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Dzenetica Cikma bb, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina, 71000

Serves meat, vegan options available. Has vegetarian pasta and salad in addition to fish. House-made seitan. Non-smoking. English spoken and on menu. Only 18 seats so reserve ahead. Directions: 1 minute walk from the Catholic Cathedral. Note Karuzo has a "bb" street address - it's at the east end of street before the numbering starts. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-3:00pm, Mon-Sat 6:00pm-11:00pm.

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First Review by Adnan

rude owner - Edit

The rudest owner I've ever met. Such a shame! I was really looking forward for Karuzo on my trip because of vegan options on the menu.
I walked in 21:40 into half empty restaurant. No personal were around. After waiting for 7-10 min I went down towards kitchen to see what's going on.
Then the owner basically said that I can't​ have food cause he has no time to cook and I should make a reservation. All said in very rude and uprising way. I repeat that a half of the restaurant wes empty and it's open till 23.
The place which takes reservation at least should have a personal who greats guests and can save time for those who didn't book a table.

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The best food in town - Edit

Karuso is a one of a kind restaurant and an experience you won't get anywhere else. Sasha - the owner and master chef, is an artist and has very, very high standards for everything he creates. Every single dish is make from scratch at the time - even the soups. His menu is enormous and after eating there for over a year, I have barely made a dent in it because I fall in love with so many dishes that I am compelled to order over and over. The food, vegan, vegetarian and sea food is simply wonderful and yes, worth every minute you wait. He is the chef, maitre d and the server and it takes time to make his amazing food. Bring a book, friends or just meet some of the interesting locals and internationals that frequent Karuso.
Your patience will be rewarded. I promise you that your meal will be well worth the wait., but a reservation does help things go more smoothly for you and Sasha.

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Great vegan food in Sarajevo - Edit

We visited this lovely cozy restaurant and were very pleased with wide variety of vegan dishes. The owner of the restaurant was super nice and friendly and the food was delicious. The downsides were that we had to wait quite a long time for our food and it is on the pricier side. I would still recommend as it was the best vegan food I ate in Sarajevo.

Pros: delicious food, very friendly chef/owner/waiter, many vegan dishes to choose from

Cons: price, waiting time was way too long

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Big choise of vegan and vegetarian dishes! - Edit

Fantastic restaurant. Very small and cosy. I had the vegan cevapi! So delicious! If you are a vegan or vegetarian, this is the place to be!

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Not very welcoming. - Edit

Heard great things about this place, not only from Happy Cow, but also from the locals. Was excited to go in, but once we got in we were told that we could not eat due to no reservation, fair enough. I explained, that as a vegan, I was really looking forward to eating with him. He said to sit and wait (no time limit given). The menu looking great (hence the 2 stars). But after waiting for half an hour, without any contact, I asked the lady for drinks, she said we would have to wait until Chef came out (not too sure why). He never came out and we then left. Although there were obviously reservations, only 3 tables were full. Very gutted, and would have looked to have tried the food. Shame the service, on a busy night, wasn't better.

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a hearty meal served by the most charming of hosts - Edit

My friend and I went to Karuzo on or travels through Bosnia and will never forget that afternoon.
Saša, the owner, welcomed us as the only guests in his tiny restaurant that is decorated with lots of love and thought to resemble a ship's hold. He treated us not like guests but like friends that entered his house and we felt home immediately. We received delicious food and enjoyed his company (he joined us with his glass of wine) and after leaving with a very full belly (mind you the vegan cevaps are great in both senses of the word) we wondered if he might have put some happy pills into our food since we couldn't stop giggling and praising this wonderful day that gave us wonderful Karuzo.

Highly recommended! The place is vegetarian except for the sushi and as a raw vegan (during summer) Saša knows what he's doing.

Pros: very big and delicious portions, personal feel and warm welcome, lovely interior

Cons: rather small if you're a big group

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Delicious! - Edit

We ate here and at the end of the meal made a reservation to eat here again the next night. That should give you and idea of what we thought of the food. Such a treat in the Balkans (where we live) to get such delicious vegan/vegetarian options (there's also a lot of fish on the menu but we don't eat fish so stuck with the other options).

As other reviews mention you will have to be patient because the food is being cooked from scratch but a leisurely meal is a pleasure anyway. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Sarajevo.

I agree with the other reviewer who said they would have rated it 5 cows if that was allowed on the site.

Pros: Delicious food., Convenient location, Plenty of vegan options

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Pretty good, but you'll have to wait - Edit

Since there are not other decent vegetarian restaurants in Sarajevo, this one is even a highly recommended one.
Inside it looks like a cabin of a vintage explorer ship, nets, compasses, charts, maps, folksy wooden furniture all over the place, covered in dim light. Only the radio music won't fit well in this atmosphere.
There are some tables inside and also a few seating possibilities outside (sheltered), the latter mainly for smokers I guess, since smoking inside is prohibited (which is quite uncommon in Serbia).
Besides many vegetarian and vegan options sushi is being served, which also can be requested to be vegan.
The owner is a true character who will gladly guide you through the menu and will make you feel comfortable as well as welcome. He speaks English very good may start a pleasing conversation as time allows. He takes honest interest in his guests and treat each one individually.
I was there twice. The first time I had a vegetable lasagne, a really superb one, that I won't forget in a hurry. The second time I had a mushroom risotto, which was fair, not very memorable.
Important to know and probably the biggest downside to Karuzo are the pretty long waiting times. Since the owner is additionally not only the waiter but also the cook (at least for certain dishes, since there is another cook down in the basement). Take into account that you may wait for half an hour maybe even for an hour for the food.
Ordered drinks will be served quite quickly though. The freshly squeezed lemonade is very good by the way.
Due to the long waiting times and the average risotto once I give only four cows, but I could give as well five out of sympathy all the same.

Pros: most lovely interior, fresh & homemade food, very friendly owner

Cons: looooong waiting time

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Best option we found in Sarajevo - Edit

Staff spoke English and there was an English menu. Classic vegetarian cuisine with a Bosnian twist. Plenty of vegan options. Service is very friendly albeit very slow since the server is also the cook (at least the day we had lunch there) and the food is all made to order so it takes some time.

Pros: Healthy food, Plenty of vegan options , Very friendly

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A little haven in Sarajevo - Edit

Karuzo is a little haven for vegans/vegetarians (and really for anybody) in this meat loving country. Not only is it one of the very few places where you can get vegan food. It´s probably the best food you`ll get in Sarajevo. It´s healthy, well balanced, and super tasty!
As a vegan it was a big relief to sit down in this cozy little restaurant; as both my nutrion needs and taste buds were very satisfied. Sasha, the ownerer, is a great guy. Real friendly, knowledgable and a true champion to keep this vegan base in the heart of Sarajevo!

I was there many times during my stay in Sarajevo, and was impressed by everything I tasted. And the portions are plenty, so you will not leave hungry. There are also some delicious vegan desserts for you to enjoy.

The map on happycow is a little off. Sent me off searching for a good while in the wrong places. But it`s actually very easily located. Just up from the big Catholic church down town, north side of Mula Mustafe, in a parallell street, you´ll see sort of a big white box, extended from the building - that is Karuzo.

(Happycow.net does not allow a 5/5 rating for non-vegetarian restaurants. Although this one should deserve it)

Pros: Nutrious and tasty food!, Good location, Friendly service

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Well Done! - Edit

We are sitting here eating now. I had the vegan Mint Pea soup. It was delicious. Very flavorful. My husband had the Grilled Pear salad. It looked amazing and he said it was delicious. For our second course, I had the vegan chili seitan. It was very hearty, spicy and very good. The seitan is homemade. My husband had the John Dory Fish Fillet with Spicy Mango Salsa. He said it was very good and very spicy. The restaurant also has free WiFi. The owner was very helpful too. This restaurant seems to be a lot healthier than traditional Bosnian food. Enjoy!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 26, 2012

Pros: They take reservations, Outdoor seating, Delicious vegan options

Cons: Very small restaurant

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heyheyrenee 29 Sep 2012 - They actually do have air conditioning. It just wasn't on the first night we were there but it was on the second time we went.  

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Creative food, fantastic experience - Edit

Karuzo is a gem is a meat-heavy country. Don't be put off by the fact that the restaurant serves dairy and fish - the owner Sasha (lovely guy) is a raw vegan but has pragmatically concluded that Bosnians are not yet ready for vegan cuisine and that he can provide a good stepping stone.

The retaurant design is very quirky (like a boat) and the food and drinks menu is extremely impressive. We had the vegan sushi (smoked tofu, mango and avocado - a triumph), stuffed swiss chard pockets (tasty) and a mushroom/polenta concoction (also tasty). The house wine was from Herzegovina and was very good. Almost all menu items are veganisable and there is also an extensive range of pasta dishes. Vegan desserts also available.

The only drawbacks are that Karuzo is expensive compared to other Sarajevo restaurants (but worth it in my opinion) and service is very slow (unsusprisingly for a one man chef-waiter joint).

Highly recommended.

Pros: extremely vegan friendly, extensive and inspired menu, great atmosphere

Cons: a little pricey, slow service

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best food I had in my life - Edit

usually I don't go to places that serve meet, but this place serve only fish, and the chef/ owner/waiter is row-vegan so he knows his way. I have no words but- now I can go to heaven because I know that it got to be a place that serve good food. go, you will not regret!!

Pros: the food, the vibe, the pepole

Cons: serves fish

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Karuzo, Sarajevo - Edit

Vegetarian and pescatarian food. For veggies there are offerings for lacto, ovo and vegan vegetarians. Pescatarian dishes offered, e.g. shrimp and sushi if you have someone non veggie friendly with you who likes fish/seafood. Good choice menus are in English including the specials board. The chef/waiter is a nice guy called Sasha. He is multi-lingual including English. I simply asked what he would recommend that was vegan veggie. In a great 'can do' response he enthused back to me, "What would you like, I can cook anything you like?". 25 marks for a hearty and tasty meal including a fruit juice make it good value for money. Centrally located and open good hours on most days. I would prefer if it was 100% veggie of course but it's easily the best restaurant in town currently for veggies (I need no convincing of the difficulties in trying to interest Bosnians in a purely vegetarian restaurant).

Karuzo has a 'bb' street address (see guidance notes on the Bosnia and Hercegovina page on this website). It's at the East end of the street before the numbering starts. From the Catholic Cathedral its just up the hill and turn left round the corner.

A very small point but I would prefer if the menu was split into vegetarian and pescatarian sections. Something on the menu to indicate the vegan veggie dishes would also be useful.

Closed Sundays but everyone needs a day off.

I'd be more than happy to eat here again.

Corrected west with east from previous review on Friday March 30, 2007, following comment below from Maggie.

Pros: Tasty food, Central, Friendly service

Cons: Closed Sundays, Not 100% veggie

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Maggie 05 May 2012 - Great review, just one correction, Karuzo is located at the east, not the west end of Mehmed Spaho, just behind the central market(Merkale) - walk to the back of the market and you'll be facing it.  

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Dijanam 22 Feb 2013 - Absolutely wonderful place. I am not sure what is better the atmosphere, chef or food. Not too expensive even for Bosnian standard. From my experience, especially in dating a vegan in Sarajevo, this is the first time someone knew what "vegan" means.  

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Creative and interesting food - Edit

Karuzo serves fish and cheeses, no meat, no eggs. Incredibly creative and varied vegetarian and vegan selections, with changing specials. We've eaten there multiple times. Sasha, the owner/chef is very knowledgeable and willing to do substitutes for vegans - he often substitutes smoked tofu for cheese. Everything is made from scratch by the owner and one helper with fresh food, so the wait can be long if there are other customers, but the food is worth waiting for. Specialties we particularly like are the grilled pear, greens and walnut salad; the swiss chard pockets; the chili seitan; nacho salad; polenta with porcini sauce. He has several eggless desserts - the chocolate apple cherry dessert is our favorite, also ice cream with salt and olive oil! and amaranth pudding. Seating is limited, so reservations are helpful. Take out is also available. He can use a bit too much salt for our taste, so we always ask him to go light on the salt. There's one nice outside table. The tables for four have one backless bench.

Pros: creative food, varied gourmet vegan selections, friendly and helpful chef

Cons: slow service, limited seating

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Mixed Feelings - Edit

OK, so you come here knowing that the restaurant serves sushi, which would put many vegetarians off.

The owner is helpful and friendly and willing to tailor your meal to your taste and requirements. After a bit of a wait the food was pretty good, but not great - perhaps a bit on the bland side. It was a little overpriced by Sarajevo standards.

It's a nice restaurant; more upmarket than most in Sarajevo. But personally I'd prefer to go to a totally vegetarian place, which in Sarajevo means the excellent Vegehana. Otherwise there's Global Foods or Taj Mahal which are Veg Friendly.

Pros: Friendly owner, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Serves sushi, Food a bit bland, Expensive

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OK.. - Edit

The restaurant is not 100% vegetarian - it serves fish as well.
The owner cooks all the food himself, which can lead to quite long waiting times. The food wasn't bad, nothing special, I just felt it was really overpriced for what it was (£9 for quite a simple lentil dish in Bosnia is a bit much).

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It's here, or nowhere - Edit

Macrobiotic food (serves fish). Creative menu. The only place in town for sushi -- good sushi. The owner runs the place by himself -- nice guy. Decent wine list. Mostly international crowd.

Pros: non-smoking, good food

Cons: seating arrangements, long waits (when busy), prices

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