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The Remedy Diner

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137 E Hargett St, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 27601

Serves meat, vegan options available. Has a veggie meatball sub, vegan chicken salad, veggie dog, build your own salad, usually a veg daily special, and several other veg items on menu.

Category: Lacto, American, Beer/Wine, Non-veg

Reviews (37)

First Review by dmh

Not worth it - Edit

The food is bad. The service was bad as well.
I ate here with my husband. We had the veggie chicken wings, which were fairly good, though I had better. The ranch dressing was delicious though. Then we got our main enteries - the Vietnamese sub and the BBQ sub. Both sub were barely edible and made me wish we ate somewhere else. The Vietnamese sub was basically tofu covered is sriracha that was barely cooked, and then pickled veggies that tasted like a straight up shot of vinegar. The tofu was soft, not the fried crispy tofu you'll expect in such a sandwich, and had a weird taste like it was left out for a little too long. The BBQ sub was just really bland and dry and had a weird after-taste. The food was so bad we left the diner still hungry, because hunger was better than succumbing to more gross flavors.
I am usually not someone who writes negative reviews about service, but the quality of service here made both of my husband upset. The whole meal took about two hours, because service was that bad. It took us 15 minutes just to get the attention of the hostess and get a table, despite the two open tables waiting for diners. From the time we ordered to the time we got the appetizer, 45 minutes passed. The waiting time for the sandwiches was shorter, yet still ridiculous. We discussed getting up and leaving several times during the lunch. I am puzzled why the waiting time was that long for sandwiches and an appetizer. The waitress hardly ever checked up on us, and we didn't get an apology. It is one thing to get this bad of a service for excellent food, but to wait this long for food that is barely edible still makes me mad just thinking about it.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-04

Pros: Vegan options are clearly marked on the menu, Many different vegan dishes

Cons: Food is barely edible, Waiting time for food is outragous, Service was bad all over

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Good casual dining - Edit

Good food, but nothing over the top amazing. Had their tempeh sandwich with pesto mayo, avocado, and soy bacon -- wise nice to have a sandwich with so much romaine in it too.

Fried broccoli was okay -- very oily, not fried like cauliflower sometimes is with breading. The vegan ranch was bomb though.

Pros: Sizable vegan selection , Large portions, Doesn't only use analogues

Cons: $$$$ for quality

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Best veg restaurant in Raleigh - Edit

This is my absolute favorite place to eat in Raleigh! Around here you're lucky to have more than one or two vegan options on a menu (usually asking to hold the cheese and mayo) so the Remedy Diner menu makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. My husband (non-veg) and I have to order the vegan wings every time. I love just about everything on the menu. The vegan reuben is my favorite, the ranch dressing is amazing and if I have room I get the coconut pie. My husband loves the vegan BBQ. It's nice being able to order vegan grilled cheeses or quesadillas for the kids too. I love, love, love this place!

Pros: great food, nice outdoor patio

Cons: a little pricey

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Eh - Edit

Close to Marbles if you're going to Raleigh as a family. Food is okay; portions are small. If you are taking the family, beware that some of the "art" may not be appropriate for younger kids or more conservative families. The last two times I've been, there has been profanity written on the back of the restroom door. The staff is aware; they just don't care.

Pros: Close to Marbles

Cons: EXPENSIVE, May not be appropriate for kids

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The pie is amazing - Edit

The food is mostly-vegan diner fare. I had the tempeh bacon sandwich and my husband had the banh mi sandwich. I highly recommend both! We also shared a salad as an appetizer and it was okay. Maybe I was expecting too much, but it was a bit boring--lettuce with sliced cucumber, tomato, and green pepper. We ordered the sopapilla (cinnamon) cheesecake and the coconut pie for dessert. We meant to share one and take one home for later...we ate both and ordered another coconut and a key lime to take with us. The pie at Remedy is seriously amazing, especially the coconut. Lots of coconut creaminess, with coconut flakes and a perfect crust. Yum! The waitress told us that the desserts are made by the owner's mother-in-law. My compliments to the MiL! She is a pie genius.

Pros: Great vegan sandwiches, Amazing vegan pies and cakes

Cons: Boring salads

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Best Diner in Raleigh - Edit

My husband and I went here weekly while we lived in Raleigh. The menu always stayed true to our favorites. I absolutely love the tempeh tantrum. I wish the fries were GF or the tempeh bacon. The service is pretty spotty, not always welcoming but a wonderful bite none the less.

Pros: Delicious menu

Cons: Service

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Unhealthy vegan food? Yes please. - Edit

They mostly carry unhealthy vegan food options on their menu. Even their dessert menu is mostly vegan, including their chocolate cake. All of the vegan food I've ordered here in the past was pretty tasty. Even some of their appetizers, one being their vegan buffalo wings--which are a bit spicy, but really hit the spot. Another one of their yummy appetizers (this one you can veganize) would be their nacho plate, which was delicious--especially with the vegan daiya cheese melted over the nachos. The veggie burger here is also pretty delicious, as well as their french fries. They also have art for sale on the walls of the restaurant. Overall, if you're looking for a vegan-friendly place to eat which cooks vegan comfort food, then eat here.

Pros: Tasty vegan food, Artwork and atmosphere, Comfortable

Cons: If only they were all vegan...sigh, Service can take long at times, More on the pricey side

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Vegan-Friendly Downtown Restaurant - Edit

Great staff, delicious unique dishes. Knowledgeable about vegan food, not knowledgeable about vegan alcohol. Had no idea which wines and beers were vegan.

Vegan versions of thousand island, ranch, mayo, etc. Vegan specials that vary. Clearly marked vegan sandwiches and entrees. Delicious desserts (most of them are vegan). Appetizers are awesome!

Cool, hip, downtown atmosphere. Kooky art on the walls. One of my favorite Raleigh restaurants, especially when my omni friends want to go out!

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options , Friendly staff , Awesome atmosphere

Cons: Can be pricey (at least for the broke college stud

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My fav for sandwiches - Edit

My best friend will not let us pass through Raleigh without stopping here. For good reason, too. They have a diverse menu, with a vegetarian section and a separate vegan section. Anything on the vegetarian menu can be made vegan easily. One of their sandwiches, which is my bestie's and my favorite, is rated by PETA. The staff is lovely, as well. If you are there for dinner, there is an expanded menu that includes several larger dished. Many times, we have shared multiple things because there were so many options that sounded delicious. Their soups change, and most of the time they are vegan, as well! Keep a look out for their specials; they are incredible, too!

Pros: Lovely staff, Obscenely awesome food, Great menu

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Diner-style eating for veg crowd - Edit

When I think of a diner, I think: greasy food, unhealthy items and late nights. This place delivers on those fronts, but in vegan format. Cool. Half the menu is veg, which is fabulous; half of the veg menu is vegan, which is super helpful.

Who doesn't like fried food at a diner? I love it. Enter fried broccoli with none other than sour cream (tofutti?) dipping sauce. YES. For vegan eating, that's a surefire way to be close to maximize unhealthy eating. It is SO good though - but don't let the broccoli sit for too long, then you'll see the oil and think: What did I just do?! Oh my, but the nachos, the sandwiches, the fries - you can just load up on all the unhealthy bad-for-you foods that you rarely eat, because, well, it's a diner, and you're eating, not replenishing nutritional vaults.

For beverages, classic beers, wines, coffee, juices, sodas for your selection are plentiful. Really, though, it's just window dressing for the main event of the food. Dessert is also available, vegan or otherwise, but not gluten free vegan. Still, who really cares, if you can eat gluten, to eat some now and then? It is good homemade style dessert like key lime pie - yum. Chocolate cake -classic.

A diner must have a diverse selection of appetizers, salads, entrees and dessert. Check check check check. Though really, a salad, at a diner? Nice that they have them, but give me the nachos, the fries, the deep fried broccoli and let's call it a day. Oh, and come back for brunch? I didn't get a chance, but it looks pretty impressive for a diner style meal!

My concerns that bring it down to 3 cows from 4 is that it's mostly sandwiches. Also, it didn't seem as clean as I would like it to be….. so, yeah… Good though for a diner!

Pros: Vegan friendly, Junk food happiness, Brunch

Cons: Diner-esque cleanliness

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Definitely stop by - Edit

An omnivorous friend and I stopped by. Great menu items of all kinds, and a nice selection of draft beers as well. I had the Tempeh Tantrum and I quite agree with another reviewer in stating that, while I would enthusiastically eat it again, PETA calling it one of top 5 (or whatever it was) sandwiches in the country is a bit of a stretch. Would definitely go again if I am ever in Raleigh again.

Pros: tasty food, several draft beers available, wide variety of food of all restrictions

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Gouda Grits, yes please! - Edit

Cute little space I like to visit when I come to Raleigh. I've only been for brunch, but it's always a great experience. I haven't branched out yet from the Remedy Breakfast cause it's so tasty. The gouda grits are a prime example of why I can't go vegan, I love cheese so much! I wish they had a little more variety on the vegetarian side though.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Nice Location, Good Music

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Where Vegans and Omnivores are equals - Edit

This place is a great downtown Raleigh spot to hit when you've got omni friends that don't want to go to a "vegan place". It is the best of both worlds. I found it a great place to introduce friends who were curious to try a few things.

The outdoor seating is pretty nice on a day with good weather and a huge parking deck is right behind the location. The deck is free to get out of after 7pm.

I will say that my "crab" cake was a little dry and OVER cooked once and the philly cheese "steak" was too much oil for my stomach that is otherwise pretty used to cleaner eating. But hell, this place is going for the true diner feel I guess. It is pretty charming nonetheless and I'd still go.

Having tried a few things, however, I'd stick to the tempeh tantrum as it won't throw a fit in your tummy.

Pros: outdoor seating available, options for omni friends too, nearby parking

Cons: sometimes to greasy or dry

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Great Vegan Diner Food - Edit

I've gone to Remedy Diner a few times and I enjoy their rotating seasonal menus but also their staple sandwiches. My favorite is the reuben, maybe the tempeh tantrum, and the bbq- all tied heh. It's hard to pick just one.

The majority of their vegan options are sandwiches- diner type food- but also have some heartier dishes after 5pm.

They have wonderful vegan desserts so make sure you save some room!

Pros: Food comes pretty fast, Rotating Options, Dessert!

Cons: Can get crowded

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Like a wise friend once said, hit or miss. - Edit

I moved to Raleigh about 3 months ago, but I have been to Remedy about 4 times. A Vegan recommended I go, so off I went.

First time I went to Remedy, I got their wings and the Tempeh Tantrum (their staple vegan sandwich.) Both were good... Remedy proudly puts on their menu that the tantrum is a PETA top 5 sandwich in the USA winner. I wouldn't give it as much praise, but its definitely a solid sandwich that I'm sure I'll eat again. The wings...pretty ordinary (not an opinion shared by many I'm sure! Don't lynch me!) but the vegan ranch that comes with it is very good.

I also have had the crabby patty. It was fine, made with mock soy. I'll give it extra credit for attempting to imitate a fish protein, you don't see that often in vegan eats, but it does a fine job.

Had the eastern carolina BBQ sandwich the last time I went, it was..meh

I'm really looking forward to the meatball sub, it will be the next thing I order. In my 5 years as a vegan I can't remember having a meatball sub!

The mac n' cheese dish they have was fine the first time I had it. I did however sample a friends last time, and it was bland and boring. I will also note that its incredibly spicy (maybe that was just that particular one that day) too spicy for me.

The deserts are where its at at Remedy, all vegan except for the one I forget. I have had all except for the sopapilla (which they say is the best) I however love the chocolate cake. Luck of the draw whether the waiter shorts you on slice size! haha

Remedy is small and cozy though, which makes you keep coming back (like I will many times I'm sure)

I give remedy 4 stars for being a great food resource for vegetarians and vegans alike. It has a warm atmosphere and everything on the menu is clearly marked, and highly adaptable to the vegan diet. I will even forgive it for that rude [edited by staff] waiter we had last time who tried to shuttle my friends and I out. I guess he though we were going to be hanging around until after closing.

Pros: Diverse Vegan menu, Environment, Typically friendly staff

Cons: Consistency , Not expensive, but definitely not cheap, Space (Part of its allure maybe?)

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frozencemetery 16 Jun 2014 - Totally agreed on the Tempeh Tantrum... it's a great sandwich that I would also eat again, but it seems strange that this is the best the US has to offer.

A Great Veg*n Go-To - Edit

I've been eating at Remedy for about two or three years on a pretty regular basis (once a month or so) because they're a great go-to local place for a vegan in Raleigh.

They have an entire (large) section of the menu (titled "Alternative Therapies") dedicated to vegetarian and vegan selections. They are mostly - though not exclusively - sandwiches, and I especially recommend the veggie Reuben (with Daiya instead of regular cheese), East Carolina BBQ and Tempeh Tantrum.

They also have great vegan cakes and pies, which a server once told me are homemade by either the owner's or one of the staff's mother. They are delicious. Period.

Everything is delicious, the staff is nice, and it's a GREAT place for take-out. As a little tip if you do take out: Park in Cafe Luna's lot on the corner. You'll not be in the restaurant long enough for them to tow or ticket you, and you won't have to struggle to find parking or park on the parking deck.

Remedy isn't perfect, of course. The downsides would be that you have to pay extra for Daiya substitutions and fries. (Though the fries are worth it - WAY better than the default bag of kettle chips.) Those substitutions can add up, for sure.

And if you're looking for a "healthy" vegan place, this isn't it! It lives up to its name as a diner, for sure: Good and greasy.

They also close by 9 or 10pm, which always seems strange to me - somehow I associate diners with being open late. Though I think I did see something on Facebook about new later hours on Friday and Saturday, I can't find any listing of their hours now. So I guess better communication might help, too!

Pros: Great sandwiches, Good vegan desserts, Awesome fries

Cons: Charge for any substitutions, Close early

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Best Little Vegan Option in Raleigh - Edit

Raleigh is my home and Remedy is my favorite place to eat, period. I recommend the Tempeh Tantrum, the BBQ sandwich (it's sweet, not spicy), the philly "cheese" steak, blue corn tacos, and vegan reuben. Ask to sample the soup before ordering--their soups are rather inconsistent--sometimes great, sometimes mediocre. Don't order the seitan steak.

The drinks and ambiance are fabulous!

The vegan desserts are made by the owner's mother and are to die for--try the coconut cream pie and or apple pie. She catered our wedding cupcakes and all the non-vegans devoured them and are still raving about how good they were.

Pros: lots of vegan choices, good service, desserts

Cons: a few less-good items on the menu, inconsistent on soups, long waits at busy times

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Great Vegan Options - Edit

Cute place! I've only been once but I was very happy and they are accomodating to a vegan diet. I had the reuben and my bf had the buffalo chickn sandwich. Both rocked. The vegan eats are more "American" food options. We got to enjoy some local vegan beer too! Service was good and we got to sit outside! Prices were so-so for the amount of food we got but just the fact that it options that we could eat made it better. The only thing I am sad about is that I didn't try their vegan dessert options! Next time! :)

Pros: good service, great food

Cons: so-so on price

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50/50 - Edit

so my gf & i are both vegan. the problem for most vegan eateries is that we cook at home, so they need to be pretty awesome to standout.
we've been to the remedy diner twice. the first time -- february of 2012 -- was outstanding. we had fake philly steaks & vegan carolina BBQ. i'm not a BBQ fan, but for what it was, this one was just fine. but the philly? holy crap, man, it was great.
we were there again this past weekend -- april 2012 -- and everything pretty much sucked. the bread was stale; they were out of the vegan mayo; didn't have any vegan gravy for the vegan, "countrified" steak, and we got about 12 fries for the $2.50 we paid for fries.
we were very clear about being vegan, but our server brought us a roast beef w/ bacon as a "vegan philly" and a dessert topped with real whipped cream after we forced the other stuff down.
this was all a far cry from february, when the food was SO good that we were looking forward to our next visit to raleigh... and this was just a total disappointment after we brought our whole family -- grandparents and all -- to here for dinner. come on, remedy.

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Tasty! - Edit

I had the Tempeh Reuben- best one yet and the Vegan Sopapilla Cheesecake (good, but I wish I had the key lime pie instead!). The very nice waitress told me it would take a while b/c it was St. Patrick's Day and very busy, but my meal still came faster than it would anywhere else. My meal was great, they have a good selection of beer on tap, and lots of vegan choices on the menu. You really can't go wrong!

Pros: good food, good selection, great staff

Cons: not in greensboro

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Great Vegan Diner - Edit

I was amazed to find such a small cafe in this town to serve such wonderful vegan food. I was especially impressed by the vegan key lime pie. Wow!
Parking was a bit of a challenge - meter street parking around the corner.

Pros: Great food, Friendly

Cons: poor parking

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Vegan's Heaven - Edit

Thanks to HappyCow, I found this place. None of the locals knew about it. It's Vegan's Heaven. Nice relax atmosphere, friendly accommodating staff and a great menu. The chef came out for helping me to cut oil and fat, so I had the soup of the day, "Roasted Peppers with Basil", and the "Black Bean Quesadilla", just beans and vegan cheese. Everything was excellent and very tasty. Topped off with a "Koelsch"-style light lager beer with lemon, this was a memorable first night in Raleigh, NC!

Pros: Friendly, great atmosphere, downtown

Cons: for me: none

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win! - Edit

Great food and great choices. I love and crave the vegan BBQ sandwhich and fried broccoli. The atmosphere is Hipster, and service is cheerful although it can be slow. Its a bit pricey and I wish they didn't nickel and dime you for everything, but at least you know your food is definitely vegan and many things are organic.

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Loved it so much I went back again! - Edit

By far the best vegan options in Raleigh. My first adventure in the restaurant I got the vegan chickenfriend steak with broccoli and mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were the highlight and the dish was overall pretty good (I was never a big "steak" person but it def reminded me of steak). They have four different options for vegan desserts and were sold out (bad for me, good for progress) of all but the key lime pie. Eventhough I'm not a hugh key lime pie fan, I tried and LOVE it. I went back the next day and got the "Under the Volcano", which is basically a buffalo chicken sandwich. I ordered it without onions but they still served it with (no big deal). For dessert this time I go the vegan cheesecake which was amazing. The portion sizes are very good (not too much, not too little) and the service is very friendly. My only wish for this place would be for them to hire more vegans...so far all the staff I've encountered are not vegan (some not even vegetarian). Definitely a place I'd highly recommend!

Pros: Tasty Food, Several Options, Excellent desserts

Cons: Employ more vegans

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I would go there again - Edit

Menu looked promising for vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eaters in the group. I ordered the Portebello Sandwich described as "Fresh rosemary, garlic, and balsamic-glazed portobello slices with thinly sliced red onions covered in melted provolone and topped with roasted red pepper aioli. Served on a Kaiser."
It was a soup sandwich. Literally. No portobello slices that I found, only tiny bits of baby bellas, but nothing solid enough to sink the teeth into and the aioli was so thin that everything soaked through the kaiser and I needed a spork to eat my sandwich. The flavor was great - but the sandwich was a mess. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their choices.
I will give The Remedy the benefit of the doubt and hope that the uber-busy First Friday art walk crowd was just too overwhelming. I will give them another try, midday, during the week, and order something besides The Portobello!

Pros: Large portions, Vegan/Veg friendly, Value

Cons: Crowd control, menu description, limited seating

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Great veg options, still need to work out kinks - Edit

My vegan friend and I (vegetarian) have visited with our omni friends/spouses several times, and we all love it! The Philly faux cheesesteak is great (haven't had one of those in years!), the veggie sloppy joes are great, and the seitan reuben is awesome too. I love that they offer vegan cheese, vegan margarine, vegan mayonnaise, etc. My only complaint is the service...there are still a few kinks that need to get worked out. We had 5 different people checking in on us during one visit, which was a little confusing. I would probably not order anything alcoholic again other than beer. The mixed drinks aren't hitting on much and are pretty pricey. Overall, the food is worth the not-so-perfect service.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 10, 2009

Edited 8/17/11 to add - They've revamped their cocktail offerings and have really hit the right note! The service kinks have been worked out, and although the menu has changed (and some of my favorites removed) the food is better than ever! I do agree that the veganized options are a little pricey, but we just keep coming back for more!!

Pros: Lots of veg choices, Vegan substitutions for almost everythin

Cons: Service needs work

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watch for non-vegan bread - Edit

I basically like this restaurant, with two complaints. First, as far as I know ONLY the pita bread is actually vegan, despite what their menu says. Other breads contain a variety of ingredients that are not vegan, including sodium stearyl lactylate, l-cysteine, or honey. I have mentioned this to the waitstaff but the listing hasn't changed on their menu. They get their bread from Neomonde and I have looked at the labels there.* Second, I think charging $2 more to veganize a sandwich is a bit much -- especially when the sandwiches are already around $9-$10.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 16, 2010
*I think the staff has now addressed the bread situation. They use daiya cheese and tofutti sour cream and offer several vegan side options.

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i just wanted a salad! - Edit

but vegan rubens are one of my favorite foods. i travel all over the country for work and order these on just about every menu i see it on. that was one of the best i have ever had. if i lived in raleigh, i would eat these until i ate so many that the thought of it makes me sick.

Pros: vegan ruben, good drinks, friendly staff

Cons: no all vegane

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Great food, great prices, great place overall! - Edit

My first time visiting this place was tonight with my boyfriend who loves meat, while I am a vegetarian. For the first time since living in Southern California, I was able to order something vegetarian friendly (other than a salad or veggie burger) and not be looked at like I'm insane. I ordered the Philly Fakesteak and my boyfriend ordered the Spicy Turkey sandwich. I wasn't too excited about the mayo on the Fakesteak, but other than that it was absolutely delicious! I'll simply order it sans mayo next time. My boyfriend was over the moon for his spicy turkey. The only desert they had at the end of the night was a banana pudding cake made with actual slices of banana and topped with nuts and chocolate drizzle. I can't believe I've lived here almost 4 years and never heard of this place before! I'll definitely be coming back and trying more!
It's also nice to see beers for less than $5 a bottle! Also, for an appetizer, 3 beers, 2 entrees and a dessert, the total was $40. Not bad!
I would give this place 5 cows, but it won't let me :(

Pros: great vegetarian/vegan options, great prices overall, delicious

Cons: a little expensive for sandwiches

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starting to go downhill for me... - Edit

the last few times I've been, the service has been... well... horrible. When they first opened, it was great and everyone was helpful and friendly.

However, the food hasn't changed... it has remained wonderful, and they have continuously increased their vegan options... they use daiya cheese, I believe. The vegan coconut pie is a must if it's available.

Pros: delicious food

Cons: service, expensive upgrades for veganized food

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The Remedy 22 Feb 2013 - Hi Meredith,
We are sorry to read your review. We'd like to hear specific details about your experience so that we can address the problem. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] and you can be sure an owner will address your issues.
The Remedy Diner

Remedy Diner - worth the wait - Edit

It's always a good sign when there's a wait for dinner and although the window and bar seats were availabe we were both in uniform and wanted a chair to sit back in so we waited all of 10 minutes and a table opened up.

I liked that the menu had a full page of vegetarian and vegan options. I like whe the wIt staff knows what you mean when you say "veganize it please". I like when the menu clearly states that everything can be made vegan on request. These things, when in a restaurant that also caters to the desires of carnivors, gives me the warm fuzzies that I'm going to get exactly what I want.

The choices are numerous in all categories and I chose the Buffalo Wings to start. Wow. Great sauce and perfect sized portion. The wing itself was a flat piece of product made by Delicious Soy in Morrisville, NC. It had a great chewy without being rubbery mouthfeel.
The ranch dressing was cool and flavorful and I lapped up the last drop with the celery sticks. I liked this so much I got an order to go.

My entree was a Philly Fakesteak. Fantastic. A great sub starts with the bread and this was a perfect pallet. Nice crust and good flavor. Locally baked I was told. Fresh and perfect. Soy cheese that was so melted and gooey and grilled onions topped off a delicious "meaty" "beefy" soy protein. It all came together in a perfect rendition of what I remember from the old days.

I ordered a vegan brownie for desert and although it had a good flavor I was a little disappointed in it's uniformity. It was like a flat rectangular brownie shaped piece of cKe with a very fine texture. I think I would add some nuts or icing or a scoop of soy icecream to make it more interesting. That being said I of course finished it.

I also ordered the meatball sub to go. I can't vouch for hat it's like when it comes out of the kitchen but 2 days later coming out of the microwave it was phenomenal.

This is my ideal restaurant when I'm on the road. My carnivore associate had his food choices available so there wasn't any armtwisting and se both left more than satisfied.

I wish there was a Remedy Diner around the corner from me.

Pros: Great food, Berry veg*n knowledgable

Cons: Service could be a little tighter

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Delicious Veggie Food! - Edit

My husband and I are both vegetarians and we enjoyed sharing several items on our first trip to this restaurant. The chicken wings are awesome! This is something my husband has been missing since becoming a vegetarian 11 years ago. He's always on the lookout for a suitable alternative to a meat version of this dish and he felt these were the best veggie chicken wings he'd ever had. We also shared a chicken parm sub and a steak and cheese sub. This was too much food for the two of us and the steak and cheese came home as left-overs. The chicken sub had an authentic feel and taste and we both enjoyed it. The steak and cheese smelled great and when we ate it later it was as delicious as it smelled. It was a little light on the amount of meat and next time I would ask for double meat. We also got a vegan brownie to go for later and while I liked it, because I tend to like dark chocolate, by husband found it too dry and did not especially enjoy it. Our meal of one appetizer, two main course options, two regular drinks and one brownie came to just under $35 (including tax) plus tip. Service was fast and friendly. Overall we were very happy with the food and the service. We will definitely go back!

Pros: Quality of food, Service

Cons: Small location

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Great Vegan/vegetarian options! - Edit

My parnter and I are both vegan, and we were very excited to find this place and grateful that they opened. The food was delicious and there were a lot of choices for vegetarians and vegans. (i.e. not just veggie burgers) The atmosphere is very laid back, which we both enjoyed, and the service was excellent. We went on a Sat evening the place was packed, yet we still had very friendly and fast service. The prices are also average to what you might find at a pub. They also have a good beer selection.
Thank you to the folks at Remedy for opening an eatery such as this in Raleigh!

Pros: Vegan options/vegetarian options, price, service/atmosphere

Cons: small

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Lunch at Remedy - Edit

Visited the Remedy Diner today. Little alternative/trendy place in downtown. Menu is about half veggie items with many of the items vegan for a little extra. A little pricey for a sandwich but the food was high quality. Vegan desserts as well. Look forward to going back and try more items.

Pros: Quality food, Small, Desserts

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Fun, hip, new - Edit

Visited the Remedy Diner on a Sunday at lunchtime. The diner channel's alternative punk, with some great artwork on the walls and the tables. Could have done without the really loud Black Sabbath playing during my meal, however. Sampled a vegan hot dog with slaw, relish, and mustard, accompanied by fresh pico de gallo and tortilla chips. Ended with a piece of vegan coconut pie. For $3.95, the hot dog was wonderful and tasted just like I remember from my omnivore days. However, it was just boiled, nothing special. The pie was delicious, if not super fresh. Altogether, a great experience and would enjoy trying some other samplings--vegan reuben, cheesesteaks, meatball subs, etc. Plenty of sandwiches and dishes for the happy carnivore too!

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