Pub with an all vegan food menu, including a veg meatball sandwich and BBQ platter. Minors are allowed til 8pm. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-12:00am, Fri 12:00pm-2:30am, Sat 10:00am-2:30am, Sun 10:00am-12:00am.

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19 Feb 2024

Great spot !

Great spot, great atmosphere. So cool to go to a 100% vegan bar! Soycurl wrap and soft pretzel appetizers are top hits !



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18 Feb 2024

100% Vegan Bar!

The Bye and Bye has been a staple for me since I first moved to Portland. It's a charming spot with excellent drinks & food, all of which happens to be vegan & affordably priced given Portland standards. Their patios are excellent & Alberta is my favorite street in Portland. I look forward to visiting often.


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08 Feb 2024

Fantastic food, drinks, ambiance

We loved everything about this place! The food is amazing. We especially loved the Weeping Tiger tofu sandwich, the meatball sub, and the Italian deli sandwich. The pretzel knots were also great. The soy curl buffalo wrap was good, but I think I've found that I'm just not that into the "buffalo" flavor in general - no fault of theirs, though. I'm looking forward to trying their bowls and brunch. The drinks were excellent, and I was impressed with how fancy the zero proof cocktails were for a very good price. The outdoor seating is plentiful (two patios!) and dog-friendly. Love that they are open late and are an option after many other places have closed for the night.

Updated from previous review on 2024-02-08

Pros: Fantastic food and drinks, Great atmosphere, Open late


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24 Dec 2023

Top fav vegan restaurant ever

I tell everyone about this place and come here almost every time I'm in Portland (which is often). I've had over half the menu items and they're all insanely delicious, my top favs are the buffalo wrap and the weeping tiger. The meatball sub gets an honorable mention. I've taken multiple non-vegan people here who also have raves about the food (including one friend who swore he hated vegan food and really liked everything he got).


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19 Oct 2023

Hard to say BYE

Great space, environment, outdoor seating, bar and amaze ball food

Pros: All vegan, Atmosphere, Hot bartenders


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18 Oct 2023

Everything is Good!

Great variety of drinks, great atmosphere, welcoming folks, and a large patio!


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14 Oct 2023

tasty affordable nourishing vegan cuisine in an all vegan bar

The Bye and Bye is an all vegan bar in NE Portland. I am a teetotaler so don't drink yet am a longtime vegan so came here for the vegan food.

Friendly service and comfortable ambience here. There is a wide range of vegan options to choose from. There was a couple of bowls that looked interesting. My server recommended the BBQ Brussels Bowl so this is what I went for.

It came with BBQ tofu, Brussel sprouts, and brown rice. It was super tasty and nourishing. Recommended!

Good size portion and price was affordable. I would definitely come back here to explore more of the menu.

Pros: tasty affordable nourishing vegan cuisine , friendly service, lovely ambiance


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04 Sep 2023

Great brunch

It was a must visit pub while in Portland and it didn’t disappoint. I loved my chicken and waffles! Pretzel knots were great too. Next time, I would love to try regular menu.


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23 Aug 2023

One of the best vegan places in the world

I've been coming since it first opened and it's not only my favorite place in Portland but one of my favorite vegan restaurants in the entire world. Everything on the menu is awesome. There are lots of good drinks. It's common now but they were one of the first to serve drinks in mason jars. And the vibes here are cozy af.

Pros: Great food, Great drinks, Lofi ambience

Cons: Expensive


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15 Aug 2023

Great food, great atmosphere

Every bit of the food is great. I’m so glad they have survived while so many other vegan spots have gone under!

Pros: Good GF options, Great flavors, Good portions


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30 Jul 2023

Simple/Basic Vegan Food

The food is *good*, but too simple. Two of the three bowls we got could EASILY be recreated at home, and also probably better and cheaper. The Mac and Cheese bowl was the only one that felt special. The Buffalo soy curl wrap was also delicious, but needed more ingredients besides a little lettuce. The wrap is literally just a mountain of soy curls in Buffalo mayo. Get some more veggies in there, please!

Overall, nice location and vibe. Nothing we ate was bad. If you’re wanting some basic vegan dishes that you don’t have to make yourself, definitely give to is place a try.

Pros: Clean vegan food, Nice location and seating options

Cons: Many dishes too basic for the price


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17 Jul 2023

Always good

The Italian Sub is fantastic. The rest of my group had the breakfast sandwich, avocado toast and waffle with fruit and whipped cream. Everything was top shelf and tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-17

Pros: Atmosphere , Food was great, Price was more that reasonable

Cons: Nope


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26 Jun 2023

A must visit every time we’re in Portland

Great food! Great drinks! And the Specialty cake is always divine!!!

Pros: Creative cocktails, Specialty cake, Tasty vegan food!!


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16 May 2023


Maybe we just ordered the wrong items but I thought this place was not that great. I had the spaghetti, hard to get spaghetti wrong but it was so plain and sad. Garlic bread is also one of my favourite things in the world but it was tasteless. I hate to judge a place off one item but at least if you go don’t get the spaghetti. If you are just visiting Portland there are much better places in my opinion.

Pros: Affordable , Atmosphere

Cons: Tasteless, Not healthy , Where are the veggies/salad?


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22 Apr 2023

Great & Great

They brought back the BBQ plate, and it's fantastic. Literally, the collard greens, black-eyed peas, and BBQ tofu are so goddamn packed with flavor that it's mind blowing. I also always order the Bye & Bye drink because it's like 3 drinks in one of liquor.

Pros: Great vegan menu, Friendly and fast service, They have great vegan desserts


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11 Apr 2023

Literally crave the miso ginger bowl!

I tend to get the same thing every time, I crave the Miso ginger bowl. I add the cornmeal tempeh to it and it’s so dang good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-11

Pros: Delicious nutritional yeast tofu, Amazing cornmeal tempeh , Cool vibes, lots of outside seating


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01 Apr 2023

They do everything well

Before we arrived and checked out the menu we weren’t sure why this place was so high rated. Most options looked pretty standard, but they just do it all so well. Had the Buffalo soy curl wrap and the Miso bowl and they were delicious. Lots of drink options, indoor and outdoor seating, and just good vibes all around.


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21 Jan 2023

Great atmosphere!

Lots of great options! The meatball sub was good (but messy) - the website said "veggie balls" but the menu in the restaurant said impossible - always a little disappointing when they use name brands instead of in house recipes but that's just my preference. I was here for the sauce that came with the pretzel! The drinks were great and not overly priced. Great place for a date but also chill enough to just hangout on your laptop!

Pros: Cool bathroom , Yummy cocktails w/non-alcoholic options , Heated outdoor area


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15 Jan 2023

Love this place!

Very good cocktails, friendly bartenders, and surprisingly great all-vegan food menu. Great hangout spot with indoor and outdoor seating.


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20 Dec 2022

Good vibes, good food

I liked this place! Note that you have to pay at the bar! Good spot for American grub.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Expensive


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19 Nov 2022

Great Peanut Broccoli Bowl

I wasn't planning on eating here. I was headed to the Wild Thing a few blocks east of this eatery/bar but the Wild Thing was closed even though the Happy Cow site said it was open until 7pm.
I don't normally go to bars to eat vegan food since I don't drink and my thinking is that bars tend to serve food as an afterthought - so that you spend more money with them and/or don't leave to find food elsewhere.
I was super pleased that I was wrong. The Peanut Broccoli Bowl ($12) was very good and the amount of food you get was also a pleasant surprise.
It is bar service so you need to place your order there and display your flag thingy to let the server know where to deliver your order. The service was pedestrian. Nothing special but serviceable.
If I was meeting someone for drinks I would highly consider this place to do so.


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09 Nov 2022

Not Bye, but "HELLO!"

I absolutely love this all-vegan bar.

We came here with the intention of a late dinner, but after seeing all the beers and ciders on tap, we decided to make it a night. Our server was super nice to let me try their ciders before committing, and my pint was only about $6 which is a great deal compared to other major cities.

You order everything at the bar and they bring out the food to your table. We started with their Pretzel Knots ($6) with mustard and a homemade cashew cheese sauce for dipping. When these were fresh and hot, they were amazing. A bit on the saltier side but you could shake it off.

For our mains, we ordered their Peanut Broccoli Bowl ($12) and Weeping Tiger Sandwich ($11). OMG the bowl was bomb - nutritional yeast baked tofu with a generous helping of veggies and rice. The sauce was fire too. As for our sandwich, the sriracha and miso mayo blended all the veggies and tofu together really well. Only thing we wish was for the bread to have been toasted, but it was still delicious.

Seriously, the food here was fantastic and elevated my expectations of what vegan bar food would be moving forward. Thanks Bye and Bye for the good time - sad to have left so soon!

Pros: Amazing bar food, Great value, Beers on tap


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25 Sep 2022

Good food, committed to keeping it vegan

I love The Bye and Bye. It's a nice spot to hang out because it is largely outdoors (but covered; it is rainy Portland). I've brought various out-of-town (also in-town) visitors and everybody's had a good time, even the omnivores.
One time we went for a friend's birthday and somebody brought a cashew cheesecake. We checked in with staff to make sure it was okay to eat it on the patio after we had dinner and they asked if it was vegan (yes, it was) and then gave us paper plates and cutlery to dish it out. Above and beyond service and commitment to keeping it vegan.
I like the pretzel knots, peanut tofu bowl, and rose palmer (iced tea with lemon and rosemary).

Pros: Good food and drinks, Thoughtful staff


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23 Sep 2022

Good quick sammies and bar stuff

Nice spot for outdoor lunch. Probably had good fancy drinks too


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06 Sep 2022

Delicious, affordable vegan food

I had the peanut ginger bowl and my husband had the Obie bowl. Pretzel knots were a great appetizer choice. Both a little spicy but not too much. Great prices too!


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01 Sep 2022

Local Favourite

This is bye and bye my favourite vegan restaurant in Portland, and that is against some heavy competition. If you come though Portland and need sustenance, this is the place to go. My husband and I pass through much, and we have had most menu items. The bbq tofu and buffalo wrap are edible brilliance. Try one of their desserts too, you won’t regret it.

Great staff, plenty of indoor seating. The music isn’t too loud to hold conversations with your partner. Lots of outdoor seating as well, covered and heated.

Pros: Fantastic food, Great seating , Consistent excellence


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27 Aug 2022

Tasty bowls and sandwiches

Solid vegan pub food in the heart of Alberta Arts district.

Pros: Big portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited menu

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