Cajun, Creole

Fully vegan restaurant offering Cajun, Creole, and Southern classics. Includes house-made fried chicken, fried catfish, barbecue ribs, jambalaya, candied yams, shrimp and grits fritters, southern-style vegetables and specials. Black-owned. Previously a food truck; opened here 2021. Open Thu-Sun 12:00pm-7:00pm. Closed Mon-Wed.

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First Review by BethHigginbotham


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22 Jan 2024

Amazing and Great Portion Sizes

I was very impressed with this place! For $20, we got large portions of the meat and other sides. The service was a little slow when we went, but this was after an ice storm and we were the first ones in there, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. If I am ever back in the area, I would easily come back.



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20 Jan 2024

Holy F*%#

Get your bbq fix here! Was on a work trip and decided to order from Dirty Lettuce and holy F%#* SO GOOD!


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28 Dec 2023


Came here with family and everything i tried was amazing. i got the peacemaker because i love seafood and it did not disappoint. i will definitely come here again when im back in town.

Pros: shrimp, mississippi mud sauce, infamous bowl


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24 Dec 2023

Every dish was incredible

Wow!! My friend and I got popcorn chicken, Cajun Mac, coleslaw, cornbread, and the fries. All were insane, the cornbread was truly the best I'd ever had in my life, vegan or non-vegan. My friend brought her leftovers to her husband who said "if vegan food tasted this good I would eat it all the time" (a very annoying comment but testimony to how delicious it was!!!!). I'm so excited to try their other dishes since everything we tried was a big hit. Will now make an effort to come here whenever I'm in Portland (which is often)


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22 Oct 2023

Lip smacking good comfort food

The food was absolutely amazing. I have never had such delicious vegan ribs! The jalapeño poppers were mouthwatering and oh so creamy. We also had the wings and impossible bowl, which were extremely tasty. Can’t forget the hush puppies either. The shrimp was good but the sauce just didn’t quite fit with it. To round off all of this delicious southern comfort food, we had all three pies and my favorites were the apple and sweet potato. Hast off to the chef for an amazing dining experience!

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-22

Pros: Ribs were simply off the chain!, Mac & Cheese, impossible bowl, delicate , Jalapeño popper bursting with flavor, pies A+

Cons: Sauce for shrimp wasn’t the best


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14 Sep 2023

A True Gem

I’ve been wanting to come to Dirty Lettuce forever. I finally got my opportunity a few weeks ago. I ordered the ribs, Mac and cheese, greens (of course!), and hush puppies. Everything was fresh and full of flavor. Not one single thing I disliked. Dirty Lettuce completely shattered my expectations. Must visit restaurant when in PDX!


15 Sep 2023


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09 Sep 2023


Their seitan chicken is so good, and so is their cajun mac. Takeout took a longggg time even though there were hardly any customers, but the food was worth it in the end.


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23 Aug 2023

Such good comfort foods

This place is incredible. We got the catfish plate with cajun mac and slaw plus a small portion of the Infamous Bowl (fried chicken w potatoes, gravy, corn). Everything was excellent. It felt like an indulgent lunch for two people, but I had no regrets! I was so impressed by the flavors and textures, especially of the catfish and chicken. The people working there also seemed really nice. I can't wait to return! They had outdoor tables set away from the street where we sat with our dog.

Pros: Amazing food, Nice staff, Outdoor seating


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27 Jul 2023

Now one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE restaurants!

It is THAT GOOD! Really incredible vegan southern comfort food. Everything we tried was top notch delicious. It pleased even my omni friends. One even called the fried chicken the best he’s ever had. The batter is perfectly seasoned and fried to crispy heaven. We had it with the BBQ sauce, which was one of the best BBQ sauces I’ve ever had. My other friend LOVED the Mac and cheese (sadly, I did not, ONLY because of the bell peppers). My favorite was the fried okra 🤤 I also was blown away by the ribs.

If you are in the mood for sinfully delicious fried food and want your socks knocked off, you know where to go. 😉

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-27

Pros: Vegan Southern Food Mecca

Cons: Not health food, but that’s pretty clear I think 😆, Sticky tables


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06 Jun 2023


We stopped in and had lunch at DirtyLettuce while visiting Portland. Wow!! Not only was the food delicious but the portions were huge! I had the ribs with the mashed potatoes and Cajun mac and cheeze and my husband had the chickn with the same sides. We highly recommend and would definitely go there again when visiting Portland. The chef was very friendly and a nice staff as well!!

Pros: Delicious Food, Huge portions , Friendly chef and staff


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Mostly Veg
03 Jun 2023


I had the 3pc chicken with cornbread and Mac n cheez and when I tell you it was phenomenal I am so for real! Super flavorful with a hint of spice! Will defin be back for more!!!


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07 Apr 2023

Yay for southern soul food!

I was so pleased. I’ve missed catfish and it more than it the spot. I’d never had fried chicken before and this was amazing. Both had perfect breading for the type of meat. Delicious!

The Mac & Cheese was average. I will definitely be back and will try other sides. Definitely give them a try my friends! Immediately hooked!

Pros: Great fresh vegan eats!, All vegan, Great new location

Cons: Expensive but worth it.


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18 Mar 2023

Good southern style food

On point southern soul food, made vegan. Love it

Pros: Huge portions, just like in the south lol, Fair prices, Delivery available


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19 Feb 2023

Delicious Lettuce

So I'm going to try to not gush too much. I [censored] love Dirty Lettuce. Their food is so [censored] good. If you don't know already, you must eat here. End of review.

Pros: Insanely good food packed with flavor, Vegan fried catfish? WHUT?, Black-owned business


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14 Feb 2023

It's alright

Idk, I've tried Dirty Lettuce twice now and both times they failed to impress. The inside of the "chicken" was soggy and outside lacked crunch. Only giving 3 stars because my partner loved it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-14

Pros: All vegan, Unique in Portland

Cons: Soggy, Expensive


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29 Jan 2023

Way Better Than Screen Door

Oh man, I can’t even begin to tell you how much Dirty Lettuce slaps! Whatever you order, you can’t go wrong. Usually my go-to is the Catfish plate, and then I do a roulette of the sides. And I’m never disappointed. Other notables are the fried chicken, ribs, greens, and the mac & cheeze.

I also love their gift shop with local gems. The coffee they offer is delicious, so I always get a bag of their chicory coffee whenever I go in for takeout.

Super appreciative of Dirty Lettuce and their delicious offerings!

Pros: All vegan, Home feeling, Everything is delicious


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15 Jan 2023

Great southern style food

Fried chicken is phenomenal, fried pickles, fries jalapeños, love it all!


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11 Nov 2022

Fried Fried Fried

I ordered the popcorn chicken with crispy fried pickles and fried cauliflower bites. The chicken had a good consistency and seasoning. I liked the cauliflower, but would have preferred it unfried so that it would add something healthful to the meal. I enjoyed everything, but it was too much fried food for my sensitive stomach.

Pros: all vegan, big portions

Cons: too few non-fried choices


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27 Oct 2022





Try everything. I love the catfish.

Pros: Fire , Fire , Fye Fye

Cons: None, Naw, Nope


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23 Oct 2022

Gotta Go Back for More

Finally made it to Dirty Lettuce! So glad we did! I never knew southern comfort food could be so good vegan. The breading on the fried "chicken" was amazing, and the texture was great. Had the mashed potatoes and collard greens as sides, both very delicious. My husband had the cole slaw and mac and cheese, also very delicious. The mac and cheese had a little bit of a kick to it. The staff was friendly. Service was fast. There's limited seating. Want to go back to try everything else on the menu!

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Great service

Cons: Limited seating


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20 Oct 2022

Absolutely incredible

Found this place when I was looking for a vegan restaurant in this area. So glad I did! The food was amazing. The texture of the "meets" (as they call them) was unreal. The fried chicken was light yet crispy. The ribs were nicely charred. I liked that they were made out of homemade seitan rather than some commercial fake meat products. For sides we went for collard greens, fried cauliflower bites, and a spinach hand pie; they were equally delicious. Staff was nice and friendly. Prices were very reasonable. Can't wait to come back!

Pros: excellent food, nice staff, good value


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08 Oct 2022


I never knew Southern food could be vegan but here we are! Phenomenal food!! Coming back here again.


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19 Sep 2022

A smorgasbord of flavor

Probably the best place in Portland to purchase food!

Pros: All vegan, Incredible soul food menu, Incredible owners


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14 Sep 2022

Food Done Right

Excellent textures and spices! Nothing obscenely complicated, just great comfort foods at reasonable prices. The little shop inside features awesome artisanal wares and fun n/a drinks. Staff loves what they do and the vibe is passed into the food they make. BBQ 'ribs' are killer hush puppies are ✨perfect! ✨

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-14

Pros: Variety of textures and flavors, Awesome quick stop , Outdoor seating


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03 Sep 2022

Insanely good

So amazing. As good as everyone says it is. Their daily specials are incredible too. Such a kind staff too!

The location is kind of confusing, you order at the back of the shop at the counter. Shop is also filled with amazing vegan food and local artists work! Such an amazing spot, I’ll definitely be back. I’m so happy that such specific cuisine is in Portland!

Pros: Vegan menu!, Kind staff , Black owned!

Cons: No pieces on their menu


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03 Sep 2022

Fantastic Southern Fare

My husband and I shared bbq popcorn chicken with infamous bowl and Mac salad, and ‘gator’ bites (this was plenty for the two of us). Extremely flavorful and the mock meats had great texture. Highly recommend!


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03 Sep 2022

Cajun Glory

My husband loves the catfish. I love the chicken. The meet pies are glorious. They only thing that want a huge hit with my family was the mac’n cheese. Give this place a try, it’s so worth it!!

Pros: Delicious choices, Friendly staff

Cons: No sit-down dining

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