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Falafel, hummus, and foul eatery. Open Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00.

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First Review by AlekDrobnjak


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28 Oct 2021

Doesn't exist

not here anymore

Pros: none

Cons: doesn't exist anymore


01 Nov 2021

Hi, I contacted them and they aren't sure if they will re-open. Thanks



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10 Feb 2020

Nice and cheap falafel

The staff was nice and there are almost just stuff like hummus and so on but also falafel “to go”, it was a bit dry but nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Points +20

03 Jan 2020

Great meal!

Very large portions at affordable prices.
Nicely seasoned falafel and very creamy hummus.
Minimalistic (and a bit cheap) setting, but with hospitable staff.

I had the falafel plate menu that comes with 9 falafel, two pitas, a portion of hummus and a mixed salad. Had to take a break after 7 falafel, and I'm a bigger fella! The menu was 1400 HUF (~4.5€)

Pros: Large portions, affordable prices


Points +419

06 Dec 2019

Ugly but delicious

Although the place itself is not very appealing, they really do have some good falafels there!

Pros: Above average taste


Points +80

04 Nov 2019

You get what you pay for

The hummus was good, however the interior and light made this place feel really worn and boring. Pricing was oddly inconsistent; one combo plate with 9 falafels cost the same as another plate with 3 falafels but with everything else the same.

Pros: Cheap, you get what you pay for

Cons: Feels cheap


Points +51

21 Aug 2019

Tasty hummus

No joke this has to be some of the best hummus I’ve eaten and it’s cheap!

Pros: Cheap, Tasty , Hummus


Points +170

10 Jul 2019


Hummus was really nice and creamy, falafels were not amazing but definitely great value for money

Pros: Cheap , Quick


Points +128

19 Jun 2019

Nice hummus

Hummus and falafel were good and the staff was friendly. I tried the mung bean hummus and tasted amazing.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Lack of atmosphere


Points +30

02 May 2019

Falafel sandwich on point

I had a falafel which was tasty,fresh and ready in 3 minutes for less than 2 Euros. Crazy.


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19 Feb 2019


Food: The portions are big, the taste of the dishes is...well...ok. But don't expect a very yummy taste.

Location: cold and uncomfortable.

Staff: The staff is friendly and helpful.


Points +739

11 Feb 2019

very good falafel

I really liked the falafel and the hummus and would recommend getting a falafel menu. It's very cheap! They don't offer a lot of different dishes, but if you like falafel it's a great choice. friendly english speaking stuff. Some places to sit down.

Pros: all vegan , cheap, toilettes

Cons: tables and toilettes could be cleaner


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29 Dec 2018

Highly recommended

The falafel is smooth as the wrap itself.
Im not really into the falafels but this is the best what i tried. Soft and light, with an uncommon shape.

The whole restaurant basicly vegan.
They dont use wheat in their pita.
Friendly owner(speak hungarian) and staff(speak english)

So i highly recommend. Good price good stuff.

Pros: Friendly price, Delicious food, Autentic, vegan, wheat free

Cons: Simple but good menu choices


Points +26

06 Nov 2018

Loved it

Everything was delicious and the staff was very kind and helpful.


Points +44

02 Oct 2018

Really good falafel

We came to this restaurant while visiting Budapest. Very kind staff, good food and cheap, good portions, nice vibe.
we really like it.


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20 Dec 2017

Best falafel in town!

I have fallen in love with Falafel Sziget since the first time I have eaten here and never have leaved with an empty stomach since. The owner is very nice and makes sure that the food is prepared with care. My personal favorite is the menu with the foul- hummus mix but everything tastes really good. Plus point that now they have delivery.

Pros: excellent food, great value, friendly staff

Cons: more veggies would be nice on the side


Points +47

19 Nov 2017

smacznie i tanio

Miła obsługa. Szybko i smacznie. Niedrogo. Polecam

Pros: niedrogo

Cons: brak wad :)


Points +412

03 Oct 2017

Good cheap falafel

Falafel Sziget offers a very cheap good falafel in the city center. The sandwich is great and it's prepared on the spot.

All the food tastes good and fresh. Would recommend!

Pros: Price, Location

Cons: Limited offer


Points +30

27 Sep 2017

Nice, small fastfood restaurant

The atmosphere is simple, but I Always love the food and the service is very kind. I think the price is correct, we've never kept hungry. One of my favourite falafel places in Budapest.


Cons: Cheap


Points +127

09 Sep 2017

not too delicious

maybe authentic, but neither their hummus nor the eggplant cream will be my favorites


Points +84

04 Aug 2017

simple but great falafel

Very nice food. Good and friendly service.
Hummus, foul and falafel were amazingly good!

Pros: delicious


Points +39

13 Jun 2017

very good hummus and falafel

After six weeks in Europe I started missing good hummus and falafel (I'm from Israel). I found this place through happy cow and I'm so happy I did! Very high level, in any standard.


Points +59

14 May 2017

Great hummus and falafel

The Falafel sziget is a bistro hidden in the 'dirty' back street. The bistro is modestly equipped and simple, but the food is great. I really enjoyed it. I had the falafel in pita and hummus.

Pros: Great flavor

Cons: Location


Points +24

15 Apr 2017

decent dinner

Quiet hidden in the back street, serves tasty home made hummus and falafel for affordable prices. Clean environment, yet the area feels little abandoned.

Pros: tasty homemade meals

Cons: hidden in the back street


Points +115

03 Apr 2017

Quality Hummus and Falafel

It is located in the center of Budapest quite close to Blaha Lujza square. Small place with a few tables, not much to enjoy from an ambient point of view, however one of the best falafel & hummus places in the city. There is an English menu, let the pictures talk for themselves as food is served as it looks like on the photos. The meals are prepared with love and care. The owner is a very polite and respectful person - not sure if he talks English, but he is definitely not Hungarian -. Very reasonable prices from a Hungarian perspective as well, for Western Europeans it is damn cheap. Since I am interested in the food at the first place, therefore I am giving this place a 4.

Pros: Quality food, Good Location

Cons: Poor decoration, Small place


Points +444

01 Jan 2017

good falafel

Probably one of the better falafels I had in Budapest.

Pros: Hummus and Falafel available

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