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1500 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA


02 Sep 2012

This is an amazing Co-op! I just loved it from the moment I walked in--I'm not from Portland, but I found this place to be a treasure for the travelling vegan. Lots of healthy and convenience "to-go" items in the deli case, great to pack for a day of biking or hiking. For those who live in the area, what a fantastic resource for fresh veg, bulk items and other sundries! Wonderful store--bypass the large brand-name health-food store, and support this Portland Co-op.

5812 N Broadway, Chicago, USA

Light and lovely

23 Sep 2010

This was my first visit back since this was Alice & Friends. Love the new bright, clean atmosphere. The food was delicious--I had the Bi Bim Bob, a Korean rice dish. Also shared steamed dumplings and "Lady Fingers" appetizers. Both delicious. The two gentlemen on that day [owners? not sure] were so delightful and talked with us about other Loving Huts opening close to our home.
They also offer inexpensive "special sandwiches" for a dollar for Monday's lunch, and a Korean BBQ sandwich [I think for $3] for Wednesday lunch. They do this to enable all to eat healthy, and avoid visiting places like the golden arches.
A very nice place to go for casual dining. If I lived close by I would be a regular for sure! As it stands, I'll just have to be a regular on my visits to Chicago. =)

2217 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Would try again

02 Sep 2012

Heard a lot about this place and was excited to go, but was disappointed. On the day we visited, it was sunny and hot, so we had a chocolate caramel milkshake--which was very light and thin. Taste was nice and it was refreshing, but was not thick and rich like we anticipated. Next time I'd go for a baked good or chocolate instead. Small store, with little seating, but probably ample. Servers were courteous, but not at all warm and fuzzy friendly. With all the great reviews I'd read about this place, I left disappointed in the experience.

1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, USA

The BEST dining experience in Portland!

02 Sep 2012

Blossoming Lotus was our favorite restaurant on our recent trip to Portland. The atmosphere was lovely--the servers were fantastic, and all of the customers seemed to be happy to be there. Everything is vegan, but all items are clearly labelled raw, gluten-, or soy-free. We ordered the Live Pizza to start and it had to have been the tastiest thing we ate all week! =) For entree, we had the Crispy Thai BBQ Salad and the Roasted Beet and Curried Cashew Salad. Both dishes were absolutely incredible--flavours were out of this world, and we savoured every bite. Serving sizes were very generous, but we managed to clean our plates. We were not at all rushed, and the entire experience was nothing but absolute pleasure.
We had our eye on a carrot cake that we could see, but decided on the Walnut Pie, which was out of this world! The cocktails/mocktails were delicious too--as a mocktail consumer I absolutely loved and appreciated that my drink had the same sophisticated appearance and flavour as a regular cocktail, just without the alcohol. Hats off to Blossoming Lotus for the best dining experience in Portland [really...best dining experience in the U.S.].

200 Crestview Rd, Columbus, USA


24 Sep 2010

The CoOp is a jewel in the Clintonville area. They have vegan prepared sandwiches/wraps/soups available which is great for a quick meal, or to grab for the road. Just a few minutes from 71 or 315, so it's great if you're passing through Columbus and want to grab something en route.

For locals, it offers the best in all produce and products that support a lifestyle that cares for our health, and the environment.

The employees are friendly and knowledgeable. And the place is always clean! Very important! The CoOp is a valuable link for the community.

3039 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA


02 Sep 2012

What a wonderful bakery! Has a few tables to sit at, and is quite understated from the outside. But what a treasure! I ordered the Brown sugar + Hazelnut scone, and an iced tea. Delicous treats with friendly service that can't be beat! Can't wait to go back.

247 King Ave, Columbus, USA


06 Aug 2008

Excellent upscale Vegan restaurant! Food is incredible, as are the drinks. But gets expensive quick--great for special occasions when you don't mind the splurge so much. Best value is Saturday Brunch--flat price and you get to sample from the buffet and order a dish.

Service is astounding. Really.

Broad and High, Columbus, USA

Hot diggity dog!

17 Jul 2008

Had the Cowabunga for lunch yesterday, then had to seek Rad Dog out for an Italian Sausage this evening! I don't have hot dogs very often, but Rad Dog has me wanting one every day! The Cowabunga comes with an amazing chili [I repeat--AMAZING], and topped with salsa--not too spicy. Just delicious! This evening I had the Italian Sausage with peppers, onions, relish and mustard...I think this has become an instant winner in my book!
So nice to have some fun vegan food in Columbus! The owner is delightful--nice and friendly!
When you see Rad Dog, try it out, you'll be well pleased!

5013 NE 11th Ave, Portland, USA

New location // great food

02 Sep 2012

With only having visited the new location on Alberta Street [August 2012], I'm not so sure about the location--in a little community with three other food carts and a hookah lounge. Looked like it would be a great place to visit at night--but it was still daylight and well, I think we could see too much. The Heart Cart itself was clean and tidy, and the food was great. We ordered two raw dishes, and while I absolutely loved both, my partner didn't really care for either. Both dishes were healthy and flavorful--definitely the healthiest of all the meals we had while visiting Portland, all fresh produce, and not oily like most food cart/restaurant meals. The pod atmosphere implied "peace, love, and happiness", but I noticed that there were no words exchanged between each of the vendors as they set up, which I thought was strange. I would go back again, but only because I like having the healthy option.

430 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, USA

Downtown food cart gem!

02 Sep 2012

Food cart downtown, great for lunch to take to the waterfront [or back to work if you have to!]. The menu is all vegetarian, and everything can be made vegan. We ordered the "Bacon Cheeseburger" and the "Chicken Salad Sub". All I can say is wow! Huge and super tasty! The ingredients were so fresh--and crusty wheat bread I can only dream of! Definitely the best deal of our stay in Portland.

The cashier was super friendly, as were the chefs when they had a moment available. With so many vegan-only options in Portland, we almost missed this gem, and we are so glad that we didn't. These guys are awesome and their food is incredible! If you're downtown and hungry, check these guys out.

1217 SE Stark St, Portland, USA

Wonderful place!

02 Sep 2012

Part of the "Portland Mini-mall". A fun place for vegans to shop--so nice to know all is vegan. You can find all sorts of vegan options from vegan haggis to cream cheese. Would love to live in the neighbourhood to be able to frequent. When in Portland, try to go support these guys!

412 North Ave, New Rochelle, USA


17 Jan 2010

Our visit was so lovely. We had a sampling plate of everything in the buffet. It was real food. Real good. Huge portions. So tasty. It's a little off the beaten path but certainly worth the trip. Best bet are the vegetable dishes, though the analog meats are good, the vegetables were outstanding.

951 N High St, Columbus, USA


15 Oct 2007

This is the all around perfect restaurant: it's the best place in Columbus to meet with anyone, Northstar really caters to "diet diversity". Every person I have brought here [particularly out-of-towners] are blown away by the quality of the food. The service is outstanding: always friendly - not just courteous, but friendly...assuming this is a reflection on the owners taking care of it's employees!

An excellent dining experience. Try it, you & your guests, will love it.

3009 N High St, Columbus, USA


07 Aug 2008

Vegan deliciousness. It's all desserts, so don't expect health-food. But it is all vegan, and all delicious. Get anything there and you will not be disappointed [and non-vegans will be oblivious to the missing eggs + dairy].
When buying cupcakes, cookies or cakes, Pattycake is the place to go. The biggest test was when we had need for a gluten-free vegan b-day cake, and it was incredible!
You can also order online now, check out their website!

BTW, the owner and staff are just delightful. It's always a pleasure.

1125 SE Division St, Portland, USA


02 Sep 2012

Having seen this restaurant highlighted in "Veg Edge" Food Network show, we were excited for our trip to Portland to try this place out. Our first impression wasn't the greatest as we had a reservation, and showed up on time, and waited by the hostess station--only to be passed by a number of times without acknowledgement, and as it's a tight space, felt like we were in the way. After about five minutes, the hostess decided to seat us, handed us white copy-paper menus, and passed us off to the best server in Portland. We were disappointed by the lack of attention by the hostess, and the copy-paper menus did not speak of a higher-quality restaurant. But this is exactly where our experience turned around and lived up to the hype. To say that our server was outstanding, is an understatment [sorry, her name was not on our receipt]. She timed our dishes perfectly, kept the water and drinks topped up, interjected pleasently, was discreet with some interactions--overall top notch, and I only wish I had her name to commend her. Awesome job!
As for the food, it was absolutely incredible and absolutely lived up to the hype. This chef knows what he's doing for sure! All items that are gluten-free are clearly marked. Everything that we ordered was outstanding and it made me wanting to return to try everything else on the menu. You cannot go wrong with what you choose here. It really is all outstanding.

925 NW Davis St, Portland, USA


02 Sep 2012

This restaurant is connected with a Yoga Studio which confused me a little at the beginning, but after having our first meal there, I loved the connection. Small but busy, and all dishes were incredibly tempting. We ordered the Shiva and Soul salads--both were fantastic. The salads averaged around $9 each, but you got a lot of value--they were not holding back on the tempeh or other more expensive ingredients--these were not bowls of green only, they were very filling and very, very tasty. On our visit, this is the only place we visited more than once--and we also took wraps to-go, as we knew we would get nothing like this in the airport. Even the wraps were incredible hours later! [They have both wrap options available to-go in the deli case.] Our second visit was for breakfast and we ordered the Chipotle tempeh Scramble and the Chili Scramble--again, very tasty and very filling. Perfect!
We just loved the food here, we didn't get any Juices but they have a fantastic juice/smoothie menu. And if the food and atmosphere wasn't fantastic enough, they also have their produce delivered by a local sustainable urban delivery company "B-Shares" [http://www.B-shares.com], who makes deliveries by bike. Awesome that Prasad supports this other local business, and cares about it's impact on the environment! Also, I loved that the trash is split out in to Trash / Recycling / Compost. Very cool. Love this place!

3029 SE 21st St, Portland, USA

A Gem!

02 Sep 2012

Food truck on Alberta Street, that was a perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, though I would have loved to hit this place up for a breakfast juice/smoothie too! We ordered the "Get Up" [pineapple, orange, carrot & apple], and it was fantastic. Their menu is creative and can't wait for my next trip back to Portland to try more.

2521 N Clark St, Chicago, USA


23 Sep 2010

Stopped in for a late night bite, and was delighted to see so many items clearly marked as vegan or vegetarian. Had hummus + pita, with the Lentil soup. Fantastic! I wanted to try the falafel, and the lentil rice dish, but I'll have to wait for my return visit to Chicago to get those!

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