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Casual eatery in the city center near green market. Makes vegetables, basmati rice, integral pasta, veggie burger, soya steak, tofu and seitan sandwiches, burrito, pancakes, fruit salad, juice, and ice tea. Note: closes at 4pm during off season, but remains open until midnight on busy nights in high summer. Closes seasonally - check ahead for hours. Open Mon-Sun 09:00-22:00. Closes Seasonally.

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First Review by LauraEdwards


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13 Oct 2023

Great falafel sandwich

Great and friendly service. I had a falafel sandwich, and it was tasty and filling.

Pros: Service , Taste

Cons: A bit pricey



Points +34

03 Oct 2023


Very delicious vegan food in Split. After eating the rice with veggies we recreated the food almost every day during our travels. Large variety of sauces to pimp your food (including soy sauce).
Thank you!!

Pros: Veggies, Sauces


Points +25

25 Sep 2023

Good value, freshly homemade

It's a small shop where one really nice lady makes all the food. Takes a few minutes but you can see her make the food on the spot. Quite inexpensive for Split standards. Had a burrito with seitan, included rice and veggies for €8 and some zucchini tarts with rice and veggies for €13 (October 2023). Could be more filling but I'm a big eater. Overal a nice experience!

Pros: All vegan, Homemade and fresh, Something else than cheeseless pizza and risotto


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21 Sep 2023

Convenient cheap option

I had a falafel wrap whilst waiting for the ferry. It wasn’t the best falafel wrap in the world but was pretty good, decently priced and in a convenient location. They also had quite a wide variety of different things on the menu. Would definitely recommend


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20 Sep 2023


I walked in while I was waiting for the bus. Very yummie falafel wrap. It’s a cute little place for take away but also some chairs.
I would definitely go back to try the seitan but ran out. Good prices good portions.


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20 Sep 2023

Huge portions and cheap

It was nice to find something in Split that didn't burn a hole in my wallet. The portions are big and the burrito I had was too filling to actually finish.

My main complaint is that the burrito that I got to take away was so hot that it was still burning my hands to hold it 30 minutes later, and it took an hour before I could start eating it. If you get food here, maybe factor in that it might take a while to cool down enough to be edible.

If you're struggling to find it, it's in an alleyway that is mostly populated by souvenir shops.

Pros: Big portions , Good prices

Cons: Food too hot, burned my hands 30 min later


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10 Sep 2023


A small little food spot with great value vegan food.


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06 Sep 2023

Simple homestyle food with good value

This one-woman eatery offers homestyle food with generous portions for reasonable prices. Tucked down an alley, it can be tricky to find, so I uploaded a photo showing the entrance to the alley.

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02 Sep 2023

Sort of good?

Cash-only, small but wonderful cafe. €8 for a burrito. The portions are MASSIVE, which is great and the vegetables and rice are…vegetables and rice. It’s great, but it’s not much flavour unless you add one of the sauces from the counter-top. We went for sweet and sour sauce which was lovely.

Pros: Massive portions

Cons: Not much flavour


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29 Aug 2023

Small but lots of options

We got it to take away as it is in the middle of the market so it is very busy with lots of people walking by with only a few seats inside the stall, which were all taken. Definitely a good sign they had so many customers! We got a seitan burrito and a burger and it was still boiling hot by the time we made the 1hr journey home!! My burrito was very vegetable and rice based, with not much seitan at all, but it was still good so I didn’t mind. Both the burrito and burger were very very messy to eat for some reason - we got it everywhere!! They also had sriracha which is always a plus in my book. They are cash only and I was not prepared, but there is an ATM around the corner.


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28 Aug 2023

günstige Preise

und sehr leckeres und frisches Essen

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27 Aug 2023

Con matices

La comida esta muy rica pero el establecimiento deja mucho que desear. Las herramientas de cocina muy antiguas y sucias. La señora fumaba mientras cocinaba sin lavarse las manos.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-27

Pros: Atención rapida , Comida rica

Cons: Poca higiene, Sin baño, ni para lavar las manos, No eco


Points +49

27 Aug 2023

Nice fast food restaurant

Many many vegan options right in the middle of the green market. You can eat inside (there are not many tables) or take-away. The ladies that own the restaurant were super nice. We got a main dish to share (very big portions) with rice, falafel and vegetables. Very good prices. Highly recommend for a fast meal.


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27 Aug 2023

Okay for a quick and easy meal

We shared a plate with grilled vegetables, (very few) falafel and basmati rice. Nothing I couldn’t make myself but it did its job as a quick meal. The portions are huge so I think this place is quite convenient for Split. The ladies working there are lovely

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25 Aug 2023

OK food

The food is very average, with nothing favorable. The ladies behind the counter are lovely and quick. The portions are big but mainly just veggies and rice. Not much else for sustenance.


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15 Aug 2023

Sadly not impressed

As a vegan, you can often rate a place by considering if you’d bring a non-vegan there and in the case for this place, I would definitely not. Hygiene was poor (coughed and sneezed in hand). Food was just not interesting in any way, and while the size was good, it was a lot of food that you didn’t really want to eat. Especially the gazpacho lacked taste and was very very watery.

Pros: Portion size

Cons: Hygiene , Taste and texture , Not much creativity


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15 Aug 2023

Big portions and favour :)

Great food from a one woman band and so lovely to have a little vegan oasis :)

Pros: Flavour, Portion size , Service

Cons: Not much seating (understandably)


Points +13

14 Aug 2023

Big Servings, maybe a bit pricey tho

I am not sure what the prices in Croatia are but for grilled vegetables with mushrooms 12€ might be a bit too much but otherwise it tasted good fresh and was a big serving


Points +958

11 Aug 2023


Not anything special, but does the job. I added some sauce to spice it up. Not that cheap but portion size is quite large. Also a bit slower than expected.


Points +154

10 Aug 2023

Great for a quick lunch

We had the Seitan Sandwich for a quick lunch, pretty good. You have to choose your sauces and top the sandwich with them yourself but that’s fine.
Rest of the menu made a good impression, too. That’s how modern, fast street food is supposed to look like.


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09 Aug 2023

So good!

Very delicious! You can see how the food is made. Free extra sauces. Everything was great.


Points +72

05 Aug 2023

Great food

Big portions cheap prices.


Points +64

02 Aug 2023

Good Choices

Nice Vegan restaurant so I went there for dinner and breakfast.
I had the Bowl and croissant for breakfast.

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28 Jul 2023

Nice to have as an option but uninspiring

Menu is a bit odd - would be nice if they considered doing a breakfast burrito. It’s nice to have a slightly cheaper option but personally wouldn’t return


Points +103

23 Jul 2023

Simple but good

The tofu tasted good, nice ambiance. Have had better vegan food for the same price in Split


Points +864

14 Jul 2023

Most bland falafel wrap in my life

Ordered a falafel wrap and immediately regretted it. Was mostly leaves, undercooked and under seasoned falafel. Apparently there was hummus in it could see it but bc could not taste it. I could easily make a better falafel wrap myself with more taste and for a cheaper price. Had to cover my wrap in siracha so I could at least tats something. Also don’t be deceived by their name it was not fast at all. Also cash only and barely any seating. The other meals looked nicer so would maybe try another dish. But honestly would rather go somewhere else

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14 Jul 2023

It’s sad when places like this just aren’t up to expectation! 😟


16 Jul 2023

dear lady, we have been working here for 13 years and we are the first restaurant concept of this kind in Croatia, we promote Dalmatian Mediterranean vegan bread, all our vegetables come from our fields, all the food is organic, and because of that we also have big losses, and it is more expensive to produce, and we live on that 5 family and we stand behind it 100 people 100 tastes we can't please everyone and guess the taste we apologize why you didn't like it thank you


01 Aug 2023


Points +1237

14 Jul 2023

Not the best food but not the worst!

Had a falafel wrap today, probably would say it’s more of a salad wrap tbh - the lettuce was very fresh! The other food items that other people ordered looked better! Would say this is decently priced for Split - which is drastically overpriced as is… It’s a 50/50 as to whether I’ll be back

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-14

Pros: “Decent” prices, Fresh produce used

Cons: Bland, Not super fast


14 Jul 2023

Tbh would give it a 2 that was the most bland wrap I had. I could make better myself. Got massive food envy though the other dishes looked nice. But definitely not fast they need to take that out of their title

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