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Akacfa Utca 50, Budapest, Hungary

Casual Indian Food in the City Centre

22 Apr 2014

Small restaurant - maximum 10 seats - with an Indian owner - speaking good English - providing fast food-like, spicy food.
Main dishes are at around 4-5 EUR. Compared to standard European prices it is cheap.
We have eaten there twice with my girlfriend selecting different food each time. The owner is a very friendly person and showed us the dished on the menu that he can cook in vegan. Main dish consists of: rice, sabji, salad.

One advice: don't take the ones with spinach, the purée stuff is not that tasty. All the others were good.

Does not serve alcohol, however the lemonade and the tea we had were fine.

Don't expect anything fancy, snooty vegans keep away. For travelers, low budgeters, party goers it is a more than value price place.

I will probably return to try more food.

Tivadar Utca 3, Budapest, Hungary

Okay food and a hint of India

23 Apr 2014

I was there roughly a month ago. Indian food, pretty much the same as the ones You can get in Hare Krsna places. Don't expect a large selection. I was happy that there was a vegan option. Staff was friendly, probably speak English as well, though as a local I spoke in Hungarian. :) I had soup + second dish in a menu for ~ 4 Euros.
The place itself functions as an Indian cultural center: lessons and other stuff like that. When I was there, there was a group of people in a separate room talking about Indian philosophy in general.
All in all, I had a substantial meal at a chill-out place. Nothing special for me though.
Updated from previous review on Thursday August 09, 2012
Updated from previous review on Thursday August 09, 2012

Paulay Ede Utca 8., Budapest, Hungary

Awesome place

05 Jul 2011

Simple food sprinkled with good flavour and PUNK attitude.
Tiny place just in the heart of the city. If you are hanging about near Deak square it is literally on the conrer. Look for a small green flag with a gorilla on it.
There is a daily menu, you can also get snacks, such as hamburgers and hot dogs with french fries and salad.
Massive portion with reasonable prices, compared to European ones I would say it is damn cheap. A burger is less than 2euros. Daily menu (soup + 2nd dish) is for 4euros.
Everything is vegan, though for the burgers and hot dog you can order extra cheese as a topping.
Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Highly recommended for every fellow traveller.

Múzeum Körut 19, Budapest, Hungary

Good Vegan Food

06 Jul 2011

The place offers a wide selection of vegan dished from fast food to traditional Hungarian dishes. Ah and the desserts of course. There is a daily menu, and you can also order seperate dishes. The place is run by the organic food store just next to it. There are like 6 chairs inside so it is advised to take it out and eat it in the park just opposite the buffet (National Museum).
Prices are reasonable though the portions could be a bit larger, also I love eating spicy food, therefore, in my view the meals are a bit tasteless especially when it comes to tofu.
It gets really crowded at around lunch time. Staff does not speak English at all though you can just point on the meals you wish to eat. As for desserts I am not sure that everthing is vegan, I am a bit suspicious when it comes to that. It is always best to ask if it has honey in it.
All in all: location perfect, reasonable pricing, good vegan food

Irányi utca 9., Budapest, Hungary

Brand new vegan restaurant

28 Mar 2011

New place at Budapest. It has been open for a month or so. Clean and friendly atmosphere. Staff speak English. It is not a buffet. They make all the meals fresh (big ups for that). The selection is a bit short, however it is very delicious, and you dont have to wait long to get your food. They even serve vegan hamburgers, yummie. Good portions with cheap pricing (compared to European standards, around 4-5 Euro/meal).

Urbanstraße 68, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

King of Falafel

12 May 2013

Whenever I am in Berlin I always go to this place. Even though it is a small place, seats are only for 4 people on the inside and another 2-3 on the outside, do not be put off to go there. If the weather is nice it is advised to get one as a take away, walk up north like 300 meters and sit on one of the benches on the bank of the canal and enjoy your delicious sandwich together with a wonderful local beer (Berliner Pilsner recommended :). I have tried a lot of places in Berlin especially in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neoköln where vegan culture has become really popular and I can say without any doubt you can get the best falafel in this area for sure.
For 3.5 euros you can get a vegan-halumi (cheese used for grilling purposes mainly) falafel combination, stuffed with roasted pepper, mint leaves, peanut sauce, aubergine sauce and all the goodies you can imagine. The pita of the sandwich is thick as well. Everything is prepared in front of your eyes by a lovely old lady. I am not sure if she speaks English, I speak a bit of German so I managed with the order. She does not consume alcohol so it is forbidden to take it in or drink it outside. The soups are really nice too. I like huge portions a lot and at this place I was not disappointed at all. Once I tried a soup and sandwich combo and I could not eat anything for at least 6 hours.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 12, 2013

Vas u. 3, Budapest, Hungary

Another island of simple, delightful vegan food

16 Jun 2014

For travelers hanging about in the city centre this place will be very handy as it is very close to the famous party district (VII).

Small place with maximum 15 seats or so, however the atmosphere is very cozy. Staff speaks English in fact the owners are not Hungarians (they are all ethical vegans).

Occasionally there are "all you can eat" events for ~9 euros - I was at a chili-spicy food one - which have limited entries based on facebook feedback. There were 4 different dishes - Gazpacho, chili sin carne, a rice dish, layered-potatos (typical Hungarian dish), cake -.

There is a daily menu - soup, second dish, drink - for ~5 euros. Portions are okay, though I would add just a tiny bit more. :)

If You feel like eating only a sandwich, they have it as well.

The meals You can have here are simple food made with vegan love, and that makes the place perfect. Simplicity über alles.

Almost forgot the snooty vegans part. Relief for your kind as there was an "all you can eat" event dedicated to healthy vegan dishes, however on a daily basis this is more of a easy-minded, cool place than a posh one.

The place has opened up recently, they are in need of the community's feedback, however there is not much I can add apart from Keep Up the Good Work!

3 Vitez Street, Szeged, Hungary

Without Further Ado: The Best Vegan Restaurant

23 Feb 2015

The place is decorated with figures that are associated with the profile of the restaurant - world cuisine -, hand made decoration - done by the owners - depicting different cultures. It has quite a few tables, bean chairs in order to make you feel more comfortable and cozy.
I am really pleased that this is not one of those spiritual, health-oriented places that tries to focus on the "snooty vegans". On the entrance door you can see a rainbow flag suggesting that it is a gay friendly restaurant. The owners are ethical vegans who can see the connection between racism, homophobia and veganism. This kind of attitude is not really common in Hungary.
For less than 5 euros you can get a soup and second dish with massive portions. The menu varies from Indian, African, Latin-American dishes to hamburgers with fries. The food is amazing and well-spiced. Around lunch time you can select from the different food being offered to be added to your plate, and for dinner time there are fixed dishes.

I have absolutely no cons in this case. This is a restaurant that should be an example for future owners / restaurant runners regarding attitude, food and layout.

Hunyadi ter 11, Budapest, Hungary

Quality food and superb location

16 Jun 2014

It is really nice to see that vegan lifestyle is expanding in Budapest. Around the financial crisis a lot of restaurants, shops disappeared, however new ones have been popping up recently.

The restaurant is like a 5-10 minutes walk from Oktogon - city centre -. It is located in a nicely decorated cellar. For some people it might be a bit dark, but I like such places. I arrived at around 18, but I was not the only guest. A group of foreigners entered right after me. English menu is available, and the staff speaks English as well.

There are a few permanent dishes, however there is always a daily offer focusing on seasonal ingredients. There are gluten and soy-free options too. I ordered vegan lasagne, apple-cinnamon muffin and a drink. Everything was very delicious, had to wait like 10-15 minutes to receive the food.

Considering the fact that the place is not a fast food place - snooty vegans welcome - the prices are really good value. I paid like ~6 Euros which is inexpensive compared to European standards.

At the moment there isn't a wide selection of dishes, however please keep in mind that the place just opened. Allow them some time to survive and make the restaurant familiar within the community.

c/ Buenavista, 42, Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain

Home sweet home

13 May 2013

I was there last November with some friends. It was a bit hard to find the place, but with some help we managed to get there.
It is a typical Spanish bar (so please keep in mind that this is not a restaurant!!!), we were there, if I remember well, at around 8pm on a Friday. It was full of with punks and probably political activist, and the first thing that happened to me while I was queuing to order the food was that I was asked if I had some rolling paper on me. :p ACE!!! I was surrounded with like minded people so I felt home from the very first moment I entered the bar. I think the staff speaks a bit of English, since I know a bit of Spanish I had no problems with ordering, however the 2 bar tenders were smiling on me all the time (prolly the bad Spanish I used :)
I had a burger with fries and a beer, so nothing fancy, the others I think had tapas. I paid at around 8-10 euros which is kind of normal price in Europe.
All in all if you are into anarchism, or political activism and you are vegan, this is the best place for you.
If you are a snooty health-oriented vegan who looks for a diverse menu, then the place might not rock for you.

I will definitely return to this place, when I am vising my friends in Madrid.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 12, 2013

Londynska 35, Prague, Czech Republic

Long time ago but unforgettable experience

12 May 2013

I ate here in 2009 twice, left a nice review and even uploaded photos of the chocolate cake, rizotto and fake-steak we had here, but for some reason (I guess when Loving Hut extended to different locations, and reorganized the happycow pages) it was deleted.
Everything is vegan, only non-alcoholic beverages just as in any other Loving Huts all around the world. The food is amazing, however if you don't like the fake-meaty soy, seitan things (snooty health-oriented vegans usually don't) then this might not be your place. Mostly Asian influenced food though. However I have not been to this place since then, so there might be something new under the sun. Prices were really okay. I preferred the tables outside, since the weather was nice, however there are not so many, during lunch hours it can get crowded.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 12, 2013

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

Nice vegan restaurant

12 May 2013

I have been living in Budapest for 7 years now, however only got round to visiting the place mid March this year with a friend of mine in the afternoon hours. There were roughly 10 people inside. The place itself is in a cellar, so it might be hot during summer. Staff speaks English and the menu card is in English and German too. We waited roughly 20 mins for our food to arrive. If you order pizzas you might wait longer depending on how crowded the place is.
My friend had a popeye pizza which was nice, however I prefer the Italian type "thin" layer pizzas. We Hungarians love all types of pasta so I can apologize for this. :D
I had Fried Pancakes Filled with Vegetable Cream served with Mashed Potatoes and Onions. Nothing to comment here. :) The portions are huge.
As for dessert we tried a Hungarian speciality Somló Sponge Cake (just one for both of us) which was just perfect. I love if a place serves exlusively vegan food. 2 main dishes, 1 dessert with drinks we paid ~ 15 EUR which is damn cheap compared to standard European prices, and a bit more expensive than other Hungarian places where you can get vegan food.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 12, 2013

Szent Mihaly Utca 1, Szeged, Hungary

Hare Krisna Place in Szeged

13 Oct 2014

The place is quite close to the city center and to the bank of the river Tisza. It is not an official devotee place, however the decoration highly suggests that it is related to the religion. I think it is a family business, the mom cooks and her daughter serves the food and takes the orders. Not sure if English is spoken, however it is very likely. I have not seen an English menu, worth a try asking for one.

At least half of the dishes were vegan, there is a daily menu as well. I had a fake goulash soup with seitan which reminded me of a simple vegetable soup, nevertheless is was fine, lacked a bit of paprika powder and was too salty for me.

Second dish was a chickpea-aubergine sabji with rice which was okay, again too salty for me.

Paid like 4-5 euros for the 2 dishes and a lemonade.

All in all, I was very happy that I could find a place where they served vegan food, however I think the chef needs a bit of practice with the spices.

Hollan Erno Utca 4, Budapest, Hungary

Raw food on a hot summer day

14 Oct 2014

It was my first experience with raw food, therefore please do not take my review for granted, since I do not have a reference point.

About 2 months ago we wanted to have a meal at a new place together with my girlfriend. I already knew about this restaurant as it is next to a Hummus Bar. The location is perfect, in the heart of the city, just next to Margaret bridge on the Pest side. The place has like 4-5 tables so it is small, however at the time we were there, there was no one there but us. English is spoken, and there is an English menu as well.

We both opted for the daily offer that they had. It was tomato soup with some kind of "biscuits" - there were 4-5 options you could choose from - and a fresh juice of apple, carrot or beetroot. The soup was very tasty the "biscuits" were a bit weird for me - I had the sesame seed with spinach ones -. The apple juice was delicious.

Since it was a hot summer day and we needed something light to eat, the option was perfect, however I would not eat there on a daily basis, since the amount of food just wasn't enough for me.

I paid like 3,5 Euros for the daily menu.

It would be great if someone who is into raw food would test the place

Boxhagener Str. 56, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Stunning Vöner platter

13 May 2013

Great place in Friedricksheim, easy to find it too. Small place with a couple of seats in- and outside. I tried the Vöner platter with French fries and salad. I was astonished that the fake meat (seitan) was cut from the kebab pole just like the meat ones. The place was full of with either local punks or people belonging to the same underground subculture. First time there was a French crust punk couple sitting next to me with a doggy of course. :p I felt like home. :))
The next day I went for the Berliner specialty: curry wurst (French fries+salad). Again, brilliant. Vegan mayo is just amazing, I could not get enough of it, though there could have been a bit more salad for the dishes. All in all both of them were great with a price of at around 4-5 euros each.
Staff spoke English and happily explained me what is vegan what is not. Definitely going visit them again when I am in Berlin.

If you are a snooty health-oriented vegan, who does not like strong flavours, then this might not be the best place for you.
Updated from previous review on Friday August 12, 2011

Ulloi ut 6, Budapest, Hungary

Another Hare Krishna place in the city center

12 Dec 2014

The location of the place is perfect, close to Kálvin square - National Museum area -. It also serves as a yoga center. The place is decorated with religious ornaments adoring Lord Krishna.

It was almost 5 pm when I got there, therefore they were cleaning up the place.
I would say there are quite a few vegan options, including the daily menu, they server burgers and sweets too. Most of the dishes represent the Indian cuisine. I opted for the daily menu (3 EUR) was which was a sabji with rice and Indian bread. It was delicious and perfectly spiced.
The staff was friendly, gladly explaining everything about the food that is served, not sure if English is spoken though.

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