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Serves meat, vegan options available. Regular menu is meat-based but offers also a vegan list with build-your-own pizza alongside starters like bread rolls plus salads, pasta, and a lasagna with vegan cheese. Has gluten-free list as well. Open Wed 9:00am-9:00pm, Thu-Sun 4:00pm-9:00pm.

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27 Reviews

First Review by Anglelio


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09 Jan 2023

Love it

The food is delicious. Feel so good.



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12 Jul 2022

Great family owned spot

Family owned restaurant, with vegan and gluten-free free menus inspired by family members. Great place for a date, or to enjoy yourself.

Pros: Amazing Vegan and Gluten Free options, Friendly and quiet, Great first date spot

Cons: Need more, appetizers and dessert options, Hours are very limited, Vegan proteins are limited


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31 May 2022


I love all the vegan options they have. The salad that comes with the organic butternut squash ravioli is so good. I highly recommend the vegan cupcake as well.


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10 Sep 2020

Amazing vegan pizza!

They use vegan cheese for their vegan pizza and some other dishes and it is delicious! The eggplant appetizer and garlic knots are also really good. They have a great selection of vegan toppings for the pizza. Also, the staff are very friendly and helpful!

Pros: Vegan cheese, Nice topping selection, Helpful employees


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01 Apr 2018

Yummy Vegan Pizza!

This place was awesome! In a little strip mall, cozy interior. Many vegan options, including vegan cheese for pizza! Hard to find vegan friendly restaurants in the area so I was very pleased!


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31 Mar 2018

A breath of fresh air

First I’d like to say that after staying with family in central Florida for a week with absolutely zero vegan options, we finally went to our family’s vacation home in Bradenton, an area that seems to be steadily growing interest in adding vegan options.
Our first stop, Vertoris Pizza House. It seemed like a regular pizzeria/restaurant from home (NJ) until the owner gave us the vegan menu. We decided to sit and eat there and boy, were we pleasantly surprised! LOTS of regulars at this place who obviously love the food and the owner and staff. The family is from NJ and he knew right away we were from there. He’s super cool and honestly, if we lived around there, I could see that being a weekly spot for us.
The food was amazing. We had 2 different kinds of pizza, cheesy garlic bread, black bean soup, cheesy potato skins and we even picked up some vegan cupcakes that were freshly made. It was the first satisfying meal in over a week and we took plenty home for the next day.
We loved the atmosphere because even though it’s just a pizzeria, it felt like the staff and patrons are like family. Other patrons were super friendly to us, making conversation and the owner (I think the son) was funny and friendly.
We’re going back to Bradenton in the summer and we will most definitely be going back to Vertoris.

Pros: Separate vegan menu , Owner is super friendly , Very good food


Points +30

01 Dec 2017

Great vegan pizza for an omnivore pizza restaurant

I ordered their veggie pizza with Daiya cheese and a couple of extra toppings. The pizza was overflowing with toppings (that's a good thing) and the veggies were fresh. I also liked the thin crust, which was baked just right.


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03 Sep 2017

Small, but good food

I had gluten free crust & vegan cheese pizza. It was good.

Pros: fast, friendly service


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23 Feb 2017

great food

An entire vegan menu allows you to get an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Great food.

Pros: gluten free available , upcharge for vegan cheese

Cons: serves veal


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19 Jan 2016

Super friendly! Excellent food options!

I gotta say I was impressed. The selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes was great. Many gluten free and dairy free options, which were clearly labeled on the menu. I ordered the dairy free eggplant lasagna with the Daiya cheese. My waitress (the super friendly one) made sure I didn't need my meal to be gluten free, but it was an option if you wanted gluten free. I was able to have bread(not gluten free) ,but they made sure to use vegan butter which I appreciated. Salad was fresh and tasty as well. Oh, don't forget to get dessert. They had some of the best vegan cupcakes I've ever tasted. Chocolate, pumpkin, and peanut butter/chocolate were available when I visited. Plus, and oatmeal cream pie cookie. YUM!!
Such a nice little place. Favorite!

Pros: Clearly labeled dairy free and gluten free options, Friendly and attentive staff, Vegan cupcakes!


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25 Oct 2015

Go here!!! Amazing!

Amazing vegan menu with a lot of options. Super vegan friendly and knowledgeable staff. Don't miss this restaurant if you're on the area.


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11 May 2015

Great Food / Friendly People

So happy we visited Vertoris Pizza House. There was a separate vegan menu with so much to choose from. We decided on the garlic bread sticks, potato boats and a 20 inch thin crust pizza with olives and spinach. The food was delicious. The owner was very nice and personable. There were even two kinds of vegan cupcakes to top off the meal. We are looking forward to visiting again soon.

Pros: Vegan Menu, Friendly Staff, Clean Establishment


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27 Nov 2014

im a picky gal, and here I stand. impressed.

Let me just say that visiting my family in FL came with a pleasant surprise. The most delicious pizza I have probably ever encountered. And vegan options to boot! I had a vegan hand tossed pizza with eggplant and some other goodies. Only whole foods here-- didnt notice any [censored] soy products or anything of that nature. p.s, the staff is chock full of very unforgettable, funny people that make the experience that much more outstanding. my approval is fully given ...;)

Pros: I am a vegan which was accomodated, impressionable staff-- well the owner.., the pizza was an orgasm in food form

Cons: no, cons, period. why cant i rate them more omg


Points +67

02 Jul 2014


We saw Vertoris here, so we got lunch there while visiting Sarasota. Boy, were we glad! Their Veggie Pizza rocks!!! Hand thrown crust, fresh toppings, great sauce & Daiya cheese adds up to perfection. We also got their garlic knots and Marinara sauce. They were also excellent. The marinara had a little kick (hot peppers?) and great taste. We'll definitely be going back!!!

Pros: great vegan options.

bally hoc

16 Feb 2015

We went to this wonderful pizza place after reading reviews and are so happy we did!!! We had our own vegan menu and did not have to even look at the "other stuff". The. The pizza came the most perfect hand tossed crust , excellent sauce, fresh toppings and daiya cheese. Perfection. Great staff great wine and beer selection too. Highly recommended from
Pizza eating experts.


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16 Mar 2014

Vegan Friendly, Surprising Vegan Menu

So after you are greeted at Vertoris, they immediately ask "Is anyone ordering from the glutten-free or vegan menu?" That was a big relief. Its nice when you don't have to explain vegan to the waiter.

Coming from Jacksonville, FL (where we don't have many options) I found the vegan menu to be very accomodating for a non-vegan restaurant. I chose the vegan breadsticks and ravioli. The food was good.

Couple of heads up:
1 - They are big into Diaya cheese. I know not everyone is a fan of it.
2 - The breadsticks order is pretty hefty. You better get it to split it between 2 people other wise eating the whole thing will fill you up.

I had a great time. It was nice eating somewhere with non-vegan friends. They could enjoy their food and I could enjoy mine.

It's also a family owned business, so its very relaxed and chilled place. The owners even stayed late so that more people in our group could grab some food to go. Definitely going back if I'm ever in Sarasota.

Pros: Vegan Menu, Good Food, Relaxing Environment


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10 Feb 2014


Purchased a vegan, gluten free pizza to go with 2-1/2 items. 10-inch pizza was over $23, and the veg toppings were skimpy. Quality rating 3 stars out of 5. Value rating -0-. Will not return.

Pros: Ready on time

Cons: Price, Skimpy toppings


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16 Jan 2014

Very nice night out

My wife and I really enjoyed the vegan Veggie pizza and salad. The pizza was served steaming to our table and was delicious. The service was great and we even splurged on some vegan carrot cake cupcakes. We look forward to exploring more items from their extensive vegan and gluten free menu.

Pros: great food, nice portions, wide variety


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14 Jan 2014

Excellent vegan food

We’re from Canada and staying in Bradenton. I was thrilled when I searched online and found Vertoris! They actually have a vegan menu – such a rarity in the States we traveled through to get to Florida. I had the black bean soup and a thin crust pizza topped with ‘daiya” and tomato sauce. The soup was thick, flavourful and delicious; it definitely tasted homemade and fresh. The pizza sauce was tasty, again fresh, and spiced just right. My husband, not vegan, enjoyed his food as well. We’ll go back here again before leaving Bradenton!


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12 Jan 2014

Delicious and nutritious

Our family is a mix of vegans and vegetarians so this restaurant is ideal for us with a wide selection for everyone. Always well prepared, fresh and tasty. Our favourites are the potato skins. I would give it 5 cows but they do serve meat dishes too.


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09 Jan 2014

Best Vegan Pizza around!!

David and Nicole (owners) make a fantastic vegan pizza. My favorite is the nine grain crust with broccoli and spinach. The vegan menu is extensive and varied. I would HIGHLY recommend this spot...don't judge the location! I just wish they had a location in downtown Sarasota.

Pros: Great crust, Separate Vegan menu, Friendly owners

Cons: location


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17 Nov 2013

Wonderful pizza

We've visited Vertori's a number of times and always come away happy (and with leftovers for the next day!). The staff is friendly, communicative, and knowledgable about vegan/gluten-free diets.

The menu has a wonderful selection for special diets, and prices are clearly marked on the menu.

Delicious food, great service, vegan pizza and potato skins... what's better?!

Pros: Vegan and gluten-free, Tasty vegan food

Redheaded Vegan

Points +439

30 Jun 2013

Pricing Nightmare

I've frequented Vertoris quite a few times in the past two years as I've been working in Sarasota in the summertime. The food is usually pretty good - my staple has been the eggplant parm and while not the best I've ever tasted, certainly well done for a non-veggie restaurant.

The fact that they have a vegan menu is definitely appreciated, but my first issue was that during one of my most recent visits after specifically requesting vegan food, my meal was served with focaccia bread. Since I'd never seen it before I was a bit suspicious, so I inquired, and sure enough it had eggs in it. I do expect that restaurants that have separate vegan menus know what that means.

My real issue is with their pricing. I visited this weekend to celebrate Vegan Pizza Day. Non only am I vegan, but gluten-free as well. I ordered a 10" pie with banana peppers and olives. It was on a delicious, thin, crispy crust and unlike the eggplant parm, had a generous amount of Dayia. I was only able to eat half, and was happy to take the rest home for later. Then I got my bill. They don't have a combo menu, just a vegan one, and a gluten free one. The vegan menu said $11 for a pie. I was expecting some sort of up-charge, but it was double. DOUBLE.

I feel this is unacceptable, but I paid my bill rather than argue with the waiter who I'm sure doesn't set the pricing. I didn't see the owner around so I left and dropped them an email stating my displeasure.

To my pleasant surprise, the owner got back to me very quickly and explained that they go through great lengths to ensure their Celiac customers can eat safely, including a separate oven which increases their costs - which they then pass on to the customers. I understand all of that but find still find it completely unreasonable to charge that much without posting prices anywhere or warning your customers when they order. Could I have asked? Certainly, and for that I take some responsibility, which is another reason I paid quietly, but I'm still very disappointed in their lack of information available to the customers.

All in all, it's a good option in an area of the world where there aren't many vegan-friendly places, but use extreme caution if you're vegan and gluten-free. No one deserves the kind of surprise I got when looking at a restaurant bill.
Updated from previous review on Sunday June 30, 2013

Pros: vegan and gluten-free options, Small, family-owned, Tasty pizza

Cons: Pricing, not careful about vegan options, slow and inattentive service


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02 Apr 2013

I wish there was more than 1!!!

I drive from Naples just to come and eat at Vertoris! The food is amazing. There are so many options for both GF and Vegan customers. There is always a vegan cupcake, my favorite is the lemon. The butternut squash ravioli is delicious. The service is always wonderful- team members are very friendly and knowledgable. Very accommodating. Love going there. Definitely worth the drive!!

Pros: lots of options, quaint, friendly staff


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02 Dec 2012

Yes, Vertoris worth the visit

I ate there and am currently writing a review for my blog, martysflyingveganreview.com but wanted to get this up. This place is well worth the visit. They have an exclusive vegan menu and know what it means. They also have a gluten free menu. I didn't see anything on the menu more or less offensive than anything at any other restaurant serving animals on plates. It's NOT 100% vegan and you will be dining with others who eat meat.
The vegan food I ate was good, honest, comforting Italian fare!
Keep this listing.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, in strip mall - parking, knowledgable and friendly staff

Cons: serves meat, small place 9 tables, TV playing environment


Points +13

25 Jun 2012

Vegan gem!

I've tried a lot of vegan pizzas over the years and this place has an excellent one. They have several choices on the vegan menu including vegan dessert! The chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting are yummy.
Since they also serve non vegan food, it is a great place for when you have a mix of friends ( veg and non veg) since everyone can find something they would like. The owners are very friendly and respectful of a vegan diet.
I definitely plan on going back and taking friends with me.

Pros: True vegan menu that tastes great, Friendly owners, Non vegan choices for friends

Cons: Great vegan food costs a little more


Points +1791

11 Mar 2012

Vegan pizza in brandenton, fl

Visited this nice pizzeria twice as their veggie pizza with daiya mozzarella was so good! Nice, small place with friendly happy people witg good service. Took a while for the food to finally get to us, buy it was very good. Also tried the gluten and dairy free eggplant parmesan also with daiya, it was excellent! Nice to see a place with a whole vegan menu! Will definitely be back!

Pros: Whole vegan menu!, Very tasty vegan options

Cons: Little slow for our food to arrive, Pricing is medium to high


14 Mar 2012

Thanks so much for the kind review! I am one of the owners and do most of the cooking at Vertoris...I just wanted to let you know we are training 4 new employees to make sure we give the best service possible. Hope to see you again soon!


Points +20

10 Mar 2012

Nice people, good pizza.

The staff is very friendly and the vegan pizza is pretty good. The only place I know of locally that you can get a vegan pizza made with Daiya cheese. The pizza listed as vegan is the gluten free one which is good but a little small and pricey. The owner was kind enough to let us know that the nine grain dough was also vegan. It was a slow night for them so he also let me know he plans to modify the menu to show more vegan options. The vegan chocolate cupcakes with the peanut butter frosting were very good. I will visit again!

Pros: Friendly staff, Good food

Cons: Service can be really slow, A bit pricey


14 Mar 2012

Thanks for the kind review! I am one of the owners and do most of the cooking at Vertoris. I just wanted to let you know that we now offer a whole separate Vegan Menu. I have added a Vegan eggplant lasagna, appetizers, numerous pasta dishes along with pizza. We also have 3 Vegan pizza crusts our original crust, 9-grain crust and gluten-free crust. We hope to see you soon!

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