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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

OK dinner but not worth the trek

01 Apr 2015

My BF and I were visiting London and had dinner here one evening. Glad we made a reservation because the place was small with cramped tables. To make things worse, they happened to be hosting a group of 20+ people that took over one side of the restaurant. We were drowned out by their racket throughout our meal. I understand the restaurant was not to blame for that, but it certainly put a damper on our dining experience.

We ordered the sautéed artichoke hearts to start with, then the seitan stroganoff and the racelette for main courses. I wouldn't recommend getting the latter two together as the sauce tasted very similar, if not the same—white, mild, and creamy. Then again, I wouldn't know what else I would've ordered instead given how ho-hum the menu was. I would've loved to see something more exciting than just pasta with tomato sauce (yes, for real), stir-fry, risotto, burger, or salad. The stroganoff—a customer's favorite according to them—was especially lacking and disappointing. It was basically brown rice and a few bits of veggies/seitan swimming in a rather bland sauce. Not that it was bad tasting, I just had higher expectation for this signature dish. The racelette turned out better. Our two desserts—the apricot almond cake and the 222 pancake—were scrumptious, although I found the sauce on the pancake a bit excessive and, again, on the bland side. It also had a strangely gooey consistency to it that I'm pretty sure was a result of added thickeners.

Overall the food was decent enough. Service was also friendly and attentive. Come check it out if you're in the area, but don't go out of your way for it like we did.

7070 College Pkwy, Fort Myers, USA

Nice store

15 Sep 2011

This is a local health food supermarket with an in-house cafe/bakery. Store was much bigger than I expected, and they put out lots of different samples for people to try (perhaps because we went on Sunday). Prices were competitive, especially if you do your shopping on every second or fourth Sunday in each month when everything is 10% off! But it could be just an opening promotion, not sure.

The produce section was disappointing, nothing special and kind of small; so was the cafe, just a few selections and they didn't even look that good. They had some homemade vegan/GF baked goods for sale though, didn't try any but they looked OK.

G/F 71 Chatham Road, South Oriental Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

Cheap doesn't mean bad!

06 Apr 2011

My friend and I had dinner here before going to the movies. We ordered the set dinner for two, which included a small pot of soup, three main dishes, and two bowls of rice. Food was delicious and portions pretty generous. Dessert soup was freebie and just got the right amount of sweetness to it, which is exactly how I like it. All this food only cost about HKD150 everything inclusive, what a bargain! And the quality is by no means compromised for the price. Yes, there are a lot of fake meat items as usual, but you can get around that by ordering something else, which I found quite easy in here. Definitely recommended!

1500 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Nice selection

02 Aug 2014

Popped in here to take a look on the way to dinner. Store was a bit small, but they had a nice selection. I managed to find a few chocolates that I didn't see in any other grocery stores I visited in Portland. Score!

Via Tadino 17, Milan, Italy

Second location of the other Alhambra

01 Jan 2015

We went to the original Alhambra for dinner in the first place, but they were fully booked for the night. We were told to order there and come here for seats, which was fine as they were just around the corner from each other.

The difference between the two—as far as I could tell—was that location 1 served the pay-by-weight buffet while location 2 seemed to have some kind of a menu (on the wall in Italian only) with various dessert cakes on display. We didn't try the food here as we got ours from location 1, but they could very well be sharing the same kitchen anyway. We did order a slice of cake, though; it was a tough choice to make as they had more than a half dozen of varieties, all vegan. In the end we went for the almond cake, which tasted a bit dry and bland at first, then grew on us as we nibbled away.

There was only one server while we were there, who didn't speak much English but was very nice and friendly. While at location 1, the two women manning the buffet station often appeared to be a little abrupt.

Via San Gregorio 17, Milan, Italy

Great food and value, but cash only (!)

10 Dec 2014

This is yet another weight-based buffet restaurant. They seem to like this style in Europe, which I'm weary of because most of the time they are overpriced to begin with and you won't know how much your plate costs up until you bring it on the scale, which very often turns into a shocking revelation... Well, at least for me anyway. Personally I'd much rather pay more for all-you-can-eat.

That being said, this place was a fairly decent value at €19/kg. A bit more for desserts (€30/kg) but we didn't see any throughout our meal. Food was very good. The preparations and seasonings were exotically distinctive - heavily African-inspired I could only assume given the ethnic background of the whole team. We got in early and they were still setting up, so we just sat nibbling at the homemade bread while waiting. I loved that bread a lot; it was very unique - dark brown in color, savory, spiced and redolent of cinnamon. I probably ate much more of it than I should have.

We started with sambusas and hummus, which were both excellent. Then we had our our main plates full of various kinds of veggies, rice, beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan, etc. All delicious. The lasagna was the only one dish that I wasn’t too crazy about. It was greasy, had very little filling and thereby structure… pretty much just pasta sheets in some oily gunk. Skip it. Another thing about this place that kind of bugged me was that I didn’t get to spoon my own food, but rather, they had to do it for me. I'd like to control the portions myself because usually I would get a small spoonful of everything first, then go for seconds on the good stuff. However, the staff here somehow insisted on piling up my plate even though I kept telling them otherwise. This was the only reason I rated this place a 4 instead of 5.

Hahnenkamp/Bahnhof Altona, Hamburg, Germany

Nice supermarket

17 Jul 2012

This one is a full-fledged grocery store just steps away from Altona train station. There's a big sign pointing out the direction so you won't miss it. It was bright, clean and very spacious inside. Selections were nice. Definitely check it out if you happen to be around.

175/1 Pham Ngu Lao St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Fair eatery in the hostel district

19 Mar 2010

Not a place for something fancy, but it is a decent enough restaurant to grab a bite. Quite easy to find as long as you follow the direction. Huge menu, very cheap. No air-conditioning, but they do have enough fans to keep you cool... or you can just order a cold drink. Food was tasty, just nothing stood out.

Centro, Calle del Curato 38-34, Cartagena, Colombia

Really wanted to like it

14 Feb 2015

First off, this is certainly not the only restaurant in town that offers a separate veggie menu. They may have the widest selection, but I always prefer quality over quantity. And that's the thing—food here was middling at best, and it could turn out very wrong depending on what you order.

We ordered the lentil croquettes and soy-wheat kibbeh for starters (thinking back, why getting two things so similar is completely beyond me). The croquettes were edible, nothing to write home about, but I strongly suspected that they might have slipped a regular meat kibbeh into our order. The one I had reeked of meat, tasted horrible, and even had some pink bits in it that resembled ground beef; the one my partner had smelled and looked neutral. I didn't confront them at the time as I already ate it, so I'm just going to give them the benefit of the doubt here. For entrée, I got the paella because it appeared to be the safest option. Again, it was just alright, a tad too sweet. Portion was huge if that's your thing. My partner got a crêpe—basically a half-folded, stuffed tortilla smothered in tomato sauce—that, according to him, was pretty awful. I could see the execution was sloppy; it looked to me like something that came out of a college dorm kitchen. The tomato sauce tasted like straight up canned sauce with no depth or seasoning whatsoever.

On top of the poor food quality, the atmosphere felt dead. Wait staff acted inexplicably formal and a little uneasy. I could tell they were trying very hard, but it just didn't work. Only saving grace was the clean and classy-ish setting—as long as you don't sit on the chair that is. The seat was too soft and low, and the table mat was so rough that it kept digging into my arms.

I can't help but think that their only selling point is the seemingly extensive veggie options and that they're open for dinner. I bet most people that come here are veg*ns or have one in the party. Seriously, you will find plenty of other restaurants willing to cater to us. All you need to do is look around and ask. If you for some odd reason really want to try this place out, don't order anything else other than the paella. You've been warned.

New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal

great place for a quick bite

14 Mar 2011

title says it all. just one caveat: you'll have to be pretty familiar with indian cusine to be able to understand the menu as there's no english description whatsoever. BTW their momos are great!

300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

Tasty and reasonably priced

19 Mar 2010

Good and healthy food with reasonable prices. Try the bread pudding if you can, yummmm!

114-116, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pay-what-you-want buffet dinner

13 May 2015

Came here solo for dinner. Not knowing exactly how it worked resulted in a few awkward moments... Basically you take a table, go grab a a plate, and work your way from the right end of the buffet station down the other. The helpers will spoon food onto your plate as you walk by.

The evening I was there, they had chana bhatura, a bisibelebath kind of rice dish, two salads, some fried snacks—which were all vegan—and two dairy-based desserts. Not a whole lot of options, but everything I tried was great and surprisingly not greasy. I went for seconds!

Apparently dinner service is still run on a donation basis. I was also unaware of the dress code and wore shorts, but nobody cared. The place is clean with a traditional décor. Helpers were all nice and smiley. A very pleasant experience all in all!

115 Empire St, Providence, USA

No complaints!

24 Aug 2014

My boyfriend and I came here for dinner and ordered four dishes: arugula salad with heirloom tomato and mozzarella, crispy chickpeas, RKT for me, and a sea food dish for him. Everything was tasty and came in generous portions. The BF even had leftovers for next-day meals. If I had to nitpick, though, I'd say that the chickpeas were actually quite mushy and that the tofu in the RKT was plain and not marinated as advertised. The whole dish was a bit bland and could use more seasoning, but then a few shakes of S&P were good enough as a quick fix. These were just minor issues considering the overall quality and quantity for the $32 total we paid. I also liked their deep support for local farmers and vendors. No complaints really!

Oh, don't forget to check out the specials on the blackboards on the wall next to the register!

237 N First St, Ashland, USA

Definitely worth checking out

23 Jul 2016

Dropped by for a quick lunch. The prepared food bars had a nice, vegan-friendly selection of both chilled and warm items, although price was on the high side at $9.95/lb. I got some fried tofu, vegan polenta, and stir-fried kale. They were all delicious and fresh tasting. I also tried the vegan chili, which was on point and well-spiced. The whole store had a great vibe and was surprisingly busy for a weekday afternoon. This would be my go-to store if I lived in the area!

400 Guadalupe, Austin, USA

Much smaller than expected

21 Mar 2013

I was disappointed with the size of the downtown farmer's market, thought it'd be much bigger. Still I was able to find kombucha, vegan tamales (yummy!), and vegan tacos for a nice little weekend brunch. It's worth check out, just don't expect too much.

Beckstrasse 17-19, Hamburg, Germany

Cheap, good food. Slow service.

18 Jul 2012

My partner and I came here for dinner on a Friday evening and the place was really busy. Good thing most people were just getting takeaway so we had no problem finding a table.

We ordered a falafel and a kibba platters to share. Both were excellent and can be made vegan upon request. I was disgusted by the complimentary pita bread though, not so much because it was some commercial one that came out of a plastic bag, but because it was served all cold and stale. Totally vile. Mind you, this is coming from a person who very rarely refuses bread. The service also left much to be desired. It was so slow. First, the guy behind the counter, who I guess was the owner, assembling plates and making wraps from different trays of food in front of him, was slow. Then there were these two girls working there buzzing around the whole place doing everything from cleaning up and taking orders to preparing food and running the register. It was completely disorganized. When we walked up to one of them to pay, she told us she couldn't do it because she wasn't the one that took our order and didn't know which bill was ours. So we waited for the "right" waitress, who took our money and went right back to making wraps without washing her hands. We didn't get sick after, but I wouldn't be surprised if somebody did seeing how they do things there.

I would recommend this place only for its food and prices. The meal cost us less than €20 including a drink and a beer. Just avoid the busy hours or do takeaway.

2217 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Worth the bus ride

02 Aug 2014

My boyfriend and I popped in here for dessert after finishing dinner nearby. We shared a brownie. It wasn't too sweet and had melty chocolate chips throughout (I had the staff warm it)—delicious! I also got a lavender peach scone to go for the next morning. I thought it was an interesting combination and not something you'd come across easily, let alone a vegan version. It tasted lovely even at room temperature and day-old. The guy behind the counter was friendly and very patient with my many questions. Besides sweet items, they also had savory ones like tempeh pies, cheddar scones, etc., which looked very good too.

The surrounding area was pretty cool with tons of eateries and little shops. It was well worth the 30-minute bus ride up here (we stayed downtown)!

55 Leboh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Did I missing something?

16 Apr 2015

Reading these reviews had me wonder if I went to the same restaurant. I came here for lunch and got a thali for RM 7. It had rice, various curries, and was served on a banana leaf fitted into a regular thali plate. Something new and different for me. However, the food was underwhelming. Overall taste was okay, but the curries were too watery for my liking. I preferred my sambar on the thicker side; here it had the consistency of a clear soup. Also, the rice was cold. Everything else was lukewarm. Well, at least it was cheap and "unlimited" if you care for more. Even the samosa I grabbed on the way out was just meh.

Staff hardly spoke English. Service was minimal. I'd say try some place else...

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