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Pilestaede 32, Copenhagen, Denmark

raw food in the centre pedestrian town

19 Feb 2013

This is a mostly raw food, so very suited for vegans. It also has some hot dish. Good looking cakes, and teas. Nice decorations and atmosphere. Friendly staff. I strongly recommend this, in that day when you planned to stroll through the small streets of the center of Copenhagen.

Holtegata 32, Oslo, Norway

Mexican food with vegetarian options

24 Dec 2011

This restaurant has few menu options but each has the vegetarian option. It has nice atmosphere for a normal everyday restaurant to meet with your non-vegetarian friends (they have the meat option and you the vegetarian option; what the hack, they may even try the vegetarian option with you).

Prices are normal for Oslo standard. Staff is ok as in most Oslo restaurants. There are several places with MuchoMas in Oslo (one nice is in Grunerløkka and one near Bogstadsveien, the fashion shopping street of Oslo).

Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

exquisite vegan cuisine at a fancy price

19 Feb 2013

This restaurant is expensive, but it has the most exquisite food I have ever tasted (try the "Everyday roasted ..."). The restaurant is vegan, but not raw, i.e., it serves hot dishes. This is opposed to "raw food" restaurants. This restaurant is for the more high end of food lovers, mainly because of the prices. But the food that you get is indeed very very interesting/good/tasty... The restaurant also has a nice atmosphere and nice staff (that can also advise about their dishes).
A bad aspect of this restaurant (as of other newer style restaurants) is that it has an open bar in the middle of the dining tables; here they prepare their shakes and lattes, and these make a terrible noise. So you go in the quite, nice atmosphere, and suddenly the terrible noise from the bar makes you jump off the chair. Together with the expensive prices, these make the bad side of this restaurant.

In front of the restaurant is a very big food marked with very good and special food and eating places (one of these is also vegetarian). This food marked is a must visit when in Copenhagen; so why not stop and eat at the nice restaurant across.

Laugavegur 20b, Simi, Reykjavik, Iceland

nice atmosphere and good food and central

23 Oct 2011

I eat mostly there when I visit Reykjavik and the food in good. Cakes are not their strongest point. Try the dish of the day which will be good and still you have choice. Otherwise you can make your own dish by combining from the many varied warm and cold dishes.

You can choose from the local Icelandic beers which they have there. Ask for them.

Staff is friendly and speaks English, and maybe other languages also, like Spanish or German.
The restaurant has a homey and quite atmosphere.

The restaurant in near the centre with pubs close by so you can go for fun in the centre after your dinner.

There is also a shop under the restaurant with healthy food and products. One can even get nice presents for home like chocolate...

32-40 Sandhill, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Uau! Vegetarian authentic English pub

24 Dec 2011

This restaurant/pub has a nice atmosphere. The vegetarian food was very good.

Friendly staff. And good location.

Has local ales and many other beers and drinks.

What more could one want. Aa! It is also not much difference in prices from other restaurants, i.e., not too expensive. (But also not cheep like take-away and not too extravagant)
What the hack, it is an English pub where one can eat vegetarian and good food.

The perfect place.

Oehlenschlaegersgade 12, Copenhagen, Denmark

nice and modern decore for a vegan

19 Feb 2013

Nice staff and good raw food. No hot dishes here. Good raw juices also. Not too expensive, but not cheap either. Interesting arranging of tables; you may end up eating surrounded by other raw food lovers. Must try.

Akersgata 74, Oslo, Norway

Best food

23 Oct 2011

No restaurant compares to the food here. Is the best one would find. Moreover, this restaurant is great for people with health problems because the staff knows exactly what food will do you harm. For example, it is always written if some food has gluten or not; and you can talk with the staff about it.

The atmosphere could be improved a little though I like it as it is. I eat there as often as I can when I am in town.

Linnegatan 30, Gothenburg, Sweden

new-style cafe/restaurant with fair-trade products

11 Nov 2012

I had a warm dinner dish which was very good. Beer is available also. I did not have anything else, but at least the coffee is said to be fair-trade and organic, which is a big plus from my side. The decorations are nice. In November when I was there were not many people, thus not much noise. The staff girls are friendly and patient (with an undecided character like me).

If you are into shopping, thus going in the area, you should definitely plan to have lunch or dinner in this place, in between your shopping.

56-58 St. Mary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Nice, stylish, more upper class restaurant

24 Dec 2011

Nice atmosphere with friendly staff. Good food, but more decorated and arranged in the plate. Kinda stylish interior and serving. Suited for more upper class people that like such style.

For me, I would like a more down to earth restaurant.

But everything else was ok. More expensive prices.

This just shows that vegetarian restaurants come in all styles; for the rich also. You don't need to go to a french restaurant... you can choose a vegetarian one :)

Akebergveien 50A, Oslo, Norway

Very nice atmosphere of organic vegetarian food

27 Jan 2012

I like this place because of its atmosphere of family owned place with home-made dishes and cakes, and good tea. It tries to use organic products where they can, and most menu entries are vegetarian, though one can find fish or chicken sometimes. I recommend this place for when you want to have a nice relaxing time with your friends in nice music and with a good cup of tea or a snack (lunch) on the side.

16-20 Turner Street, Manchester, England

nice and good food

06 Aug 2012

Is in a basement with self serving from the counter. It has good food and all sorts of good drinks, like tea and juices. Nice and quite place. WiFi (for those that surf and eat :). Too bad it closes at 4pm. I would have gone there in the evenings also. Nice serving personnel.

111 Oxford Rd, Manchester, England

ok food close to University and near health shop

06 Aug 2012

This is perfect when going to the University of Manchester or when wanting to buy organic food for home. It has good food and organic tea. Nice personnel. Decent closing hours (can grab an early dinner there also. Take away opportunity (like any other vegetarian restaurants. Has old tradition of down-to-earth food... just read around.

Hausmanns g 10, Oslo, Norway

Good location and good variety of products organic

23 Oct 2011

This is one of my first organic only shops where one can safely shop what one needs with no wary on how the products have been made; the owners take care of that. These shops (there are several around Oslo, also called Life) have a big variety of cosmetics and hygiene stuff. Also a lot of special food like chocolate and the like. It also has a good choice of everyday shopping though these are at a higher price that similar products in other shops.

(Note that nowadays in many normal supermarkets around Oslo one can find organic products, you just need to look for the Debio godkjent green sign.)

One can also find medicinal products of very good quality.

A friendly staff.

Sørkedalsveien 10B, Oslo, Norway

Good food each time

21 Apr 2012

The food is good and plenty (refill is encouraged). Price is as in other places in Oslo. Staff is friendly, though not much contact with them exists because this is a self-service place. This place is not in a closed cosy environment, but this is no problem for me. The place is just in front of a toys shop, so you will see lots of children around. The food is not too varied. One can buy weekly coupons for a cheaper price (this is what some regular customers do, from what I have noticed).

So, for a wonderfully tasty, full belly meal, just go and you will not be disappointed. If you want atmosphere and romance, go some place else.

103-104 Narborough Road, Leicester, England

Nice vegetarian indian food.

12 Mar 2012

Very good indian food. Can ask for less spicy (as I want). Can go for the good buffet, or can order from the many interesting dishes, which are not expensive either. Friendly staff. As usual for indian cuisine, there is a lot of sweets to choose as desert.

Then you can also take away food from here. Wonderful.

Fabriksomradet 134, Copenhagen, Denmark

a must go and eat inside the free city Christiania

19 Feb 2013

Ecological food and mostly vegan. Friendly stall; talk to them about the food. This is a down-to-earth place, nice, also with sitting outside, in the warmer period.
Since the special area Christiania is a must visit when in Copenhagen, why not stop at this restaurant.
It is easy to find by their entrance decorations (see the pictures on this web-site). Otherwise just ask some of the locals there, as they should know. And do not get discouraged by the looks of the "open city" Christiania, it hosts a very nice community of people. The restaurant is not expensive. Read through their magazines lying around there (like the EcoVillage organization magazine).

NOTE: I do not think this restaurant accepts credit cards (I payed cash).

Nedre Korskirkeallmenningen 4, Bergen, Norway

nice and central

06 Aug 2012

Right in the centre, close to the famous fish market and all the other tourist attractions. Has nice artistic and down-to-earth atmosphere with painting gallery that changes sometimes and interesting artistic things around (there was a psychedelic projection when we were there). The food is extraordinary, tasty, and the juices are organic and good. In fact much of the food there is organic or with ingredients consciously grown. The serving is nice.
One can also stay here just for a beer/tea/coffee. It also has outdoor seating (for those 7 days when is not raining in Bergen :)

A must to go for when in Bergen...

Kaponjärgatan 4A, Gothenburg, Sweden

uau! down-to-earth good food and beers place

11 Nov 2012

I liked the food, which was the one of the main dishes of the day. The staff is friendly. The place is nice, down-to-earh, with cosy atmosphere, and not high class pressure. One may choose the place also for just having some good beer with friends. Music and many announcement/posters make one principled and caring person feel at home.

Food is diverse, with several hot dishes, as well as a salad bar. I did not try the salad, but it looked as I usually know salad bars. The location is good, easy to reach by foot from the shopping/centre areas, or by public transport (it is near a big transport hub). English language is the norm in Sweden.

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