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Lotus Vegetarian

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13872 Metrotech Dr (at Sully Place Shopping Center), Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 20151

Casual vegetarian restaurant serving mostly Asian vegan food with also veggie burgers and sandwiches. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Chinese, Western, Take-out

Reviews (27)

First Review by dalgal

Found While Traveling - Edit

Attending a family function in the DC area staying in Chantilly, VA we were looking for place to get something to eat. This was our first trip since changing our lifestyle. We found Lotus Vegetarian near where we were staying and tried it out. An excellent meal. A Family Atmosphere. Very generous servings - brought leftovers back to our room for two more meals.

Pros: Easy to find, Family friendly, Generous servigs

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Great selection, good service, and tasty - Edit

Went for lunch today. Many choices on the menu! We had all three sushi selections plus the lettuce wraps and faux prawns. Food came out in a reasonable time. All of it was fresh and tasty. They don't put chopsticks on the tables so we had to ask for them - not a big deal. Coffee was served in a styrofoam cup which the waitress only reluctantly refilled so that's a negative for me. We will definitely return. But will order tea.

Pros: selection, taste, value

Cons: styrofoam usage

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Great quick vegan meals! - Edit

I live nearby, and this is one of my go to places to get take out. Most of the menu is some blend of Chinese/Thai, but they have a bunch of other sandwiches/burgers, salads, etc. Only a few things on their menu aren't vegan, and anything that isn't vegan states so explicitly. Most of their menu can also be made gluten free upon request. Their turn around after placing an order is really fast. Always within 15 minutes and mostly within 10 in my experience. However, table service can be inconsistent.

Some of my favorites are the crispy orange eggplant, lotus organic tofu, and kung pao asparagus. The only thing about some of their dishes that strikes me as sub-optimal is that a lot of their dishes involving fried tofu have too much breading.

Pros: Good food, Cheap, Fast

Cons: Inconsistent table service

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Fantastic! - Edit

Almost everything on the menu is vegan. There are a few smoothies that have dairy as well as wontons on the appetizer list. My favorite dishes include General Tso's, sauteed udon noodles, summer rolls, pan-fried dumplings, miso soup, watercress wonton soup. the avocado sushi roll, orange veg chicken burger, and the vege-chicken with cashews. You will not be disappointed.

Pros: Yummy food every time , Affordable, Portions: good bang for your buck

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Typical Veg Chinese food - Edit

This restaurant is like every other veg/an chinese restaurant I've been too. Lots of yummy, deep fried, sauce covered, a little too sweet, soy meat & veggies.

I really like that they have brown rice here, since most of the veg chinese places ive been to have white rice & if you want brown, it costs extra. Not here, which is nice.

The sweet & sour and orange chicken/eggplant/whatever is VERY sweet, but that's to be expected.

The lotus spicy is a GIANT pile of various sliced/shredded soy meats and is not spicy, but I'm addicted to the spice & have a very high bar for whats spicy ;)

The fried dumplings are super good, tho the sauce is a little hoisin/BBQ like.

The sandwiches/burgers are very chinese inspired, the orange chicken one is weird, but surprisingly good.

I've had alot of things here, I'd have to say i like the things that have breaded/fried protein in them, since they are crunchy and chewy and delicious. The sauteed soy meats are ok, but I really like the crunch of the breaded stuff.

Oh and the lunch special is the jam. Its a good way to try different things on the cheap, and its awesome to pick up if you have a flight out of Dulles and need something to eat on the plane. :)

Pros: variety, brown rice, food for the airplane

Cons: kinda sweet, generic veg chinese

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Decent for what it is - Edit

We visited Lotus a couple of years ago and weren't impressed, but unless a restaurant is terrible, I always give it a second chance. After all, I could have just ordered the one bad dish on the menu. Well, I will not be giving Lotus a third chance. Here's a recap of my experience:

1.) The server was rude and made me feel unwelcome. I needed a moment to look over the menu before ordering, and she didn't like that.

2.) The menu is primarily TVP/soy, which isn't bad for everyone, but aside from the salads, someone gluten-free wouldn't have many options.

3.) I started with the veg chicken nuggets. They were... well... veg chicken nuggets, served with ketchup. Nothing fancy, but they aren't intended to be.

4.) I also got the avocado sushi roll. It wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't as good as the sushi from pretty much any other sushi place. But this ISN'T a sushi place, so I didn't expect it to be excellent. I think what bothered me was that it used brown rice, and their brown rice tastes like cardboard.

4.) My entree was the General Tso's chik'n dish, which is served as fried soy balls covered in sauce and garnished with a little bit of undercooked broccoli. It was fine-- something I'd expect from a little Chinese takeout joint. The brown rice was unpleasant and the broccoli was undercooked, so I just ate the soy balls. Some veggies would've been nice.

5.) My husband ordered the Manchurian Palate. It was soy balls, some peppers, and a side of brown rice. The flavor was very basilly (and basil is listed as an ingredient), so if you love basil, you may love this. But if you only think basil is okay, then you might find this dish kind of perfumey tasting.

Overall, if you're looking for a place that serves cheap Chinese-style food (at a not-so-cheap price), go here. If you want to have a nice dinner out with your spouse, you're going to have to get closer to D.C.

Pros: vegan, many options

Cons: relies on TVP and soy, rude waitstaff

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Lotus Vegetarian - Edit

neat little restaurant with friendly service. nice salads, sizzling "beef" with whole wheat noddles, steamed dumplings, "beef" with snow peas are a favorites.

Pros: healthy, tasty, moderately priced

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0:15 from Dulles and worth it! - Edit

Staying near Dulles Airport for work, I was hungry for some good non-mall, non-hotel food. So, thanks to Happy Cow, I found and made the 15 minute drive to Lotus Vegetarian. Well worth it!

Super quick service. If anything, it was too quick given that I was eating alone and was in no rush. Had the vegetarian wonton soup...yum! Also, ordered General Tso's Special, with soy nuggets, broccoli, chili sauce on brown rice. Double yum.

All this for less than $20, including tax and tip. Go for it!

Pros: Speedy service, Yummy food, Good value

Cons: Tough to find

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Good vegan food - Edit

Great choices if you are lie me and are vegan. The only caution is when you go try not to be there near closing, the owner or managers he gets testy and really tries to push you out.

Pros: Excellent food

Cons: Service, Too much tvp & tofu

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Awesome veg food! - Edit

I used to work close to this place, so when it opened, it became a regular lunch stop. Many of my non-veg coworkers come here regularly as we'll. the food is very good and mostly organic. They also have great smoothies!

My favorite meal here is the whole wheat dumplings, the pumpkin chowder, and the veggie club sandwich. Yum!

Pros: great food

Cons: a tad bit pricey

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Great vegan food! - Edit

We LOVE Lotus and have been there too many times to count! The vegan dumplings, pan-fried or steamed, are amazing and seem to be our starter most of the time. I also like their sushi rolls, with nice tender nori and brown rice. All the soups are great but my absolute favorite is the pumpkin chowder. It has great flavor with a nice creamy consistency without using dairy.

All the entrees I have had have been delicious, but I especially enjoy the lettuce wraps and the tempeh sandwich. You really cannot go wrong here and the staff is very friendly and eager to explain the menu if you have questions.

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Gem - Edit

Really like this place! Has a large variety of vegan options and menu is very clear on what contains milk or is spicy! Service has gone downhill a bit in the past few months though.

Pros: Good Value, Excellent food, Healthy

Cons: Staff needs improvement

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Great local place - Edit

I live about 5 miles away from Lotus, and go there or get take out from there probably 2-3 times a month. I'm so happy to have a mostly vegan (a FEW clearly marked dishes have dairy/eggs) place so close! It's mostly Asian type of food - my favorite dish is the Lotus Spicy with tofu and soy protein with a bunch of veggies and spicy brown sauce, with brown rice. I will say that they changed the soy protein and I liked the old one better, but it's still pretty good. My son likes the chik'n nuggets and edamame, and even my tofu-hating omni husband has found some things he likes there. I wouldn't say it's high vegan cuisine, but it's pretty good for everyday.

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Best vegan option in Northern VA - Edit

I used to go to Lotus twice a week when I worked in Herndon--just a few miles away. Now I go when I'm in the area.

Almost every time I go, I get miso soup, iced ginger honey crystal (I know, not technically vegan, but I don't do it often anymore), vegetable spring rolls, and orange eggplant with brown rice. Sometimes, I get the Lotus Spicy or General Tso's Surprise. All of the options are excellent and my non-vegan friends love it too.

Pros: delicious, affordable, variety

Cons: a little slow, could have better service

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Strip Mall Vegan in Chantilly, Va. Excellent - Edit

See the full review and pics at Marty's Flying Vegan Review

Sometimes we fly people somewhere, wait a bit, (or a lot), and fly back. I had about 90 minutes from driving out of the parking lot in a borrowed crew car at IAD, (Dulles Airport), to starting the airplane again. Dulles used to have a place called Hard Times Cafe in, if I remember, Reston, which wasn't too terrible a drive and served a vegetarian chili on top of spaghetti but it's since closed. Now I still don't have a place to eat a vegan meal and satisfy my carnivore coworkers but I was on my own today!!

Happy Cow. Usually it's a complicated analysis, what do I want to eat, what else is there on the menu, yadda yadda, but today it was exclusively a proximity search. 15 minutes away was Lotus Vegetarian. Never been there. Uncharted territory. Never know what you'll find.

As I turned into the street leading to the entrances to several shopping plazas my head was on a swivel looking for this place, annoying the following drivers behind me. Hey, I'm from NY. Do you think that bothers me? I shouldn't have worried. There were several white signs with prominent green letters, the kind you put in your lawn that say, "Vote for Moe!" and it was an easy find.

It was a bright, modern place with booths along the walls and tables in the middle. They have a counter in the rear in front of the open kitchen. I wasn't sure whether it was a cafeteria style order and then sit but they did have table service.

Congratulate me. I didn't order a fried appetizer. I got the steamed dumplings, (which were house made), the General's Tso's Surprise, (the most popular dish), and the Lotus Organic Tofu.

Whole Wheat Steamed or Pan-Fried Dumplings (6)
Filled with minced soy protein, cabbage, zucchini, organic carrots, string beans, shiitake mushrooms and ben thread noodles.

Lotus Organic Tofu
Organic tofu simmered with lotus roots, king oyster mushrooms, sugar peas, red bell peppers, Thai basil and ginger in brown sauce.

General Tso's Surprise
Chunks of soy protein fried till crispy tossed with hot chili sauce. Garnished with steamed broccoli.

I walked over to the kitchen and found out that the proteins all come from California. I wasn't surprised in Provo when I learned that was the source but outside of DC I would have though May Wah on Hester St would have had that market wrapped up. Anyway, I asked to see the diff...

Pros: great food, clean, friendly

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Great place! - Edit

Lotus is just as good, if not slightly better, than Sunflower in Vienna, though not nearly as widely known. This place is really underrated. The food is excellent, with most options being vegan and only a few being vegetarian with milk and/or eggs. I haven't gone wrong on the menu yet. They can also serve very quickly if you are in a hurry. One of my favorite restaurants.

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Best vegan sandwiches in the area - Edit

The inside of this place looks like a converted tex mex restaurant, but don't let that fool you. Although this is mainly a vegan asian food restaurant, they have several vegan sandwiches and vegan American style food on the menu (veggie burger, turkey club, fried fish, tempeh, tofu burger) as well as things like fries, chicken nuggets, etc.. and they are all absolutely amazing. The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious, the only thing to watch out for is that they make everything as soon as you order it and bring it out as soon as it's done. As a result you tend to get everything at once: appetizers, entrees, soups, salads.. and it can overwhelm the table. The kitchen is extremely fast, so I recommend ordering your appetizers/soups when you sit down, and then order your entrees as soon as the apps get to the table.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Good value

Cons: Weird decor

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great vegetarian food - Edit

great selection of oriental vegan dishes.

favorites include the pan fried dumplings, lotus spicy (which can be made not spicy), general tsao's surprise, and a mushroom asparagus dish.

the choices of vegetables aren't always traditional oriental ones that you'd expect in some of the dishes. you may or may not like this.

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Great Chinese food - Edit

When we lived in Virginia I took my parents to this restaurant and my meat loving father LOVED the food, he still talks about it. They have delicious chinese food, my kids loved it as well. If you are in the D.C. area this is a great place to get some delicious vegetarian chinese food.

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Will you marry me? - Edit

I am completely in love with this restaurant. I only visit this area a few times a year for work, but I make it a top priority to eat at this restaurant every time. Everything I've tried there is great, and their cups look like plastic but are made from environmentally friendly plant materials - how crazy cool is that? Their General Tso's chicken is bliss!!

Pros: everything

Cons: they don't have a location in Florida

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Carry Me Back to New Virginia! - Edit

The Lotus Restaurant was a great find and we enjoyed it immensely. The dishes we tried, a string bean dish and one featuring burdock, were both tasty and we also enjoyed the radish cake appetizer. The waitpersons were attentive and pleasant and it was overall a delightful dining experience. We will be back to try some of the other items on their wonderfully extensive vegan friendly menu.

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The Best Veggie Chinese in the area - Edit

This review is taken from my DC Area review Web site, http://larasvegi-table.com.

This is a new kid in the Veggie restaurant sandbox. So far, this newbie has remained relatively undiscovered. This concerns me, since decent veggie restaurants are hard to come by. I think part of the problem has been the location out in Chantilly.
Location aside, this is becoming my favorite veggie Chinese food (stealing the crown from Chopsticks House in Sterling). There food seems fresher, and made with love.

My 1st test for a place of this nature is the spring rolls. Any Chinese restaurant that does not have decent spring rolls (Not their inferior cousin, the egg roll) is not worth their salt. Lotus' spring rolls are superb. The veggies inside are crisp and obviously not the kind of rolls bought from the frozen food section. A lot of restaurants these days have bland rolls where the veggies all blend together and are over-cooked. Lotus is of the caliber that makes theirs by hand, the veggies are not cooked within an inch of their life. Each one stands out and compliments the whole at the same time.

What surprised me most was the inclusion of hot and sour soup on their menu. Typically made with beef broth, it is often shunned on veggie menus. The few times I have tried vegetarian version, they just did not taste like the soup I remember from my carnivorous days. I decided to give Lotus' version a try. I honestly could not tell the difference. They had found the perfect veggie recipe to mimic the soup I used to love to eat. The wonton soup is also fantastic.

In the entrée department, I have had the General Tso Surprise, Manchurian Palate, Cashew "Chicken," and Singapore Rice Noodle.

If you have eaten at Sunflower, you have probably eaten their General Tso Surprise. In my humble opinion, Lotus' is a superior product. I enjoy the sauce and texture of the soy protein much more. This is a perfect dish for veggie beginners, or carnivores being dragged to a veggie restaurant against their will. The Manchurian Palate is almost the same thing, with the slight change in the sauce, and the use of steamed cauliflower instead of broccoli. This dish was very delicious, but not quite as good as its sister dish. The sauce has a little less sweetness to it. That seems to be the only difference in these two dishes. If given the choice, I would go with the General Tso every time.

Everything I have had there has been superb.

Pros: THE BEST CHINESE , The most friendly staff, extensive menu

Cons: Location is not the best

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Tasty fish sandwich - Edit

I enjoyed the "fish" sandwich. This place is rather oddly decorated -- it looks like a Tex-Mex fast-food place on the inside, so I wouldn't recommend it for a date. The menu was large and appeared to have several interesting options. I'd recommend it for a casual lunch or dinner if you're in the area.

Pros: large menu

Cons: decor

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great vegetarian chinese food - Edit

the place has a laidback atmosphere. you can order up front or take a menu and have the waitress take your order. they have decent lunch specials, but i was there for dinner. i had hot & sour soup and pad thai. the soup was great. the pad thai didn't really taste like pad thai, more like pad taiwanese...but it was still really good. i would definitely go back. the people there are also really nice and welcoming.

Pros: good tasting food, fast service, decently priced

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