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Earth Cafe

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Contact 0161-834-1996

16-20 Turner Street, Manchester, England, M4 1DZ

Food is 100% vegan except organic cow's milk on request for tea/coffee. Food policy listed on cafe's website. Fair trade and mostly organic. No hydrogenated fats, MSG, colorings, preservatives, or additives. Gluten free and garlic free options. Operates on basis of Buddhist ethics. Located near Arndale Shopping Centre, Northern Quarter, High Street tram stop. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm, Sat 10:00am-5:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, International, Organic, Buffet, Take-out

Reviews (57)

First Review by child of the trees

Home! - Edit

This place is more like home to me than my home! I eat here all the time, the main dishes are always yummy and hearty and the salad selection is divine! You can get a box with 4 options in for £6 (one main, two sides, one salad I think) and it's always my lunch of choice! The food options change daily to keep things interesting but there's always some yummy vegan cakes on offer too!
Really I'm surprised Earth Cafe is classified as vegan as this place is vegan apart from offering cows milk in brews (which I never see people ask for but I'm sure it must happen)

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly service, Vegan cakes!!!!

Cons: Gets unbelievably busy at lunchtimes, The front of the restaurant can be crowded

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Love it!!! - Edit

Food is amazing, the people there are lovely and the price is good. What makes this place even better is all the food is vegan, what makes it vegetarian is that it offers dairy milk in coffee and tea. However the space is small so get full at peak times and it is canteen style so options can be limited.

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Vegan Options Including Fabulous Cakes - Edit

Earth Cafe is a cheap eats kind of place and everything is vegan, although they do offer dairy milk. Have a large selection of cakes available and menu changes daily which includes various hot dishes and salads.

Pros: Vegan Options

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Budget friendly, clean tasting food - Edit

100% vegan and delicious home made tasting food. Had a lovely lunch here today, we both had the butterbean stew with quinoa, mixed raw salads and a "sausage" roll. The shakes were also yummy, we tried the chocolate/peanut butter one and the banana and ginger (both made with soy milk). Overall we spent £20 and left very full and contented. Will definitely be visiting again 10/10 also, the ladies who worked there were lovely :-)

Pros: 100% vegan, Non processed food, Budget friendly

Cons: Short on seating so avoid peak times if you want y

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Very Pleasant Place but Not Great Otherwise - Edit

I really like the feel to the place, you don't realise it as you enter but round the back is very nice and chilled. The sort of place to sip and cup of tea and read for ages.

The service was pretty poor, not unfriendly just incompetent. I just wanted a bit of cake, it was only slightly busy and it took the better part of 5 mins from entering to sitting down with my cake. The guy didn't know if the cakes had something I'm intolerant off which is fine but I had to tell him to go ask the chef instead of him knowing to try to be helpful. Same guy was mixing up some other people's order.

The cake was fairly average in terms of taste but the sponge texture was a bit off- I'd go with probably over cooked. The price was very reasonable.

I didn't bother trying the mains since the menu wasn't that exciting given the many other vegan options within a few mins walk.

Updated from previous review on Saturday February 07, 2015

Update: Sept 2015
I went back and had cake again, this time the texture was fine and I don't know what the flavour was but it wasn't chocolate like it was meant to be.

I also had mains, the serving size is decent considering it's cheap. I had kofta which was really nice and dal which was totally bland. Overall I'm probably going to give up on Earth

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Manchester visit - Edit

I visited here with my friend who is Vegan while on our trip to Manchester. As a newly vegetarian but full time juicer i was intrigued to see what a fully veg place is like as i have never been to one!
The staff where awesome, real welcoming and took time to explain the options that where on offer that day.
I went for a veggie burger and a green juice/smoothie type thing. The burger arrived promptly. It was cheap and cheerful.Bap/Bun and sparsely garnished. I would have liked some more tomato and onion but hey it was like £3 so what do you expect right? It was dam good tho!
The shake was lovely, i asked for added ginger as well i love ginger but maybe it was not enough for me.Maybe im just picky!
I then got some vegan cake and ice cream...it was lovely :) All in all my first trip to a fully vegan place was great and enlightening. I hope to visit many more places like this!

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Cheap and cheerful - Edit

A fantastic lunch option in the city centre. For £6 you can get a huge portion of food and it's always tasty. If you get spicy food here, you can definitely taste the spice! Everything is vegan, and there are always a few tempting options. The dishes change every day and the food is served canteen-style. There are usually about 5 cakes as well, and the hot drinks can be served with dairy or non-dairy milk. The staff are lovely, but it can be very busy during the rush hour.

Pros: Hearty portions, Great food, Value for money

Cons: Small restaurant, Busy at lunchtime

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Yummy food! - Edit

I visited on the 25/2/2015 and thoroughly enjoyed my meal! My boyfriend and I had the freshly squeezed OJ which was delicious and then chose four options for £6. I had the curry with potatoes, rice and the roulade. My boyfriend had the curry with potatoes, rice and polenta bake. We split the roulade and polenta so we could both have a try of each and everything was delicious! Great value for money and we were happily full for the rest of our day spent in Manchester :) staff could be a little more helpful if they mumbled less!

Pros: Great value for money, Many options, Tasty

Cons: staff were a little unhelpful

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Wheelchair access - Edit

We visited this place a few years ago, but could not get into it because it has no wheelchair access. I asked them if they would be making it accessible at some stage for wheelchairs, and they said they would be, as soon as is possible. that was about 3 years ago, now November 2014, they still haven't got wheelchair access, and we haven't been able to go into the place.

Cons: Access to the building

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not the same anymore - Edit

[edit by staff]
Earth used to be the cleanest, purest, most enlightened place in Manchester - even better than Eighth Day. It felt so good to sit in the back room with the Buddha statue. The food was always super clean and the service was solid.

It's just not the same place any more, which is a shame. I miss it, but won't go back to feel the depressing facsimile of itself that it has become.

Pros: none any more

Cons: hateful service, bad food , not the same Earth any more

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Flavourful and inexpensive - Edit

The friendly lady running this place told me everything is totally vegan apart from the option of cow's milk in hot drinks.

You pay £6 for a choice of 4 dishes from the counter. I had a chilli with brown rice, koftas with coconut sauce and roasted potatoes.

It made for a fairly big portion and all the elements were very tasty.

Also had the Sunrise juice too. Freshly made and good sized glassful for £3.

All in all, a flavourful and inexpensive meal.

Pros: Tasty, Friendly, Inexpensive

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Very good - Edit

I had the "Sunset"-juice which tasted very great. The prices are not too inexpensive but it's worth the money. The staff is friendly. I think the speciality of this eatery is its way of behaving with food. They adjust their menu to the local markets and season and have a extra commitment to the food or rather to prepare the meals.

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Great Place to Eat - Edit

The food is delicious, great choice. Cakes are wonderful.The staff are friendly. It has a nice vibe to the place. I highly recommend.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good atmosphere

Cons: a bit cramped

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Hit and miss openings - Edit

We wanted to try the Earth Café a couple of months ago but found it closed and wondered if it had ceased trading. A few weeks later we thought we would try again and it was open and have been again once more since when again it was open.
We have only had cake and coffee when visiting and these have been nice and filling but not fantastic.
If it wasn't for the shortage of vegan places in Manchester we would probably find somewhere more reliable and give this a miss.

Pros: Plenty of choice, Everything is vegan

Cons: Seem to open when it suits

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Not really impressed - Edit

We saw this place was close to where we were staying and had vegan food and fair trade coffee, so we turned up just after it's opening time of 10am to find it wasn't open. Eventually staff turned up around 10:20am and we followed them in. As their food was mainly lunchtime things we decided to just have coffee. We sat down but were then asked to move to a seat in a room further back. Our coffees arrived and were nice and refreshing but there was a sense that we were an inconvenience being there at that time. The manager apologised but I won't remember this as a pleasant experience.

Pros: Vegan food, Fair trade coffee

Cons: Appeared to be poorly organised

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Just what we needed! - Edit

Delicious vegan food! The lovely cafe staff explained all the dishes to us and recommended their favorites when we couldn't decide between choices. I had a Jamaican curry pasty and rice and a slice of chocolate cake to go. All very tasty and the cake wasn't too sweet. My husband tried almost everything by ordering two plates (one to go) as well as a soy latte. Also lots of healthy vegetable dishes and fresh juices. The prices are great for the amount of food you get, and this was just what we needed, having landed in Manchester from an international flight and needing a substantial vegan meal!

Pros: Great value, Delicious food, Central location

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A relaxed place - Edit

I don't understand that this restaurant uses cow milk for drinks if ordered and I think that's rather unnecessary, but apart from this, I really liked it. It is located in the basement of a buddhist centre and has a very relaxed atmosphere. You order your food at a counter where you can decide between different meal deals - I opted for the £6-platter where you can pick two main courses and two sides. It tasted quite good. I only thought that it was a bit small for £6, I was still quite hungry after my meal. Therefore, I ordered a piece of cake for dessert, it was a nut cream cake with soy cream and was sooo delicious - one of the best vegan cakes I ever ate.
Staff were very friendly but for my feeling a bit TOO relaxed, I waited quite a long time until I was served.
The interior is very nice and bright, it does not feel at all like being in a basement. Altogether, I would go there again!

Pros: Tasty meal & cake, Very affordable, Light interior

Cons: Slow service, Small size of meal

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No Still Going Strong - Edit

After reading a message on here, I was really worried, but I went along anyway, as was in the area, but thankfully, it is still as good as ever, food great, plus good choice, beetroot cake was to die for, reasonable prices, didn't have to wait too long, and the staff couldn't have been nicer. I went with my boyfriend who's vegan, and another friend who is a non veggie, and we all really enjoyed our meal, and relaxing atmosphere. Me and my boyfriend shared a platter, loved the moussaka! We all had a veggie burger, home made, gorgeous!
I've been a few times over the years with non veggie friends and it's they've always loved it there, and requested we go there! Nothing's changed, it's still as good as ever, a little 'oasis' in the heart of Manchester. All the food is vegan too, they just offer cow's milk for drinks for people's non vegan friends. Gorgeous hot chocolate too!

Pros: Great food, Great value, Great staff

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first thing you have to give it 2 stars it by happy cows rules i would say none I just can nt believe what has to this lovely little cafe it's such a shame. As a veggie I used to come here while i was working in the northern quarter in manchester this going back 3years now food was ok nothing to rate about but by gosh the food standard was not better than (previous management) the brothers of the buddhist centre. I mean those guys knew what wholesome food was it was a vibrant place to sit and eat. Standards was high and very well maintained lots of quality options for the value to choose from, a really nice asset to the city it was.So I go back a few weeks back now nere end jul 13 and i was even more shocked on how these people have driven this place to the ground. I mean e.g the food was stale looking on the front just sat there combined with bits of each dish because the staff serving the food have mixed the spoons. There was a little portion left of some sort of aubergine bake as i believed it to be, nothing really to go with it a choice of rice or rice what was molded to the dish that it sat in it looked hard and crusty or there was some limp salad. I went for some carrot with coconut and apple it was sour tasting and lettuce still had mood on so that was not washed properly. There was not much cakes to my memory about 2 cake yet again nothing to rate about i didn't even finish my coffee it was rank it was so bitter and i had to dig for a clean knife and fork like my plate had yellow grease stuck to the underneath and There was no napkins to top it off I was so ashamed because i took my friend from work and i so wish we went over the road thy do i nice veggie options but i couldn't apologize any more to my friend. the price was a joke for the crap they was serving manchester has such great food outlets with great prices too so i don't know where these people get off it cost me like £11.00 aswell but me and my friend had the same but it only cost her £10.00 the staff looked like they didn't know what they was doing charging different prices. I know its only a £1 but for that no not on. the staffs face are so sour they look right through you. the young lady told me she was bringing my drinks over it took her 20 mins for two coffee and the cafe was empty as well i asked her to fill up the water jug what they have for us to drink she looked at me in disgust probably because its free and the two staff spoke more to each other than to the customers.

Cons: price, clean maintenance , staff disrespect

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really good! - Edit

I visited this cozy café during my stay in Manchester and enjoyed it a lot! Very friendly staff and very good food for moderate prices!

Pros: good food, very friendly staff, nice atmosphere

Cons: moderate but not low prices

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Earth cafe, Manchester - Edit

I had the pleasure of eating here again last weekend and once again it was utterly superb. Great tasting food, decent choice, central location, nice ambience, pleasant staff, not over priced, and joy of joys 100% vegan vegetarian food. For vegan friendliness it is at time of writing the number 1 place to go.

This is a well established part of the veg*n scene in Manchester and long may it continue.

Overall sensational. I can't wait to go back.
Updated from previous review on Sunday March 04, 2007

Pros: 100% vegan veggie food, Superb tasting food, Centrally located

Cons: Closed Sundays, Not open late evenings

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Down-to-earth food and friendly staff - Edit

I visited this cosy place with a friend and enjoyed the stay: we both had a plate with almost all hot dishes available that day (roast potatoes and parsnips, red cabbage, Mexican chili pie with sage and onion gravy, and spicy dhal. They make their own chai, and it comes with soy milk. There were cakes behind the counter, but I didn't have space left to try any of them. My food and drink were tasty, and the counter staff was helpful to explain the hot options. The seating area resembles a mixture of a simple canteen and a Buddhist temple. It would be great if the opening times were more generous, particularly since it's so close to the city centre.

Pros: Tasty food, friendly staff

Cons: Limited opening times

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Slow death of my favourite cafe...RIP - Edit

Earth Cafe was once the only vegan place in the centre of town - what a legend it became! I looked forward to every trip there (work lunch, place to take visiting friends, a solo treat...so many vegan cakes!). Over the past 11 years I've recommended the cafe to everyone and anyone, as Earth has a great ethos and shows that us vegans eat well too! However, my last two visits (Sept & Nov 2012) have been disappointing. The team work hard to make you feel welcome, they are keeping prices low-mid range (£6 for main meal), but something has gone AWOL. Service was slow (10 minutes for a coffee?), the portions have shrunk, the menu is tired, plus WORST of all the amazing cake receipes have changed to a cheaper (stodge) version. Noooo, how can this be?!

As more and more cafes open in the Northern Quarter, offering a range of much more creative vegan food and high quality coffee, Earth is in danger of losing regular customers like me, or of not quite making a good enough impression on first time visitors to make them want to return. It's hard to run a vegan catering business in the town centre, but PLEASE keep things cheap, seasonally fresh and tasty and I will return!

Pros: Vegan, Price, Town centre

Cons: Small portions, Slow service, Menu needs updating

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Simple but pleasant little place - Edit

Food tasty but portions can be a bit small. A good range of vegan cake. Good and reasonably priced sosmix veggie burgers. The last time I was there it was clean enough but looking a bit shabby around the edges. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Pros: nice atmosphere, nearly vegan

Cons: needs redecorating, onion and garlic in most things

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Earth Cafe Manchester - Edit

I went here today with my friend as we were interested in looking round 'Manchester Buddhism Centre'. All the food in the cafe is vegan, so it was very easy and convenient. I ordered a slice of strawberry cake for £2.50, it was very nice and the staff members were friendly and welcoming. The cafe is very small and intimate, which is nice, but could maybe get crowded or busy, affecting the seats available. Overall it was an extremely enjoyable experience and will be looking forward to going there again, very soon.

Pros: Great food, welcoming staff, Great atmosphere

Cons: Quite small

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nice and good food - Edit

Is in a basement with self serving from the counter. It has good food and all sorts of good drinks, like tea and juices. Nice and quite place. WiFi (for those that surf and eat :). Too bad it closes at 4pm. I would have gone there in the evenings also. Nice serving personnel.

Pros: good food, nice serving, good drinks

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Good grub - Edit

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place before! It's a favourite spot to go to in Manchester, although it's been a couple of months since I last went. It gets busy on a Saturday and you will probably end up sharing a table with another group of people but that just reflects the laid back atmosphere in here. It's quite canteen-style and obviously you grab your own knives and forks and glasses of water etc. But it's a very welcome retreat when out shopping. Shame it doesn't open in the evenings. The food is good - proper food and none of your fancy stuff. Just what you need for a pit stop and pretty tasty, too. The only negative is that they use cow's milk, which I really don't get. However, you can ask for soya milk instead and they'll do you a hot chocolate etc. with soya milk if you ask. It's a good spot for a rest but I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for an intimate meal etc...definitely not that kind of place but it doesn't pretend to be, either!

Pros: tasty food, good value, close to shops, station etc.

Cons: dairy

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Good vegan breakfast - Edit

I have tryed the vegan breakfast - it was huge!!!! and very good! Not health food :)
The store upstairs is great, also!

Pros: good food, good store, huge portions

Cons: none

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Lovely Chilled Out Vegan Eats - Edit

For those of you looking for an veggie burger/cheese tastic type lunch, look away now! For those of you who like yummy, healthy vegan grub in a relaxed cafe environment, this is for you. A substantial savoury dish and a hot drink and (vegan) pud for around £10 sounds ok to me. Lovely wholesome food, lovely cakes, lovely staff!

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Good for vegans! - Edit

One of the few fully veggie places in the city centre and is reasonably priced for its location. I always enjoy the soup which changes daily and is served with a huge piece of bread. The cakes with vegan cream are also good. Relaxed atmosphere, does not stay open late so is best for lunch.

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Definitely not the best choice in Manchester - Edit

Manchester, for the size of the city, has quite a few veggie cafes. Earth Cafe is in a nice location in the Northern Quarter, but it's underground location makes people watching or sitting outside on a nice day impossible. Eating underground isn't the best atmosphere. The staff is friendly. The four-choice meal is now up to 6 pounds instead of 5 (the change happened sometime between October '11 and April '12), but it's not worth complaining about 1 quid. That rice or a salad counts towards the 4 choices is understandable, but if you want a grain or raw fresh greens you're really limited to 3 choices. Food is okay but not spectacular. Beetroot cake is a nice choice, and something more places should do. If we like carrot cake beetroot seems like a logical next step, and colorful.

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Tasty vegan food, pity about the cow's milk! - Edit

All the food at the place is vegan, it's just a pity that they seem to feel the need to offer cow's milk for drinks and butter for bread, this really lets the place down. However, the food is cheap and plentiful, £6.00 for a choice of any four items from the main menu (I had veg curry, rice, roast potatoes and a salad) is not a bad price. The food is basic, hearty, vegan grub but I would recommend it for anyone looking to eat cheaply. Not for those looking for somewhere stylish as it's down a bit of a dingy flight of stairs (no good for those in wheelchairs and quite awkward for those with pushchairs) and it's all basic tables, cafe style where you choose and pay for your own food at the counter, help yourself to cutlery etc. If you want anything smart then look elsewhere but for a friendly place to eat vegan food near the city centre you can't go wrong. They have some lovely vegan cakes too and also do takeaways, I bought a lovely vegan sausage roll for my train journey home.
Would have given this place five stars if they were totally vegan.

Pros: Vegan food, Good value, Friendly staff

Cons: Cow's milk for tea, Steps tricky for disabled/pushchairs etc, Can get crowded

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good food. - Edit

Earth cafe has changed hands, and now the opening hours are a little erratic; closing at 4pm week days which is a shame. Food is good value, good selection and the cakes are great.

Pros: Great cakes., Relaxed atmosphere., Wide vegan selection.

Cons: Opening hours are short.

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Great Food, Great Value - Edit

The food at the Earth Cafe is fantastic. For only £5 you can fill your plate with four delicious foods. The only problem is saving room for a lovely vegan cake!

Pros: Good Value, Great Food, Cakes!

Cons: None

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Earth Cafe Manchester - Edit

Visited here last month on a week day. Have been before and the food was just as good as I remember it but the relaunched menu and prices made it even more reasonable.

I enjoyed a refreshing freshly squeezed smoothie and the £5.00 platter, great as it lets you try a variety of the menu. Particularly good were some little balls with tofu in, (can't remember the name). Lovely cake and coffee afterwards.The cakes are spectacular and can be ordered for birthdays etc. Now with revised opening times: Monday- Friday 11am-8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.

Pros: tasty, central, better hours

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Earth Cafe - Edit

I visited Earth Cafe last Saturday with my daughter. The cafe is situated a short walk from the arndale and is well worth finding. I asked a taxi driver and he directed me. The food is amazing and reasonably priced, the staff and chef are very helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Cakes are yummy, they didn't have the cheesecake when we went but the carrot cake and chocolate cake where lovely. Highly recommended!

Pros: Great choice, vegan food, good prices

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Superb!!! - Edit

What a great restaurant and store.... great food, ethical, compassionate and delicious!! makes you feel good about yourself eating here... slightly on the pricey side BUT not for the quality and ethicality of the food.... furniture not exactly comfortable... nor is the space, and the furniture and flooring can make it a little noisy but a great atmosphere and a little like a fun canteen.... I just love the place... it would be hard to beat...

Pros: great vegan choice, delicious, wonderful drinks choice

Cons: not very comfortable

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Good food but a little confusing - Edit

This is a great place for lunch, right behind the Arndale Centre and near the Printworks. It's a cafeteria type system where you get a tray and they spoon up food for you. The menu changes and they have different meal deals and there's always soup. Today's meal deal was chilli and two sides for a fiver, which is not bad considering the quality of the food.

I chose the roulade with new potatoes and mixed veg topped with a rich gravy. I couldn't figre out the pricing policy so it was a mystery to me how much it cost until I got to the til. A huge lunch with a can of organic soda cost 7.50 which I felt was very reasonable as the food was very good and fresh tasting.

I will definetly be going back for more. Shame its only open for lunch!

Pros: all vegan, central location, friendly staff

Cons: small menu, pricing system not clear

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A vegan classic in the city centre - Edit

Earth Cafe was one of the very first vegan cafes I ever went to. There is usually a choice of three or four main dishes, served with vegetables and rice or potatoes. The food isn't fancy, but it is tasy and good value. The cafe can be a bit crowded - it's popular, and they cram the tables and chairs in! There's a prayer space as well, and the atmosphere is calming, despite the busy-ness!

Pros: excellent food, healty cuisine, good value

Cons: small

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Marvellous - Edit

It was very exciting to be told by the smiley, friendly man behind the counter, when faced with all manner of equally wonderful looking dishes, that everything before me was vegan. I was spoilt for choice, which is something I'm not used to when eating out! I went with my family and we all got different things so I got chance to sample several of the dishes, and all were as delicious as they looked.
Wait though, you haven't heard the best bit... they had vegan cheesecake! More than one type! Again, I was able to sample both the fruity and the chocolate-hazlenut one (the fruity one was best but both were heavenly.)

I went at lunch time and it was very busy but the atmosphere was lively and happy. If I remember correctly there was a tiny sectioned off part of the room with a shelf full of books. I just love things like that.

Pros: Lots of choice, Friendly

Cons: More expensive than it seems at first

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great staff - Edit

nice place interesting reads and the food is ok. nothing special but reasonable enough not to expect too much. its canteen food meaning already cooked and you choose what you want so can be quite mushy and warm. the desserts were disappointing but the staff are lovely and i like the lay out and chilled atomosphere.

Pros: nice feel to the place, nice staff, cheap

Cons: canteen food, dry cake

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A cafe with Earthy Food - Edit

Nice place in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, downstairs in the basement of the Buddhist centre. Very pleasant decor and seating arrangements with take away available. £3 for a main course is great but then getting charged £1.50 for rice is not. The sos-rolls are delicious, however and the curry we had was excellent (even the £1.50 rice that came with it). Next time, I will eat in and sample the atmosphere.

Pros: decor, food, staff

Cons: expensive side dishes, access via quite steep stairs

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My favourite place - Edit

I love this place. I've been here many times and never been disappointed (apart from the times i've turned up and forgot it was shut on Mondays). Great earthy, tasty and wholesome food. Everything vegan and the best selection of vegan desserts anywhere. The staff always friendly. Well worth the money. Why don't they have special food nights a couple of times a month I'm sure they would be very popular.

Pros: excellent choice, great tasty food, economical

Cons: shut on mondays (and sundays?)

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Fabulous - Edit

One of the best veggie places to eat in Manchester - a brilliant selection of all-vegan food including a delicious selection of desserts. Go here you will be glad!

Pros: Amazing food, gorgeous desserts

Cons: None!

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Earth Cafe - Edit

Wow great! The food was outstanding and so much variety. Good size portions and value for money. If I lived in and around Manchester I would eat there all the time. I highly recommend this place.

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Lovely - Edit

I found the cafe on the happycow site and visited on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. The food as great and the portions generous. I disagree that the food is overpriced. I wouldn't say it is cheap but I am happy to pay a reasonable amount for lovely food and really nice service. It was a little difficult to find but is only one street from the Arndale Centre so is very central. I would happily recommend it to anyone and just wish it was open on Sundays so I could go again tomorrow morning! In fact, if it was open tonight I'd probably be there right now!

Pros: Great Food, Great Service, Reasonable Prices

Cons: Not open in the evening, Not open on Sunday

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Not expensive at all! - Edit

I completely disagree with the people who say this place is expensive. I can't think of any other places in central Manchester where I can get a huge plateful of healthy and fresh food, a tea, and massive slice of cake for less than £10. Plus they have magazines like Ethical Consumer on offer to read, jugs of tap water so you don't have to ask, and let you sit at your table as long as you want without putting any pressure on you to eat up and move on. That's rare these days!

My only real gripe is that I wish it was open half an hour later. 7pm closing doesn't give me enough time to go there after work.

Pros: Value for money, Healthy salads and mains, Big, unhealthy cakes!

Cons: Closes at 7pm, Food can go cold as served from counter

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Still EXPENSIVE and NOT totally vegan. - Edit

Earth have recently lowered their prices somewhat and given the cafe (it's not a restaurant, you collect the food yourself diner-style from a row of various foods - though you have to ask the assistant to get them from behind the glass counter) a bit of a tranformation but it still has a nice atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the food is still overpriced - an example is £2.60 for a vegetable burger (yep, vegetables, so cheap enough for them to make) with gravy - no bun, no salad (salad costs extra) and the portions of the "main meals" are small. To make a proper main meal, you have to buy extra things. The price used to reach around £10 or more for a reasonably-sized meal but now it's it's around £8 (more if you're quite hungry).

On the plus side, it has some nice decoration, the water is "free" (obviously recouped by the costs of the meals), service is usually quite fast.

All of the food is vegan at time of writing this, but for some reason they offer cow's milk (to offer choice so I'm told - but then does that mean the food might suddenly not be vegan without notice, for customer choice? It's a worry, as there is nothing in the cafe that says the food is vegan, so you have to ask the assistants each time and who knows how well-trained they are?)

Pros: Mostly vegan, Nice atmosphere, Slightly lowered prices

Cons: Still expensive, Nothing to indicate food is vegan, Have to rely on knowledge of assistants

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mokshapriya 22 Feb 2013 - I run earth cafe and am disappointed by this review. All our food is and always has been totally vegan. We do offer customers soya or dairy milk for their hot drinks as most are not vegan and would not eat with us if they had to use soya milk in their teas and coffees. Our mission is to persuade non-vegans that vegan food is fantastic but first we have to get them in! I also think £2.60 for one of our burgers is a great price - they are substantial, home-made and not just vegetables. Check all our prices on the website! Thanks for the review.

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Huge portions! - Edit

You have to spend around £8 for a meal here, but for that you get stew, rice and two salads, and the portions are massive. There's also cheaper options like soup and sandwiches. Not the cheapest place, but the quality is excellent, and you won't be hungry after a visit. The carrot cake is especially recommended (I had to share mine, too full to eat whole slice!)

Pros: all vegan food, cakes are excellent, location

Cons: menu a bit confusing, it's underground

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Expensive - Edit

Been a couple of times. It is hugely expensive! You order pie for instance and if you which peas and potatoes to accompany it you have to pay for these separately ! Was a little taken a-back! So you can't get a full meal without paying through the teeth! The price you see on the board is not the price you pay! The tea is very expensive. Tea and a coke costs over £5.00 ! Nice that it's Buddhist but we did feel rather ripped off! Only go in now as they sell wheatgrass.

Pros: nice atmosphere

Cons: Too Expensive., Tiny portions., Separate pricing.

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Fab! - Edit

Really friendly staff and a great ambience, combined with great vegan food makes this my favourite vegan eaterie in the north. The cakes are just wonderful, and so are the smoothies.

Pros: Wonderful cakes, Ethical / Buddhist, Superb smoothies / shakes

Cons: Not open in the evening, Not big enough!, Can be a bit noisy

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