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1511 High St, Des Moines, USA

A Dong

27 Sep 2009

A Dong
515) 284-5632
1511 High St
Des Moines, IA 50309

It was someone at the Ritual Cafe who recommended A Dong as they had just shut down the kitchen. Sometimes timing is everything when you fly airplanes around the country and I missed the cutoff by 10 minutes.

This meal was to be eaten on the trip home, probably somewhere over Ohio and one of the concerns, since we don't have a tray table, is how messy are we going to get in the cockpit.

Well, I ordered the spring rolls and another dish with a sauce and rice. I had them mix the rice in the container with the sauce and I must say that the gentleman waiting on me was incredibly meticulous and taped down the lids of every spill-able item. And it worked like a charm.

The spring rolls, although perhaps a tad thicker on the dough than I'd had before was nicely chewy and the inside was crisp and delicious with a nice mix of ingredients.

I can't tell you what I ordered because I sort of mixed and matched off the menu to create a dish which had the ingredients and sauce that I wanted and this certainly gets a few extra points when I can literally prepare my own dish. It was delicious and I did something I rarely do in the airplane...I taped the lid back on and took the leftovers home.

Big Big Suggestion.

Get a menu online. People need to see that you have a specific vegetarian menu!!!!

Visit me at my blog: http://martysnycveggiereview.blogspot.com/
Marty's Flying Vegetarian Review

1212 Royal St, New Orleans, USA

Bennachin Restaurant in New Orleans

08 Oct 2009

I opted to start with the Black Eyed Pea Fritters as the vegetarian waitress at the Sugar Shack (veg friendly) spoke very highly of them.

I thought they were a lighter version of say, falafel with a more neutral taste but they were served with a spiced onion and tomato paste sauce which I couldn't get enough of.

My entree, the Black Eyed Peas in Onion and Tomato Stew served with Coconut Rice and Fried Ripe Plantains was what I went for. I thought it would more or less come in a pot as a "stew" but it was more a rice and beans variant with stewed black eyed peas. I liked the flavor, mild and tasty but as I'm a hot sauce kind of guy, it was better, (as I think most things are), with a few shakes. I was in New Orleans...how could I not think, "BAM!"?

The coconut rice was flavorful, subtle, with a smattering of veggies. The plantains were fried but not overly sweet. Almost like a taste of young plantains that had just moved into the ripe phase...but as tender as they were in the beginning of the meal they were more of a sweet tostones.

And then there was this roll. I couldn't figure it out. It's like a kind of white flour, sweetish, supermarket thing. Give me a hunk of dark peasant bread and it would have been the perfect compliment.

I would eat here again and ask many more questions. I think this is the kind of place you can feel really comfortable with the food after ordering it a few times and know what things are.

Read my complete review at http://martysnycveggiereview.blogspot.com

333 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, USA

In the shadow of meatpacking a ray of sunshine

21 Aug 2012

Read the full review with pics on my blog, Marty's Flying Vegan Review:

Kansas City, the words are almost synonymous with meat. Beef. Stockyards. Amazing that there are 3 vegan establishments here. Fud is not open for dinner during the week and Mud Pie Vegan Bakery wasn't what I had in mind for a dinner, so what turned out to be a good choice was made by default.

But first, KC you do have your progressive shite together. Rentable bikes that you can return to different locations than where you rented them from. These automated kiosks caught my attention in a double take and I pulled over to take a few pics. The only question I have is what if you're taking a bike to a place that is full. Then what, since you're charged by the hour while you have the bike. The clock apparently stops when you bring it back and you can take the bike as many times as you want during the period you paid for. Interesting concept.

Now just to give you a feel for the place, here's something you don't see in my neck of the woods everyday ... but it's one of the first things I noticed at MCI, the big airport:

And one last thing. Here's the view from my hotel. Actually not a bad looking city:

Now for the food part. I made you wait. I'm sorry. No I'm not. But here:

The interior is a warm brick and wood interior with a bar running about half way down the dining room. I found the environment very relaxing.

I don't really like when dishes have cute names and every dish here does. As a newcomer to a menu I just find it just a bit harder to decipher. Here are a few shots of the menu. That being said it is a pretty extensive menu and you do have lots of options and cuisines to choose from.

The conversation sounds like this, "Did you want to be comforted or are you connected?"
"I don't know, I just want the potatoes."

I got the I Am Comforted as an appetizer.

I Am Transformed is their best seller and since I'm still on a quest for the world's best veggie burger I tried that too. I Am Magical. "poof."

Just so you know, I put gluttony aside and took home half of everything I ordered. Except dessert. That didn't make it back to the hotel room.

Natalie the owner asked me if I liked chocolate and mint as she put this in front of me. I LOVE chocolate and mint. This was a shake and although I thought it was cool and refreshing and enjoyed the crunch of the nibs I think the mint, from fresh mint leaves, was a bit too "green" i

78 Middle St, Portland, USA

Great place for veggies and non.

29 Jun 2010

What a great place.  My stepmom is gluten intolerant, my dad wanted a great salad, my wife a staunch carnivore and me being near veganesque with a vegetarian daughter, we did have some diverse needs and all were met.  I was also, after 4 days, so tired of veggieburgers and trying to veganize ingredients on touristy restaurants and being inundated with fried clams.

I ate at this place two years ago and every one seemed to be happy and I figured it was time for a nice meal of a higher quality.  It served all of our needs and everyone was actually happy with their fare.

We had a miso/mung bean soup which I thought was lentil at first taste.  It was seasoned just right with a nice earthiness to it.   2 other apps were Tempeh Spring Rolls with soy dipping sauce and Samosas with a chili dipping sauce.  The samosas had a nice peppery taste that overwhelmed my mom and was just a bit over the line for my dad.  We three like it.

The Spring Rolls were good but I didn't really get a tempeh sensation.

My dad said his Greek Salad was excellent and had to be persuaded to take half of it home.  He wondered out loud how chefs know exactly how much of each ingredient to put into a salad to create that perfect balance.   They're chefs dad.

We wont go into the 4 salmon dishes but everyone was happy with the mustard glazed or plainly seasoned dishes...as ordered.

I tasted the mashed potatoes which were half sweet potato, garlic, salt and pepper and no dairy.  Incredibly creamy but not totally pureed so it had a bit of texture.

My Thai Coconut Tempeh was a wonderful mix of flavors.  It was served over Jasmine rice, contained bok choy, carrots, broccoli and softened triangles of flavored tempeh.  A squeeze of lime added a nice freshness to the dish.  The sauce was a coconut milk based broth.  Great dish.  I added Sirracha and it kicked.

I'm still getting my head around taking a picture of my food before I start, (or finish), eating so here's a real life example of that.  Glad I had SOMETHING to take a picture of!

The salad, which I usually don't mention, was mixed greens, crisp, refreshing, with a dill vinaigrette.  I think there might have been some tarragon in there.  What a wonderful change from Old Orchard Beach fare.

Desserts were heavenly.  I had a piece of non vegan Chili Chocolate Cake just because I think I can veganize ...

For pics and the rest of the review please visit my blog at:


2239 W 95th St, Chicago, USA

Vegan Fast Food as it should be!

14 Nov 2010

See pics and the full review at Marty's Flying Vegan Review

It's only been open for a couple of months and the menu is simple and small but the food is amazing. I made a quick pit stop here and grabbed a few things to go and was very impressed.

The restaurant itself is a storefront. Rather poorly marked with a sign taped in the window. I was glad I saw this place during the day because I don't know if I'd have noticed it with the well marked soul food place right next door.

There's also a pretty harsh sign on the door, "EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY HOURS ARE AS FOLLOWS: ... " Funny kind of pronouncement but what the important thing is that the place doesn't open until 4PM. So no lunch?

Spartan doesn't begin to describe the decor. It's bare bones functional with a few tables in front. Down the hall is the kitchen. I thought there might have been a dining room but the only room is going to become a store. There's a hugh health food marked a few blocks down 95th so I'm not sure what they're going to be selling.

Dinner specials are $8.95. That's the most expensive thing on the menu. You have to love that.

I didn't see any online menus so here are a few shots of the menu on the front counter.

Since I had to be mobile while eating I couldn't order the dinners.

Few choices but they hit the 4 corners of the world.

Chowing down with a car seat as my table. There were 4 pieces when I opened the container but by the time I got out the camera ...

This was one of the best quesadillas I've ever had. The cheese and spinach were seasoned just right and tasted fantastic and the tortilla had a nice crunch.

The guac was fine and the chipotle dipping sauce had a rich delicious flavor.

Yes the carrots and celery were measly but the seitan, even with all this condensation in the box, were fantastic. Just the right amount of breading and the consistency was just where it's supposed to be for a bite of seitan. The two dipping sauces, bbq (KC sweet) and vegan ranch (OK), went well for these pseudo wings.

The young man in the store told me they made the burgers in-house but it looked so perfect. I need to talk to the chef because this might have been one of the best renditions of a burger I have eaten. As a matter of fact it scared me ...
Marty's Flying Vegan Review
vegan tees at www.cafepress.com/veganpilotmarty

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

V-Note, New Upscale Vegan worth every penny

14 Nov 2010

See the full review and pics at Marty's Flying Vegan Review www.martysnycveggiereview.blogspot.com I took a walk over to V-Note this summer but the opening date had been set back and so I was really looking forward to eating here. I passed by a few days after they opened and took a look at the prices. Holy Seitan Batman, save me from sticker shock!

As the new boy on the block don't you tip toe into the pool and after you get really really busy up the prices find the balance? I know nothing about restaurant management but seems reasonable to lure me in, have me come back and find the prices are a buck or two higher. I resisted and resisted and then when a "Living Social" deal for V-Note showed up in my inbox I could no longer find an excuse. I mean, 20 bucks is 20 bucks and that was the savings. I made a reservation for 3 and off we went.

Modern slick meets dark warm wood. Banquette along one wall. Personally I don't enjoy eating elbow to elbow with other diners unless a) there's no place left to sit or b) I know you very well or c) there's enough room for my butt to not knock over a water glass on the adjoining table, (in which case they're no longer elbow to elbow).

When you put this Caesar Salad in your mouth it said, "Bang! Caesar Salad in the HOUSE!" Although I think buying a pre-made protein like Gardein and putting a crisp on it and serving it in a very upscale restaurant is a bit of a cop out, it paired amazingly well with the salad and it was an impressively close impersonation of a Chicken Caesar Salad.

Caesar Salad
Gomashio, toasted capers, soy chicken and herbed croutons. $14
I was waiting for a bite of crabmeat and that was just silly. One day maybe I'll taste something like it but these were close. There was a nice taste of the ocean with a crab cake consistency, not too mushy and with a nice crunch on the outside. The combination with the tarter sauce was indeed a memory of another dining era in my life. Very nice dish.

Crab Cakes
Blend of hiziki seaweed, tofu, herbs and spices with a tartar sauce $10
This dish wasn't trying to be anything other than delicious. It had a wonderful earthy flavor from the veggies and the lentils were cooked perfectly, neither mushy nor too crunchy and that combination with the crisp and ...

Marty's Flying Vegan Review

1155 S Dale Mabry Hwy Ste 11, Tampa, USA

Specialty Bakery and Healthy Smooties in Tampa

26 Feb 2012

See the full review with pics at www.martysflyingveganreview.com

I had a few hours in Tampa and borrowed a crew car. Not many choices but Viitals popped up on Happy Cow and I was craving a green smoothie in the worst way. Needed. Kale. Now.

I passed it by the first time as it is located on the backside of the "L" of a strip mall. You have to make a right into the parking lot, (or street) and it's on your right. If you're driving you actually have to look over your right shoulder to see it. It's there, you just have to look. You can't miss the sign though.

There is a whole menu board of smoothies and green drinks on the wall behind the counter. I find it somewhat difficult to make a decision about the slight differences between them as you'll see 2 pictures lower but Evan, (spelled Ivan), helped. First off though the decision to replace kale with spinach was an easy one as he doesn't carry kale.

I did stop short a few times to look at the vegan cake display. I had a hard time focusing. Sugar plum fairies were dancing in my head and sugar spike memories were making me swoon. They looked so good. But green was also on my mind and my body.

Ivan making the goodness. Behind me are about 10 tables. Someone was working on a laptop so I'm assuming there is internet connectivity. The place is bright and happy although wasn't busy enough. Ivan said he was in business for about 6 months so come on TAMPA and support this guy!

Here you can see the different options available. I just decide what I want, then add what's not included. I added my spinach to the Ultragreen. After I read the menu a few times it all sort of blends together.

There are a bunch of different muffins and cupcakes. I applaud the level of labeling. Everything is labeled vegan/gluten free/soy free/etc., and most of the items, (I didn't read all the labels), seemed to be vegan.

These two items also caught my eye. they are "Meal 'Complete'" items and according to Ivan, who is a semi-retired competitive body builder, contains the "correct" balance of carbs, protein, and fat. I was saddened to learn that although he tried a vegan diet it didn't work out for him and he now has added animal protein back into his personal diet. I would have liked to sit down over a beer with him and talk about Brazier and Cheeke and the other bodybuilders who made it work on a vegan diet, to compare what he ate vs what they ate but time was a bit tight and he was, afte

727 East Ave, Pawtucket, USA

Fantastic in Pawtucket? Who'd a thunk it?

10 Sep 2010

See the full review at Marty's Vegetarian Review; www.martysnycveggiereview.blogspot.com

I love these "who would have thunk?" places and Pawtucket definitely falls into that category.

I "Happy Cowed", well, actually I use Vegout on my iPhone, but this place came up and their website has a picture of some amazing looking soups so it was either that or trying some veggies at a sub shop.

It's great when we are at a place for a few hours and the place where we park has a crew car for us. Landmark at North Central did and the service was great. Unfortunately sometimes we can't buy gas or order any services to support that business but they do get a ramp fee and I'm happy to spend the company's money that way. Off we went through the backroads of Northern Providence.

I drove by the place at first. Then the other way I saw the address on a sign in a strip mall and turned in.

A beautiful place yet functional, bar and booths and tables. And the amazing thing? All filled. All busy.
Folks, this place is in a strip mall sandwiched in between a Pizza joint and a chinese restaurant, (and another eatery) and this was the place, according to Natalie our waitress, usually has a line out of the door.

What you can't see is that every seat in the booths along the right side was filled and every seat in the window behind me and along the wall to the left was filled.

I love apps and I really enjoy sharing food which sometimes, on the road, depending on who your with, isn't viable. We're sitting at the table (in our uniforms), and Natalie suggested we share some entrees and although we did end up doing that my answer to her, with a smile of course was, "Uhm, we're not married you know." Some guys are funny that way. I couldn't care less. The more tastes of different stuff the better.

Anyway, back to the apps. If you don't want to eat this picture there's something seriously wrong with you.

That is a salted bowl of Edamame and I got the Chipotle Glazed Seitan with the Wasabi Dipping sauce.
This reminded me more of an Asian dish than Mexican spiced but it was like eating fried sweet and sour chinese food from my PV days. (Note to self, tell people about new abbreviations before you use them. PV= Pre veg). I found it more sweet and honey-ish than spicy but the wasabi cleared m...

1408 South St, Philadelphia, USA

Govinda's ... very good for what it is.

06 Aug 2010

See the whole review and more pics at Marty's Flying Vegetarian Review. www.martysnycveggiereview.blogspot.com

...A wonderful crusty whole wheat italian style bread, (so was the sesame bread), and copious amounts of moist, flavorful, chunks of soy chicken with soy vegan cheese, sauteed peppers, (only green), and veganaise. Now I probably could have left off the veganaise, saved 100 calories and had just as delicious a sandwich...

126 E Main St, Newark, USA

Decent meal for vegans

04 Feb 2012

See my blog (Marty's Flying Vegan Review), for the complete review with pictures.

While getting familiar with my new office

Perhaps the most fun video game ever conceived.
while in training in Wilmington I like to get over to Home Grown Cafe for a home grown meal. Eating in an efficiency kitchen and trying to cook quick, nutritious meals, while economical, doesn't alleviate the need to sit back and have someone else cook and serve ... at least once during training week.

Home Grown Cafe is perhaps one of the most vegan friendly restaurants I've been in. They really get how easy it is. Just take out the dead animals and put in tofu, portobello, or (Praise the heavens), home-made seitan. Really, what's the big deal world?

Home grown is a casual bar/restaurant a few blocks from the college and has quite a mix of patrons. They have a nice beer list and of course, http://barnivore.com to the rescue to see which are vegan. I started with a Sierra Nevada Rye IPA which had a flavor you could call bold or certainly present. I am not a beer maven but don't think there's ever a time or place, (work excepted of course), that a beer doesn't fit in and I've disliked very few that I've had. I don't like "thin" or watered down tasting beer and although this wasn't "thick" like a stout it had substance.

In case anyone has a requirement for one of these, the Home Grown has a wall.
Sitting at the bar shooting the entrance and dining tables.

Bar area and dining room beyond.

Sitting at the bar, shooting outside, the other dining room.

What appears to be a sex toy, (did ya just forget to take it with you?), on the bar but is actually the bar menu turned almost sideways.
OK, enough about the interior design, on to the food. First off, a meal just ain't a meal if there isn't an appetizer and I chose the buffalo wings with seitan. It came with a vegan ranch which I wasn't bowled over by. The seitan had crispy crunch on the outside and had a very realistic meaty mouth feel to it. The waiter brought a more spicy Sriracha aioli which was much more to my liking.

Seitan Buffalo Wings with Sriracha aioli
**Boneless "Wings" 9.5
Your choice of breaded fried Chicken or Seitan tossed in our house made Buffalo sauce. Served with carrots, celery & blue cheese dressing.
Next on the hit parade was the entree. I was hankering, (truly a word from Brooklyn if ever there was one), for a good eggplant parm but they are few and far between

920 Johnson St, Elkhart, USA

Not bad Chinese Food in Elkhart, Indiana.

23 Jan 2012

See my blog Marty's Flying Vegan Review at www.martysflyingveganreview.com for full review with pics.

You can only eat so many boca burgers and salad and microwave only so many Amy's in a hotel room before you need a nice cooked meal. I had nothing to base my decision on since there were not all that many vegan options, i.e., one "vegan friendly" place. That actually means nothing as any steakhouse can be "vegan friendly" by offering a salad, so any omission foods, (meat dishes without the meat), do not vegan friendly make.

So, Jade Garden. It's a tiny place with 4 tables and on this frigid January night, a small space heater. The place was freezing and a couple, (turned out waiting for their take out food), had that little heater pointing right at their table in the corner. It took a few cups of tea to warm up my fingers. There's no vestibule so every time someone came in or left, (and there were about 8 people coming and going with their take out orders), the temperature dropped 30 degrees.

The front door, plastic on the windows, and the heater at my right elbow which you can't see pointing away from me.
I thought the menu had some vegetable soong but apparently there are two restaurants. The other restaurant, I was told, had more tables, a sushi bar, and a regular bar in addition to what appears to be the menu found online. I found out about this after I paid my bill but hopefully among that list of amenities one would have included heat.

Yes, of course I switched tables. So I could study.
I saw one vegetable dish and the waitress couldn't really tell me what was in the sauce but when I asked about chicken stock she said there wasn't any. She then pointed out a dish with tofu and veggies and suggested that so I ordered it very spicy and I confirmed there was no animal products used in its preparation. I asked about brown rice and she asked if I wanted fried rice. I'm not in New York. (I know that was a snobby thing to say but sometimes I think like a snobby New Yorker.) I asked for veggie fried rice and she said there was only scallions in it. It became apparent I wasn't going to get my custom made meal so I just said, "sure," and asked for no egg. I'm surprised I remembered that.

The fried rice was good although not super flavorful and as promised, just had brown and scallions. The tofu dish was nicely spicy but although the waitress later said it was only chili oil it had a tomato-ey, at first

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

Comforting and delicious

22 Oct 2010

Read the complete review with pics at Marty's Flying Vegan Review
Night one in Chicago and the big guy is happy to watch baseball and eat at TGIF so I have a car and a 100% vegan mindset. I Happy Cow, (now a verb you see), and find 2 Karyn's places but one uses words like, "chic," and I'm not really chic. I'm cool but not chic. So I pick Cooked.

It takes me about 20 minutes to get there from the hotel near Midway and I find a parking space around the corner. I spend another 15 minutes trying to figure out if I need to pay for parking and by then there are only 22 minutes left that I have to pay for parking FOR. So I spend another 5 wondering if I could get away with it and being from NYC where the traffic NAZIS will ticket you while you are actually walking to the machine to pay for your parking receipt to put on your dashboard to prove you paid for parking, (right?!), I cave in and buy $1.40 worth of asphalt rental time.

Karyn's has several tables outside and a welcoming facade. Inside it is warm and ... cool, woody and modern but not trying to prove anything, just a nice place.

There were only about 6 people there when I first sat down but by the time I left there were about 15 so I stopped worrying that they'd go out of business.

Look what my camera can do in Panoramic mode. I'm just amazing myself.
My waitress was upbeat and more than willing to find out the answers to my questions about what was made inhouse, (the seitan/tofu protein mixture), and what was purchased outside, (the Match meat used in my Buffalo Wings), and willingly shared which were her favorites on the menu.

I started with a local organic beer, (well, Wisconsin is local to me anyway), Lakefront Organic ESB which stands for Extra Special Bitter. It was milder than I was bracing for and quite enjoyable with my wings.

A nicely laid out plate with Buffalo sauce, Ranch Dressing and BBQ sauce
Buffalo Wings $9.00
Chicken soy meat dusted in whole wheat flour. Seasoned with paprika, garlic and onion. Served with garlic and barbeque sauces

Still working on clear closeups.

Nice and chewy with a fantastic crunch coating.
The Buffalo Wings were a hit with me. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I swear I could have put a straw in the Ranch dressing. It had a creamy and slightly sweet taste to it. Man that was good. The Buffalo sauce had a nice hot sauce flavor but didn't scorch. Did I say that Ranch should have been served

13872 Metrotech Dr, Chantilly, USA

Strip Mall Vegan in Chantilly, Va. Excellent

11 Oct 2010

See the full review and pics at Marty's Flying Vegan Review

Sometimes we fly people somewhere, wait a bit, (or a lot), and fly back. I had about 90 minutes from driving out of the parking lot in a borrowed crew car at IAD, (Dulles Airport), to starting the airplane again. Dulles used to have a place called Hard Times Cafe in, if I remember, Reston, which wasn't too terrible a drive and served a vegetarian chili on top of spaghetti but it's since closed. Now I still don't have a place to eat a vegan meal and satisfy my carnivore coworkers but I was on my own today!!

Happy Cow. Usually it's a complicated analysis, what do I want to eat, what else is there on the menu, yadda yadda, but today it was exclusively a proximity search. 15 minutes away was Lotus Vegetarian. Never been there. Uncharted territory. Never know what you'll find.

As I turned into the street leading to the entrances to several shopping plazas my head was on a swivel looking for this place, annoying the following drivers behind me. Hey, I'm from NY. Do you think that bothers me? I shouldn't have worried. There were several white signs with prominent green letters, the kind you put in your lawn that say, "Vote for Moe!" and it was an easy find.

It was a bright, modern place with booths along the walls and tables in the middle. They have a counter in the rear in front of the open kitchen. I wasn't sure whether it was a cafeteria style order and then sit but they did have table service.

Congratulate me. I didn't order a fried appetizer. I got the steamed dumplings, (which were house made), the General's Tso's Surprise, (the most popular dish), and the Lotus Organic Tofu.

Whole Wheat Steamed or Pan-Fried Dumplings (6)
Filled with minced soy protein, cabbage, zucchini, organic carrots, string beans, shiitake mushrooms and ben thread noodles.

Lotus Organic Tofu
Organic tofu simmered with lotus roots, king oyster mushrooms, sugar peas, red bell peppers, Thai basil and ginger in brown sauce.

General Tso's Surprise
Chunks of soy protein fried till crispy tossed with hot chili sauce. Garnished with steamed broccoli.

I walked over to the kitchen and found out that the proteins all come from California. I wasn't surprised in Provo when I learned that was the source but outside of DC I would have though May Wah on Hester St would have had that market wrapped up. Anyway, I asked to see the diff...

7351 Assateague Dr Ste 190, Columbia, USA


28 Aug 2012

Between Baltimore and DC is a mini Whole Foods kind of place with a perfect selection of organic produce, dry goods, frozen foods and as the pic shows, (just a few of the) many prepared sandwiches and sealed dishes. If you're hungry and driving through or just need to stock up before hitting the next hotel, they're worth a stop.

2491 S Superior St, Milwaukee, USA

The Palamino Grill

03 May 2012

I love this place. The fact I can have light and crunchy onion rings, hot sauce slathered tofu and seitan wings and then chow down to a vegan sloppy joe is amazing. The food has interesting flavor profiles. I wish we weren't working because a cold beer with all this delicious food on a nice warm Milwaukee day would have been perfect.

Our waitress could have at least made believe she cared though. It was almost like we were bothering her. From her tossing the menus on the table, forgetting to fill a water glass, forgetting to replace a dish with cheese melted on it, "our dishwasher is terrible." OK, nice to know, bring me a clean plate please, to the answer to the "What vegan food do you like on the menu?" question being, "I don't eat vegan food." Really? Go work at McDonalds.

oh well, at least the food was good. Pics and more on my blog: www.martysflyingveganreview.com

55 St. Nicholas Ave, New York City, USA

Seasoned Vegan Hiding in Harlem

11 Oct 2011

For the full review and pics see my blog Marty's Flying Vegan Review at www.martysnycveggiereview.blogspogt.com

Life is serendipitous. Look in just the right place at just the right time and you spend the rest of your life with your soulmate. Sliding Doors and all that.

So I was bored and just looking at my iPhone Tweetdeck and I see the menu of the day scroll by. Serendipitous, right? I ask half heartedly where this feast is being served thinking there are a million places I'm NOT going to be this beautiful fall day, ready to file it away for a visit to some distant city, but the answer actually is the one place I AM going to be. (Or could easily take a little detour to). 283 West 118th Street. I'm game. You never know, in New York City, about a neighborhood. Or a particular block. You can find either a diamond in the rough or a blemish in a diamond. As you can see in the picture below this area of New York City has new Co-ops going up and still has blocks of what the quintessential NY is architecturally known for; brownstones. This isn't really Harlem but Morningside Heights. I just liked the Hiding in Harlem title. What goes with Morningside Heights? MMMmmm...?

This "restaurant" is a little subspace inside of a little space called Lee Lee's Bakery. Lee's has it's own, (non vegan) history and a tradition of baking Jewish traditional sweets like rugaluch, and it was a tad disappointing, although I'm trying to limit my sweets to between none and non existent, to not be able to sample Mr. Lee's delicious looking treats.

There is nothing indicating that a vegan establishment lives here. You just gotta know.

You have to force your eyes away from the sweets and 90 degrees to your right is a hot counter manned by Aaron, the chef/owner's son. About 10 items await your selection and there is a standup menu board at...

Aaron is dishing out the comfort on a plate. Mom was out and didn't get back before I left so I owe her a picture.

Different days have different themes and this was Soul Saturday. Others are Fish Friday and Italian Night. All vegan. I got the XXLarge plate for 15 bucks plus an extra side for 4. XXL. It sort of sounds like I'm just a fat man buying a shirt. I'd work on those names a bit.

I had a taste of the Lemon Crispy Nugget and although I could see chowing down on 6 or 20 of them with a side of fries I opted for the more sauced items. I just like to sample the work of the chef and a fried nugget turns my

1101 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, USA

My "Go To" place in Dallas

04 Sep 2010

See more pics and the full review at Marty's Flying Vegetarian Review at www.martysnycveggiereview.blogspot.com

You'd probably drive right by it if you didn't know you should be looking for it but Spiral Diner and Bakery is where my culinary vegan mind turns when I see a trip to Dallas. I'll review food from here until ... well, seriously, until the cows come home.

The interior space isn't what I would call warm and fuzzy, except if you take philosophy into account, but more spartan if not utilitarian.

There is a sort of '50s look to it and it's a biiiig space for the amount of tables. The lunch counter is to the left.

Booths line the windows and it's bright and sunny. The self serve beverage and condiment bar is to the far left.

The sign on the hostess station basically says grab a menu and a seat and we'll come over and say hi.

I get to the diner and my mind goes to that zen place that only vegans can know of when they are in a place that doesn't require 40 questions to order. It's somewhat of a meditative state. I look at the menu, and know I have to go for the Philly Cheez Steak although BBQ and Jerk flavored tofu and seitan also are setting their hooks into my palate. It's my go to comfort food meal.

I am craving a salad and the special has about 20 ingredients in it and I also cave in and order a smoothie. Cave in you say? Yeah, I make a smoothie at home about 4 times a week so paying for something I make with no thought or effort is always something I have to push through but I want it so order it. (Wahhhhhh).

Real Smooth Smoothie with Orange Juice, (choice of apple), soy milk, (choice of almond), banana, strawberry, blueberry and pineapple. 16 oz for $4.50. Ok, at that price how could I not order it.
So I'm sipping my smoothie, wandering around the restaurant, checking out the shelves, grabbing a copy of John Robbins' "Diet for a Small Planet." I see a little sign that says all employees are required to read this book before starting work and since it's on my "To Read" list anyway I pick it up. I start to read the forward by Dean Ornish, a semi folk hero of mine due to all the work he's done in REVERSING heart disease ... and my phone rings. Here is where you might start to understand some of the pressure of being a charter pilot.

The passengers want to leave in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I stammer through a lame explanation of why we might, just might not be able to do that exactly on time, grab a waitress ...

420 Main St, Hyannis, USA

not So Common Ground

13 Sep 2012

High hopes for a vegan meal dashed unless you are a) a 5 year old anticipating a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich, b) your all time favorite salad dressing is oil and vinegar because ALL their dressings have honey, c) are seeking out hummus and chips instead of grabbing some from the 7-11 next door. Why high hopes? They put themselves out there as a whole/wholesome eatery but it's just a beautiful Keebler Elf motif excuse for a common deli. Better odds of finding a vegan meal at a Brazilian Steakhouse ... Or any restaurant with a chef. Shouldn't even be listed in Happy Cow.

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