Vegan kitchen established since the mid-2000s. Makes a variety of Chinese and Asian style dishes as well as American fare like burgers and fries. The dessert case features a selection of cakes. At one point had converted to Loving Hut but reverted back to its original name in 2015/6. Now accepting reservations with Yelp. Open Mon 4:00pm-9:30pm, Wed-Fri 4:00pm-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-9:30pm. Closed Tue.

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First Review by vegfor22yrs


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18 Feb 2024

Vegan Perfection

The vermicelli salad tastes exactly like it should and the banh mi has the most delicious mayo in the world on it. Can't wait to go back 10,000 more times and I may need to pick my next apartment location based on proximity to Alice & Friends.

Pros: mayo mayo mayo


19 Feb 2024

Hi Isthatvegan,

Thank you for recommending our Banh Mi sandwich. We're excited to hear you loved our house-made mayo. We have two locations one in Chicago and one in Glenview, IL. Can't wait to hear what you try next!



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09 Feb 2024

Favorite place

This is such good food made with love and care. Great variety of options, there’s always something different to try and it never disappoints. The staff is great too. Favorite restaurant in the city!


12 Feb 2024


Thank you for making us your favorite restaurant in the city. We appreciate your support and kind words.


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07 Jan 2024

a top restaurant in Chicago

The vegan crab rangoons were the best I ever had. The entrees were a good size portion and extremely flavorful.


08 Jan 2024

Hi Whereisme7,

Thank you for recommending our Crab Rangoon. We appreciate your support!


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11 Nov 2023

Everything in the menu is fantastic!

Everything we have tried here is absolutely amazing! From the appetizers to the desserts, they are all great. Would recommend this place to anyone, vegan or nonvegan alike.

The asian-fusion menu has some great staples (best vegan crab rangoon we have had!) and some different recipes. The desserts are especially good as well (especially recommend the tiramisu and cheesecake).


13 Nov 2023

Hi Rjmarciniak,

Thank you for visiting us and recommending our food to vegan and nonvegans. We strive to create dishes and desserts everyone can enjoy. Until next time!


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31 Oct 2023


Everything was amazing!

We'd been wanting to try Alice & Friends for a couple of years now. It was on the top of the list of places we wanted to try while in Chicago. It exceeded our expectations and made our taste buds sing! 

We got a take away order and the food held up even after a long train ride back to our hotel. The crab rangoon were so crunchy and cheesy. I loved them. The bao were big and tasty. The bahn mi was so delicious. The soy meat was plentiful and the veg was nicely pickled. We ordered it without the jalapenos.

We also got a couple of desserts. The cheesecake was great and kind of tasted like vanilla pudding but in a good way. I liked the chocolate cookie crust because it added nice contrast and wasn't sickeningly sweet. The chocolate peanut butter mousse was yummy. 

We can't wait to come back in the spring and eat on the patio


06 Nov 2023

Hi FroadEatz,

We're happy to hear you gave us a try after a few years and had a great take out experience. If I was on a long train ride, I'll probably be tempted to take a bite or two but keeping everything closed likely helped with softness and freshness. We'll announce the re-opening of our patio on Instagram sometime in May 2024. Have a safe trip!


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15 Oct 2023

Amazing Ramen

Just great Ramen. The place was nice too.


16 Oct 2023

Hi Carolinaortizs,

We're happy to hear you enjoyed our ramen dishes. Hope to see you soon!


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12 Oct 2023


Terrific vegan fully plant based menu. Lots of options. Friendly team. Fabulous food.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-12

Pros: Terrific Food, Great choice on menu, Friendly team

Cons: A non alcoholic restaurant BUT it welcomes BYOB 🧡


12 Oct 2023

Hi Thisbirdruns,

Our team is the best! We're happy to hear you enjoyed many items from the menu. Just an FYI, we don't sell alcohol but welcome BYOB. Hope to see you soon.


12 Oct 2023

Great to hear re the BYOB - it really didn’t matter on the day as we were in post marathon recovery and so water and the ginger tea much better for us! I’ll try and update the review to explain 🥰


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09 Oct 2023

Top vegan restaurant in Chicago

This is my favorite place to eat in Chicago! They have have fried oyster mushrooms that taste heavenly the sauce that goes with it.


12 Oct 2023

David Brewster,

Thank you for making us your favorite restaurant and recommending our food. We appreciate your support.


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23 Aug 2023

Such a gem

Been here many times and everything I’ve had was fabulous. Walnut shrimp will leave you just stunned that it is vegan. Miso ramen soup and spicy bbq, so many great options. I will say the spicy potatoes are too spicy for me. Its a great place to bring an omni friend you prove how good vegan food can be.

Pros: Flavor, Texture (especially incredible shrimp) , Portion size


23 Aug 2023

Hi Lisanotter,

Thank you for your continued support and for recommending our Walnut Shrimp. Our goal is to create dishes and desserts that everyone can enjoy. Can't wait to hear what you try next!


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27 Jul 2023


Their Burmese Noodle Salad is one of my favorite dishes ever.


07 Aug 2023


Thank you for recommending our Burmese Noodle Salad. It's a special family recipe that was modified carefully with vegan ingredients. We're happy to hear you enjoy this dish!


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10 Jul 2023

A must try

An Alice & wonderland themed vegan kitchen “in a magical land called Chicago?!” Count me in lol

I really wanted to try everything!! At Alice and Friends, we ordered -

* mango lassi
* crab rangoons
* musubi
* tonkotsu ramen
* crème brûlée

Everything was really good but the crab rangoons, mango lassi and ramen were the real standouts 🍜 the staff was SO friendly and helpful! I would definitely recommend Alice & Friends to anyone in or visiting Chicago

Pros: Women & minority owned business , 100% vegan


10 Jul 2023

Hi Hannahsweitzer,

Thank you for recommending our food and service. We're happy to hear you had a great experience. Our crème brulee has been so popular that we keep bring it back. Hope to see you soon!


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04 Jul 2023

Wonderland Indeed

Everything we tried was 10/10.
Crab Rangoons - outstanding.
Mush Love - incredible.
Grace's Teriyaki - I never knew I liked rice until today.
Bahn Mi - I sadly cannot make tvp like this but desperately wish I could.
Kingwich - mushrooms were obviously delicious but so was the cole slaw.
Highly highly recommend! Will definitely be going back to try the test of the menu as it was hard not to order everything!


10 Jul 2023

Hi Chood13,

Happy to hear you enjoyed several menu items. We can't wait to hear what you'll try next!


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29 Jun 2023

Great Asian food!

Great variety of various Asian foods. Had the steamed veggie dumplings, vegan shrimp laksa and kung pao ding tofu. So yummy!


03 Jul 2023

Hi AnitaH,

Thank you for visiting and giving us your feedback. Any dessert options you'll like to see on the menu? Send us an email to We appreciate your support.


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22 May 2023

Best vegan food I’ve ever had

The food was delicious! The crab Rangoon is phenomenal! It was like melted with the perfect flavor. The drumsticks were phenomenal as well! I then got the Kung Pao Ding with mushrooms as my protein. Freaking amazing! The mango lemonade was so delicious!
Seriously best food I’ve had at a restaurant in my two years of being vegan. I brought my leftovers home for my spouse and even 1 day old and cold, he too thought it was amazing.
Awesome atmosphere
Fair pricing
Phenomenal and quick service
100/10, I can’t wait to eat here again.

Pros: Amazing tasting food, Quick service , Phenomenal Crab Rangoon


31 May 2023

Hi Namastevegan444,

We're happy to hear you enjoyed several items from our menu. Our Crab Rangoon was the #1 best selling item last year and it's nice to continue receiving great feedback. Hope your spouse can visit with you next time to taste items right out of the oven. Thank you for your support.


31 May 2023

Thanks so much for replying! We are heading there in June for Vegandale. Your food was so good we decided we’re leaving vegandale a bit early after just eating one thing to come chow down at your place!
Can’t wait ! Keep up the good work!


05 Jun 2023


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09 May 2023

Get an appetizer, dinner, and dessert!

I order from here all the time. Even my non-vegan friends are impressed that plant based food can be so delicious! My favorite is the fried rice. It's also a great place to pick up a sweet treat if you're in the mood for dessert 🍨 I always treat myself to a three course meal here — appetizer, dinner, and dessert! Their Instagram is cute too. It's a lovely family-run restaurant.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-09

Pros: Variety, Price , Dessert

Cons: Dining room was a little bright at night


15 May 2023

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for recommending our desserts. Many people don't know that we have more than 15 desserts daily and even more when we have specials. Happy to hear you enjoyed your visits!


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01 May 2023

Such great food and atmosphere

Loved it and will be excited to visit more often as my aunt will be moving just a few blocks away. ❤️

Pros: Excellent quality food, Fair prices, Wonderful staff

Cons: Parking can be tricky, but same for most places.


01 May 2023


It's nice to hear you had a great experience and thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. Hope you and your aunt will visit us again soon.


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22 Apr 2023

Hands down best vegan food in Chicago

Walnut shrimp is something I never thought I'd have again, and this is so close to what I remembered. The bacon mac and cheese is by far the best I've ever had. The fried oyster mushrooms, and crab Rangoons are absolutely slamming. A must eat at or order from for any vegan in the area.

Pros: Delicious, Fully vegan, Amazing

Cons: It's only in Chicago , There isn't one close to my home


01 May 2023

Hi Veganesque,

Thank you for making the drive to visit us. We're happy to hear you enjoyed many items from the menu. We'll be opening a second location in Glenview, IL in a few months, would that be closer to you?


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08 Apr 2023

Amazing experience

My friend group and I chose to go to this restaurant because it was the closest entirely vegan place but after eating here I will now go entirely out of my way for this restaurant. The staff was so friendly and the food was SO good. Huge proportions. My friend group and I passed all of our plates around in a circle trying each others dishes and we all liked everybody’s. Win win!!

Pros: Entirely vegan, Large portions


10 Apr 2023

Hi dontkalemyvibe,

Your review makes our day! We're excited to hear you and your friends had a great first time experience. Hope to see you again soon.


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27 Mar 2023


Great service and great food

Pros: Great service and great food

Cons: None


30 Mar 2023

Hi Irisdavid,

Thank you for recommending our food and service. Hope to see you soon!


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24 Mar 2023

Some of the best food I've ever had!

I hadn't had wonton soup in forever, and it was so good I ordered a second bowl! The fried shrimp app was like witchcraft, and the spam mi sandwich was incredible. I'd never had bi bib bab before and it blew my mind.

If I lived in Chicago I would eat here everyday haha


30 Mar 2023

Hi ArmitageBigend,

We're happy to hear you enjoyed our wonton soup, blissful joy "shrimp", and Spam Mi. Thank you for choosing to dine with us during your visit to Chicago. Next time you visit, we'll love to hear your thoughts on dessert. Have a safe trip going back home!


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11 Mar 2023

Vegan perfection on a plate

Have you not been here before? - Make a reservation now
You have been here before? - So when is your next reservation?


13 Mar 2023


Thank you for supporting us. See you again soon!


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26 Feb 2023

Great food and service!

We had an excellent lunch here. I got a bimbap, and it was great value for money. Would definitely come again!


27 Feb 2023


Thank you for recommending our food. See you again soon!


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19 Feb 2023

Pretty good

This place isn’t as memorable as some vegan restaurants in the city but it’s really good


27 Feb 2023


Thank you for leaving your feedback. Is there anything we could have done different to make your experience more memorable? Please send us an email to


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13 Feb 2023


We made the trek from downtown Chicago to go to Alice and Friends and it was standout, it's no wonder it has 5 stars with nearly 100 reviews. The service was great, the menu offerings were extensive, portions were humongous, the cafe was cute and everything was reasonably priced! We had the wings, laksa and pho, and despite the allure of the dessert display, I could barely finish off my main, it was so much food! Definetly a gem in Chicago!

Pros: Extensive menu options , Reasonably priced , Great service


27 Feb 2023


Thank you for making the drive to visit us in Edgewater. We're happy to hear you had a great first experience and that you were able to enjoy different dishes. We can't wait to hear your feedback when you try our desserts. See you soon!


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09 Feb 2023

Favorite place in Chicago

I love everything from Alice and Friends, and the dessert case is awesome. The staff are always so friendly.


15 Feb 2023

Hi Veggie_htx,

Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to us. Any ideas for new desserts/flavors? email us at


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30 Jan 2023


OBSESSED with the vegan banana chocolate shake!


15 Feb 2023

Hi Tastinmusic,

Your support means the world! Thank you for recommending our banana chocolate shake. Simple ingredients but a delicious combo.


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29 Jan 2023

A lovely experience and phenomenal food

My parents and I had a feast here as we explored the menu. My favorite was possibly the tofu agedashi appetizer; my mother's favorite was the mint chocolate chip soy ice cream; my father's favorite was a tie between the sweet and sour cauliflower and the burger. Frankly, though, every one of the many items we had was fresh and delicious. This is my new favorite north shore restaurant!

Pros: Menu depth/diversity, Thoroughly labeled items (GF, VG, no nuts, etc)

Cons: Not a bottomless buffet


15 Feb 2023

Hi freiburgermsu,

We're happy to hear you and your parents enjoyed the menu. The cons you listed was funny. It's sometimes hard not to indulge, isn't it? See you soon!

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