Est. 2016. A gourmet vegan restaurant, originally Awai at Bloor St W, but since moving downtown it has rebranded as Avelo. Has an upstairs bar (Bar Avelo). Offers fine dining in a living room-sized, 22-seat dining room of a heritage house. Sources as locally and seasonally as possible. Menu changes from time to time, with examples such as black rice risotto in a red wine sauce, artichoke ravioli and squash crema catalana, pumpkin gazpacho, gnocchi with baby kale, and flatbread. Uses a wood fire oven. Offers 5- or 8-course tasting menus by reservation, with drink pairings (alcoholic or non). Access by subway at Museum Station + 10 min walk or at Wellesley or Bloor-Yonge Station + 5 min walk. Lots of car park options around. Reservations recommended. Open Wed-Sun 5:00pm-11:00pm. Closed Mon & Tue.

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First Review by Vegan_Hilary


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13 Dec 2023

Vegan Fine Dining

This restaurant is great for vegans looking for a fancy restaurant experience! It is incredibly expensive but that’s to be expected. We got the five course tasting menu, and every dish was delicious. The desert especially was fantastic. I brought my girlfriend here for our anniversary, and the waiters went above and beyond, wishing us a happy anniversary and giving us the nicest table by the window.

Pros: Delicious , Nice atmosphere , Friendly employees

Cons: Expensive



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24 Nov 2023

Absolutely amazing

This was not just the best vegan food, it was the best food, period. Avelo deserves a Michelin star! The atmosphere is wonderful, service impeccable. We were so impressed with every course. This our new favorite in North America. Can’t wait to go back.

Pros: Completely vegan menu , Atmosphere and decor, Impeccable and knowledgeable service


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17 Nov 2023

Great tasting menu

Great food lovely atmosphere


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13 Nov 2023


For the November 2023 8-course menu, the fourth course was my favorite savory: Black Bean Miso, Chanterelle Mushroom, Corn. The corn was beautifully creamy, and it was a great dish. But my favorite thing overall was actually the mignardise, which was a chocolate hazelnut macaron. I know it's difficult to make perfect macarons vegan since one of the main ingredients is egg, so I really appreciated it. It's the best macaron I've had. Plating was pretty for every dish.

The setting of the restaurant was very nice, it's a small and intimate space inside of a remodeled historic home. It's upscale but not stuffy, and the music choice was awesome (BADBADNOTGOOD playing all night)

I give four stars because I had really high expectations, and I was hoping to be more excited by the flavor combinations. The creativity and skill were all there, though. Also, service was inconsistent. One of our servers was really experienced, enthusiastic, and professional. While our other servers didn't seem as interested in the experience. Our bill came out to a bit over $400 for the 8 course tasting menu and cocktails for two people.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-13

Pros: Very filling!, Chocolate hazelnut macaron, Adaptable for allergies and gluten-free


13 Nov 2023


13 Nov 2023

Yeah, for $400, everything should be perfect 😅 But 400 CAD is a lot less in USD at least


14 Nov 2023

Oh well. A mere $144 per person, I'm not gonna poverty shame you in that case. 🤣😭🤣😭


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12 Nov 2023

Incredible experience

We came here for a very special meal, and it was that. It was fixed price (very expensive), but we left full. Not every course was incredible, but the ones that were VERY much were. And those we liked less could just be a matter of taste. I would go again, but this is a once every three years kind of place (because of the price and how special it feels). Glad that Bar Avelo just opened upstairs with a small a la carte menu!

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-12

Pros: Beautiful presentation, Great variety in courses, Great staff

Cons: Very expensive, Some courses were less impressive than others


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26 Oct 2023

Great Experience

I tried foods I have never even heard of. So many unique and delicious ingredients.

They set the bar really high: I'll forever compare purple cabbage to this preparation.

I love that they made so many ferments in house, even the soy sauce.

Pros: So many great house made ferments, Interesting menu, Didn't have to make decisions, not even the tip

Cons: Expensive


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24 Sep 2023

Absolutely phenomenal

I came here with high expectations and it certainly didn't disappoint. We were seated upstairs where the ambiance was more cozy and intimate. The 8-course meal was fantastic from start to finish. The food was so full of flavor and umami. It was here that I tasted my first cashew cheese cultured with penicillin and a whole sunflower head. Talk about creativity! Service was warm and friendly with just the right amount of attentiveness. For sure wasn't cheap by any means, but I felt the price was reasonable and definitely worth it. I just wish they'd start serving the 8-course dinner earlier. Right now 7:45 pm is the first seating, which is a little late for a 2.5 hour meal even with moderate pacing between courses.

Pros: excellent food, great service, setting

Cons: 8-course seating starts too late


15 Oct 2023

Please upload the full size of the photos , it looks amazing 😍


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16 Sep 2023

A memorable dining experience

Over 3 hours, we were presented with a variety of flavor parings, ingredients we never heard of, and a visual delight.

I loved nearly all the dishes (there was one with tofu that lacked a little something and the broccoli fritter was too oily) but each dish brought a surprise. I was quite satiated by the end too.

The taxes and 18% service charge/tip bring it to quite an expensive meal ($405 for two with one wine pairing for my partner). Worth it for a special occasion or treat though.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-14


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30 Jul 2023

Great dining experience

One of my best dining experiences since becoming vegan. Interesting, delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere.


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11 Jul 2023


I don’t have enough words for my experience at Avelo. This is the kind of dining experience you think only exists in movies. We tried the 8 course tasting menu the wine pairing. This is probably the best vegan meal I have ever had. Every course was incredible. There was not a single dish that came out that wasn’t thoughtfully and artfully prepared. The restaurant is in an old cottage house so it’s very small and intimate which only adds to the charm and how special this dining experience is. You have to make reservations due to the small size and type of dining experience they provide. I’m honestly surprised they don’t hold a Michelin Star. If you’re in town during the days of the eeek they are open, make a reservation. It’s worth the price tag for the tasting menu. You won’t forget it.


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26 Jun 2023

Avelo is a must-visit

Avelo is not just a meal, it's an experience - a flavor-filled adventure that stays with you long after you've left the beautifully adorned space. For those looking to push the boundaries of traditional vegan cuisine, Avelo is a must-visit.


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20 Jun 2023

Amazing Food

Some of the best vegan food in the city. No fake meat just creative delicious plates


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18 Jun 2023

Best culinary experience ever!

The ambiance was elevated comfort. The service was attentive and informative but not intrusive.
The food was another level of sublime! The blue cashew cheese almost made me weep for joy. Cultured cheeses were the hardest for me to hive up when transitioning to a plant based diet. We are a mixed family of omnivores, vegetarians and.vegans and yet all were gob smacked by the culinary experience!

Pros: Inventive , Creative , Elevating

Cons: None


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02 May 2023

Fine Dinning VGF experience

We got the 8 course menu. They were able to completely accommodate the GF dietary restrictions. The 8 course were each so unique and different from each other. The service was amazing. The whole meal took about 2.5 hours. The restaurant is in an old house and so it’s very calm and comfortable, it feels like you were invited over to dinner by a friend (who is an amazing chef).

It’s quite expensive, but it’s worth it for a special celebration.

18% Service fee in lieu of tip

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-01

Pros: GF accommodations on everything, Comfortable atmosphere , Attentive and kind staff


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19 Feb 2023

The best in Toronto

Absolutely loved our time at Avelo in Toronto.
We visited from the UK and this was an amazing meal and experience.

Pros: Amazing experience , Beautiful fresh food, Great wine pairing

Cons: It is very expensive


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15 Feb 2023

Totally worth the splurge // amazing experience

It’s definitely a special occasion spot but the first time we went we were so blown away by the blind tasting 8 course menu! It was so fun to try all the dishes and discuss with my partner! It was also nice to just savour the food and really appreciate everything! What they do with whole foods is amazing! The presentation is so cool too and the staff really knows their stuff! The menu is seasonal and changes so you know your getting the best quality foods! You won’t be disappointed! And they can make it gluten free!

Pros: Amazing date spot, Unique experience , Gluten free option


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16 Nov 2022

Excellent vegan fine dining

Delivers on what they say they aim to deliver on. It isn't cheap, but definitely worth considering if you're looking for a place to splurge.


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13 Nov 2022

Fantastic, but brace your wallet

The food was fantastic, plating all beautiful, all the staff was very helpful, respectful and knowledgeable.

Only knock I'd give it is the price. It's easily the most expensive vegan restaurant in Toronto right now. The two of us had an 8-course meal and probably three glasses of wine each and it came to just under $450.

It's a special occasion place, but the bill isn't tiny.

Pros: Stunning food, Quiet space, good date spot , Extremely knowledgeable staff

Cons: Easily the most expensive vegan restaurant in town, Not a place you'd go if you're really hungry


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25 Oct 2022

Great Experience

Avalon lived up to the experience we were hoping for. The physical setting was gorgeous, the staff attentive and friendly. We loved hearing the explanation of each tasting course and the creativity that went into each dish. A few courses were not as delicious as we had hoped.Considering the price paid, I wanted to love everything! We are glad we went to experience this at least once.


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08 Oct 2022


This is truly a dining experience. Had 8 courses, each delicately and meticulously prepared. The staff clearly explained each dish and their intricate natures. Truly spectacular.

Pros: True fine dining

Cons: Expensive


08 Oct 2022

Absolutely LUV avelo! Would eat there every day if possible!


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03 Sep 2022


Seasonal and delicious vegan menu. Do not miss trying this restaurant!

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-03

Pros: Nothing but vegan options , Amazing, AMAZING! Food!, Superb service

Cons: Tasting menu (con for picky eaters)


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02 Sep 2022

Best Vegan Fine Dining

Avelo is the best vegan fine dining experience you will ever have! As a vegan it can be intimidating to think about fine dining, but Avelo somehow does it right. So many amazing flavors and flavor combinations that I would never think of! It felt like I was experiencing vegetables in a whole new way. I was so impressed with the creative combinations. Only downside to Avelo is the price point, however, it is such a great place to go for a special occasion. We tried the 8-course option and had cocktails as well. Loved how passionate the waiters are about the food and how they explain every component so diligently.

Cons: Very pricey


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27 Aug 2022

Exquisite vegan fine dining

A very special experience with creative vegan food

Pros: Inventive food, Truly “dinner theatre”


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10 Jun 2022

Absolutely stunning

most amazing dining experience I’ve ever had. Was so good and interesting and worth the price on the very first dish. Definitely for the curious people out there as each course had something I’ve ever heard of before! But absolutely amazing and I’m so glad we went here. Pic is of a rhubarb desert, but they change their menu all the time.


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12 May 2022

Fine dining

Great place for a nice date night. The food is so creative and delicious, nice atmosphere. It's definitely expensive but it is supposed to be fine dining.


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12 Sep 2021

Amazing eating experience

We did the 5 course menu and it did not dissapoint. Each dish was unique and had so much flavour, the servers were knowledgeable and friendly and you really felt taken care of. Highly recommend

Pros: Wonderful flavours

Cons: None


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29 Aug 2021

Incredible Fine Dining Cuisine

This is among the best fine dining restaurants in Toronto - vegan or not. The cuisine is bold and innovative. Extraordinarily creative and delicious.

Pros: All vegan and exquisite cuisine. , Chef is among the best. , You’ve never seen/tasted anything like it.

Cons: No espresso option at end.

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