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Natural food restaurant, reported fully vegan Jun 2019. Menu offers an array of starters, multi-layered salads, wraps, burgers, bowls, plus soup of the day and weekend brunch. Example of items include: tempeh reuben sandwich, poutine, falafel salad, vegan burger, green goddess brown rice bowl, and soymilk matcha latte. Several branches in Toronto. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:30am-10:00pm.

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First Review by veggiewoman


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11 Jul 2023

Yummy, convenient vegan chain

We had Fresh on Bloor as it was a quick walk from our hotel after landing in Toronto and needing some distance quick. My boyfriend landed a couple of days before me and this was his second time eating here. It’s a chain but felt like the food quality was good. I tried a Cesar salad and added their chik’n and it was very yummy and fresh. A really good salad portion too. My boyfriend had their Buffalo wrap (for the second time). While we didn’t try any of their fresh pressed juices, they did look good! Especially in the Toronto heat. Our server was incredibly friendly/warm with lots of good recommendations of other places to try and places to see during our stay. If you need a quick bite but still quality good, this is a good spot! Several locations across Toronto too.



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20 Jun 2023

Good food but very noisy

Had a solo dinner here and ordered the quinoa onion rings, the favorite bowl, and the liquid gold latte. Everything was tasty and generously portioned. I looked around at other dishes and thought they looked delicious as well. The noise level though... sheesh! It wasn't a problem when I arrived because it was still early and the place was almost empty. But it filled up fast and as the evening progressed, it got louder and louder and became unbearable, so much so that I decided against waiting around for the dessert menu and just asked for the check and left. It's definitely something to be mindful of if you're noise-sensitive.

Pros: good food, generous portions

Cons: noise level


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02 Jun 2023

Enjoyed it

Good food, healthy options! Would go again.


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14 Oct 2022

Great experience!

Our server was excellent - knowledgeable, great suggestions. The whole experience was lovely and we would visit again!

Pros: Great food, Great staff, Great atmosphere


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06 Sep 2022

Great Brunch

Loved the brunch options at Fresh! Their brunch menu is available on Saturday and Sunday from opening until 3 I believe. We tried the green burrito and the French toast. Both were amazing, but the French toast was next level!!!! Would definitely eat at Fresh again just for the French toast!


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29 Aug 2022

Insane Cobb salad

I had the best vegan Cobb salad here, the food is good-slightly expensive but really good.

Pros: Vegan, Yummy, Good

Cons: Expensive , Busy, Loud


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04 May 2022

Used to be phenomenal, quality and portions have declined

Over the last 10 years all the Fresh locations have cut their portion sizes significantly while the prices remain the same. The food is also not made with the same care that it used to be, often being rushed to meet the demands of food delivery apps. It's hard to justify going here when there are numerous vegan restaurants down the street near Kensington Market or a couple blocks over at Bathurst & Spadina.

This location in particular is always noisy and high-traffic. Probably best to order for take out if you must eat here.

Pros: Easily accessible location

Cons: Small portions, Declined quality, Noisy inside


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02 Sep 2021

Can't go wrong

Great vegan place with amazing service and cute patio (added this summer). Ask for extra hot sauce, you won't regret it!


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19 Oct 2020

Love coming here.

Fresh is one of my favourite places to eat. Its delicious and I still feel good afterwards, not too greasy.


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08 Sep 2020

All of it is delicious!

One of my fave vegan spots in the city! Affordable, filling and tasty!

Pros: Everything is plant based, Burgers, salads, bowls, etc!, Desserts too

Cons: It gets busy!


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02 Feb 2020


Food was great, service was great too. Tried the Buddha Bowl, which was delicious.

Pros: All vegan, Many options, Great vegan drinks menu


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21 Dec 2019


We had the All Star salad and the pancake platter. The portion is generous and pretty tasty. Near ROM museum. It was super busy on Saturday! This is a very popular chain.

Pros: Friendly staff, Variety, Portion size

Cons: Very busy, Seats are kinda small


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27 Sep 2019

Varied Menu

So many wonderful vegan choices of varied cuisine. We always stop here (or one of the other locations) when we are in Toronto. The tacos & the bowls are especially delicious. The prices have gone up over the years, but the portions are good & we are always satisfied.

Pros: Varied cuisine, Tasty, healthful options, Nice staff

Cons: Crowded/loud at times


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17 Sep 2019

Slow Service, hit and miss menu

Fresh food comes at a price here and not just $. With everything closing, trying to support them more. They need to fine tune their operations. Could be a 5 star review.

Pros: Lots and lots to choose from, , Can customize most items, It’s fresh, most items are healthy too.

Cons: location can be hectic, service is way to slow., Trying to support them- it’s getting harder., Odd but 50/50 chance of me disliking meal here :(


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03 Sep 2019

Amazing as always.

New items on the menu like the Cobb salad. Fresh is Fresh. Wish we had one in the Hammer.

Pros: No lineup tonight.


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17 Aug 2019


Vegan donuts!!!! Need I say more?

Pros: Really tasty food, Donuts!!!

Cons: Expensive


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31 Jul 2019


Tacos à la courge excellents. Légumes frais. Sauce délicieuse et goûteuse. Salade « beach » : mélange inhabituel de légumes cuits légèrement. Vinaigrette omptueuse. Gâteau aux carottes très bon. Super crémage!

Pros: Rapidité du service., Goût , Fraîcheur des aliments

Cons: Un peu bruyant


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15 Jun 2019


The menu indicates it’s all vegan. I had a bowl and it was really good. The cauliflower wings are great too. I love the decor and the service was good.

Pros: Great menu, Good service, Cozy decor


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30 Dec 2018

Love the food, but the space is tiny

My favourite thing at Fresh are the quinoa onion rings. I get them every time! They also have the best hot sauce. I’ve tried many things on the menu, most of which I’ve really enjoyed. The restaurant is cramped though. You have to squeeze past other people’s tables to get to your seat. Not great if you have a stroller with you.


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13 Aug 2018


We visited Fresh with a group of friends and everyone left full and satisfied. I really love their diversity in the menu, I had the pitaya smoothie bowl and everyone else grabbed something off the brunch menu, it was all delicious! We all left with a fresh juice to go that quenched our thirst later that day, I recommend checking out this place.


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28 Aug 2017


I can't wait to go again before our trip is over.


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Mostly Veg
04 Jan 2017

Loved it!

Order the BBQ Burger! It's delicious. If you easily fill up on food, you might want to skip the side of fries.

Pros: Good food, Water at the table!, Price wasn't too bad

Cons: VERY busy! Tight space, Washrooms are dark :( , Ginger Ale was VERY GINGERY... just a heads up


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28 Nov 2016


I didnt get athe best of first impression given that the place is packed, noisy and somehow feels too trendy to be genuine.
Yet the food was actually quite good (I recommend the green poutine - but with normal potatoes, not sweet ones)

Pros: Excellent food, beers and wine

Cons: packed, noisy


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11 Aug 2015


I went here for lunch and it was packed, but not uncomfortable. I really enjoyed the ambience.
I ordered the chipotle onion ring burger (?) and it was pretty good. My mom ordered the black bean burrito, and we both thought it was good but a little on the bland side. However, the side order of fries were delicious with the garlic mayo!
I definitely want to come back to try some of their smoothies and bowls and just enjoy being in the city

Pros: large menu, healthy options


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12 Dec 2014


Amazing food! Every time I have gone the food has been great. Even my Non-veg family love it too :)

Cons: busy


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08 Sep 2014

Uninspired assembly line food

Fresh is the ubiquitous vegetarian chain in Toronto. It is on par with McDonald's for popularity, number of vegans and vegetarians who actually dine there and food quality.

That's not a compliment.

There are now 4 Fresh locations in Toronto but this one and the one on Spadina are likely the busiest due to the proximity to U of T and the downtown lunch crowd. Try not to go during peak hours around lunch or dinner unless you want to wait.

The food is very low quality. They serve store bought faux meats instead of making their own. Same goes for the cupcakes and other desserts. They're made by Sweets from the Earth and generally aren't very fresh like the name of the place would have you believe.

All the food is non-organic. I suggest you avoid the bowls at the very least. They don't seem to have any theme or inspiration to them and taste more like a bunch of random ingredients and a sauce placed on either rice or soba noodles. Has anyone who manages this place ever tasted them? It's not cohesive. I've eaten similar bowls at veggie restaurants from Portland to Tokyo and can honestly say Fresh's are some of the worst. (Aux Vivres in Montreal makes one of the best Buddha Bowls ever, if you happen to be there.)

Dieting young women and people who've been working out at the JCC across the street come here to eat. You're crammed in like sardines if you get stuck along the banquet wall. These people must feel good about the food at Fresh because it's probably the only vegan or vegetarian thing they'll eat all week. I think when you go completely vegan, you're taste buds grow and develop. You don't just settle for a pile of diced produce on plain brown rice with flavourless sauce and weird things like tomatoes in it.

The place is always packed. Service is generally okay but there's high staff turnover due to the volume they deal with. In the kitchen things are thrown together assembly line style and it's clear in the food. They're constantly looking to hire line cooks on craigslist because it's probably gruelling and underpaid back there too.

If you're a vegan or a true vegetarian, avoid at all costs. For tastier bowls in Toronto and much less fuss, go to an Urban Herbivore location, get the grain bowl with the lemon tahini or carrot sesame dressing.

Other things you should know about Fresh:
- the owner wears a fur trimmed Canada Goose jacket made from the corpses of coyotes and ducks and geese
- worst vegan pancakes in the city. Sadly very few options for vegan pancakes in Toronto, so recommending you go to Starving Artist for vegan waffles instead.
- very overpriced sweet potato fries
- the faux meats are bottom of the barrel and GMO soy Yves brand products. They taste terrible too.

Pros: none

Cons: bad, assembly line, bland food, overpriced, overhyped, long wait for a table


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19 Jul 2014

great place!

Amazing vegan selection, worth the money, big portions. Worth a visit. Onion rings are brilliant.

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