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Frederiksborggade 26 (at Norre Voldgade), Copenhagen, Denmark, 1360

Casual-nice restaurant featuring an open bar in the center of its dining room. Serves quick vegan meals like soups, one sandwich, salad plate comprising your choice of salads plus hummus. Has smoothies and desserts, including raw cakes from Raw Loves Cakes. No longer serving alcohol. Re-opened Oct 2014 rebranding from Firefly Garden (more upscale). CLOSED FOR RENOVATION UNTIL 1 OCT 2016. OCT 2016 REPORTED SHUT. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Western, Juice bar, Take-out, European, Danish

Reviews (53)

First Review by Bettina

casual - Edit

We tried to go here for lunch on our first day in Copenhagen, but there was a sign saying they would be back later, so we came back for dinner instead as it was close to our hotel. It's a casual order at the counter type place and the menu was a bit limited, but they do offer salads, soups and sandwiches. We got a little of each along with a dessert. It was all good. There's seating along the other side of the central counter and due to the WiFi, many people were on their computers. Overall, a good experience.

Pros: all vegan, friendly staff, WiFi

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bland - Edit

The first impression was alright, very nicely located in the center of Copenhagen, nice interior, very minimalistic, enough table space..
The desk with salads and food looked so empty, there was barely anything to choose from, the variety of food was so little, and the prices were incredibly expensive, chose a dahl dish, very thin soup, no taste really, even the smoothies tasted bland..
Was still hungry when we left and went somewhere else to eat some more interesting food for less money..
The women working there was also on the phone all the time, so we had to wait long time to order, she was even on the phone when serving the dish, kinda weird

Pros: Location, atmosphere

Cons: very expensive, not much to choose from, tasteless food

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Yay for another vegan spot , nay for everything else about it - Edit

The location is great and the establishment is very cute and cozy . The opening time is at 11 am and when i got there at 11 05 nothing was basically ready . Around an hour later i tried soup of the day which was tasty and took two salads with serving of falafel to go - and was really not a fan of both of them . Will not go back .

Pros: location

Cons: price, taste, deceiving "timings "

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Erratic opening - Edit

Nice food, a bit expensive. But it seems to be closed on random days which is a bit annoying. Whenever that happens, I just head over to Halifax for their vegan burgers.

Pros: Nice food

Cons: Expensive , Erratic opening

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Expensive, Small portion and unfriendly. - Edit

The service was rather unfriendly which doesn't bother me much but the company I was with was disturbed by the staff and how unfriendly they seemed. Furthermore the food was just incredibly plain and not very tasteful and to finish at all off: it was incredibly expensive. It would have been more satisfying to go home and throw burning money out of the window.

Pros: Central location

Cons: Expensive, Small portion, Tasteless

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Plain and Boring - Edit

I feel sort of bad about writing a negative review because I had a one time experience and the staff were really friendly when I went. The overall vibe was nice, chilled and clean.

Unfortunately the food can only be described as one word... meh. It wasn't exciting at all with boring, over used ingredients. It was edible but not very tasty. The guy working there let us have a try of both the main meals, which was really kind, but unfortunately they both tasted similar and boring.

The desserts were weird too. I ordered a cupcake and there was something strange about the flavour. I wouldn't recommend this place, unfortunately. They need to hire someone to shake up the menu.

The two stars awarded was actually a two stars. I wouldn't have given this place a one if I could.

Pros: Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, good location

Cons: boring food, expensive

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3 Stars 4 the Food and 1 extra 4 the Very Sweet Staff - Edit

Had a wonderful green lentil dish, the taste was absolutely fine, but I missed a little garnish, besides the parsley, just a little springle of extra colour, different texture ... whatever too give it this little something I expect when I go out

Pros: Icecream, Staff , Wonderful clean toilets with sounds from the rainf

Cons: Could be more staff, just one more on a friday nig

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Bewildered - Edit

A great location for tourists to get to. Very disappointed with place. For the money they charge they served what is equivalent to a Whole Foods offering.
The server was reluctant to explain and stand offish... which was funny more than anything else. Food had dried out.

Pros: Good decor

Cons: Too expensive for what they offer.

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Boring and too pricey - Edit

Usually when I go to veg-places with my meat eater friends, they almost always are happy about the food, and start to consider again how to become more veg. However, this place, should be hidden from my friends and me, as its just boring (I believe healthy and tasty should come together) and way too expensive. One of the strangest dinners I had at veg places.

Pros: Interior , Almost everything ecological, Wipe policy

Cons: Tastlles food, Overpriced

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Fresh and delicious - Edit

The food was pretty good: the salad bar was full of exciting combinations, the hot pot (dal with cauliflower) delicious and spicy, and all the food seemed really fresh. However, the portions are not that big (and there was no bread for the soup), I hence was still hungry afterwards. But still: delicious food and a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

Pros: fresh and delicious food

Cons: rather small portions given the price

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Lovely, healthy and good taste - Edit

Very good healthy plant-based cafe-restaurant in Copenhague. Amazing salads, juices, smoothies, hummus and vegan and gluten free desserts. Several raw food options in the menu!

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As green as it gets! - Edit

One of the very few all-vegan places in Copenhagen. It has a salad bar concept, but fear not - you can also choose between couple of warm meals. One of the most impressive things - it is 99% organic. You can hardly find something veg-n with a higher quality. If you haven't tried their coconut ice cream or a cheesecake, you haven't lived yet :).

Pros: super healthy, delicious.

Cons: Generic interior, a bit pricey

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Good food - awesome cake - Edit

The food was really good, but not a heavenly experience. The cake though - amazing!
Nice interior design, and good temperature. Nice to sit in the window when only 1-2 people.

Pros: Design of restaurant, Awesome cake

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Very Good - Edit

Most items are organic certified.
Reasonable prices and good service.
Free wifi, and also free power for laptop on most seats - very convenient.

Pros: Good food, Reasonable prices, Free wifi and laptop power

Cons: Delivery a bit expensive

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Super tasty and affordable vegan food - Edit

I highly recommend Botaniqe. I had a plate of various things on like different kinds of falaffels, plenty of vegetables, hummus, grain salads. that was delicious. In addition to that I tried one of their stew with cashew nuts. The stew was amazing and full of flavors. I ordered also smoothy made from mixed fruits and vegetables. yum! The next days I came there with a friend of mine to try freshly squizeed vegetable and fruity juices. yum yum yum! Big YES!!

Cons: reasonable price for Copenhagen

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Disappointment - Edit

It's just not tasty and super expensive, I tried almost everything they had, nothing was amazing, only between ok and really weird (I couldn't eat the whole "falafel", if it's even fair to call it that way). Raw food can definitely taste better than that.

Pros: friendly staff, free wifi

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Good, but nothing amazing - Edit

From the description "upscale" I would have expected a lot better. The food was good, but nothing amazing, the prices very expensive (that was upscale), it was informal - order at the counter and they let you know when it is ready. "Upscale" to me means fine dining - waiter service, a proper menu, a less casual decor, etc. There are upscale vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the world, but not in Copenhagen. I ate some soup, which was good, and it came with a little puny piece of bread. The menu is not extensive. My spouse had the hot plate and it was less than he expected.

Pros: Decent food, vegan and "green"

Cons: expensive, limited menu

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Botanique - Edit

The food was good, we got a sample plate, but it wasn't very inspiring or innovative. Had different kinds of hummus, and none of them were that good - how do you mess up hummus?

The staff seemed uneasy and there was a strange vibe.

Cons: Pricey, esp. for lunch

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Nice and homely, Average, Needs improvement - Edit

The variety of food is little. It would be nice if they changed their menu often. I saw the staff eat rice and I also wanted some and they told me it is only for the staff. The hot meals are basically soup and bread and a choice of two stews.

Personally where I come from staff do not eat in front of customers. It's not professional. Not sure of the culture here. Also when I ordered hot chocolate I think something spilled on her hand and she sucked it off her finger. That was not cool either, she should wipe it with a cloth/towel. I would prefer if food preparations are made with gloves and not hands. I see the wraps are filled with bear hands. Even if I wash my own hands there can be things stuck in nails. This is not a person's own kitchen.

It kind of worries me to see the same item there for days. Considering I have come here three days in a row. The food is nothing special, quite bland and is quite pricey. To be honest not worth to bring a non vegan friend here. I am a foodaholic and food critic. I can put efforts to visit places just for food. I am happy they are 100% vegan. The look and feelof the area/seating is good and has a number of seating with light music. They however need to work on variety of food, quantity and some hygiene factors (eating, licking and gloves). If the owner of the restaurant is around it is always good to go around and greet the customers and make them feel welcomed. I have been to more than 15 vegan vegetarian restaurants between South Africa, Ireland, England, Indian and Scotland. My most loved one is Veggie 222 in London, a tiny restaurant with freshly cooked food and the owner is so warm I feel the passion he has for the food in his restaurant. He himself also is the head chef. The minute it touches my tongue the food must speak to me.

Pros: vegan, homely , Nice comfortable dining area

Cons: expensive , few options , No use of gloves/hygiene

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Underwhelming - Edit

Visited for lunch during a long weekend in Copenhagen. The staff didn't seem interested we were in the shop and it wasn't clear if we were to just take a seat or order at the bar. We finally managed to order but weren't given much help or advice by the staff, we had no idea what the drinks were in the fridge and so just grabbed something that looked OK (they turned out be vile). I ordered the special hot pot which was a nice enough butter bean and kale stew, although it was served in a chipped bowl which is really not good. My partner had a salad which was OK; the highlight being the home made hummus and coleslaw. The bread it came with was dry and not pleasant. This could have been a really great place, but it wasn't, so we didn't bother going back.
Updated from previous review on Thursday March 26, 2015

Pros: Vegan, Nice seating area and decor, Inexpensive

Cons: Unwelcoming, Limited menu, Mediocre food

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Ok, but nothing special - Edit

Botaniq recently opened after a long refurbishing period. It used to be an upscale restaurant with very delicious vegan food. After the reopening a new concept has been introduced with cheaper mainly lunch-type meals. The food selection is limited to a salad bar, a hot pot, a soup and a falafel sandwich (the bread is hot but the falafel is refrigerator cold - why is that??).

I actually like Botaniq, but find the menu quite boring. It hasn´t yet changed since the opening in the beginning of december. The new concept is centered around lighter lunchmeals, and therfore you go there more often than when it was an upscale restaurant. Therefore the menu NEEDS to change often, as you dont want to eat the same thing EVERY time you go there. The falafel is OK, but nothing special. It would be much more delicious if it was served hot.

Pros: Organic, Cheap, Good food

Cons: The menu never changes, Falafel is served cold

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Highly recommended - Edit

Botaniq is the place to go if you want high-quality delicious food, but isn't in the mood for something fancy. You order at the counter, get your food right away and you can comfortably enjoy your food in the restaurant. Their menu is separated into cold and hot food. Their cold foods include a selection of salads, hummus, and falafels, while their hot foods includes a soup and a hot dish of the day. Everything they serve is very delicious, apparently homemade with mostly organic ingredients.
Updated from previous review on Monday January 05, 2015

Pros: Delicious food, Casual atmosphere

Cons: Rather small portions

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Good experience ! - Edit

We ate two sandwishes (hummus, falafels, vegetables ...), and cheesecakes. It was really good and healthy.
The place is cosy, the staff is nice and it’s not very expensive ! Go there !

Pros: Healthy, Tasty, Inexpensive

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Vegan Food at its best - Edit

The food is luxurious, incredibly tasty, well presented, with particular combinations. It is the place where an excellent chef experiments with flavours and totally succeeds.
Two different menus for lunch and dinner, equally interesting and mouthwatering. I had "the Jensen" for lunch, this wonderful sandwich with lentils, pickles, horseradish coleslaw between two slices of fragrant bread. And for dinner Green Asparagus, Poched Carrots, Peas Pure and oh my, I could have eaten the whole menu!
A little more expensive and totally worth it.

Pros: Seasonal menù, Palatable light food, Good portions

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A high price doesn't make good food - Edit

A friend of mine has worked in their kitchen, and what he described is perhaps THE WORST handling of foods i've ever heard of. DO NOT support this place.

Been here twice, both times errrh... Interesting. First time we had to use a weird samsung tablet ordering system, even though we where the only customers. That made everything go very slow, and we waited for 30 min. for the food - a sandwich. Not good. The sandwich was not bad, but it was too fancy and i didn't get full at all. Consider that a sandwich costs around 120 dkk (at that time). Seems like the place values fanciness and extravaganza over quality and actual filling dishes.
One of my friends got a brunch-plate where some of the stuff was cold (the oat-porridge!), which didn't seem to bother the staff. The staff was unfriendly and cared more about their iPhones.

2nd time i went here the food was better, and so was the service: more smiles, no annoying samsung tablets, more interacting and lower waiting times. The food i got was some kind of filled squash. Good, but again more artsy than food should be. I didn't get full at all, and the price.... I just want to forget it.

On the plus side it seems the place gets a little better all the time and it is super easy being a vegan there, since everything is veg. I hope they continue to do some changes and make everything more down to earth. Less fancy lights, no house music and more real food would do miracles.
If so, i might want to go there again some day.
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 25, 2013

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Expensive, Rude staff, Way too fancy

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Nicely presented but strange interior - Edit

The 3 course dinner was nicely presented, beautifully to be exact. My main course (cauliflower salad) was a little bit on the salty side. Interior design is rather strange: you bump into the lamps from the ceiling... Since they hang between the tables.. I can only assume tables were originally put in a different way? Would definitely make reservations. All tables were taken by 7 during the week.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Weird interior design

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Vegan up-scale - the new black? - Edit

Wonderful food. A three course dinner with wine. We went two people and had different three-course menus. Both were good - excellent. However, also rather expensive. The service was ok. Young girls, not the most prof ever experienced - a bit robot-like.

Pros: All vegan, Tasty and well composed, Colorful and nice put on plates

Cons: Price, A bit too Robot-like service, Too cool interior

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High level vegan food - Edit

I had dinner with a friend and we were both extremely pleased with the quality of the food. Everything tasted extremely fresh and was perfectly presented. The service was ok but could improve, it is rather expensive as many people have said but it's really worth a visit!
P.S. Take the kale starter, it's super delicious!

Pros: very tasty, original, cosy atmosphere

Cons: service not excellent, rather expensive

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vegan cuisine at its best - Edit

Firefly Garden is a great restaurant to enjoy both vegan and vegan raw food. We enjoyed some delicious raw lasagnes served with fresh fruit juices. First I was a bit skeptical about the combinations offered on the menu, but in the end we were really thrilled by this unique indulgence!

Pros: high end cuisine

Cons: quite expensive

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Fancy + delicious - Edit

Vegan food at its best! Firefly Garden serves surprising, fancy and tasty combinations like "Pointed cabbage and spring onion 'stir-fry' served with asparagus, pepitas and rhubarb, vanilla and ginger relish" or "Beef tomato steak with red pepper harissa, marinated chanterelles, cucumber and fava bean salad, raspberry mustard and kelp chips" or "Ravioli with tomato and chanterelles, served with zucchini, goose berries and sage". Some of the dishes are raw and most ingredients are organic. The food looks fantastic, too. I had a polenta dish accompanied with different sorts of vegetables and a raw "liquorice 'cheese cake' with berries and beetroot". Amazing food and actually quite filling, thanks to the polenta. They also have wonderful fresh juices. The interior is modern and the staff is friendly and professional.

Pros: great food, organic + local, raw options

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Delicious! - Edit

Had two different juices and a lovely raw meal for about 200 danish kr. The meal came fast, it tasted like heaven and I am definetly going back!

Pros: Flavour sensation, Kind staff, Good menu

Cons: A bit hot in the room, A bit noisy when they made juice

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Fancy and amazing food - Edit

A very fancy and rather pricey vegan restaurant which serves a lot of (but not only) raw food dishes. Might not be the place one can afford to visit very often, but on a special occasion it is well worth a visit because oh my gods the food is out-of-this-world amazing. Seriously, I fell in love with the fantastic tastes and walked out in a happy euphoria which lasted for days. Their menu changes according to season, and the dishes are usually innovative and interesting. And the tastes, the wonderful tastes! Try their cheesecake, it is indescribably good. Also, they have the best ginger ale I have ever tasted.

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Atmospheric

Cons: Expensive

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exquisite vegan cuisine at a fancy price - Edit

This restaurant is expensive, but it has the most exquisite food I have ever tasted (try the "Everyday roasted ..."). The restaurant is vegan, but not raw, i.e., it serves hot dishes. This is opposed to "raw food" restaurants. This restaurant is for the more high end of food lovers, mainly because of the prices. But the food that you get is indeed very very interesting/good/tasty... The restaurant also has a nice atmosphere and nice staff (that can also advise about their dishes).
A bad aspect of this restaurant (as of other newer style restaurants) is that it has an open bar in the middle of the dining tables; here they prepare their shakes and lattes, and these make a terrible noise. So you go in the quite, nice atmosphere, and suddenly the terrible noise from the bar makes you jump off the chair. Together with the expensive prices, these make the bad side of this restaurant.

In front of the restaurant is a very big food marked with very good and special food and eating places (one of these is also vegetarian). This food marked is a must visit when in Copenhagen; so why not stop and eat at the nice restaurant across.

Pros: very good vegan dishes, nice staff

Cons: too expensive for my taste

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love that place ! - Edit

really good and fresh food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere.
raw food chocolate mousse was not really my taste but they got alot of other tasty desserts.

i went twice there and i was just 4 days in kopenhagen ;)

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere

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Great food! - Edit

We recently adopted a plant-based diet and so were pleased to find this restaurant in Copenhagen. The food was great, very flavorful and elegantly presented. The spinach salad was wonderful, there were actually a lot of ingredients and the flavors blended well together and the portion was generous. Also tried a soup with raw veggie chips which was also delicious. We chose to have a cookie and apple/pear tart for dessert. Delicious!

The menu has changed and the one on the website doesn't seem to have been updated as of this posting. The prices are less expensive than they were before and the menu items have changed. It is definitely much more reasonable for a night out.

I would recommend this as a good place to bring a date or to have a nice dinner out.

Pros: Great food, good value, friendly staff

Cons: few menu items

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Delights from the Larder on Frederiksborggade - Edit

Interesting and beautifully presented dishes in relaxing modern surroundings. There were only a few menu options, but clearly a lot of care is put into the food. Service was helpful and friendly without being intrusive.
The restaurant was a little expensive for us - but well worth it.

Pros: Taste, Presentation, Modern

Cons: Limited Choice, Bit Expensive

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Delicious, fancy, fully vegan - Edit

This is an excellent place for vegans -- they have a large vegan menu including raw food. We went there for one dinner and one breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed the brunch plate with vegan chorizo, refried beans, "omelette", soy yogurt, porridge with apple sauce, bread, rhubarb jam and a mini fruit muffin. They also have delicious drinks such as fallude, cocoa-carob shake, strawberry lemonade and different smoothies made from what tasted like fresh ingredients. Staff was friendly and prices are ... well ... just ok for the general price level in Copenhagen and the fact that you are in a restaurant that definitely doesn't use animal ingredients (e.g., 350 DKK for two brunches and two smoothies).
Updated from previous review on Monday August 27, 2012

Pros: excellent food, extravagant menu creations, friendly staff

Cons: a tad on the posh side

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Modern Atmospher - Edit

I was in Copenhagen in April 2012 I went there for lunch. It is a great and modern Restaurant. Staffs are very friendly. Firefly omelet was OK,but not so good and it was a small portion. I had also a raw soup, it was OK and coconut juice was also OK. I think price is high.

Pros: Delux Restaurant

Cons: Expensive foods, small portions

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Fantastic! - Edit

We were surprised to find this new fusion-vegan restaurant in Copenhagen when it wasn't here last summer. I think this is the best vegan/raw restaurant i Scandinavia! The variation of parsnip and the raw pine-nut cheese was amazing! We also went back for breakfast and the breakfast smoothie was super good! Don't miss this place which also is organic, great local organic beer btw.

Pros: Excellent food, great smoothies, new tastes

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great place - Edit

we went here last night and were mightily impressed. Copenhagen is an expensive city, but this compared very favourably with London swish vegan places like Manna and Saf. Staff were very friendly and easy to talk to even despite the hi-tech fun ordering system. The raw burger and polenta dishes, the smoothies and raspberry cheesecake were all great. We had wine and coffees too and it came in at 600 kr. You can pay a fortune in DK for an open sandwich and this is a classy, very elegant interior with a lovely relaxed but smart ambience. Highly recommended!

Pros: excellent food, good location, great ambience

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interesting place - Edit

) Interesting way to order: you're given a mobile screen, on which you "leaf through" the menu and send your chosen items to your "basket" and check out, which sends the order to the kitchen. Tasty, very spicy chickpea cakes, DK69. Served with thinly sliced pickles, a peanutty paste and chutney. No offer of water, no check to see if all is okay, little contact with the waitress.
Also available: smoothies, juices, beer, wine, raw, small dishes, soy almond latte.

Pros: vegan and raw options

Cons: little contact with wait staff

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Great service, but not for those on a budget - Edit

This is one of most "trendy" veggie restaurants that I've been in - and the prices say "upmarket restaurant" rather than relaxed cafe, although the atmosphere is somewhere in between. One of the features is touchscreen ordering, where all ingredients can be read, and help from prompt and friendly staff can be requested. The food quality and service time were great, but I hesitate to call this place fully vegan as honey is included in some dishes.

Pros: choice, service, raw selection

Cons: price

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Hmm... - Edit

We ate here on the last night of our holiday, as we figured we'd have ourselves a treat at a fancy restaurant!

This place is VERY swish and upmarket, lovely understated decor. They have fancy little touch-screen pads for you to order your food & drinks; you can see little pictures of the food, and there are 'service options' for you to call the wait staff should you need anything; a very good idea. I have to say the service at this place was very good.

I had the red curry & my other half had Channa Chaat. The flavours in both dishes were good, BUT the spices in the Channa Chaat tasted a little burnt and the dish was a bit too dry; and the red curry, although good, was a little bit pedestrian. There really wasn't enough variation in the dish and the rice wasn't flavourful. In addition it was tepid, almost cold. I wouldn't normally nitpick like this but when the prices are this high (main dish about 130DKK, beer 50DKK a bottle) you ought to have very high expectations.

Coming from the north of England where curries are plentiful and well done, I felt a bit let down by my dish. I thought it was too expensive for what it was (literally a massive dish of curry)... when we could have got something the same size for about £6 in Bradford. In addition a Bradford curry would have had more different vegetables in the curry - this literally only had sweet potato, pineapple, and edemame beans. It's not really enough considering the price.

For raw foodies this place might be a mecca - they had a bit of raw stuff on the menu. I didn't have any because I'm not into raw food really. If you want something upmarket with plenty of raw food this might be the place for you. However I thought it was slightly overpriced and a bit disappointing - it's not really my kind of place and I don't think I would eat there again.

Pros: Good flavours, Great service, Fancy ordering touchscreen

Cons: Too expensive, Dishes a little bit disappointing

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Only ok - don't think I would eat there again - Edit

Not to bash this place, but I went there with my husband and we didn't like it that much. We had the raspberry-cheesecake, and my husband had coffee (he could choose between soy milk and almond milk, which was great). To be honest, the cake really wasn't that good. I highly recommend "SimpleRaw" instead, try their lemon/orange-cheesecake, which is heavenly.

The staff wasn't exactly unfriendly, but we didn't feel very welcome either. I don't know, maybe it was just a bad day but that's how we felt. The place was almost empty at around 3pm. I don't know if it uses to be crowded by noon, but for me that confirmed the rule to eat where it's crowded, because they usually have the best food.

On the good side, the place is very modern and looks great, and they had a digital menu, which was cool.

Pros: modern atmosphere

Cons: Food was only ok

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new organic veg restaurant - Edit

Exotic vegan food. Inventive and so tasty you can bring flesh-eaters there. 100% organic restaurant and bar with organic coctails, organic vegan wines and champagne (no ox blood or fish bladder). Greenjuices and rawfood menu as well as cooked veg menu. Coffees, smoothies and "milk shakes" made with homemade almondmilk, buckweat milk or soymilk, like strawberry-coconut, raspberry-orange or banana-chocolate. Try the Firefly smoothie (it think was the name) with spinach, avocado, pineapple, ginger (and more, can't remember all), the lemonade or the cactus detox juice.. highly addictive!!

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