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2040 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA

delightful, quaint, chocolate bomb

19 Jun 2014

Wow I had the most intense chocolate drink here ever. That milkshake is for serious chocolate fans. A bit reluctant to go all out and get everything I wanted since the prices are a bit high, but I'm glad I at least opted for the drink: a chocolate and coconut milk blend of the ultimate dark raw stuff. By the time I got home I had a little bit of it left, mixed it with the almond milk I had a home and made myself a diluted yet still incredible second drink. It was the drink that kept on giving.
Yes, this is a review solely on a milkshake, like pulp fiction, there is plenty one can say about something you think at first is too much to pay for but when you drink it, it's a damn good milkshake :)
I'll splurge again on other items next time I drop by.

103 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia, USA

lovely, hits the spot!

24 Feb 2012

Nestled in a little bustling area on E Huntington, this small, clean, and happy little joint had dishes that tasted like familiar childhood memories, just without the meat and heavy oily after-effects. (I haven't had meat since I was a preteen) Aaah. The staff was very sweet and friendly, the fellow diners also seemed very happy, a few of them complimenting the staff on their food. My favorite part was seeing a monk come pick up his take out. Always a good sign!! Good ambiance, happy place, and meat free. I enjoyed my food (even the tea was really good!) and the prices were very reasonable. Will visit again. :)
Updated from previous review on Monday November 19, 2007

18748 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, USA

Fantastic, casual fare for a King

09 Jun 2015

A cozy spot, filled with locals, many ordering the large dosa platters. Serving sizes here looked very ample, but despite this, I was too tempted to resist the All-you-can-eat Northern King Thali, which consisted of mushroom stew, veggie curries, lentils, breads, rice, and few others I unfortunately could not name but were delicious. There are three thali specials, there is one less spicy for those inclined, and the southern special which is a little smaller. Seeing that this was an all veg restaurant, and I could eat with gusto without any meaty concern, I asked for the King special. And I ended up not needing to request more. At $12 it was very reasonable for the amount of food given.

The amount of spices were perfect, just enough of a kick to get the sweat going but not overwhelming. The dish had wonderful flavors and was very satisfying. The dosa (ordered separately) was very good, although not the best in the area (Udupi so far has my favorite)

My only tiny objection was the copper water cups. Sounds silly but the taste really gets in the water and gives off the odd metallic flavor.

For those who like the thali style of buffet, and perhaps want something more casual (and a little less expensive) than Radjani further down the street, this is a great meal. Just be careful not to go into the adjacent restaurant Bhimas Non-Veg. Both are clearly labeled on their windowfronts.

15131 Moran St Ste 417, Westminster, USA

bustling, charming place, great food with a smile

11 Apr 2014

A little gem that is easy to miss sandwiched between two shopping plazas, this place serves plenty of customers especially during the lunch hour. The front counter has combo specials available for take out, veggies and an assortment of mock meats, or you can grab a seat where the owner David will likely drop by to say hello and check in on you to see if everything is to your liking :) Super friendly, we sat down with him as the crowd died down a bit and he took a breather to chat with us about how he ended up buying the place as the original Bo De Tinh Tam Chay outgrew the location.
I'm always on the lookout for a good veggie soup, and I was very pleased with my order. My carnivorous date also enjoyed his meal, which is always a plus. We both ate everything in front of us, including a sample that David had brought us to try. No doubt everything there is just as well made and tasty as what we had, but the real gem is the effort they are making to have an asian establishment that not only treats its customers well, but also its staff. It's typical for an asian place to have delicious food but horrible service and miserable workers, but since David is trying to reverse all this, the food is all the better.

15352 Beach Blvd, Westminster, USA

At the top of my list!

21 Sep 2013

This veggie oasis jumped right to the top of my list of veggie joints from the first day. Yes, it's an asian restaurant, so you have to immediately dismiss any factors on service. With luck, you'll get a waiter who is nice and speaks english, but really, authenticity is usually negatively correlated with customer service and english is bonus. Just bring a friend who can speak the language if it's a huge concern.
That out of the way, the 50 cent charge for water didn't phase us. I think everywhere should, and it would hopefully remind us it's not an unlimited resource. Since the portions are huge, just see it as a price for the food.
As for the food, I couldn't order enough. It's veggie, it's delicious, it's great vietnamese food (with a few pan-asian items). The best sign is I saw monks happily eating here or getting take outs and that usually makes my day. Go with a large party and share as much as you can. The birds nests seem especially popular as they were on most of the tables that I could see. I loved the soups I've had there as I'm always on a quest to get good veggie soup,(we've tried the noodle soups, wonton soup, mixed mock seafood and meats soup), and very importantly, non-herbivores are pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy the mock meats. Yes, there are people out there who are not fans, but the beef was complimented and mentioned as a favorite. If you prefer the tofu and not-mock type of proteins, they have them here as well. Lots of vegetables, everything was delicious and fresh. Sad to see the comment below about MSG since I usually don't care for it, but if they do indeed use it, I couldn't tell so maybe it really was just a little. I'm usually crazy thirsty if it's in there. I'm a bit surprised though, since popular-with-buddhists places usually don't add enhancers like that. Hopefully that was only in a few dishes or they decided not to continue using it?
That said, get an assortment of appetizers, main dishes and if you're up to it, some of the colorful sweets at the counter to end your meal, and again, bring others with you or just order a ton to take home. The prices were very reasonable and we all had leftovers to take home. The ambiance is great, it's always packed with folks, and omni/carnivores will be fed to the brim as well. Lucky for me, my last visit had friendly staff who got by just fine in english, so don't let the gamble stop you from what will definitely be a great and satisfying meal.

621 W Main St, Alhambra, USA

hits the spot for a quick bite

11 Apr 2014

hoping they pick it up a bit, the place is fizzling and the last time we were there to check out the buffet, the food was passable, which is a disappointment.

A very nice place, with clean and tasty food. May not be the most upscale, being more of a casual lunch spot. The food is very good and quick, but not spectacular. The subs are a little small (granted I have a big appetite) and the noodle soup was a little mushy (loved the soup stock) but I've gone more than once now and leave satisfied. Prices are reasonable, although the area is known for good cheap asian food so it's in an area where you can get more for the same price. However I will go back, as I'd rather support a vegan establishment.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 12, 2011

6527 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, USA

Hip, chic, but only if you have the time

16 May 2014

I really liked the ambiance of Sababa, it seems like a great place to hang out, like a secret lounge. Unfortunately, I hope my experience here was not typical.
The positives: Well-identified vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut allergy codes on the menu. A good amount to choose from for the herbivore, and even a little "go vegan" section on the menu. There are also veggie options on the Happy Hour menu. Everything looked so promising and sounded so good I think I got my hopes up too high. The food was tasty, but not enough of a reason to come back.
The negatives: it was fairly busy when we got there, but we didn't have to wait to for a table. Yet even as patrons left, nothing sped up. It took 20 minutes to take our order and then another 40 to get the food, which was only a couple of cold sandwiches. The staff knew it's customers were itching to eat and they apologized a few times to us and the tables near us for the delay. We figured a big brunch crowd must have set back the kitchen so we waited it out. Later, the waitress brought out a free appetizer of hummus for us, apologizing again for the delay. Finally, close to an hour after we sat down, our food came.
Thankfully it was good, the veggies, the sauce, the veggie chicken, but I'm glad we got the appetizer since it came with nothing else. just a sandwich.
Costing about $10 per sandwich (a happy hour deal) that took an hour to get, and left us still hungry, I would come back here one day just to hang out and maybe sip something from the bar. Around the corner from here is Veggie Grill where you will get more variety, more food for your money, and get it all in a fraction of the time.

340 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA

adorable and welcoming, good for the tummy

18 Oct 2013

A nice little gem in LB, the food was good, the portions were good, and my side soup was an unexpected surprise. I ordered it only because it was the soup of the day but I enjoyed it more than I expected! (black bean soup, which isn't my favorite but I licked the bowl clean and was almost full before my main dish arrived) I had the grilled tofu steak which was very nice and flavorful, complete with smokey char and a vegan A1 sauce. The other items were tasty, but admittedly not mind blowing. The place was charming and the staff was sweet, the items in the restaurant will all make a veggiehead happy, but maybe not companions who aren't as accustomed to a happy hippy joint. You may want to order a few things as well since an entree won't fill a hungry eater. This is a nice place for a bite to eat, or a casual dinner, but not to impress a first date, that is, unless the other person is a happy hippy.

3400 E Broadway, Long Beach, USA

cozy joint with delicious veggie options

18 Jun 2015

A small place with a bar and pool table area in back. Very tasty, loved the blackened mushroom tacos. There are more veggie options here than many other places which makes it worth it. Cozy, charming, more of a bar hang out place. I hear the meat dishes are ok, that other places are better, but if that's not the concern, then at least the veggie faire here is delicious!

411 Harvard St, Brookline, USA

local favorite, reliable authentic thai

16 Oct 2014

A popular place for the locals, homey and cozy, and the food is delicious. Stores around it have changed through the years, but I'm glad to notice this one has stuck around. My only wish is that it didn't have the lingering shrimp paste smell, which vividly reminds me of the time my family tried making this stuff (don't try this at home) but if you can get over that, it's all good, and just adds to the homeyness of the place.

I've dropped by countless times over the years when hanging out with friends for lunch or even getting a nice dinner with family. All the traditional favorites are on this menu, but bonus is that there is a veggie version for them as well, clearly indicated in the new 3-page veggie section of the menu, and all of them identified with a number following a V. To make items vegan, ask first, as many of the items will still contain egg.
I've gotten the fried rice dishes (esp pineapple), the curries (love the mango), and the noodle dishes from pad thai to pad see yew. Appetizers of course include veggie spring rolls and tofu with peanut sauce.
The flavors are rich and deep and the only reason I didn't post pics is because I started eating before I remembered I needed to! Lots of pics on their website though, as well as a smaller menu that doesn't seem to include all the veggie items in the shop. Before you go, grab a fun drink to take with you or have a few bites of the sticky rice and mango.

11405 South St, Cerritos, USA

When you need a mac n cheese....

02 Sep 2015

Sometimes you just want old comfort food, and for vegans, this is an extra treat.
The mac n cheese meals are varied, and the vegetarian dishes are clearly marked, but you can also request to have no meat in the dishes that regularly have it, just ask for the meat not to be added. There is only one entirely vegan plate that is based with cashew cheese, but it's delicious. There are bits of onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, and diced tomato on top, and it's all baked together to have a nice crisp top, complete with some breadcrumb crumble.
You can ask for gluten free pasta if you'd like, I didn't so I don't know how that one is, but at least it's an option.
I also appreciated that the vegan mac n cheese dish had a large poster in the front :)
The sides and salads are fine, and anything with truffle oil is of course awesome. I usually can't resist fries when they have truffle oil on them.
Very nice place, friendly staff, clean and comfortable. Hits the spot!

315 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, USA

lovely farmers market if you can get parking

09 Nov 2014

this one pony rides for kids! Too cute seeing all the ponies. Large, bustling market, with arts and crafts vendors alongside the beautiful produce stands. The only downside is that the area is already busy and hard to find parking. The lot I tried to use wanted to charge us $10! Try to find somewhere further (and walk) or dine at a nearby restaurant which would allow you to park there. Will get pics another time when it's hopefully a bit less crowded.

841 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, USA

Excellent, tasty, affordable

12 Oct 2011

*update: They now serve dim sum items. Began summer of 2011, separate mini menu available all day. This makes me VERY happy! Thumbs up!*

The first time I went here I went with a carnivore friend who has a secret fondness for veggie fish. We shared one of the casserole 'seafood' bowls and it did not disappoint. I'm always happy when carnivores leave veggie restaurants as full and content as I do!
I have since gone back for other casserole soups. The last visit, I took my mom there and we got sooo many dishes (leftovers for the next few days!) basically trying everything that we wanted to try. The veggie meats were super (try the BBQ pork - sweet and tasty), the vegetables were fresh, and I wanted to add a note about the service; chinese restaurants are notorious for bad service so I usually have little to no expectation for decent waitstaff, but here, I was very pleasantly surprised to have a friendly staff who were likely extra kind to us because they were so amused my mom and I were having the time of our lives.
We went at a less busy hour (late afternoon/early dinner time) and got so much, the waitress was surprised but went along with it and even had her own suggestions. She came out later to tell us they didn't have much of one vegetable but could accomodate and proposed some other veggies. Everything turned out EXCELLENT. And it never hurts to compliment like crazy. :) They ended up letting us a try a special "healing" soup on the house, and they chatted with us about how it's made etc. I have since tried to duplicate that one, granted, it never came out as good as theirs.
For your sweet tooth, I recommend a light dessert of the almond milk covered in flaky pastry (for almond milk fans, nice,thick and warm, the crust is bonus) or the chewy dessert ball/fermented rice soup (trust me, it tastes much better than I'm translating the name to be).
In the end, the price was definitely very reasonable given how much food we ate, the extra soups they gave us, and the personalizing of a couple dishes.
So, go when it's less busy, and be nice, and you'll be treated the same in return :) You might see me there!
Updated from previous review on Thursday March 04, 2010

16034 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights, USA

Excellent, fast, delicious, organic!

25 Sep 2008

One of my top favorite places for a nice lunch. Completely organic. Buddhist cafe, small and friendly (about ten tables). There are combo plates (hot bar, you can choose 2-4 items, plus soup and barley grain rice for about 5 bucks), or menu dishes to order from. Additional treats: fresh juices, packaged items like dry grains and legumes to buy, and then fresh items are also available to take home for dinner or freeze for another day. I often get the 50 pack of fresh homemade wontons, the mushroom and nut zhong zi, complete with sticky organic grains, true to the style of the traditional option, or the steam wheat buns, chock full of veggies. I highly recommend this place for a casual meal. I am rarely in this area, but when I am, I make a point to come here. Bring a friend too, so you can try more. I usually share a combo meal with a friend, we order a plate from the menu, take home frozen goodies, and wash everything down with carrot apple ginger juice or whatever strikes our fancy. :)

37 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, USA

classy little place

12 Oct 2011

I like how it's a bit more upscale than many vegan places (as much as I love veggie joints) however, with the ambiance and Old Town locale comes the prices which are a little high for what you get. Yes, very good and tasty, but portions are small. We ordered the dishes that the waitress recommended as favorites and enjoyed them. I would like to go back and try some other dishes another time.

1419 N Tustin St, Orange, USA

very good for a quick fresh bite

21 Nov 2014

Nice, clean shop for a quick bite. My bbq tofu bowl was delicious although the sauce was a tad much for my preference. It had crispy tofu cubes, avocado, jicama, and greens over a bed of brown rice. Each section (bowl, salad, wraps) had a veggie option but since you can customize to make your own, that adds variety. I opted for the vegan bowl that was already on the menu.
The only section that didn't have a vegan option was the stews but there was a seasonal special of a squash and pumpkin soup which I ordered. I thought was okay, not the best.
There were vegan items in the dessert display, labeled as gluten free and dairy free. Upon closer look, I found that all but two of their selections were vegan! Not a big selection but glad they are there. I got the peanut butter jelly parfait (vegan, ingredients listed on label) and found it quite tasty. Overall a pleasant lunch.

1688 Hostetter Rd Ste C, San Jose, USA

delightful and delicious place to cool down

28 Jul 2015

I didn't realize my family was taking me to a vegan place, they were simply going to their favorite place to get taiwanese shaved ice, a cafe that also has one of their favorite veggie wraps that they'll sometimes grab and go. Finding that the place also happened to be vegan was bonus!
I love it when non-vegans enjoy a place such that the vegan label is irrelevant and even forgotten :)

So my family orders a round of various mountains of shaved ice (it was near 90 degrees outside) and I jumped to the ice cream section and had a hard time deciding which decadent flavor I wanted...I eventually decide upon the caramel fudge. I learn all of the ice cream is soy based and certified vegan. The condensed milk drizzled on the desserts is home made at the location and it's absolutely delicious.

The owner and I get into a chat about HappyCow and find that they're big fans, and use the app when traveling. They wanted to say hello to anyone out there using HappyCow and to drop by for one of their snacks (like vegan BLT or the popular avocado wrap) or to cool off with the iced sweets.

I'll be there again next time I'm in the area. In the meantime, my relatives will be there as usual dropping by frequently to their favorite just-so-happens-to-be-vegan eatery :)

535 E Bixby Rd, Long Beach, USA

quaint, clean, has the basics for hebivores

30 Apr 2014

Stopped by this easy-to-miss store off the main road. Parking is a bit tough since there is no dedicated lot for the store. There are three main fridge sections, with ready to eat frozen foods (Amy's, etc), milk and dairy alternatives, and beverages. Vegan cheeses were available along with the largest tub of Veganiase that I've ever seen! I was glad to see almond cheeses front and center.
There is an aisle for home and beauty products, along with many sections of natural remedies and supplements. One of the racks I noticed was completely for the stores own line of vitamins and supplements.
There is also a reading corner for books, magazines, and leaflets. Not the largest place, but clearly somewhere focused on the vegan lifestyle.

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