barcelona, Spain on 01 Jul 2010

"OK for dinner"
Lima, Peru on 01 Jul 2014

"Good for grab and go"
New York City, USA on 14 Mar 2012

New York City, USA on 19 Mar 2010

"Good but could be better"
Portland, USA on 16 Aug 2014

"Vegan options galore"
Cusco, Peru on 13 Jul 2014

"Best meal we had in Amsterdam"
Amsterdam, Netherlands on 06 Jul 2011

"Cheap and filling lunch"
Portland, USA on 31 May 2015

"Good food with reasonable prices"
Kowloon, China on 19 Mar 2010

"So-so vegan sandwich"
Ottawa, Canada on 13 Jul 2013

"Very pleasant experience"
Las Vegas, USA on 06 Mar 2014

"Fantastic lunch place"
Tokyo, Japan on 23 Sep 2012

"Tasty and inexpensive"
New York City, USA on 30 Sep 2016

"Not bad"
Launceston on 20 Dec 2016

"A godsend!"
San Pedro De Atacama, Chile on 21 Nov 2017

"Great lunch place. Skip combos if sharing."
San Francisco, USA on 29 Mar 2014

"Can't go wrong with them"
Hollywood, USA on 13 Mar 2014

"Loved this place"
Venice, USA on 06 May 2013

"Funky little place"
Gothenburg, Sweden on 18 Jul 2012

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