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The Bye and Bye

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Contact 503 281-0537

1011 NE Alberta St, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97211

Pub with an all vegan food menu, including a veg meatball sandwich and BBQ platter. Minors are allowed til 9pm. Confirmed open August 2012. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-2:00am, Mon-Sun 12:00pm-12:00am.

Category: Vegan, American, Beer/Wine

Reviews (39)

First Review by nigelangel

Best combination of healthy and tasty in Portland - Edit

Portland is a mecca for vegan restaurants. Unfortunately most of the food is loaded with salt and fat. I had the Southwest Bowl - large portion, extremely tasty and probably the healthiest food I've had during my weeklong stay in Portland.If I could stay longer, i'd try all of the items on the menu.

On the down side, was extremely noisy during my evening meal with piped-in unintelligible rock - had to yell to be heard. Why not some good

Bartender was extremely friendly and server was speedy with the food and clean-up.

Highly recommended.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-25

Pros: Healthy, Ample portions, Imaginative and tasty recipies

Cons: Noisy

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Great food - Edit

Awesome menu, wish I could have tried more while I was visiting. The bowls are delicious. My friend and her husband live within walking distance and frequent this place regularly. And he is NOT vegan... but it's the only vegan place he likes! So that's saying a lot!

Pros: Great outdoor seating to bring your dogs, Good menu selection, Healthy but delicious

Cons: Very popular, so there can be a long line to order, Can also be hard to find seating since so popular

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awesome bowl - Edit

I had the southwest bowl which was just added to the menu in the last few months. awesome encrusted tofu with red beans and collards. the Chipotle ranch really rounds out the dish. Staff were really friendly and the outdoor seating was great

Pros: all vegan, tasty

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Fantastic comfort and fusion food - Edit

Love this place. You have to order at the counter for everything, but BBQ platter I had was a large amount of filling and flavorfull food. Grilled Cheese was also good, with tomatoe and avocado . Love that theyre open late very night and have a good outdoor area

Pros: Great food, all vegan, Good portions, Late hours

Cons: No table service

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Amazing find. - Edit

A pub, but with an all vegan menu, and the best thing is that it does not say it is vegan. It just is. It is just a regular menu but all vegan. That is how it should be everywhere. Great bar, great staff and great food. GO THERE!

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LOVED this place - Edit

We came for lunch and it was pretty deserted. I had the Bye and Bye cocktail which was delicious and HUGE. For lunch I got the BBQ platter which I was very happy with. The tofu was yummy and the collards! Perfect. My husband had the frito chili pie and liked it a lot. If we lived in the area I think we would frequent this place.
I don't have much to say about the service. The guy working the bar took our order and was nice. Someone brought our food and checked on us a few times. Again, we were one of two tables at the time so there wasn't much going on. When we visit portland again, the bye and bye will be a must visit.

Pros: great food, cute decor

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Definitely a spot for the locals... - Edit

I'm sure if you are familiar with this place, and know people that frequent The Bye and Bye it's a fantastic chill spot without the guilt.

However; it's not thee most welcoming of places for those visiting or are new to the area.

I ordered the meatball sub and my husband had the chili bowl and we shared an order of the pretzel knots. The food was really delicious.

The drinks were a little pricey for the small amount you receive, about $8 for each drink.

As I mentioned, if you aren't a regular you kinda feel ignored and overlooked. It'd be nice to hire a hostess to at least greet you and just be a welcoming face.

Pros: Tastey, guilt-free food , Cool vibe and nice set up

Cons: Not very good customer service, Drinks more expensive than I'm used to

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In my top 2 vegan bars of Portland - Edit

I go to Bye & Bye a ton. It's a great meetup spot for vegans and nonvegans alike. The spaghetti & meatballs and weeping tiger fried tofu sandwich are my favorites. Collard greens are also excellent.

My friends like the healthier bowls with brussel sprouts and such but I can make that at home so easily and cheaply. My mom calls that kind of dish "hippie glop" - not that I don't enjoy it often. I just like sluttier fare when I go out.

Early eve is the best time to go because it's not yet packed and loud (not just the music, the acoustics are gnarly).

Pros: Great food, Nonvegans friends won't complain, Good cocktails

Cons: Loud at night, Very dim at night

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Low Key Vegan Chill Spot - Edit

We came here to celebrate a very special and truly sacred day, and it turned out to be a perfect pick.
   We got to sit outside on the patio, surrounded by bamboo and soft amber light. I tried an Old Tom, a lavender and gin combo that was as delicious as it was beautiful. Our food we shared was also awesome. Fast service, all vegan.
  We had a wonderful first time and just came back again today, and again we are pleased.
   I like how they don't necessarily advertise their plant-based nature. A possible great surprise to non-vegans who become shocked that they just consumed vegan fare unwillingly and enjoyed it! Maybe it can help open the eyes of those unaware, I can only hope.
Look forward to sharing this little nook.

Pros: Atmosphere, Vegan, Deliciois Unique Mixed Drink Combinations

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Good late night spot - Edit

I like it. Decent food, reasonable prices and open later than other vegan options. It's a bar so don't expect a hushed, subdued setting- yet it's comfortable and a good spot to meet up with friends.

Pros: Open late, Decent food

Cons: Reasonable Prices, Pleasant atmosphere

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Great Food and Nice Atmosphere - Edit

We grabbed some really tasty food to go from here, but the atmosphere of the bar was really relaxed and nice (even for a non-drinker like myself). Very good meatball sub!

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Fun Bar with Great Vegan Food - Edit

My husband and I love this place. They have lots of great food options, and their BBQ Brussels Sprouts Bowl just might be the perfect meal. They have a variety of tasty cocktails and a nice rotating beer tap. Also, don't forget to check the specials board for desserts and soups. The "cheesecake" is sooo darned good! We take our non-veggie friends here all the time, and they love it too. I have read some other reviews that say the service is so-so, but we have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful.

Pros: Great bar food, Happy Hour, Vegan drinks

Cons: Crowded, Loud

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Reviewer Avatar

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Remember, it's a pub, not a restaurant. - Edit

We got off to a bad start. We walked in and were seated for 5 minutes before venturing to the bar to find out how to get service. Yep, gotta order at the bar. Would have been nice if someone had greeted us, acknowledged us, anything, when we walked in. In fact, the bartender was seated at the bar chatting up a friend, apparently watching us poor schmucks trying to figure it out. Mind you, there were only 2 other tables filled.

We both ordered the meatball subs, which were good, not extraordinary. Once the food was delivered to our table, that was the last we saw of anyone.

Pros: nice location, interesting menu

Cons: lousy service

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Decent place but... - Edit

I don't want to say all bad things about this place, so I'll start with the good - They're an all vegan bar, beer selection is good, staff is friendly, atmosphere is nice but... It took an hour and a half to get our dinner tonight! After we stood in line to order at the bar we were told it would take 45 minutes, which was fine, but it took twice as long as that. What was most confusing is that it should take about 10 minutes to throw together what we got: a soup on special and a sausage sandwich. All the good things were good, but all the bad things made it bad enough so that we'd never go back.

Pros: good food

Cons: slow service

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Wow! - Edit

We were totally impressed with the food and atmosphere at The Bye and Bye. Everything was vegan, the staff was friendly and very helpful, and the food was DELICIOUS! It was fresh & full of flavor. Vegans and meat lovers would both enjoy this place!

Pros: friendly staff, delicious food, all vegan!

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A Fun Place! - Edit

I went to the Bye and Bye with four other friends. We meet once a month and try a new place. This is a fun place! I like the open-door atmosphere. The food prices were very reasonable, and the portions were fair. I'd go back again. Oh, yeah. And dogs are allowed on the patio out front by parking!

Pros: Affordable, Fair portions, Clean

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I've tried to like this place but I can't. - Edit

I kept hearing about how awesome this place is and I wanted to support a local vegan establishment. I've gone in about 5 or 6 times thinking that I might be hitting it on an off day each time. The final straw was the last two times I went in (again, thinking maybe it was an off-day) and the bartenders kept serving people over me despite the fact that I was standing at the bar, holding a menu, and trying to make eye contact. Considering the fact that I was the only Afro-American patron in the place, I began to get a familiar feeling so I left.

I didn't enjoy the food that much.

I don't want to be completely negative so I will say that the drinks are tasty and creative, however, I'm making the choice not to support this place.

Updated from previous review on Saturday February 02, 2013

Pros: Drinks

Cons: Service, Service (so bad I'm listing it twice), Food

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A favorite in PDX - Edit

I have frequented this bar since it opened. As a vegan, I love being able to order anything without a worry. The food and drinks are great! The atmosphere is perfect. The patio is nice in the summer. I recommend Bye and Bye to everyone.

Pros: All vegan, Drinks, Late night food

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Very nice! - Edit

Every city/town should have a vegan bar and restaurant like this. Fantastic atmosphere, great outdoor seating, and very friendly service. Order your food at the bar with your drinks, and the food will be delivered to your table. We only had the grilled cheese with our happy hour drinks, but it was the best grilled cheese we'd had in a long time! On our next trip back to Portland, we look forward to spending more time at the Bye and Bye--how lucky for vegans living close by to have this gem in their neighbourhood.

Pros: Relaxed, with good outdoor seating, Tasty food + bevvies, Friendly staff

Cons: --, --, --

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New obsession - Edit

Vegan soul food and bye and bye [the cocktail] in the same place, I never wanted to leave!
Trying that cocktail is a must if you come here. Their bbq plate is fantastic- cheap and filling. I ended up having to share it with my sister. The ambience is amazing, and the staff is friendly.

Pros: location, large portions, great food

Cons: not in vegas

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A Vegan Bar that Happens to Be Very Good. - Edit

First off this is a Great Bar that happens to be Vegan, pretty damn cool. I've been here pretty much every time I've been to Portland and I have always been blown away. I went again last night, it was a Wednesday evening and the place was hoping with all sorts of interesting hipster people. If I was too nitpick, the scene is not really my kind of people but they drinks are cheap (which it not easy to say in many Portland bars) the food is tasty and vegan and the outside seating is nice when it's sunny and nice. There are minor hours during the day, as I've eaten with a 20 year old vegan college friend, during the day a great little place to take the younger ones and sit outside, I would take my 6 year old daughter for lunch if she was with me, as the people watching and rambling on Alberta is always a treat. If I had to come up with something negitive... The bartenders all the times I've been in are guys and I wouldn't mind a hot tattooed Portland bartender from time to time, so come on get working on that.

Pros: food is great, prices are good

Cons: nothing bad to say about this place.

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I'd go again. - Edit

A couple reviews mentioned the strong "hipster" scene. It is just Portland, nothing to fear. I am a middle-aged, decidedly "un-hip" kind of guy and they welcomed my un-pierced, non-tatted self just fine.

I started off with the famous "Bye and Bye" drink. It is good if you are thirsty, but a little too much fruit punch or whatever they top it with. I switched to beer later, an excellent Hefe Weizen that I would order again.

For food I had the Weeping Tiger sandwich. Be careful with this one. The Jalapenos are neither seeded nor pickled. I chewed into one with a nuclear seed payload,it about knocked me off the stool. Beyond that it was tasty. Really the Sriracha sauce gives it enough spice, IMHO. You get a side dish with these sandwiches too. I chose the Collard Greens. I never had Collard Greens before, these were spiced and simmered. Still not one of my favorites, but not bad either.

I'll go again. Definitely want to try the meatball sandwich.

Pros: Nice Folks, Unique sandwiches, Great Beer Selection

Cons: Raw Jalapenos, Parking

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Vegan heaven - Edit

Excellent vegan food, love the pub atmosphere. Meatball sub & grilled cheese are favorites, bowls are delicious also.

Pros: All vegan, Great happy hour, Addictive

Cons: Parking limited

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Meatball sandwich & a North Williams - Edit

Everything I've had here is fantastic. My favorites are: meatball sub, weeping tiger, grilled cheese & brussel sprouts. You really can't go wrong. Great outdoor patios in front and back. Try a North Williams or the Bye & Bye for drinks. Yum and cute bartenders too boot! If you visit PDX you must go here or there newly opened other joing: the Sweet Hereafter

Pros: excellent food, great drinks, good location

Cons: busy, bar can be slow

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Great vegan bar! - Edit

I love going here for the drink called the Bye and Bye it is a large drink for about 8 dollars. They now offer more gluten free food too! My favorite food here is probably the weeping tiger sandwich which has a chicken like patty and spicy sauce/mayo mix with avacado and tomato. The ambience is nice and they have outdoor seating.

Pros: great food, gluten free friendly, nice ambience

Cons: gets really crowded on weekend nights

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Indie bar with yummy vegan pub food - Edit

Great healthier vegan twist on pub food. My husband had the meatball sub. Simple but tasty, and he was able to get a side of sauteed brussel sprouts instead of just fries. They were perfectly cooked, tender and delicious. I got the BBQ Plate; black eyed peas and collard greens. I was glad to have a choice that was not typical bar food. It was very nice; spicy beans, and the greens were well cooked. They only negative is that there was a bit too much sauce, my food was swimming a little (although the sauce was tasty). Great selection of cheaply priced micro brews. Fantastic space, large outdoor patios in front and back, lots of tables, good music. You order and pay at the bar and they deliver your food, so the line can be long when it gets busy, but the food came very quickly. This is truly a pub; the food is not upscale but it is delicious, the price was great and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. We'd definitely go back again. Recommended.

Pros: comfort food menu, atmosphere, price

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Vegan restaurant that doesn't look like one - Edit

Once you see the very unobtrusive sign, it's hard to believe that Bye and Bye serves only vegan eats. The place looks more like a bar, happy-hour, music kind of place where the staff doesn't even know what vegan is. Wrong. My husband and I went there for dinner a few nights ago and loved the food. I also loved the ginger beer (which was spicy enough to make me sneeze!) Jerry ordered a Georgia Bowl (tofu, brown rice and the most delicious collard greens) and I had the Brussel Bowl (BBQ tofu, brown rice and brussels sprouts), because we love those cruciferous vegetables. The collards especially were cooked to perfection and the brussels sprouts were dandy too. Both It was one of those rare warm and not raining Portland evenings in May, so we sat outside on the patio, not aware that smoking was allowed. When the folks at the next table lit up, we had to move or it would have ruined the flavor of our bowls. Sure enough, after we moved, the people two tables away lit up too. The problem might be solved if the non-smoking tables were placed together on one side of the door with the smokers on the other. Or if there were no smoking at all. The music from inside was louder than we liked, but not nearly as noxious as the smoke. We really liked the place and the food and drinks they served, but smoke and loud music did detract.

Pros: good vegan food, friendly informal atmosphere, pleasant service

Cons: drifting smoke, loud music

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Vegan Bar - Edit

This place is a cool hangout and meet-up spot. My bf got some food and wine that he rated as OK. We were pleased w/ the atmosphere though.

Pros: Great atmosphere, Vegan variety of food/drinks

Cons: Loud, Food is average

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Reviewer Avatar

There's a reason for its success - Edit

Friendly and knowledgeable folks work and own Bye and Bye. It's run very well -- carefully chosen beer, wine and cocktails and tasty food. It's also well designed. I didn't have much of a desire to eat here, but I was wrong. Though the food can mostly be classified as comfort food, it's expertly done, and I recommend the BBQ tofu, collared green and black eyed pea plate. I'm still guessing at how those greens were flavored (apple cider vinegar and liquid smoke?).

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My Favorite Place in Portland - Edit

I had such an excellent time at the Bye and Bye. The setup is great as it has tables, bar seating and outdoor tables to choose from. You'll find really inventive cocktails as well as a good tap list. I ordered the nachos, and they blew my mind. They are made with Daiya, which is my favorite vegan cheese. The bar staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The bartender/owner spent quite some time talking with us, finding out what we like to drink and producing some fantastic recommedations.
We travel back to Portland in a week and can't wait to get back to the Bye and Bye to try a few more items on the menu.
I'd be a regular at this place if I lived in Portland.

Pros: Great design, Great food, Friendly staff

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Very Good - Edit

I went here on a Saturday evening, around 5:00 and the place was pleasantly full, but we had no problem finding a table. The food menu is short, but I still had a hard time deciding on what to eat. We ended up sharing the Chili Dog and Spaghetti with Meatballs. Both were amazing, the Chili Dog was on an amazingly fresh bun and was loaded with toppings. It also came with a side of chips and salsa. The Spaghetti bowl was huge, so its a good thing I was hungry. It was loaded with sauce and tasty meatballs, and came with garlic bread. We didn't have anything to drink, but will definitely be back. The music was loud and the place was slightly dark, but very clean. The prices were pretty low for the portion size.

Pros: Tasty, All Vegan, Fun Atmosphere

Cons: Limited Street Parking, Took a while to get our food

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Restaurant Quality Food Served in a Bar - Edit

I do not drink, so bars don't normally appeal to me, but, as a resident of the midwest, I was determined to try as many vegan venues as possible on my PDX trip. I was SO glad that Bye and Bye made the list!!

I had trouble deciding what to get b/c everything looked good! But I finally decided on the Weeping Tiger. With such a cool name I couldn't pass that up! It was described as fried tofu cutlets, with jalapeños, hot sauce, (I think lettuce too), & some kind of veg-mayo (maybe Vegannaise?) served on bread, & with a side of collard greens. OMG That sandwich was so dog-on scrumptious that I wanted to immediately order another one!! Now, I LUV spicy food, but this sandwich tested my Cuban spice-buds! Not too too spicy, but it ain't for the weak either! The cutlets were fresh & cooked to perfection. Simply, the best darn sandwich, EVER! And I don't know who cooked those greens, but I was tempted to peek in the kitchen to see if someone's Mississipi granny was back there! The were clean, flavorful, and not overcooked. A perfect late-night meal!

And how funny, my name means, tiger, & I almost wept over the Weeping Tiger. It was THAT good! I made sure to tell the waiter how ecstatic I was about their food. When I go back to Portland, Bye & Bye will be my first stop!

Pros: delicious vegan food served late, Affordable prices; no smoking inside, Fast & friendly service

Cons: Smoking allowed on the outside patios , Outside smoke travels inside in summer

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Wow review below is awesome - Edit

Bye and Bye is an awesome place and I'd definitely be a regular if I lived here. You must be 21 to enter. They serve Sam Smith Organic Lager (my fav beer) Check out the Jukebox if you are 30 or older :)

2 Responses

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HM 22 Feb 2013 - actually before 10pm... um, maybe 9pm but I believe it's 10, minors can go in. Kids even with a parent, and there's no smoking indoors. I love the place. Was just there tonight with friends. Night before last too. And Sunday, and....
yeah, I love the place.

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nigelangel 22 Feb 2013 - Current closing time for minors is 8pm. Fact as of May '09. But I wouldn't suggest kids, excepting well behaved teens or older.

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a favorite! - Edit

There are lots of things that I love about Bye and Bye. I love that it is the DIY project of a handful of younger fellas who are actually vegan. I love that the food is simple and not trying to be anything but tasty. I love the layout - large enough to not feel cramped, open enough to not feel stuffy (can't wait until summer with the big garage door windows open!), the design is cool without being pretentious. The artwork is great! The drinks are lovely! The owners/workers and employees (I think there are 2 people who work there who don't own the place?) are all nice and appreciative of business which is great! Being a bar 1st and restaurant 2nd, it can get kinda busy weekend nights, but it has never felt so crowded that I was uncomfortable getting a drink and hanging out. Here are some pointers -
- there isn't a sign so just look for the little parking lot on the corner of 10th & Alberta, it is that building.
- tons of bike parking
- order food at the short counter on the left of the bar for more obvious and direct service (it is counter service only)
- it can get really busy and the kitchen is small, tables aren't always picked up - don't let it get you down. Just relax and have a good time. (it would actually be nice to have bus bins out....)
- the drink specials on the menu are great, especially the signature Bye and Bye cocktail served in a mason jar.
- Straight Edge bar-goers (or minors) can enjoy the Floor Punch "cocktail" also served in a mason jar.
- minors are allowed until 9pm.... although it is a bar, and really not the place for you to get shnokered while letting your darling monster tear the place down. Unless they are well-behaved and well-rounded older kids (or your 19 year old buddy) I wouldn't even think of bringing them by. It makes it uncomfortable for them and everyone else in the place.
- no smoking.... heck yeah!
- back patio look like it will be a dream in spring!
- lastly, I think the place could give off a "cool" vibe, but don't be intimidated about waltzing right in and making yourself at home. You may encounter some hipsters, but everyone that I have run into there (working or drinking) has been nothing but lovely and welcoming! It is your clean neighborhood bar that happens to be vegan!

I hope the owner's next endeavor will be into the world of a cozier restaurant/cafe that serves the same great drinks.... maybe in the South East by the vegan mini-mall! A nice little clean lunch spot is sooooo needed in this town.

Pros: yummy food & drink & nice people, good atmosphere, no smoking

Cons: could use a self-service bussing station

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